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  2. All-Wood Sticks

    Could you be more specific on the repairs...is it just for shaft repairs or cracks in the blade as well? I have a 1S that just cracked in the blade. I would be willing to try to fix it if possible but have no idea what I would need and if it is easy or complicated...
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  4. Knee Pad Thread

    I find that odd as looking at them, they kinda resemble the old D&R pads from my younger days. Compared to the common 3 piece models out for the last 3-5 years, the Bauers I posted seem as streamlined as the Browns I also wore a couple years ago.
  5. TRUE Two Piece Skate Review

    They are heavier, but they fit so well it doesn't matter. The performance benefit is that they fit better than any Bauer or CCM could possibly fit because they're custom. So that's why people would go with True. And even without the custom fit, some people just don't fit into Bauer skates, like me. They dry just fine. It's nash inside so no problems there. They also used to have a wicking fabric but nobody really bought those so maybe True doesn't offer them - not sure.
  6. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    There’s a Facebook group called Vintage Goalie Equipment. Stuff like this and much older comes up on their radar all the time. Put the pads on eBay, they will sell. Have the buyer cover the shipping and you’ll make some pocket money, give the pads a new home and clear them out from your house. Plenty of people like to refurbish old gear, so this set is far from done.
  7. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

  8. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    Those belong in a man cave.
  9. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    Donate them to a kid who plays net. Pass it on.
  10. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    I randomly have a beat to death 580 glove for this reason. . .
  11. All-Wood Sticks

    Yeah- @TheGoalNet had said something on IG about Lundy’s love for wood.
  12. All-Wood Sticks

    Yea, it does look like wood splinters, hmmm...
  13. All-Wood Sticks

    I think it´s all wood. Look next to his autograph
  14. Knee Pad Thread

    I use the CCM 500 knee guards, I bought them this summer. For 5 years before that I used the quote on quote garbage Reebok grey knee guards. I freakin loved the things, never slipped or anything😂the only reason I got the CCM 500 knee guards was because the grey Reebok knee guards were too small (they were junior). When I went to try on all the different knee guards I tried 1s, 1x, CCM 500, the newer version of the CCM 500, and the Vaughn. I found the CCM to fit the best, and I was comfortable with the design since they’re pretty much the same as the old Reebok’s
  15. Knee Pad Thread

    I tried them on in store, they felt like garbage, and too bulky for my liking
  16. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    Put them up on ebay or CraigsList for $100 OBO. Someone might want them for roller or street hockey. Or just dump them at a local rink.
  17. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    So, I just got my first new set of pads in 13 years, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my old ones. They're a pair of pro-level Koho 580's, pretty sure they're 36" (maybe with a +1), white with maroon and silver accents. They are everything you would expect a well-worn pair of pads to be: the straps are a worn-down mess, there are a few cuts in the leather, one toe-tie is skate lace and the other is string, the velcro has lost all elasticity, one of the plastic loops that attaches a strap to a calf pad is broken, and the inner boots are worn down to the point that the insides are starting to show. Oh, and they have my first name embroidered on the side. There is nothing glamorous about them. Unless... some people still love older brands like Koho and Heaton, and are partial to particular models. I know there have been times where I would have considered paying a couple hundred bucks for an old Heaton pad if I liked the size and colors and thought it had potential as a fixer-upper. Who knows, someone out there might see something in them. So, I'm trying to decide between these options: Sell: I have no idea if pads like this still find buyers on eBay, or whether they'd sell for enough to make posting them and shipping them worth it. I suppose if I believed I could net $100-$200 for them after shipping, I'd do it. I'd imagine the only person who would pay anything for these would be someone who has a thing for old Koho pads. Donate: I have no problem with donating them if selling them doesn't seem worth the time/money. I love the idea that someone who wants to play in goal but can't afford to invest in gear could use them. Still, I bet most programs that want second-hand hockey equipment want things that are more youth-sized, and pads that fit someone who's 6'2" might not fit the bill. And around Boston, I wouldn't be surprised if second-hand gear programs have tons of newer stuff in better condition. Trash: These things have been through the ringer, and it's possible that they're so old and worn down that it would borderline insulting to donate them. The idea makes me a little sad, but it's possible that they've just seen their time, and nobody's going to want to wear them. TL;DR: I need to get rid of my old Koho 580s, which are very worn down. Not sure whether I should sell them, donate them, or throw them away. I'd love any suggestions. Thanks, everyone!
  18. All-Wood Sticks

    Or it may be a 9000 paint job on a wooden stick. Hopefully, @TheGoalNet can sertle this.
  19. Knee Pad Thread

    This could just be purely anecdotal on my part, but I always assumed that the advantage of "knee lifts" is they give you a better/easier angle for your leg to push when you're in butterfly. So you're sitting up a little higher, and your leg has is already at a slight angle, rather than perfectly horizontal to the ice. That could have zero basis in reality, but when I first started to wear knee pads, I noticed a marked difference in my ability to push out of a butterfly than when I had bare knees.
  20. All-Wood Sticks

    Looks like Lundy uses Bauer 9000, which are foam core
  21. All-Wood Sticks

  22. All-Wood Sticks

    @TheGoalNet said Lundy is still using wood, I do believe.
  23. Knee Pad Thread

    The lift is built almost like a knee landing into the knee pad itself. I quite liked the lift, and it never interfered with anything. It’s barely noticeable and comfortable despite not being overly soft.
  24. All-Wood Sticks

    No, I was meaning 100% wood, including paddle. I think the last of those in the NHL were either TPS Omega's or SherWood 503 SOP. Bith of which haven't been used in the NHL since 6-7 years ago.
  25. Bauer Gear

    I'll take all suggestions but as a college student, cost is the prohibitive option.
  26. All-Wood Sticks

    Lundy uses wood. There is probably more wood in the NHL than it appears. It still seems that the most popular is wood shaft and foam paddle. The Sher-Wood G5030 is a very nice stick and is made the old-fashioned way. I was very happy with mine. Weirdly enough, I am on the composite bandwagon, coming from several years of using wood. Whilst being an expensive habit, they can be repaired. I am going to be buying composite supplies to facilitate these eventual repairs. I don’t feel the “pingyness” that others feel. Of course one could fill the hollow shaft with expanding foam to kill the vibration; however, it would also kill the flex for shooting.
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