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  2. Ccm premier r1.9 chest protectors

    Hey all, does anyone here own or have experience with the ccm premier r1.9 chest protectors? If so what are the big differences between that and the pro model? I've seen a couple people have issues with stomach protection. Thanks for any and all responses
  3. New skates damaged

    I personally have the S190’s and have had them for 2 years. I went from using them at the peewee level to the JV and varisty level of High School and noticed no difference. I have taken shots, stick, and skates to the side, toe, and even back and felt only a little sting with pucks but no damage. The only little thing is with the screws for the toe block, they have been riding on the toe plastic but there is really only cosmetic damage that hasn’t affected the quality of protection.
  4. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    First, congrats on the shutout - overall I thought you looked good, and... I think a big part of the reason the second period was "ho-hum" as you put it was because of your rebound control. Per your desire to work in it, you did a good job of re-directing a lot of the initial shots to the side or corner while at other times didn't give a rebound at all. I think I saw one rebound that wasn't well controlled in the video, and we all get those - sometimes we're just happy to make the initial save Keep analyzing your videos, pick out what you want to work on and you'll be posting a lot more low GA games or shutouts! I'll be watching for more - do you have spring or summer hockey in the works?
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  6. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Markstrom switched from 1S to True skates Ullmark back to Bauer
  7. Show Off Your True Gear

    Remind me, the Tyden Steel is 4mm?
  8. Show Off Your True Gear

    To be honest, I did it mostly because I couldn't part with my Tydan DLC blades. Best steel I gave ever used. I don't really care about 3mm vs 4mm as long as I adjust my hollow and profile accordingly.
  9. Chin Sling for 960 XPM?

    Nah. Just an Asian head. =(
  10. Show Off Your True Gear

    W-S Composite, right? https://www.ws-composite.ch/english/ some cool (but pricey) stuff on there. They make Hillers mask too. I think I might get that Hiller cage for my Promasque if it fits. Sort of growing on me.
  11. TRUE Two Piece Skate Review

    @ULTIMA I think on the true one piece you have to send them back for repair.
  12. Show Off Your True Gear

    Did you go with vertexx holders for 3mm steel?
  13. Show off your sweaters

  14. New skates damaged

    @AMDG - Agreed. Maybe you’ll get “lucky” and it’s known issue or bad batch and you’ll get hooked up. I’d call!
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  16. TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    @thebigm thanks - seems like the zero energy loss thing isn’t really for everyone but it’s really appealing to me. When I first got my One80 cowlings with the stick steel I loved the skating with the lower height but hated that I lost the attack angle. Thinking the one piece might be a really good middle ground while still keeping the excellent True fit in the boot.
  17. TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    I believe the changes for the one piece were just some esthetics! I tried it on yesterday as we have a sample one and I find that I don't like the flatter setup up. I was trying to do a push with it and struggled. Tried the two piece and did not have problems with it. I do really like the look of it but the holes bother me in it. they have no flex so you will have 0 energy loss in your pushes that's forsure. I am converting my old VH skates with one60 cut holders to the new ccm holder which acts as a "cowlingless" skate but still has a toe cap and heel cap to see if I can get a better push. Will be putting step steel in it as well just the regular height ones. Will do a review on it.
  18. Ice skates to inline skates

    So I ordered 2 sets of ice skates as I wasn't sure of what size to wear and the guy at the local hockey shop was too lazy to do his job in the store and told me to order them at home, and a few funny things about the skates: My old S170 ice skates have a size 9 set of steel versus the new S190 skates I just got have a size 8 steel and they are both size 8.5 (it might be the other way round), and I ordered the 190s in 8 and 8.5, and the 8s have no "lundy loop" while the 8.5s do. Both surprised me, and I guess I'm not getting an extra set of steel out of this like I thought I was. Everything but the chassis has come in, I'll update with pictures when everything is all set and done.
  19. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    My last game of the regular season and picked up my first shutout of 2017-2018! Once again, only the 2nd period for this one. Overall I was really happy with my performance. All the saves in the 2nd were sort of ho-hum, so not the most exciting video - really wish I had film of the 3rd when there was a ton of action. 28 saves total. I will try to get a face-on video for the next one. I’d like to get a better look at my hands and particularly stick placement since I’ve decided to really focus on that for the time being. Thanks for watching!
  20. TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    Anyone here have a recently-made pair of the one-piece goalie skates? All the reviews I can find on them are somewhat old and pre-date the True take-over. Just wanting to hear more feedback on them and if there have been any significant changes since the initial release. I am very much enjoying my two-piece boots with One80 cowlings, but looking to try something new during the spring/summer. I’m really attracted to the one-piece thinking that the flatter, lower, setup would be good along with the cowlingless attack angle and the concept of the low energy loss. Any feedback would be great.
  21. New set bauer X900 or vaughn V7 XLW

    the X900 is more protected than the vaughn XLW for sure in finer and index area , for the catcher I don't know
  22. New set bauer X900 or vaughn V7 XLW

    Vaughn for sure, durability of the x900 aren’t as atrocious as the S190 but I wouldn’t take a chance.
  23. New set bauer X900 or vaughn V7 XLW

    I haven’t tried Bauer, I’ve personally used CCM/Reebok in the past and now I wear all Vaughn gear, but I do know is if you’re more of a hybrid style goalie than a pure butterfly goalie, I’d go with the Vaughn pads. With the catcher if you have more of a blocking style on the cuff I would go with the Bauer.
  24. Hi, I just want your advice i'm hesitate between vapor X900 or the vaughn v7 xlw. I wear normally 32 inches pads ( my current one are 32+3 passau ) The Bauer in Small size fit me very well and are so light the Vaughn is 33+2, I had also try the 32+2 but seem a bit short ? ( I have 19-19.5 FTK ) I'm maybe little below center but close to center with 33+2 for the catcher i'm more toward the x900 then the two piece vaughn XLW.. what's your opinion on that ? thanks !
  25. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    I never celebrate. The closest I'll go is a glove or blocker bump with my own team after a win. I used to in Bantams until my then-goalie coach saw me do it, I got lectured for half an hour after the game.
  26. Show Off Your True Gear

    I will indeed! And thanks! The white sidewall was so worth the money!
  27. New skates damaged

    I'd send CCM customer service an email especially because this is the second time it's happened. Even though the warranty period is 90 days, one should still expect them to not fully crack.
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