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  3. My Warrior pants and the inner belt mod are located here:
  4. @insertnamehere How'd they do? I just got a pair of Warrior Ritual X Sr pants and modded them the second I got home with them. All I did was remove the inner belt from the front loops and create a new strap to connect the ends of the belt together. I tried on a pair of CCM Pro pants and the front loops were able to be unclipped, that was the only thing I liked about those pants. Having an inner belt like this allows me to wear the inner belt how I always thought they were meant to be worn, under the C/A but still have the C/A tucked in. After one ice time with this mod I am more than satisfied with my work. Yes, I know I have a tiny waist. I'm sorry but all I had was red webbing left over from the professor strap to make a new strap for the inner belt.
  5. Call me weird, but I love the Northstar G1 Shooter stick. It's super durable and they're pretty cheap. In other words, they're perfect for high school hockey.
  6. What size are you looking for? I have a 27" Warrior V1 pro and a 26" 1S for sale
  7. That's odd. I've seen vinyl last full OHL seasons. I guess you should find out what they used as an adhesive and redo those areas. Your mask should be fine.
  8. I mean, normally I would know you were being facetious, but, you legitimately said legitimately. I legitimately thought you were being legit.
  9. I need a new goalie stick for my upcoming season. I am starting high school hockey this year and want a high end stick. Please give me feedback.
  10. I took another look at my mask when I got home from work and found that the vinyl is already lifting in some places. Haven’t even played in it yet I’m now I bit wary of sweating and drinking water in this thing. Guess this is a mainly temporary alternative to painting?
  11. 1. Pretty sure the 7800 was the V5 2. That's definitely a change from his V3 he's used for nearly forever.
  12. I legitimately thought that every athlete that provided a piece was extremely articulate and a decent writer.
  13. The bridge is screwed in like any other Vaughn pad. What might be throwing you off is I have my Pro Laces ran directly through the toe bridges instead of using the supplied extra attachment bridge from Pro Laces.
  14. I found a picture of us.
  15. I meant the toe bridge, my bad.
  16. He's wearing prolaces @SaveByRichter35 this is better.
  17. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    I'm hopeful... The G4 and the GT stock graphics had multiple color zones making a lot of different styles. Tomorrow can't come soon enough
  18. could just not be seeing it, but are your toe ties just sewn in, not put in with the screws? I thought Vaughn always screws them in Your setup looks great. Is that rink Superior, or the one in Dix Hills? I have tryouts at Superior for my school team coming up next month and wanna learn a little more abt Superior, ive only played at the Rinx
  19. @TheGoalNet I just noticed something- Greiss has quickslide on his SLR1s
  20. Was anyone under the impression that the athletes actually wrote these articles?
  21. Cory Schneider now in a vaughn v6 7800 new spec chesty
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