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  2. Sportmask Thread

    I really like the protechsport, but there is an 18 month wait to get the mask. The other issue is the HECC cert. I can’t understand why an obviously less protective helmet with a sticker can be played in, but a far superior, custom fit helmet is a no no. Kind of a joke if you ask me. Sorry for the rant and back on topic. I guess as you all help me answer more questions I am starting to figure things out. Of course that means I am finding more to confuse myself with as well!
  3. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    I'd like to have something nicer but I bought this for my player gear when we still lived in a condo. We don't own this house but once we move this spring to our own house the garage is going to be nice
  4. Yesterday
  5. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Gotcha. I think I go a little overboard with mine.
  6. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Hahaha nice
  7. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Box fan from Home Depot. My stuff is dry in 6 hours.
  8. Show Off Your Action Photos

    White Lightning
  9. Sportmask Thread

    I'm with @TheGoalNet on this one. Regardless if what masks are being asked to compare, if there are better masks as the same price point I would prefer to steer @Tr33guy to the better mask.
  10. Show Off Your Action Photos

    What's the name of the team for the jersey on the left?
  11. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    That's an interesting setup as well. Do you have any kind of air blowing at it or just leave it to air dry?
  12. Prolaces Thread

    While I had some downtime between games I sent my toe bridges to Mike and he ran the laces right through the bridge itself. No attachment parts necessary. Of course, if these break I am screwed. I still have my first set as a backup though.
  13. Prolaces Thread

    That's an interesting set up!
  14. True or VH Boot on Graf Cowling

    @Tim_TRUEHockey - are you able to comment on this? Is a graf cowling more complicated?
  15. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

  16. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    PM Sent.
  17. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    @IPv6Freely I'll take them. Can you PM me your Paypal?
  18. Show Off Your True Gear

    Thats a funky grip you got going there!
  19. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Thanks! The inner sliding surface is weave, too. Supposedly better for sliding, though I'm not sure about that. The general concept for my pads was "all black except a white face, with red accents." Unfortunately when I ordered these I had JUST joined a new team after changing new teams almost every year before that, so I wanted something neutral that I could easily change the colors of. If I had known I was going to stick with this team I'd have gone a bit more crazy with the colors. Our uniforms are blackhawks colors, which could potentially make for some REALLY awesome pad color schemes. That said, mostly black pads has gotten me a quick whistle more than once My first set of goalie pads a couple years ago were white/black/silver figuring they went with just about anything (and I wore a black Kings color jersey with it until I got on a team). So my first mask was a no-brainer. Potvin graphics in that color scheme. @BMFSdesigns absolutely nailed it. He even went out of his way to find me a silver I liked. I didn't want chrome or sparkle, but a nice metallic silver. It looks fantastic. I have a mask he also painted for my league team, but I wear this one for pickups. I did however change the cage to blue to go with the uniform of another team I'm a backup for (I sub when their primary goalie is away).
  20. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Love the Potvin paint!
  21. Show Off Your True Gear

    Throwing my personal twig up here.
  22. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Your Passau set is great, realy like black sides and sliding zones, it is unusual and looks good.
  23. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    Ah, nope. These go in the knee pads.
  24. True or VH Boot on Graf Cowling

    I'm using Bauer, not Graf. However I know it can be done since VH/Graf is the combo Carey Price used.
  25. OLD tps xlites...

    Everything TPS was well made. The only issue you might have with 15 year old pads is the foam could break down with age, even if the are lightly used.
  26. True or VH Boot on Graf Cowling

    Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to check in with the guys that have the True or VH skate. I purchased a custom pair of these with just the boot. My original intention was to mount them to my Graf cowlings as I have two sets of steel that are pretty much dialed in to where I like. I talked to the guy who does my profiling/sharpening and he said this style boot is a pain in the ass to mount on the Graf cowling - there is a bit of heel tilt in the cowling that makes it difficult to accommodate the True boot. I wanted to check in with other users who may have done the same to see if they are seeing any issues. Thanks!
  27. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

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