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  2. Is that an observation or an offer Joe????? Will we see??? (gauntlet tossed to the floor)
  3. I’m testing the waters here to see if there’s interest in an armadilla mask. I’ve recently re-foamed the inside as you can see. I had a paint job done with some personal touches and my name on the skull plate. It definitely has a Canadian theme to it. Let me know what you think.
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  5. ruckus007

    R GT/2

    It impressed me, and I only just tried it on. I'm glad, Kirk, that you guys always seem to be able to update your gear with what the public wants. There's many a thing that I have Tinkered with Warrior gear since the G2 and the mods I have made always magically find an iteration of it on newer line gear. It's nice to know I'm not crazy and other people think of it too.
  6. ruckus007

    R GT/2

    How about Saturday? =D
  7. It's easier and cheaper to change goalie equipment to increase scoring that doing something like making the ice surface larger, or other "non-traditional" things that would actually render the seats empty. Also; There's a reason the stands are emptying. The current NHL level of play since Vegas was added has been a sloppy clusterf...err gongshow at a lightspeed pace. And having franchises in who-gives-a-crap cities for hockey doesn't help. You basically have to throw a small circus at the end of a game for Carolina fans to get involved. Also; none of the good goalies have really been affected by the rule changes because they are good and can evolve. There's just less good young guys who "have it", more nameless-faceless guys tethered to a narrow list of robotic responses. Then there's whatever Jake Allen does. To Stackem's point (somewhat): goalies that were good before SpeedSkin will still be good without it. Also to his conspiratorial points: NHL is a corporate business, not a game. The corporate goal is about money and making lots of it. These owners don't care about what gets in the way of cashflow; player safety, quality of play, goalies. They just want rube fans like us to eat it up and spend our money on it. Then there's the Jeremy Jacobs. The 481st richest dude in the world, owner of the Bruins, likely rigger influencer of Bruins related things. He was the main supporter behind Bettman's extension, and basically has that grubby worm in his bill-filled back pocket.
  8. Once again, thank you all for your feedback. I know a lot of you are suggesting I add blue but that wouldn't work for my team with the black jerseys. My worry is looking like on of the Varsity goalies I play against, he had bright orange CCM pads with his green and white high school team. Honestly, I think I'll follow @stackem30 and @Puckstopper by going for all black. All black would be pretty universal and I'm no photographer, but I think the contrast might actually look pretty good with the blue jerseys. Plus, there's discussion between my parents of getting my helmet wrapped to something I've already drawn up. Here's my idea for a helmet wrap. Have fun clicking it:
  9. An example is my 2x set, this is my first dark base setup and still wanted a lot of white, so this is what i came up with, just experiment, it’s your setup after all edit: played around with the gt2 and came up with these;
  10. I’m with you. I wouldn’t say no one has pulled it off, but retro is retro and looks best as a retro
  11. Puckstopper

    R GT/2

    Or perhaps you underestimate the depths of depravity I'd be willing to sink to in order to make sure we all got our money's worth? 😁😉 Realistically though I'd probably get a nice email from Warrior saying that there is no way in hell that they would be willing to embroider some of my ideas on their gear.
  12. Black could work, and you could toss in some red/blue accents and be a little more daring with your design. Honestly, I think you're getting some negative feedback from some of the old farts (like me) because we remember the real old brown leather pads, and remember when color started seeping into them. Seeing it on a modern graphic like the G4 just feels "off" somehow. But at the end of the day, none of our opinions matter. If your original design tickled your pickle then that's what you should go with. I've gotten more negative feedback than positive on my color choices and designs for both sets of pads I was considering ordering. However, it's my money so I'm going retro with my GT/2's and I'm going with dark green instead of kelly green despite the fact that the kelly would match our jerseys better. I did spend a few minutes goofing around on the customizer for you:
  13. Honestly, retro tan allows only dark colors, favourite set would be Holtby’s winter classic. Tan with pheinix red and navy, that works. Maroon and tan looks incredible too!
  14. @Jonathon v @Max27 I mean that GNetik used to have a more narrow toe and now the stock is 84. Brian’s seems to be moving away from the 78 and 80
  15. Unfortunately not. +1 single T is the 🐐 Although, I normally steer away from a double T, I’d definitely consider a double T here because of the depth limitation Out of the box closure is pretty close to GNetik IV, really good that way @Aquilzz Did an hour with 1 shooter. Was gased and dripping sweat post skate. Glove wasn’t overly wet
  16. Thanks @Imperative and @southpawtendy48. Much appreciated. I really got myself in a mess now though. I don't know why but I agreed to play in a charity game on 3/30 @ Allstate Arena. It's charity so I suppose outcomes don't matter but I don't want to stink the joint out either. We'll see.
  17. only criticism i would have from that last one is maybe you got caught too deep in your crease a few times, but otherwise you made some really insane saves, and don't let pick-ups get to you, it's happened to me a lot. i don't have the best temper and i've gotten on myself a lot for goals that don't even matter. keep up the good work
  18. Love the coverage of CCM pants, but was never a fan of the premier waist. the Eflex Shield 2s are basically the premier pants with a tapered/higher fitting waist. Been an absolute dream for me so far.
  19. Did the gloves stay dry? Big surprise they aren't using their 37.5 in the line. From my experience with base layers but more importantly, player gloves with 37.5, it does WONDERS with keeping the mitts much more dry than any of their other liners. Would've made sense if they stuck with it on at least the trapper.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Makes sense. Especially considering retail non-D30 gloves carry over that stitching pattern (Retro Flex/senior level). Wonder why a bunch don't use the palm. It does have its downsides. I'm more surprised that Rinne, a goalie that was pretty quick to change his entire strapping setup wouldn't consider it. It's weird, I see a bunch of the "weaker" NHL goalies in recent years are using the D30 palm (Subban, Talbot, Grubauer) but many of the top CCM goalies (Price, Bob, Rinne, Fleury) don't. Likely because why would they if they've been so consistent. But even the newer guys in CCM stuff (Hart coming from Vaughn, Binnington and Markstrom from Bauer) haven't demoed it, at least from my research.
  22. I gotta a pretty narrow stance sometimes I don’t get a good push when in my butterfly
  23. nope, cant customize it like that. you get single T or double T
  24. With an offset T I notice. I take it Bauer will not let you customize anything with the T like CCM does? For example single straight T with a +"1 pocket?
  25. I know this might be sacrilege, but I think this is your best looking set yet.
  26. It depends. Do you get into a wider stance? if so, not really. if yes,than it could be
  27. Maybe try what I did, mostly black with white or vice versa, or maybe red to fit your team. I used padskinz to put powder blue accents for my teams jerseys next season, so many get padskinz for team colors.
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