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On 7/12/2018 at 10:25 AM, Adam Cooper said:

Sliding is exceptional.  Compared to my prior set of Warrior Pro Ritual G2's it's night and day.  In fact, I'm having to adjust my slides and pushes at times because I go too far.  But to be honest I would prefer that especially in circumstances where I have trouble effectively planting my skate for a push, or poor ice conditions (slushy ice, or snowy ice).  From what I've heard these Optik pads would compare very closely to how the new Bauer pads slide.  Without trying CCM Speedskin I can't confirm but I've heard that the Opliks are a little quicker.  

For me personally, as a new goalie (only 10 months in) the improved sliding has been a game changer for me.  I've been able to really increase my lateral speed.  Also the seal to the ice with the Optiks is very tight.  I'm not giving up as many 5-hole or under the pad goals.  I think that can be attributed to the stiffness of the pad.

COTech, Speed Skin, and Opti-Slide are all lightning on clean ice. 

The biggest difference I find is that Brian’s is able to maintain their speed the best as the ice deteriorates 

Anyone used Optik and G4? I’d be curious about the comparison 

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After being in Brian's for the 18 years I made the switch to Bauer for this season. Pads are stock Vapors that were only used for about 2 months. Gloves are Spencer Martin pro returns 2s. I don't know how long they were used for but judging by the use not very long. Glove closes really nice.


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