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WTB - Koho Thigh Boards to fit Koho 580 Pads

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On 4/16/2018 at 10:45 AM, Dharmaboy said:

Hey guys

real simple, looking for 580 Thigh boards to throw on my setup. PM me if you have any.




Will either of these sets work for you?


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11 minutes ago, Dharmaboy said:

Yup for sure. the  ones on the right.

Cool.  The price is free.  My wife likes getting things out of the basement.  Message me your address and we can figure out shipping.


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      I had sent out my gear to Dennis over at FactoryMAD to get some minor modifications and repairs. I wasn't looking to do his full glove mod (his internals and floating T etc.) just replace some binding and lacing which had been worn down. To my surprise I had an email from him this morning advising the thumb mold was shattered and he recommended replacing. Of course I said "Yes please do." as I trust his professional opinion, but wondered what "shattered" looked like. Without me even asking for a picture he snapped the image below and passed it along as an FYI... and he wasn't misusing the word... it is shattered. ?

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