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  1. TheGoalNet

    CCM Gear

    I spy a Single T and no outer break... Might be very similar to mine 🤣
  2. TheGoalNet

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    @cuprajake Your paddle size comparison is interesting to me. I ordered a 25" Mrazek warrior after my 25" P2 Price. The Warrior is about 1" shorter. When I inquired to Warrior about this they explained its a difference in lie and not a shorter stick. Seeing your post sorta confirms my findings. Even if it's a lie issue, seems like the Warrior's functionally play about 1" shorter than Bauer or CCM. I have similar thoughts to you. Bauer sticks are lighter and the paddle is less noticeable. However, CR1 is not bad at all. It's also $100 cheaper. I think the Bauer is a higher end stick, but I would not fault anyone for picking Warrior or steer them away from it.
  3. TheGoalNet

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    Anyone buy a Brown chesty lastely? If so, what do they go for? Are they over $500 USD?
  4. TheGoalNet

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Where are you finding it bulky? The floaters are much more streamlined compared anything else on the market.
  5. TheGoalNet

    Bauer Gear

    Pad Skinz is the easiest, but it won’t look too clean I’ve heard superglue works. No personal experience
  6. TheGoalNet

    New Mods - Apply Now

    Last day to submit. Applications will be notified by Tuesday morning if you have been selected for the steps. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far.
  7. TheGoalNet

    Bauer Gear

    @DJohnson33 very good call. After all the white landing wing surfaces with colored pad faces, this had slipped my wind. Thanks for sending. Whats your IG name?
  8. TheGoalNet

    NME VTX Deconstruction

    I am not sure I follow? Who else is making mechanical attachments for other people's shells?
  9. TheGoalNet

    NME VTX Deconstruction

    Not sure how many of these threads we’ll get... but here’s what a VTX looks like deconstructed
  10. TheGoalNet

    Vaughn Gear

    Do you mean back to Vaughn or to a repair shop?
  11. Now that I wear knee pads, I am intrigued by these too. I don't have any issues with my Brian's, but i like to try new things...
  12. TheGoalNet

    Vaughn Gear

    I do NOT recommend BAHR. I’ve heard some weird dealings there. They also released some pics of prototype gear they made and it did not cast them in a positive light I would email Sara, maybe that outside gear was a disclaimer to protect herself? Rebound Althetic Repair is an old total hockey guy in STL There’s also Great Saves in chicago. Used him a bunch
  13. TheGoalNet

    Live Log for Site Updates

  14. TheGoalNet

    Live Log for Site Updates

    Unfortunately, we are not all going to agree on everything...
  15. TheGoalNet

    Live Log for Site Updates

    In an effort to improve the performance, organization, and search function of our site, we are going to make a few changes! This is the type of initiative that our new and more positive mod team will be initiating. Changes: Please post all topics related to a given manufacturer in the sub forums - regular topics - still debating how to improve the reviews organization Please start to make more threads. Instead of putting everything in the "Bauer Thread", start a new thread like "My 1S vs 2S comparsion". Post general Bauer company questions in the Bauer topic. If this topic is general like "Gear sitings" that belongs in the "gear" sub forum. If this is for a small manufacturer, like Monster, that may not need it's own sub forum, post that in the "gear" or "review" section. We will slowly start to move topics around and get this organized!!!