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  1. Thanks for sharing the info! Appreciate this and please keep us updated
  2. I agree with this in theory, but I think the 80 deg taper toe taper was phased out at retail for a reason. We’re splitting hairs here for sure... but I don’t think the 80 deg taper and and unsewn in knee block are helping. It’s a little of pieces that could negatively effect. I think that is not a great combo. with that said, 100% agree that working on your technique is what you should be doing. I’d be shocked if that is really going to consistently allow pucks going in on you.
  3. TheGoalNet

    CCM EF4

    There’s some subtle differences. Lefevre factory puts bolts on the toe bridge as standard, speekskin is limited to white, the nylon quick motion calf strap doesn’t have trim, etc etc the textured graphic is currently for retail only
  4. TheGoalNet

    CCM EF4

    Yes, pretty sure this is what it is
  5. TheGoalNet

    CCM EF4

    So mad I didn’t order my set using the graphic like this 🤬
  6. Doubt it. Michel from Pro Laces is a friend of the Lefebvre family. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’d expect Michel approached Pat about working together. Pro Laces are only for pro clients via the Montréal factory. The standard EF4 laces are just CCM’s version of bungee laces.
  7. GNetik 3 is a pretty soft pad with torsional flex. That’s one of the reasons this is happening. From memory, the GNetik 3s don’t have any lace connecting the knee block to the pad. That allows some additional movement in the pad that is not ideal. From memory, you buy your gear at Jerry’s? Maybe they can mod them and lace them in or hit up Great Saves? That could help with the seal and reduce some of the flex, but that just might be the pads and your butterfly When I changed the knee sticks on my 2nd Optik from soft to Hard, that was more about a snap then the thigh rise poking up How are you attaching your Pro Laces? Hopefully not with the screws. If your are using a lace to connect the the pro Laces to your bridge, loosen the lace a bit. That will give you a touch of slack, which might help
  8. New brand. My speculation as to what this is: Doug from WZL Head has been posting these. Based on the break up of Wall USA and Wall Finland, I’m pretty sure this is an updated / rebranded Wall USA mask. This probably has a few updates based on the feedback of Sparks post concussion.
  9. TheGoalNet

    2X Pro

    I think this is it I know the gold and silver are a metallic. They didn't perfect the process and that is why it's limited to the smaller areas
  10. Mask images are back to the Lefevre thread Downloaded a path for SSL Have a help request in for who's online
  11. Headed on vacation, will post these for sale in a couple weeks
  12. TheGoalNet

    Vaughn SLR 2

    He is one of the company reps that feels ".com is dead". I have heard other people internal to Vaughn reference Vaughn marketing having a "dad feel to them". With those 2 factors combined, I don't see that happening. @seagoal It's fantastic Vaughn is sharing the info. As @cwarnar referenced Everet is a super nice guy and reads all the comments or posts in GGSU. As a result, he probably knows some people questioned the reality of the carbon and I think is a subtle rebuttal to the haters. That's my guess at least. The carbon thing also sorta makes me chuckle. Vaughn had this first and I think people felt it was a gimmick. Vaughn also didn't talk about the rebound functionality with it. Bauer launched a composite and talked rebounds and now it's a technology everyone is rushing to have. I think many of Vaughn's current woes come to stubbornness, not understanding consumer demand, and not understanding how to promote what they have. If they had only pitching the composite benefits properly on day 1... People might perceive Vaughn as the technology leader
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