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  1. True or VH Boot on Graf Cowling

    @Tim_TRUEHockey - are you able to comment on this? Is a graf cowling more complicated?
  2. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

  3. Prolaces Thread

    This works too... but I would recommend tying them in. It's lighter weight and does not come loose. You can tie them loose to let the prolaces move with your skate more, like a sliding toe bridge, or tie them tight so it feels like the screwed in method
  4. Prolaces Thread

    Eventually... will test the new smart strap first.
  5. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    @IPv6Freely - I was hoping those were the knee landing ones
  6. Sportmask Thread

    All of the masks I mentioned will be custom. @Mroy31 - How long did your MM mask take?
  7. Sportmask Thread

    @goalie - I am not anti Sportmask at all, but he asked about the X8 and not the T3. There's better options than the X8 at a very similar price point
  8. 2018 Brian's Optik

    @coopaloop1234 - didn’t hit on that Was actually thinking about it and I might take one more crack at the pads video. Maybe even look at the others if it goes well. Trick will just be finding the time I will film this wide screen for YouTube and not do it live on IG. That will leave it formatted better for living on the site and YouTube long term. Like with everything, there are trade offs. IG live is great because people call ask questions in real time, people are watching live, but the formatting is locked to a cell phone in vertical orientation. YouTube is nice because the video can live into history. It’s also formatted for multiple devices and you can take a pause during the recording. Downside is that I don’t see video being a major focus longterm, so I won’t be committing to YouTube and building a worthwhile audience. There’s also tons of competition on there with professional camera men, so filming in IG gets the biggest bang for TheGoalNet.com Im a big believer in “action leads clearity”. I never intended to do voice over videos, but early access to Optik warranted it! Tried a few things, understand the pros and cons of all the formats now, and have some best practices for making videos The pad flex is a great suggestion and I will encorpoate that... if I get time the only downfall is that you’ll need to listen to me drone on for another 40 mins... Get ya popcorn ready!!!
  9. Brian's Gear

    Thanks Defender is the cordura like material too, figured that out when my pads came in
  10. Prolaces Thread

    Here’s a video on the new Pro Laces Armor @BadAngle41 - check out how I tie my pro laces in, I show it at the end
  11. The Mask Thread

    I do think masks could rapidly change as much as sticks do. Will be really cool to see if the weight and/or materials change a lot
  12. Stick molding?

    @Chrisblu32 - did you look up stick repair on google? If you live near a decent hockey shop, they might be able to fit it. Shaft repair is possible http://www.integralhockey.com/
  13. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Video is live on YouTube, link is below... unfortunately, this was filmed live. I don't have the ability to edit it and I made a couple errors crossing FLY & FLX core in my dialog... the joys of life broadcasting! My pads are FLY core. There is also a FLX core. FLX is more flexible in the thigh rise and lighter weight. This would line up more with the GNetik FLY is a stiffer pad that would be more a "butterfly" pad like the SZ line. This pad utilizes more HD foam than the FLX and is a couple ounces heavier because of the construction. I initially was going to order FLX, but after seeing the photos of Andy O'Connor's FLY, I changed my order because I loved the shape!!! I'll post some pics tomorrow of the different features
  14. Sportmask Thread

    @Tr33guy - welcome to the board! If I can ask your budget? If it's around 600 USD, you can get a custom padded pro level mask from Masked Marvel ( @Joe Messina ), Protechsport, or Coveted ( @ron@covetedmask.com ) This will be safer, higher quality, and longer lasting than any of the masks you're referring to above
  15. The Mask Thread

    IMO, The mask is the piece of goalie gear that leaves itself most open to designs from hardcore engineers. There's going to be different schools of thoughts, trade offs between different designs / layups, and opinions. I agree with @TitanG sentiment, that's it's fun debate and you have plenty of choice for whatever you're most comfortable or believe in... but I don't think anyone on the board would think anyone is a fool for buying a Warwick, Protechsport, or Pro's Choice