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  1. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    I randomly have a beat to death 580 glove for this reason. . .
  2. TRUE Two Piece Skate Review

    I had only seen the VH skates pre True and at the VH Factory. I never saw them side by side with Bauer I had that opportunity last week. The 2 piece Skate was not as crazy heavy as people say. It was minimally noticeable compared to 1S. I was happily surprised. I’m also boarderline weight obsessed, so I’m wondering if anyone else is noticing? With that said, I’m not instantly seeing any major tangible performance benefits over Bauer (CCM has something interesting coming too). If your fully comfortable and fit in a 1S or 1X, why why go with a True? The main advantage I see is custom fit and potentially the 1 piece sole. I’m curious what is the main reason people go with True? Also, how do people find these dry? They liner looks dated compared to the fabric offerings from everyone else?
  3. Knee Pad Thread

    If you like the 1X, I’d order them now. Per GGN, Bauer is getting down to 1 line of knee pads. 1X & 2S will not coexist Also, with Brown 2400, do people have the model with “built in knee lifts” - what is that all about, seems that would be awkward for movement while standing up? Is there such a thing as too much knee lift?!
  4. The Mask Thread

    @Punisher Goalie - who’s doing your art?
  5. Bauer Gear

    My personal CCM is lighter, but it has custom padding and a pro stock Ti cage... so it’s not really apples to apples How much does your XPM weigh?
  6. Bauer Gear

    @Punisher Goalie As requested...
  7. Bitcoin

    Last question, can you buy a partial bitcoin at this point?
  8. Gear templates

    Thanks! Nice quick work right there
  9. Bauer Gear

    @WizYuan - Is a different model of skate an option for you?
  10. Bitcoin

    And if you want to unload them, it's that easy? There is always someone who wants to buy it? Are these subject to capital gains?
  11. Aftermarket Steel

    @Scott - That's why I used to use them. I need to order a pair for my new skates I think
  12. Suspenders Thread

    For a stock option they had good elastic. The orange connectors were soft so they didn't break too easy for a shot. Also Easton was a major supplier to teams compared to someone like Brown
  13. Suspenders Thread

    I have some old Easton’s that are still very popular in then NHL maybe I’ll send them to PAW for fresh elastic
  14. Bauer Gear

    @Scott - I don’t quite follow the question? If you’re asking if it will shoot easier than a foamcore, the answer is yes
  15. Bitcoin

    I almost invested in a few times. Buying it is the problem and I got spooked. Unfortunately, it felt I needed access to the black web to buy it. @IPv6Freely - Can you share anything how you bought and if there was anything weird with it? Keep in mind, you're IT savy and it's wonder I got this site launched!!!