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  1. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Markstrom switched from 1S to True skates Ullmark back to Bauer
  2. Show Off Your True Gear

    Remind me, the Tyden Steel is 4mm?
  3. New skates damaged

    @AMDG - Agreed. Maybe you’ll get “lucky” and it’s known issue or bad batch and you’ll get hooked up. I’d call!
  4. New Forum Theme

    Hello All, I would ask that everyone disengage from this toxic conversation. We are having a private mod chat that stems back from the recent deleting and hiding of people's posts. The purpose of this conversation is to establish some best practices for modifying negative comments without making this a military state or chirp free zone. Unfortunately, someone has misinterpreted their opinion being challenged as being fired. I have not fired, demoted, or banned any admins. If this is further called into question, I can share piece of conversations to back up my point. That is childish and I don't want to go there. Please let this go and we will update everyone when this is resolved.
  5. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    I posted this pic on IG. Couldn't find the video... thanks!!!
  6. Bauer Gear

    @1C5 - Glad to see your pads are holding up! Generally speaking the early the 1S were the most prone to the issues. The 1X and 2S are supposedly better. You pads are proving that out.
  7. Bauer Gear

    Will this be 1X strapping or just the wraps?
  8. TGN Spec

    Red Optiks are gone. But I have all the pictures. Stock with all the flaps, boot strap, etc is 4.9 LBS. I am in at 4.4 LBS. All on the same scale. My shorter 1S pads that had knee flaps and boot straps removed came in at 4.6lbs.
  9. TGN Spec

    Agreed on the matte Jenpro / cordura. The slight bubbles is probably what is getting everyone upset. I also wanted the graphic to be in the spirit of a Potvin, but not a copy. It is not supposed to be a flame.
  10. TGN Spec

    I am going to do a live unboxing tonight at 9ET on IG for anyone who wants to watch
  11. CCM Gear

    Agreed 100%! I only wasn’t made because I made content with it and I got brand new pro stock pants for $150ish
  12. Brian's Gear

    Congrats @Aquilzz Brian’s just posted a grey set on their IG and it looks great. Nice color choice
  13. Building My New Set

    Great topic! Your pad choices puzzle me though. 1S / 2S and Optik FLX are like apples oranges If you want Bauer or Brian’s, compare 1X to FLY
  14. The Mask Thread

    Same, I know an equipment related person in a marketing department. He said the IOC sent them a seize and desist to stop showing their athletes in the Olympics because they didn’t pay
  15. Bauer Gear

    That’s not quite the story Standard 2S falls between current S190 and 1S in weight and performance Teams in budget conscious pro leagues hit a tipping point with their stick budgets and the pros don’t want the S190, they want the 1S. So for 2019, Bauer and CCM are both releasing a standard Pro and and super Pro. In my opinion, I’d agree that In Bauer’s case, it’s nice parachute if 2S Pro is too crazy for some consumers But CHL, NCAA, and European Pro teams drove this issue. Heard it from both Bauer and CCM.