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  1. I’m with you. I wouldn’t say no one has pulled it off, but retro is retro and looks best as a retro
  2. @Jonathon v @Max27 I mean that GNetik used to have a more narrow toe and now the stock is 84. Brian’s seems to be moving away from the 78 and 80
  3. Unfortunately not. +1 single T is the 🐐 Although, I normally steer away from a double T, I’d definitely consider a double T here because of the depth limitation Out of the box closure is pretty close to GNetik IV, really good that way @Aquilzz Did an hour with 1 shooter. Was gased and dripping sweat post skate. Glove wasn’t overly wet
  4. @BadAngle41 - Glove felt more 580 than 590 to me. Fingers really overlap to seal it.
  5. My understanding of the situation; Bauer is the big guy in hockey and they are sensitive to copying smaller companies. They want their IP respected, so they respect others ( This is why they don't have the extended knee block with the landing pad as I've head). As a result, they worked out a deal to license the design instead of just copying it.
  6. Actually thought these were the low point of the pads during my skate today... Either the bungee sucks compared to Pro Laces or it's way too long. I took it in once and will do it again before my next skate.
  7. I wonder what Jony Ives goalie gear would look like...
  8. Correct. More stitches = no D30 Many pros stick with more classic options
  9. 1. Stock pads, didn’t get the 2S thigh rise 2. I believe that’s only option. Untie the Hal elastic and you can tie in whatever you want. This is the same as the Brian’s GNetik IV 3. I hate that strap 😂. That’s just too nerdy for me. Tie the skate lace through the loop and couldn’t be easier 4. Yup
  10. Mexico has many of the cost benefits of Asia, but you are covered by NAFTA, there's minimal shipping costs, and you don't have 8 weeks of lead time to due to ocean freight. That is the perk of made in Mexico. Also, if it is the old Easton factory or Easton our source partner, there is probably probably great skill and tribal knowledge already inherit in the employees there. Warrior's marketing promotes "Made in North America" and I am guessing they believe this is better to consumers than made in china or Thailand.
  11. 1. don't have them side by side... sorry! but it feels great. 2. I'll get some pics up later. 3. 10 3/4" 4. Will use the blocker today and report back
  12. 2. The biggest perk of getting some of the demo gear is that I get it early access. The downside is that the proper customizer and order forms don't always exist yet or are not finalized. Unfortunately, the white bottom binding was a detail that got lost in an email thread or a crude MS Paint customizer. If you order these with the proper customizer on Bauer's website, there should be no concerns. In my case... C'est la vie! 3. No option 4. See that nasty blood blister on my index finger?!?! Slammed a door on my finger the other day at like 2am
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