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  1. TheGoalNet

    Live Log for Site Updates

    Sorry if you getting logged out or the latest feature is not working... This is some migration issues to the new platform which hosts the ads. Sorry! Please give this 2-3 days
  2. TheGoalNet

    Bauer Scan Data

    It 100% doesn't make sense. The goalie skates also are not in the scanning machines yet. That is coming this summer. Once that comes this summer, many of these issues will go away. The machines will tell people what model to get and take a lot of the guess work out of it As for why this happened? Bauer didn't always have 2 lines of goal skates. For awhile it just Supreme, then Vapor XXX and Supreme, then just Supreme, then just Pro or Elite, Then Supreme and Reactor, and now Supreme and Vapor The reality is that with all that change it just sort of evolved this way
  3. TheGoalNet

    Ankle Brace

    My pal Rico Gun from IG needs an ankle brace that fits inside skates Anyone have a suggestion?
  4. TheGoalNet

    If you're serious about swag

    Stickers are on order... Need to figure out how to get the the store going next, but here’s the ideas on pricing: $2.50 USD shipped to USA $3.50 USD Shipped to Canada
  5. TheGoalNet

    Bauer Scan Data

    Vapor is a more generous fit. There’s more volume to the boot, so it can accommodate more feet shapes
  6. TheGoalNet

    Bauer Scan Data

    Here’s the scan data for Bauer over the last year. This is from player skates. Supreme Player = Vapor Goal Vapor Player = Supreme Goal Nexus = You need custom! My point? The Average person should start with Vapor is ordering online, looking used, etc.
  7. TheGoalNet

    If you're serious about swag

    was trying to keep a cheaper price point for this initial run.
  8. TheGoalNet

    Intermediate palm on a senior glove

    Do you have lots of slack at the end of your finger tips?
  9. TheGoalNet

    Intermediate palm on a senior glove

    I think it's a great option for a smaller goalie. Do you find current models leave your hand feeling lost or hard to close?
  10. TheGoalNet

    If you're serious about swag

    Visor Beanie and Toque very different... My favorite from my skiing days that I think is way out of style?
  11. TheGoalNet

    Suggestion Box

    Sounds like the 3rd party add people can fix this for me Will know in a day or two after the new ads are in place. The goal is to maintain the website break even status vs hosting costs and have less ads
  12. TheGoalNet

    Padskinz or Pad Wrap on Bauer 1X's

    I would not try and wrap anything over the corners / edges of the pad. If you keep Pad Skinz on the face, you should be in good shape. The flatness of the pads makes then good candidates for projects. The only other thought is to avoid putting large flat areas over the ridges. That will not work well.
  13. TheGoalNet

    Live Log for Site Updates

    Trying the new reduced Ad format
  14. TheGoalNet

    Suggestion Box

    Oh, thanks! I noticed we don't have the lock and am not sure how to get one. Do I ask GoDaddy or the forum cloud software?