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  1. Here's my homemade setup using 1/2" thick board I had lying around. It sits on top of the glass and the camera position is consistent. This year I added the battery pack so that I don't run out of battery during a 90 minute session. I used a Dremel to open up the case for the cable. It's no longer waterproof but as a bonus, the sound isn't muffle anymore because the microphone is next to the USB port.
  2. Nope can’t afford them and won’t insult you with an offer. And besides, my hockey season is done on Wednesday.
  3. How much for the glove & blocker? Pricing in CDN or US?
  4. Sounds like you shouldn’t have any problems saying buh-bye to them as you leave for your div 3 team. ?
  5. I've been thinking about using the medicine ball drill to help keep the arms tight to the body. http://ingoalmag.com/video/medicine-ball-can-build-better-goalies/ http://mihockey.com/2016/04/lerg-medicine-ball-training-drill/
  6. I need to replace the cage on my Mage RS. It's the RS90 cage with the extended chin. But I was thinking about getting the flatbar cat eye instead. The cage doesn't extend to cover the chin as mine does. But I will need to drill new holes to mount it. So questions, 1. Has anyone drilled new holes in their mask to fit a new cage?Any issues? My mask is a few years old so already out of warranty. I probably have to remove the foam to do it. 2. Does anyone have experience with the Mage flatbar cat eye? How are the sightlines, durability? Thanks.
  7. Anybody remember the tilt fly pad concept that Steve McKichan (aka keeks2915 on GSBB) was developing? Big rebounds with elevation. I don't think it got off the ground. <bad pun entirely intentional>
  8. After taking a big slapshot with my Passaus last night, I can recommend them from a protection perspective. They're comfortable, no discomfort on hard landings. The only knock against them is that they are a bit bulky compared to my old Vaughn knee pads. I have to wear sweat pants over them to keep them from catching on the knee landing. They stay up without needing tape or a garter belt. And for us Canadians, they are only $120 in canuck bucks. Wearing them on a bare leg might be a bit uncomfortable with the straps (4 of them per pad) but I wear my over a base layer.
  9. I bought the SanDisk 32GB Ultra micro SD for $20 on Amazon. It works fine. I wouldn't know how to tell the difference between cards anyways. As for card size I've found that shooting 1080p at 30 fps, an hour of video is about 6GB per hour; 720p at 60 fps, an hour is about 3.4GB.
  10. I'd like to get the flat bar non-certified Mage RS cage. Should I call or place the order on your website?
  11. #4 you can never have too much red
  12. @TGC-Rance I guess you are here! I don't mind buying online so if the price is the price, that's cool. Just wanted to see if there was an extra perk when buying from the official retailer. And I did my buy my Brian’s Gnetik 5.5 pads from TGC a few years ago. Any chance you'll be stocking the matching gloves in red/black?
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