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  1. Bauer Gear

    They've got the original top binding, so you'll likely end up with the overlap wear that @gsmith0062 mentioned. I've seen people patch that though, and depending on your workload it may take a while to get there.
  2. Bauer Gear

    With the sizing, keep in mind the stiffer pad will sit taller. I went from 37+1 TotalONEs with soft breaks to a Large 1S and I'll probably be sizing down to Medium 2S/34+1 Optik in the spring. I also don't use a boot strap though, so the pads also slide up even more in the bfly. Without knowing how much "softer" they are, can't comment specifically on the stiffness, but I imagine even a softer 1S will still be a pretty stiff pad.
  3. Vaughn Gear

    @coopaloop1234 Same with the loop tiedown. Laces of the pants go through the loop on the front of the c/a. On the SLR it's right behind the part with the goalie logo. With this one I also dropped the front bottom pad down a bit lower so the belt of my pants kind of sits above it and the tuck holds a bit better.
  4. Vaughn Gear

    @cwarnar @coopaloop1234 Just to wrap up the previous storyline, this did end up happening. Fits so well, tucks into my SLR pants like a dream
  5. Pad Flex Test

    Unfortunately I gave them back a couple weeks ago. I remember the typical knee flex being pretty easy for a "stiff" pad, and there wasn't really any branding to suggest pro carbon except the magnetic buckle on the RRC. So I'm actually not all that sure they were even pro carbons.
  6. Bauer Gear

    I do like how they've reinforced the material along the hem so they don't really fray against any velcro in your knee block. I've added Jenpro to the inside hem of my SLR pants because it started fraying almost immediately. If the waist seam was just an unfortunate defect, I'd say they are still solid pants overall, just not a great experience for me.
  7. Bauer Gear

    About a year and a half of twice a week beer league hockey. Not bad if you got them on clearance to try them out, but not great if you buy them new and expect to use the for a while.
  8. Bauer Gear

    The protection itself was great, felt light, didn't feel like I was wearing a barrel. I actually took out the additional inside thigh padding and never had any problems with feeling shots. If mine hadn't come apart on me I'd probably still be using them.
  9. Bauer Gear

    @thebigm I second the durability concern, I had to stitch mine back together after a little more than a year (external belt and front of Pant connection) and I don't even face a semi-pro workload. Could have been a defect though. I will say that they tend to sit lower than I would expect a goal pant to sit, so the length may not be a concern.
  10. Bauer Gear

    Would be nice if they at least offered the Dubnyk and Hank graphics as some stock options at launch, as a step towards custom
  11. Vaughn Gear

    Large with large arms, thanks though
  12. Worst Unis in Hockey

    Voted Nashville, but not for the colours or even the logo, it's just the template doesn't do that team justice. They look kind of half in-progress.
  13. Issues with Game/Body Mechanics

    Active hands and puck tracking is what generally comes to mind in situations like this. I'm 6'1" and still get burned over the shoulders after whiffing on a chicken-wing because my hands got lazy. Working on hand-eye and puck tracking can help cover up some of the over the shoulder shots. http://www.goalietrainingpro.com/goalies/eotw-hand-eye-coordination-drill-to-make-any-goalie-better/ is one fairly easy example of something for hand-eye Another thing I've started doing that Maria has recommended is when you're doing any kind of off-ice exercises like lunges, shuffles etc., tie a workout band around your waist and hold one end in your glove hand so that your muscles are working to hold your hand in your glove up position. Doing that regularly can help your muscle memory to keep your glove up and out even when you drop to the butterfly. Look up some highlights of Frederik Andersen (yes I'm a shameless Leafs fan, but checkout how that guy makes glove saves). He's like 6'4" but he still makes glove saves extending his glove forward even on clappers where he's had to come across from the other side of the net. He's tracking the puck so well that he actually meets the shot out in front of him with his hands.
  14. Vaughn Gear

    I still haven't quite gotten my Reactor 9000 dialed in (still comes untucked on the one side a little too often) and now this pops up in my inbox today. SLR on sale, plus I have a $50 gift card from xmas. Anyone gonna talk me out of it?
  15. Monster Hockey Thread

    I got the sleeves that you can buy with the HALs, and I have some pretty noticeable wear on them. Not to the point where they are falling apart, mostly it just looks like they're doing their job and protecting the cord. The sleeves are pretty thick though and I feel like that might be contributing to the wear on them. Haven't had any issues with wear at the front of the cowling, but I also don't have a cowling (1S), what skates do you use and is there any wear on the toe that might be contributing? My next purchase would be the Pro Laces Armor