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  1. Mroy31

    Coming Back From Retirement

    Check out Maria Mountain at goalietrainingpro.com and also Instagram if you do that sort of thing. Off ice training galore and some stuff specifically to help with the hips
  2. Mroy31

    Coming Back From Retirement

    Welcome back! Sounds like a first step would be to find some gear on the cheap, any gear, and figure out how you move on the ice now. Are you gifted with gumby hips, or a connoisseur of the Giggy-fly, or still make throwback skate saves? Plenty of goalies here still swear by cowlings, and once you do figure out what you do need, there are plenty of shops that will build exactly that. Good luck with the journey!
  3. Mroy31


    Weather prevented me from picking it up in time for my game last night, but I do have it now. Will post a new thread after I get to use it a bit.
  4. Mroy31

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    You might want to start taking some new routes home from the rink
  5. Mroy31

    My next custom skates

    Deposit is paid, got my specs from the last order, only updates will be the tongue and liner. Just waiting to hear what options there are. It sounded like the LockFit Pro liner might be like Speedskin was where it's only available at retail from the offshore factory, so may end up in a pro clarino liner, but either will be a big upgrade over the 37.5 liner in my 1S. Hoping to get in before the factory shut down over the holidays.
  6. Mroy31

    Switching from tight fit to loose fit

    I used to wear my Bauer TotalOnes pretty snug. Started by just loosening each leather strap by one notch and giving that a few weeks to adjust until I found a sweet spot for each strap. The elastic knee lock around my knee I think helped keep them from feeling too sloppy and more responsive like @VOGoalie said. That's one way to try the looser feeling with your ef2's before switching pads completely.
  7. Mroy31


    So apparently the delay for the last 5 days was still customs. They released it yesterday, determined I need to pay another $40 in duties, but it is already in town from Montreal yesterday, waiting to go out for delivery tomorrow. So I should have it for Thursdays game
  8. Mroy31


    Neck guard hit the Canadian Border on Nov 28th, just got released from customs today for Canada Post to process, strikes are killing me right now for delivery times. Tracker says 3-7 business days, but there's been some reports of backups until the new year for packages getting shipped via Canada Post.
  9. The only complaint I had with my NXG was that the arms were either too long or just couldn't strap it right to keep from sliding down and hitting my gloves. That was well before I was into modding or anything like that. I'm pretty happy so far with the 2S.
  10. Mroy31

    Chest Proctector Buying Decisions

    This^^ I couldn't imagine all the break in time I'd have to put in on one of those, I'd probably end up going a size smaller than I'd wear in anything else. Played one game in my 2S so far. Took a couple solid slap shots to the arms from one of the top teams in our league. I felt them for sure, but I'd feel them in any c/a I've used before. Still have to dial in the shoulder straps a bit, and now I remember what a non-Vaughn c/a feels like before its broken in. My SLR pro carbon didn't need any break in, just getting the arms and floaters adjusted properly. Overall I'd describe it like wearing an exo skeleton vs. a super beefed up sweater. More air inside the 2S, but I don't feel any larger over all. Will go into a bit more detail in another post after a few more skates. Fun Fact: there's a loop on the back of the 2S to tie down to your pants
  11. Mroy31

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Based on my demo of the SLRs, and the strap on my 2S that I added to about the same place, the thing you might run into is how tight you can actually wear the strap based on how bulky the knee pads are. When I wore my V7 double shield knee pads I had to loosen the strap a bit because when I stood up it felt like the knee pads were trying to hulk through the pads. Recently switched to my Maltese KTPs and will have to tighten it back up because the pads were a little too floppy. I'm also not using any elastic on my strap though. The Vaughn version with elastic has more give and I didn't notice that issue with the SLRs. No actual interference while playing with any of the knee pads I wore (Bauer, Vaughn, Maltese).
  12. Yeah, I always managed to find a sweet spot with mine where it wasn't loose enough to fly around willy nilly but still sit in a good spot for coverage. I use the contoured Bauer dangler, not the bigger, rounded U shaped one. I did have it break on a shot once in like 15 years. Broke in such a way that the center tie spot came off and left a big jagged spike for me to bring my chin down on if I wasn't careful haha. Luckily it was right near the end of a pickup session, so I just kept playing.
  13. The force is strong with this one
  14. Used both until I outgrew the neck guard I was using while at a goalie camp, ripped it off mid session and have just used a dangler since. Only had a few shots get through, and they all rattled through so I didn't end up with any sweet bruises or anything. +1 to pick one or both but not neither. Just waiting on an Eco Pro Foam neck guard to pass through customs and the Canada Post strikes, then hoping to get out of the dangler. Had a few C/A's where the dangler would get caught sometimes when on the post and looking back and forth.
  15. "Something" is still available, keeping my experiences documented in my custom skate thread.