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  1. Mroy31

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    I think the fact that pros get custom molded skates contributes as well, so they aren't worried about stuffing a "Vapor foot" into a Supreme skate. The supreme being first to release also probably contributes. What did Andersen wear his last year in Anaheim? He was in Vapor the last 2 years, then True/VH this year. Or there's some statistical correlation to "Supreme feet" and goaltending? Like how a majority of pros have early birthdays because they develop earlier and stand out from all the other peewees
  2. Mroy31

    Bauer 2S Professor Strap Design

    Ok, here are some pics of the setup, haven't attached anything yet, but I've got all the pieces. Just want to be super sure how I'm going to do the actual attaching. Wish I still had my 1S set to practice on, but oh well. Outside part is a Jenpro tab that I folded back through the fid lock clip and speedy stitched to itself. Inside strap is a pad that Sara at PAW made for me. Small bit of miscommunication that ended up with binding all the way around, but I trimmed that back so I could stitch directly to the nash/Jenpro of the strap. The last thing I'm back and forth on is whether to stitch right to the binding, which would require a curved needle and a bit of blind fiddling to get through and out the bottom, or try to speedy stitch the strap to the leg channel wall right near the binding. Maybe a strip of Jenpro on the other side for the stitch to hold stronger to?
  3. Mroy31

    Switching one knee stack foam into a new pad

    As long as the 2 outside flaps are fixed, you can remove the middle pad, but like I mentioned you may have to unstring it (pull lace through pad) and you won't be able to redo that without opening the pad. @TheGoalNetI think did just a sandwich with the monster blocks, but he also had those pads modified at FactoryMad if I remember correctly, so I don't know if he had Dennis attach them internally at that point or not.
  4. Mroy31

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    @ThatCarGuy the Bauer stuff definitely isn't for everyone, but I can assure you that they feel anything but flimsy (outside of the 1S knee stack which is already gone) and are worth giving a go if they intrigue you
  5. Mroy31

    Switching one knee stack foam into a new pad

    One thing that would make the swap into the Vapor pad a little easier (assuming you only swap the middle part of the stack) is the Vapors have the stiffer knee cradle than the 1S did. I did a swap of those and although I liked it, they were real sloppy. But the Vapor (and my 2S with Vapor knee blocks) are much more sturdy. Also keep in mind that some of the components are laced through the pad itself, so a full swap will likely require opening up the pad, or leaving some things not as secure as they came
  6. Mroy31

    WTB: Maltese KTP Garter Belt

    If you don't have any success with the Maltese Canada site, I have the garter belt that came with my pro return KTP's, I'd be willing to part with it.
  7. Mroy31

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    @JRobles71 Yeah, @Lucky Pucker called out what I was looking at. Although from 2 pictures, us making recommendations is a bit like searching your symptoms on WebMD. Maybe the straps are super loose, chin cup is too tight, etc. etc. Check out the Mask Thread for some other options. My face fits a S/M Bauer Profile mask, but gave me that gap at the back plate, and the M/L size would rattle around on my face. I ended up going with a Masked Marvel and could get a custom shell that was essentially a Medium mask with an extra 1/2" extended shell at the back.
  8. Mroy31

    Rent-A-Goalie Dos and Don'ts

    Canadian high school, don't worry
  9. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    Maybe the program changed since I did my 1S order, but at the time it was the 799 retail plus 100, so it came to about a grand with taxes, but it was a flat 100 for any custom features. If you're already spending the full price retail, it makes sense to go custom is all I meant.
  10. Mroy31

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    @JRobles71 2 things... 1. I love the idea of you getting those padskins or whatever put on mid-ice session from pic 1 to pic 2 2. You better fix the fit of your mask before @TheGoalNet sees this
  11. Mroy31


    Preach! Bob Cole and Harry Neale were my faves back in my childhood. Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph do Leafs games on the radio and are another solid duo. While we're also dumping on terrible colour commentators, Greg Millen is my personal punching bag. I can't stand him and his opinions or calls. He will so often say how something happened that was clearly not what happened on the play, like "oh I think that was a high stick! What a missed call, that could have really changed the game!" Then he won't let it go, gets the production team to zapruder the replay over and over, see that he's wrong, and then just move on like he didn't just waste all of our time. Anybody remember Jim Hughson and Don Taylor doing the NHL EA sports games before they became 'chel?
  12. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    If you end up going 2S or 2X (not sure if available at S29 or X? senior level), I would definitely recommend spending the extra $100 to get full custom. Unless your feet are like perfect molds of retail skates, it really helps dial in the fit. My skates are size 8 7/8 and 9 3/8 with +1 size toe cap and they even added the extra outer wrap to my 1S that became stock on 1X. Hopefully at that time they will be using their 3D scanning like CCM/TrueVH for an exact fit.
  13. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    I think in the Bauer thread there is a comparison, which is mostly just the fit and whether your feet are Supreme or Vapor feet (or neither). Other than the asymmetrical design of the "shoulders" (or whatever) and tongue, and the size of the outer wrap (Vapor wraps around your foot more than Supreme), the rest of the differences are just minor composite material and configuration of the boot changes. Once the 2X skates come out, I'll be looking at upgrading to either 2S, 2X or maybe True/VH. I got into custom 1S when they came out, but I don't know if my feet are really Vapor or Supreme fit because there was no Vapor to get into at the time.
  14. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    It's all good. Your point about the many departments is well taken. If the others have everything under control, might as well give it a go
  15. I'll start with the serious part. In light of articles from the likes of Robin Lehner and Corey Hirsch, as well as the increased awareness of mental health issues, I think it's important to talk about these things. I won't get super specific out of respect for the family, but they did encourage me to make this post when I brought up the idea. In January of this year, my girlfriend's brother took his own life at the age of 50. He was a loving, compassionate person who left behind his son, sisters, mother, niece and nephews. He lead a good life, enlisted in the Canadian Navy, was a successful accountant and also a member of the goaltending brotherhood. Due to the distance between us and her family (about 5 hour drive across Ontario), I only met him a handful of times over the last couple of years. We were both the largely introverted types, so we never really got to talk more in depth about goaltending. He didn't play anymore and I think we were both just too timid to get into it. Last weekend we cleaned out a storage locker of possessions and his mother and my gf asked if I would take a look at his old gear. There are a few gems, he had good taste. If all it gets is a moment to shine on these forums and then go into a donation bin, then that's great. If anyone is interested in giving any of these pieces a good home, PM me and we can work something out. Or if you've got any interesting insight on anything, please share To temper expectations, there were no pads, skates, mask or sticks in the locker, we're not entirely sure if he had already gotten rid of them or they got taken somewhere over the years. Jock: still functional, brand mostly rubbed off, don't recognize it. Breezers: Brown JB900's. Probably about the equivalent of a medium in today's sizes. I can put them on easily with no jock or knee pads on and I wear XL pants. Honestly, I would still feel comfortable wearing these on the ice. C/A: Adam's brand. Safety pin holding one panel down on the one arm, lots of straps. Surprisingly sturdy, might be suitable for pond hockey or the new spec NHL Anyone have any insight on Adam's and where they fit into gear history? Gloves: Ok, a couple of gems here. Heaton Helite III's, 2 different colourways. Blocker is pretty worn in, all finger protection has been detached from the actual glove. Trapper has a floating T. I feel like these might be candidates for a refurb. He was a good man who is gone too soon, and I'd give him a stick tap for his taste in gear for sure.