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  1. @TheGoalNet NME VTX Fit 3 on my pumpkin head. Rattled around on my face just like the M/L 960, might be able to make up some room by loosening the chin cup, but I don't think it would be thaaaat much haha. Just confirming what I already believed, probably gonna be getting custom masks the rest of my life.
  2. Yeah, I was in Ottawa last weekend and wanted to try on the NME VTX mask in Fit 3, but it didn't actually exist in the store. May have sold in the day since I looked it up, but still kinda frustrating. On the other hand, I have had them ship something in my size from another store to my local one for free, not sure if that's changed since I had it done.
  3. Based on Punisher's mod you posted, or something like the Kenesky option they posted on IG, you should be able to add a professor strap for not much investment. At your age, my paranoia about using the laces on the back of the pads to put a strap on would be far less, so definitely don't need to get too invasive or complicated with it.
  4. That's what I was trying to describe haha. All of my Reactor, SLR and 2S c/a's fit inside the inner belt too, it just makes it so there's no reason to tighten the inner belt. @seagoal gotcha. I've always interpreted the design as "Made for tucking AND has an inner belt" but maybe it's more like "Made for tucking OR you can use the inner belt" Derail over, I'll go think on this in the meantime.
  5. you putting the chesty inside that inner belt though, or on top? I love how high the pants sit, so I couldn't imagine not having it tucked so low. I agree, trying to verbally/textually explain this is ridiculous, part of why I've just basically settled on what currently works for me without really seeking out other advice I might have overlooked something obvious that actually works even better than what I do now
  6. Hopefully this doesn't derail from the knee pads too much, but do you tuck your c/a into the SLR pants and then tighten the inner belt? As much as I love these pants, that's the one part that always kind of eluded me about the design. The inner belt still goes to the outside of the pants, so the c/a either goes inside the inner belt, or can only go down as far as the inner belt when tucked? I just leave the inner belt loose and tighten the one outer belt to make it work for me, but am open to the fact maybe I'm completely missing something.
  7. While I don't think this is what happened here, I did have someone at a fairly reputable shop tell me my 1S skates didn't need to be baked and would form to my feet after a few skates. They were pretty sore for those few skates, then I baked them and they got a whole lot better.
  8. SLR pants are excellent for tucking. Also are very mobile. I switched from 1S pants and the first icetime I was actually popping up from my knees so fast I was losing my balance at first. Like I had been previously fighting the 1S pants and had to recalibrate how to get up haha
  9. Not quite. This is a rare enough occurrence and a unique enough place that this seems like a reasonable solution for now. @dualshowman's last post is the only one I've seen where a cowling would actually cover any significant outside portion of the ankle. Don't get me wrong, I hope cowlings stick around in one form or another for those that want/need them. But I imagine that companies will just find a way to "bullet proof" their boot material in the coming years if it's a real need. I do wonder what goalie equipment would look like today if it was designed from a perspective of possibly making a save with every surface on our bodies though
  10. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    But deep enough to swallow a puck? Is the soft break actually a 2 piece construction?
  11. @TheGoalNet figure I should weigh the insoles later, that might make up the difference as well
  12. @dstew29 use these as you will, there's a bit of an oddity with my one 1S skate 1S Right, size 9 3/8: 778g ?! Left, size 8 7/8: 800g 2S Right, size 9 3/8: 819g Left, size 8 7/8: 815g I weighed my relatively new LS5G+ blades at 150g, and my 2 year old Tydan DLCs at 156g. Note that both pairs have the same specs, extended outer wrap, extended tongue, +1 size toe caps. I guess I should post the insoles later to compare with @BadAngle41, they are included in the above weights.
  13. If I just think about it from a feature perspective, I would actually expect the 2S to be slightly heavier than the 1S equivalent just based on the added cushion. Maybe there's something about my extended outer wrap that has a bit more weight to it, so more of a heavier material makes up the couple % pts difference? I can probably chalk the 778g skate up to quality control like you mentioned.
  14. Here's a weight comparison. Removed blades, same length of laces on each, the 1S have speed plate 1.0 and the 2S have speed plate 2.0. The scale isn't so precise to go past whole grams, but there is something weird with the 1S that I haven't got an explanation for yet. 2S Left size 8 7/8: 815g 2S Right size 9 3/8: 819g 1S Left size 8 7/8: 800g 1S Right size 9 3/8: 778g ?! I weighed them multiple times, checked for any parts resting on the floor or the front of the scale, tucked laces in... Will try again later, but, I dunno. Less ankle padding in the one skate by mistake?
  15. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    @cwarnar I have the Vapor boot break on my 2S, so I can only assume this broke the cortech skin and went between the boot and pad foam and not just "swallowed" by a soft boot like ingoalmags caption would suggest. Does he use a custom spec of separate boot and pad pieces like Lehner wanted Brian's to do with the Optiks last year?
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