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  1. @kippewit I had some super wobbly ankles when I first switched from 4mm to 3mm steel, but it only lasted about 10-15 minutes. Also +1 to the different radius, I've worked down from 1" to 1/2"
  2. Mroy31

    Foam Roller & Massage Ball Thread

    Aren't aware that it exists, or not sure of the validity of the program? I agree with the lacrosse ball on foot analysis, the difference in forward bend is pretty dramatic. You can debate all day about whether rolling actually does anything mechanically, but as long as you feel a difference then it's doing something. Even Maria will admit she's evolved her opinion on a few things, like rolling the IT band. You can do it wrong and not notice any differences, like rolling way too fast for anything to actually happen. I have such shit internal rotation that I have other things to work out before the butterfly challenge really opens anything up.
  3. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    That's the regular Blue. Unfinished basement lighting isn't great :P
  4. Mroy31

    Uber for Goalies

    There's a site called pickuphub.net that does more than just hockey, and is pretty local to my area in Southern Ontario, but it's also pretty useful for getting some extra icetimes. Sign up, then see available games and reserve your spot. Games only get played if enough players sign up, and you only get charged if the game is played. Would be nice if they waived the fee for goalies, but it's a fairly young service. I would love to sign up as a rent-a-goalie. Does anyone else remember that show on Showcase in Canada? So good. (I don't know if it holds up, but I enjoyed it at the time :P)
  5. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    The Bauer IG account just posted that due to including a bunch of new colourways, the customizer will be delayed until the end of the month. Don't have time right now to screengrab and post them all here, but there are waaaayyy more combinations than the Vapor or the options I was given when I pre-ordered. I would have maybe just done White/Blue/Silver instead of White/Blue/Blue, but I like how the blue with the silver logos came out. No dark based colourways still though
  6. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    @Awgoalie164 I'll let @Hills recount his stories with the Vapors, but with my last 2 sets of Supremes, they have been 8/9 weeks. Not sure if there's an actual production reason that Vapors and Supremes would have different factors that affect delivery time, might just be personal luck (bad or good). I got my set on the ice last night and they basically felt like a much sturdier/balanced version of my 1S, which is exactly what I was hoping for. No real break in necessary for me. I do wish they would update the strapping on their catch gloves though. They never hold tight enough around my wrist, so I'll have to play with that a bit more. Once I get my 1S set back from Rance, I'm planning on doing a comparison thread between the 1S and 2S. There are a couple of updates outside of the obvious marketed changes. The 2S also feel like they fit me better than my 1S despite being the same size, so I want to get a side by side comparison.
  7. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    The Vapor strapping wasn't an option, but the Vapor knee block and boot break are.
  8. Mroy31

    Knee Pad Thread

    @Chenner29 I was looking at those on the Passau website. Gonna start by trying to repurpose the Maltese and Nash knee flaps from my old Monster blocks first. I always used to wear volleyball knee pads inside whatever knee pads I was using, but would prefer a solution like that where it's built in.
  9. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    @TheGoalNet they look like a pretty similar build to the XF Pros that I got. I even tried taking the outer double shield piece off, but you lose the velcro to attach the strap to. The 2S have a bit more space in the knee, so hopefully the double shield fits a little better. Wish they had that Bauer anchor strap though
  10. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    I'll probably stick with the stock CRS but with the calf strap down to the bottom of the outer wrap, that seemed to give me the most consistent feel. Also kinda disappointed that knee pads weren't included with pad purchase this time around. These did cost less than my 1S set though, and I've got both the 1S and new Vaughn knee pads, so just a minor disappointment haha
  11. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    Picked them up this morning, but had to spend the day doing things outside with other people, so just getting settled now. Pretty psyched. Knee blocks are way sturdier, the glove is already more broken in than my 1S was. Get to take them on the ice Monday night.
  12. Mroy31

    Packing your bag

    @bunnyman666 For all the joking around about wheel bags, the only comment I ever got when I used my tower bag was "that's a pretty big bag eh? And it holds everything?" But I'm also in Canada, so maybe that was the polite chirping equivalent @WillyGrips13 I've been using the backpack bag for a couple months now because of stairs as well, it's a pretty good bag. Still a little awkward to get up off the ground and onto your back if you don't have like a bench or something to start it off on. But it holds everything, including XL pants, L c/a, 35" pads and zips up comfortably. Just don't stand around chatting after a game with it on your back haha
  13. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

  14. I think @Murray had a demo set thrown his way in the Bauer thread
  15. I'll be waiting for the 2X to come out before looking at some new skates. I may be in the camp of people that are in the 1S because it was the only non-cowling option at the time, I ordered mine on launch day. But I did get custom fit, so it's not like they're really causing me any pain. (Also getting a new set this year, so should probably wait for any more sizable purchases) At that point I'll pick between 2S, 2X and True/VH. Maybe the Bauer 3D scanner tech will apply to goal skates by then