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  1. Like personalized 3D scanned jocks? Come on down to your LHS and whip it out on the scanner! No more oversized jocks stopping those squeakers through the five-hole Seriously though, maybe the glove shape gets updated again at some point? I'm not in the camp that calls the current cuff of the glove a "cheater" but maybe that get's a reduction? I can see the argument that rounding off square edges on arms and pads may let a few more goals trickle in here and there, but then I think that players shouldn't be allowed to use different flex points in their sticks for example (not really an equal comparison, but whatever). If a skater can customize their stick to handle and shoot the puck exceptionally well within the rules of stick length and blade curve, then goalies should be allowed to use whatever shape of equipment they feel is best within the size regulations.
  2. Mroy31

    Attack of the Clones

    Is it time to update the Elitist title?
  3. I get that's an acceptable trade off for a practice glove, but a practice glove doesn't have a larger circumference than a game glove. Would the practice C/A not let you bend your arms? I can't think of an acceptable trade off in mobility with a practice C/A
  4. If they could create a thicker practice C/A that doesn't make it bigger (thereby giving the goalie a false sense of their positioning), then why not make that the official model?
  5. Mroy31

    Need help picking a helmet

    Definitely a +1 to Masked Marvel It cost the same as my previous Bauer 950 and Joe made sure to get the size dialed in properly. There wasn't a mold process, which I would be curious to go through, but the quality of this mask is great.
  6. Mroy31

    2019 Brian’s Line - GNetik IV

    You mean this one?
  7. Mroy31

    2019 Brian’s Line - GNetik IV

    That "G" almost has a VE8 level of symbolism...
  8. Mroy31

    When to Make the Investment in Pro Gear

    Depends on a few things How often can you (and/or your parents) afford new gear? Are you comfortable with buying a new set and off-setting that cost with selling the old set etc. Related to that point, would you consider a Passau, Kenesky type company for basically Pro level gear at a lower price? Have you had a major growth spurt yet? How long will the new set still fit you? What level are you playing against? How often are you playing? Not sure if you're considering the Senior level gear (Bauer S29, CCM P2.9 etc.) as "mid level-entry level" gear. I would put those a step above what I consider mid or entry level gear. As far as Pro level gear, at least wait until you're done or mostly done growing. Even at higher level junior/high school levels, the Senior level gear should be fine if you're just going to grow out of it in a year. I'm also not necessarily asking you to provide all that info. Just for examples. If you are super rich, go nuts, get new stuff every year. If you're playing 3-4 times/week, even if it's not elite level shooters, the senior stuff will still break down faster than the pro stuff. I didn't hit my growth spurt until like 16. I also don't play against elite level shooters, at best Beer League A division which sometimes gets an AHL'er or two in the summer. But I know that the pro stuff I invested in *should* last me at least as long as my first pro set, which was 7 years and only replaced because of shiny new things.
  9. Mroy31

    Fighting Dehydration

    I get tension headaches generally when I sleep in a stupid position, which happens more often the night after a later game, but can just happen anytime. Maybe your pillow just happened to get old the same time you did
  10. Mroy31

    Packing your bag

    I will admit that it looks pretty ridiculous picking up the backpack bag and getting it on, especially when you're trying to not put the stress of the entire weight of the bag on just the shoulder strap. Picture picking up the bag with one hand by the end handle, lifting it up high enough to get your arm through a shoulder strap, then pulling that first arm up and over your head to get the bag on your back. It's honestly very comfortable when it's on, just don't stand around talking to the guys after the game with it on. Shoulders get fatigued more than anything if I have a long post-game walk to the car. I also only use it because I need to bring my bag through the house, up/down a fairly narrow basement staircase, which is way easier with the backpack (even a normal shoulder bag would be kind of unwieldy for that). If I didn't have that restriction, I'd still be using my Grit tower bag.
  11. Mroy31

    How important is gear hygiene to you?

    I always figured the addition of the alcohol solution would help evaporate the sweat faster as well (that's assuming you spray it well enough that it's mostly mixed with the sweat and essentially a single solution, and the alcohol evaporates at a constant rate no matter the ratio of the solution). I think the "science" supports both approaches, but it's probably on such a small scale that it won't make much difference unless you have your gear in a spot that doesn't dry out very well to begin with.
  12. Mroy31

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    The padding in the back makes me wonder why they don't just go ahead and put some in the front for the knees as well. Feels like an opportunity for a Maltese type collaboration.
  13. Mroy31

    How important is gear hygiene to you?

    @creasecollector I've been using the 2:1 distilled water to alcohol ratio with a few drops of teatree oil (referenced earlier in this thread) and it's worked great. Cheaper than buying specific sprays too. Edit: Also, no, I've never used any of those sprays, just anti bacterial febreeze until earlier this year
  14. Mroy31

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Oneiric Genesis base layer pants. Actually bought them as a pre order discount back in like February or March, finally came in today. Haven't gotten to use them yet. Grippy logo on the knees, velcro for socks, cut resistant material at the calf, padding on the back of the calf and the thigh.
  15. Mroy31

    Bauer Gear

    At pickup today, guy sitting next to me looks at my 2S pads and says "wow those look thin." I'm like yeah, expecting something like "it's crazy these materials they use nowadays" but he follows it up with "I guess you really need those knee pads with how thin they are..."