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  1. Warrior Sr G3's pads

    Been using the knee pads since I've got my pads. I've never had an issue so far with my knees. Granted, i'm <30.
  2. Warrior Sr G3's pads

    Thought about it. It may be a good idea due to all the back to backs i've been doing. Hell, if I win my two games tonight, I'll have three to play tomorrow (all three being elimination games)
  3. Warrior Sr G3's pads

    I had my Vaughn SR V4's and V5 sr blocker last years and years without any major issues. I'd toss my hat in for recommending Vaughn SR products as well. The RGT SR catcher definitely takes a game or two to break in, but it's real snappy off the shelf and has held up mostly fine for protection. I'm starting to get more stingers in the break line and near where the palm meets the webbing. But that's also not very common. I'm only mentioning it as I've gone from absolutely zero issues, to an odd issue here or there playing against decently high competition. This is also after almost a year of 2-3x a week (been 5-6 the last few weeks when the issues started to pop up). So nothing really too worrisome
  4. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    Never. I always find that a reserved composure for a great save does more to demoralize the opponent than anything. It's the same where I barely react after getting scored on or when guys are trying to get me off my game by chirping, hacking, running me. The less you react, the less they will think it's working. Plus, I've got 5 bigger, more mobile guys more than willing to step in and scuffle/chrip for me. I don't need to draw any more attention to myself.
  5. New Forum Theme

  6. Bauer Gear

    Agreed. As neat as it is to see what Bauer is able to do for the Pro's, it really means squat till it can come out at the consumer level and at a decent price point. I have this feeling that their custom graphics are just going to cost the consumer a ridiculous amount.
  7. Warrior Sr G3's pads

    Yea, if you need a double break, go G3. It has double internal/single external vs the GT's single internal/external break. Plus with the velcro tab, you can close in the top break to your liking. The GT is going to be stiff above the knee.
  8. Warrior Sr G3's pads

    No G3's, but close enough.
  9. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    That was on purpose. I bet you two shared a shower head afterwards as well.
  10. TGN Spec

    TGN mentioning that it was loosely based off of the potvin graphic makes more sense. Definitely makes it seem better, but I can't say I'm still the biggest fan of it though.
  11. Peeing in Your Gear

    He's from the center of the universe.
  12. Peeing in Your Gear

    What a dick head. I could have had an original username and even carried that over to here. but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. Glove refurbished

    Mind tossing a few pictures of what your current glove looks like? It would help people get a better idea of the work involved.
  14. Custom Stickers for Goalie Mask

    As I said in the mask thread. Completely ripped you off.
  15. Doobiesnax's Homemade Knee Blocks!

    Looks good.