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  1. 2018 Brian's Optik

    I could listen to you drone on about pads for hours.
  2. 2018 Brian's Optik

    I may have missed it (had the video half playing in the background at work), but did you end up showing the flexibility of the FLY pads? I saw the lack of torsional flex, but didn't see the main two points.
  3. Rec League warmup?

    I feel really lucky now having all the leagues here have 5 minute warmups.. 2 Minutes is just too low. - Go on ice and put the pegs in myself (players/refs can never do it right) - Do a few laps and park my ass by the penalty box for my stretches - Hop in the net and take either a random assortment of shots, half circle shots. - always make sure to take a few shots to the C/A to get a good feel. - I always try to avoid the St Louis Drill. I hate it - Once I feel like i'm tracking well enough, head back to my stretching spot to practice edge work and recovery work. (T-push to corner of creases, recover slides to top of crease or posts, etc) - Take more shots if time alots it. I can barely get through stretches and a few shots in 2 minutes...
  4. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Thanks a lot for doing these @TheGoalNet definitely the most comprehensive reviews of any goalie gear there is on youtube.
  5. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    So you're saying I win right? C'mon, say it.
  6. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    Well, one of their two lines of pads going forward (heritage) comes with 3 leather straps by default. The heritage line and the velocity line covers the same tried, tested and true market that a lot of goalies stick to.
  7. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    CCM, Vaughn and Brians all feature lines with leather straps. Just Bauer and Warrior have completely nixed them. But I get the sentiment. Vaughn doesn't change much. But man, their C/A's and Pants are second to none. No other C/A feels as mobile. I don't think I'll ever stray from Vaughn for those two items. But hey, until recently, I swore i'd always be in Vaughn pads and gloves. So who knows.
  8. 2018 Brian's Optik

    It's a big issue because I'm making it a big issue and everyone wants to know my opinion so that they can follow suit. (Most popular member ) Nah, I'm mostly bringing it up because one of the pictures made the foam seem really over bearing in regards to encroaching the space your hand normally is. I know it can be removed and such, but it looks funny.
  9. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Not super action-y, and well, not a great pic as it's a phone picture from the bar upstairs from one of the guy's girlfriend. But hey, at least I can prove to y'all that I do play hockey.
  10. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    CCM pants are more barrel styled. They have internal belts to help keep them up and have lots of room to tuck. The Ventus line is more akin to what you're probably wearing now. So I don't think it will be much of a change.
  11. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    I've been in the LT88's for a few years now. I don't tuck. The belly protection is pretty much non existent.The flap is held in place via skate lace that ties up the front and it slips down quote often. Never really cared since I like a medium fitting pants (not too tight or loose). Though, if you're looking for it to be an extra layer to make room for the ol' beer keg, you may want a more barrel styled pant. These are more form fitting and tucking in these seem like it would be tough for someone not slim as a nail.
  12. Sub Zero 3 Pros on clearance?

    If you own the company, you get your minions to do the heavy lifting for you.
  13. Blocker + Bottle

    No doubt. Troll faces are ancient internet history really. They ran their course years ago.
  14. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Looks about the same to me. That sucker is THICC.
  15. 2018 Brian's Optik

    @TheGoalNet Thanks for the video. Blocker looks nice, still can't get over the thumb protection. I'm not a blocker is a blocker guy either and the almost overbearing foam protection on RBK/CCM gloves has always pushed me away from them. Kind of interesting how there isn't any cover for the velcro tabs on the finger protection. While probably extremely rare, I could see a scenario of a scramble and sticks pulling the velcro loose. Warriors combat that with the velcro jenpro cover that goes over the adjustment tab. I bet Brians will follow suit next Optik gen.