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  1. coopaloop1234

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    - No it's not. - You're coming to a forum to cry about how you got blocked on Instagram. I think it's a real non factor in life and feels kind of childish to me
  2. coopaloop1234

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    I seem to remember that netminder is the same guy that walked into a warrior thread on this board and started blasting warrior unprovoked. Was even "so sure" that senior warrior blockers were the same as intermediate blockers from other brands. It seems he is just biased against Warrior
  3. coopaloop1234

    TGN Spec X GNetik IV

    Sick set man.
  4. coopaloop1234

    Switching from tight fit to loose fit

    Technique and practice > gear In just about every instance. I get the apple to get new gear to try and improve your game or buying into the marketing, but dude, play a few years in what you have THEN look to upgrading. Not only will you have a much better idea to what you want (and post less "choose my pads" threads), but you'll also be on a lot better of a place technique and strength wise. Sometimes ya gotta trust us.
  5. coopaloop1234

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Rink 1 is the best.
  6. coopaloop1234

    CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Pro C/A

    Rarely do you see an inside shot of a C/A in a review. Cool to see.
  7. coopaloop1234

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Looking good bud. You need a small splash of yellow on that gear.
  8. coopaloop1234

    Switching stick curve

    Preach it brother.
  9. coopaloop1234

    Switching from tight fit to loose fit

    Absolutely. Maxy boy, you're still pretty new to goaltending, let your muscles get used to flopping around these "heavy" (lol) pads. You'll thank us in a year or so when you do finally get new pads.
  10. coopaloop1234

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Great pictures as always @SaveByRichter35 I'm sure most of us are jealous of the regular shoot time you get.
  11. coopaloop1234

    Goalie Camps

    There's plenty of private lessons and lessons during the week. I've been looking for just the weekend courses with no luck so far.
  12. coopaloop1234

    Seattle NHL colors

    So good they'll blow your mind.
  13. coopaloop1234

    Seattle NHL colors

    Not only does the split outer roll bug me, but that colour combination looks rough.
  14. coopaloop1234

    Seattle NHL colors

    It's opposite of the Canucks and while it would be neat, it's just too similar to be rivals. It makes us seem like cousins. Look at all the rest of the grouping of rival teams, they all have pretty distinct colours that differentiate each other. I'm still on board for Vancouver to go back to the Black/Red/Yellow spaghetti skate palette. That way Seattle can have the PNW colours and match with their Seahawks.
  15. coopaloop1234

    Seattle NHL colors

    Yea it's too bad Dallas is almost the same colour. Would've been great for Seattle. Especially using Vancouver's secondary colour as your main? It would be cute seeing you guys trying to fit in.