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  1. coopaloop1234

    Injuries of the trade

    Also depends on your flexibility too. I'm decently flexible and didn't notice too much of a difference myself either. But I know guys rocking the Giggy-fly see a huge benefit in the soft pads.
  2. coopaloop1234

    Injuries of the trade

    They'll be different. I've gone from P2's -> V4's -> R/GT's. A more flexible pad (especially torsional) will put less strain on the hips/knees as the pad is far more forgiving and will bend with the leg. Stiff pads generally work against you. Granted, a lot of these are due to toe ties really. If we had the same slack in a stiff vs soft pad, the soft pad will be less strenuous as per my reasons above. Toss in a lot more slack and injury issues will lessen.
  3. The R1.9's are the top end of the INT line. It's still INT gear though, it isn't meant for your level or the amount you play. Paying a grand for pads is pretty normal for new SR gear. Unfortunately, due to the level you play and the amount you play, custom pro gear in your size is your best bet until you can fit SR gear. I really don't think a 1+ year review for INT gear claiming it's falling apart and not worth anyone's money when you're easily using gear that isn't fit for you is a fair review. It's held up decently well until recently correct?
  4. coopaloop1234

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    And considering the prices some people pay for a little 'brown' on their chest, it's a pretty decent value.
  5. So a few things: 1. Are you going to post any pictures of the complaints in questions? The one picture you have when your set was 'new' doesn't offer any validity to your statements 2. Was the catcher used when you got it? Or did you get it way before the rest of the set? 3. As per the "WaRrIoR iSn'T a GoAlIe CoMpAnY" thread you started last year where you complained that because you were using an INT C/A that an entire company's products we're trash, why are you still buying INT gear? INT gear isn't a "mid-price point" level of goalie equipment. It's made for kids. Like, actual kids. I'm really curious as to why you assume INT gear will last as long and perform as well as SR gear, let alone Pro.
  6. coopaloop1234

    Battram Glove Set, Koho 587 Trapper

    USD or CAD? Where about are you located?
  7. coopaloop1234

    Injuries of the trade

    How does one do the goalieing?
  8. coopaloop1234

    Pad dilemma

    All pads are "11". Or so they are marketed. A lot of warrior pads end up at the 10.5" - 11" depending on location. My RGT's are pretty much 10.5" from top to bottom. The Optiks are pretty much 11". So that's why you're noticing a difference. Could also be how each pad sits on your leg too. The 0.5" shouldn't be that noticeable.
  9. coopaloop1234

    Pad dilemma

    Are you referring to the actual face width or the thickness of the thighrise?
  10. coopaloop1234

    Injuries of the trade

    How in tarnation?...
  11. coopaloop1234


    Yea no, having a dog is enough of a hassle.
  12. coopaloop1234


  13. coopaloop1234

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Sup bb, watchu up to?
  14. coopaloop1234

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Something about this picture is just amazing.
  15. coopaloop1234

    G4 Thread

    It's the lack of the 'hypercomp' in the thighrise for the Sr version. So it may suffer from the same breakdown as the G3, but I hope it doesn't. Also, for whatever reason, the SR versions ditches the nylon knee strap. Forcing you to purchase in afterwards. Their reasoning behind it was pretty poor too.