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  1. Bauer Gear

    OTNY makes cages for them
  2. Chin Sling for 960 XPM?

    If you stay with the cup, put some 2 way tape on the cup and secure it to the mask to stop the wobble. also you can stick some foam between to make it more snug
  3. Glove Tee Topic - Single vs Double vs Anchor

    I'm using the CCM double T. You can really stretch out the width of the webbing. Think of it this way - the puck going into a bucket shape rather than a V shape. Either the CCM or Brians are massive
  4. Monster Hockey Thread

    If you are in Laval, probably better to go with fixmygear. Crow's isn't set up with a web store.
  5. Monster Hockey Thread

    I ask because Crows Sports in Oshawa has a repair guy who can make anything
  6. Monster Hockey Thread

    Havok What area are you in? There are many repair guys that can copy their stuff.
  7. Custom Stickers for Goalie Mask

    Try these guys. They do custom decals cheap. Also have embroidered NHL crests https://www.irononlogo.com/index.php?main_page=login
  8. Custom Stickers for Goalie Mask

    2nd Leblanc. He is also pretty fast turn around
  9. Most Ahead of its Time

    Wilcox TPS lines Started the lighter weight pads and gloves. I still have an R12 blocker that feels at least as light as today's stuff.
  10. Sher-Wood

    Here is a good deal if anyone still wants a T120 - 2 for $200 http://goal.thehockeyshop.com/sher-wood-t120-senior-composite-goal-stick.htm
  11. Neck Guard that Price and Andersen use

    If you want it away from your Adams apple, tie it into your chesty
  12. Composite Stick Thread

    Go big or go home Bauer S1 - you'll never go back
  13. Knee Pad Thread

    I tried the vapor found the cap got in the way - I cut it off, but you lose a lot of protection doing that. Also vote for Brown. I have a pile of knee pads and always go back to Brown. Can't remember the price but it is same range as the other pro pads. Good thing with Brown if you want something custom he will make the change.
  14. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    yes - there is nothing professional about me!
  15. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    especially since I paid $12 per on clearance