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  1. OLD tps xlites...

    Everything TPS was well made. The only issue you might have with 15 year old pads is the foam could break down with age, even if the are lightly used.
  2. Sportmask Thread

    And if we are sticking to his inquiry, he asked for comparison between X8/Bauer/Hackva
  3. Sportmask Thread

    Look up - he did add T3 to the question
  4. Sportmask Thread

    If $ is an issue, have a look at the CCM on sale CAD, comparable to X8 https://thegoaliecrease.com/index.php/products/product/3140-ccm-9000
  5. Sportmask Thread

    if you are in US - order from Canada save some $ on FX https://thegoaliecrease.com/index.php/products/category/57-senior-masks
  6. Sportmask Thread

    All good choices. But if we are now talking T3, I've had a couple, no issues, no injuries. Huge upgrade over Hackva
  7. Bauer Gear

    Amen to that. And as to durability - Bauer comps have a pretty good track record compared to the other companies.
  8. Rec League warmup?

    Clock starts 5 minutes as the Zamboni goes off Skate a couple laps in my end (hopefully someone puts the pegs on by then) get in net for about ten shots - 6 miss the net rest of warm up is the first couple break aways as the game starts.
  9. Sportmask Thread

    Sportmask X8 is a mid level mask as apposed to pro level. For mid level it is as good as any. Tends to fit a wider head than Bauer. An upgrade from Hackva.
  10. Aftermarket Steel

    Has anyone swapped out the steel on Tacks for step steel?
  11. Protechsport Mask Thread

    who did the paint? I have had trouble finding anyone to do a Habs logo
  12. Protechsport Mask Thread

    All white all the way - keep it pure (you can get white pants made if you want to go all in!)
  13. Blocker + Bottle

    Instead of trying to p/u in the middle, p/u from the underneath of the bottle.
  14. Cage Paint

    OK someone has to try this, and let us know if it works. would solve the paint chips in the eye issue.