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  1. goalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    I emailed both contacts on the web page. asking why the site said 25% off, but didn't work on check out. Don't think I'll be giving my credit card to company like this.
  2. goalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    I sent an email to customer service last week no reply - maybe they are no more?
  3. goalie

    Cooper GM1000 mitt (black)

    have you been in a comma for 25 years?
  4. goalie

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    Why is it people only care when it is a celebrity death? Police statement was "it was death by misadventure". Probably not health related.
  5. goalie

    Mask Fit Sizes

    Being in the melon head club, if a CCM large fit you, no Bauer will fit. Your other choice would be Sportmask The smaller companies might also have.. $900 for the CCM is the pro model. they do make a senior version. Sportmask also has pro and senior price points..
  6. goalie

    Changing Your Style

    My new style is I've fallen and I can't get up. Biggest change will be you need to narrow your stance a bit. Instead of dropping and sliding, you will need to shuffle and slide on your skates. Best thing to do is watch some video of Brodeur. Most of his career he was hybrid.
  7. goalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    doesn't sound like anyone wants to order from them anymore, but they are offering 25% off right now
  8. goalie

    Skate Insoles

    Has anyone tried the new super feet "comfort" line?
  9. goalie

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    John has a large pro clientele, so he will have to meet NHL standards. But in general most things John made in the 70's haven't changed much. Remember he is custom and can make it any way you want. But changes = upcharges. Email him, he responds quickly.
  10. goalie

    Let's Talk Skates

    I got last years Tacks. they are better, but still giving me problems
  11. goalie

    Let's Talk Skates

    So have you found a toe cap that has worked for you? Or anyone else with Shrek feet that can chime in?
  12. goalie

    Let's Talk Skates

    Good info, True won't be any good for me either. Do you think the x900 toe cap is more room than a conventional Bauer (i.e.: 6000)
  13. goalie

    Let's Talk Skates

    Does the Bauer S2 have more room in the toe cap area? I have bunions and narley big toes. The regular toe cap set up gives me issues. And yes I know the answer is to go True.
  14. goalie

    True 1 Piece Skates Review

    Are you guys ordering direct or through retailers? And is the price/wait times different direct/retailer?
  15. goalie

    Knee Pad Thread

    hopefully they put some padding in the kneecap this time