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  1. Neck Guard that Price and Andersen use

    If you want it away from your Adams apple, tie it into your chesty
  2. Composite Stick Thread

    Go big or go home Bauer S1 - you'll never go back
  3. Knee Pad Thread

    I tried the vapor found the cap got in the way - I cut it off, but you lose a lot of protection doing that. Also vote for Brown. I have a pile of knee pads and always go back to Brown. Can't remember the price but it is same range as the other pro pads. Good thing with Brown if you want something custom he will make the change.
  4. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    yes - there is nothing professional about me!
  5. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    especially since I paid $12 per on clearance
  6. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    The gloves are on the "right" hands. But I want to know where I can get a jersey that big
  7. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    guess PHL lied to me. Good thing I have about a dozen of the old Reebok ones.
  8. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    Not the NHL version, but Pro Hockey Life is supposed to have regular goalie cut practice jerseys by Christmas
  9. Passau Pants

    Don't forget the plastic pipes for the extra leg width
  10. Passau Pants

    Someone refresh my memory - Before they changed there name to Passau, didn't they make pants, and sold that part of the business to Combat?
  11. Help me pick an old pad set

    TPS will be lighter
  12. Sportmask Thread

    try these guys, the have lots of cages, might still have something https://thegoaliecrease.com/
  13. Sportmask Thread

    Yes they make them for Sportmask, but don't know if you can buy direct.
  14. Brown 2300 Pants

    Just an FYI with John I had an oversized pair made, which ended up way to big. He took them back and basically recut them. Hard to find that kind of customer satisfaction these days
  15. OLD tps xlites...

    Everything TPS was well made. The only issue you might have with 15 year old pads is the foam could break down with age, even if the are lightly used.