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  1. Warrior Gear

    @Finland🇫🇮Perkele like this....?
  2. Trends in Goaltending 2017

    Yes, I believe it was reported by InGoalMag: http://ingoalmag.com/gear/mike-smith-debuts-new-ccm-premier-ii-flames-setup/ There's also this article from NHL.com: https://www.nhl.com/news/colorful-goalie-equipment-becoming-popular-again/c-278676288 That explains why everyone's worn boring white-based sets forever. Jimmy's switched it up with the all-red sets recently, but something other than basic Vaughn designs is long overdue around here.
  3. Warrior Gear

    Regarding sticks, are the CR1's the only custom option available from Warrior now? I can't find an option for Swagger anymore....
  4. Goalie Equipment Quality Thoughts

    From personal experience, I've had nothing but good products from Warrior and Brian's. Granted I'm only playing low level beer league 1-2 times a week, but I've had zero complaints with either brand as far as pads/gloves go. I've been using my G2's for almost 2 years, and I have slight wear on the tops of the pad where they overlap sometimes (narrow-ish butterfly to blame). Other than that, everything is still intact. No fraying, holes, etc. Pretty impressive for Sr. level gear. My Brian's stuff was awesome too. Zero G pads/gloves were older pro returns. The pads were still straight/stiff when I sold them, no settling at all from what I could tell. Their Canadian made stuff is worth every penny. G-Netik gloves I had were great also.
  5. C/A Design Help

    I voted cream/white bindings fwiw. Too bad you can't use the modded logos, I'm digging the 60's mod Bauhaus typeface.
  6. The Chestie Thread

    I'm using a Sr G2. The body is awesome, but I'm really disappointed in the arms. I've been using it for about 6 months and I'm feeling virtually every shot in the arms. I'm probably going to be in the market for a new C/A (or at least replacement arms) in the next few months.
  7. The Mask Thread

    You made this mask?! Do you take orders?
  8. The Mask Thread

    Thanks @Naz! I think he mentioned "Kevlar reinforced" in the ad, but this will help me confirm it. Thanks again for the help
  9. The Mask Thread

    Terrible photo, but can anyone ID this Eddy mask? I can pick it up locally for $40, just wondering if it's worth a refurb or not. Thanks for any help!
  10. Packing your bag

    I know. I knew it wasn't gonna be cheap to send it across the border with duties, etc but $50 is a lot for what I figured would be a fairly compact package. I'm using a Brian's wheeled bag right now, but it's ready for the garbage. It broke down so fast, but it's nice to only carry my sticks in to the rink. Carry bags seem like such a pain in comparison. I probably need to stop being such a tightass and just buy the backpack lol.
  11. Packing your bag

    I like the Passau bag, but I'm not paying $50 in shipping, sorry. I even asked if I could ship it to my sister's house near London (Ontario that is) as Canadian shipping was like less than $20, but no dice. My search continues....
  12. Picking out new gear

    Not sure what style/brand of pads you're looking for, but here's some decent options under the $300 range (check out the following pages as well): https://sidelineswap.com/search?category[]=hockey%2Fgoalie-leg-pads&sort=price_asc&page=2
  13. What's your day job?

    Sure! We can do pretty much anything merch-related, let me know what you're looking for
  14. What's your day job?

    Other - account management/project coordinator for a branded merchandise/swag agency....if y'all need your logo on anything, hit me up (wait, I guess that's sales though, so maybe "other" was incorrect).
  15. Picking out new gear

    If at all possible, bump your pad budget down a bit and buy a Protechsport mask. Right around $300 USD for a pro level mask fitted to your head. The wait time is long, but it's probably the best investment you could make within a limited budget IMO.