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  1. Backyard rinks?

    Anyone else build a backyard rink this year (or in years past)? I scored a 20x40 Nicerink kit off of Craigslist for cheap, filling it tonight. It'll be good to get my two little guys out there for the first time
  2. NHL 17-18 Season Chat

    Well, Winnipeg was a unique situation, and a bit knee-jerk on the part of the NHL. The Thrashers were in pretty bad financial trouble and needed a new owner, fast. Winnipeg had a deep-pocketed owner in True North, an (albeit small) arena, and built-in fanbase. Their franchise value is one of the lowest in the league, however, and probably always will be. You can only milk so much revenue out of a regional city of around 1M residents. FWIW, I'd love to see the Nordiques return, just putting things in the perspective of owners/NHL brass.
  3. NHL 17-18 Season Chat

    Yeah it's unfortunate for hockey hotbeds like QC, but its all about the green for the league now. Bettman has made the owners record amounts of money during his tenure. They don't seem willing to put new teams in saturated markets with low growth potential. It totally sucks for the passionate fans who deserve a team.
  4. Crazy Consumer Reports Idea

    I'd love to be a tester if this is gonna happen
  5. Brian's Gear

    @LordOfTheCrease I used a Zero G chesty for about a year (C adult league level). The body/torso protection was awesome, literally couldn't feel a shot (floaters are pretty big as well). Arms were pretty lacking though, that's why I sold it. From "Razor LE" and the graphic I'm guessing it's an Emery model?
  6. new set

    If you're just starting out, definitely check your local Craigslist and Letgo (assuming you live in an area where hockey is popular). Usually some good gear to be found at negotiable prices. This is a great forum, so feel free to post links to your finds. People are usually more than happy to reply with advice (so I've found). Good luck!
  7. What are you wearing?

    Mask: Olie MA2000 (placing protechsport order this week....) Neck: Brian's collar and Vaughn dangler Chest: Warrior G2 - XL Pants: Reebok 11K Pro - L Pads: Warrior G2 Sr. - 35+1.5 with Flex toes Knee pads: Warrior G2 Glove: Warrior G2 Blocker: Warrior G2 Pro Jock: Shock doctor compression pants with cup, KOHO goalie cup over. Skates: Graf G4500 Sticks: Warrior Swagger ST
  8. Black Friday & Holiday Deals

    The Hockey By Design marketplace is running 30% off of everything, some pretty cool stuff. Especially these tees: https://market.hockeybydesign.com/collections/ally-koss-t-shirts
  9. Out of office apparel brands

    Not sure if anyone has seen this or not, but these are pretty sweet: https://market.hockeybydesign.com/collections/ally-koss-t-shirts
  10. Endorse Any NHL Brand

    I voted Brian's, but personally what I've often thought of is getting a niche brand in the show if I could. Split the licensing fees (or cover them all, what's a few hundred grand if you're making the average salary of $2.4M?) and wear fully branded Passau/Kenesky/Factory Mad, etc. Just something I'd like to do if I played at that level to support/promote a small brand. I'd add Warrior as well, but they probably have the funds to pay the fees....
  11. Ritual X Pant

    Pro Stock Hockey has a bunch in NHL colors, might be an option for you..... @Kirk3190 can you confirm if these can be custom ordered?
  12. #GoalieCrowd Stick Height Database

    6' 2" - use a 27" paddle on Warrior and Brian's sticks.
  13. Warrior Gear

    Can't wait to see what Moto67e dude does with all of his sets with G4's on the horizon
  14. Warrior Gear

    Yeah that's true...I won't be doing anything until Feb/March anyways, so I guess we'll see what happens... I know, that's also why I'm tempted to see what the G4 is like. R/GT was a bit different than what I'm used to, but initial impressions were pretty good (only wore them for about 15 mins).
  15. Warrior Gear

    G4 teasers have me in a conundrum. I tried R/GT's and loved them, but I'm currently in G2's and I love having shiny new things that no one else has. Soooo....pull the trigger on R/GT's, or wait for G4? (and no, don't post the "why not both" meme, either. Not in the budget, fam)