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  1. motowngoalie

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Yeah I was a bit surprised myself! I guess it'll make a good Christmas present to myself, along with (hopefully) a custom set of G4's 😁
  2. motowngoalie

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    My blurry photos of Fazio and Brattstrom in 2S at the Wings dev camp, FWIW
  3. motowngoalie

    Beginner 48yrs old protection is important

    Hi Mike, welcome to the puck stopping club! For pads and glove/blocker, I would think senior level gear would be adequate protection for you if you're getting started. I'd say the most important piece for protection is your mask - avoid the low end stuff from CCM/Bauer. Also, there's some good info on masks in the threads here. Good luck!
  4. motowngoalie

    2018 NHL Draft Chat Thread

    I'd say Avs won the Grubauer trade. As for the draft itself, the Wings need dmen, but I'm glad we took the best guy available in Zadina.
  5. motowngoalie

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Placed my order! Michel's lead time is currently 24-25 weeks, so I'm looking at a December delivery realistically...
  6. motowngoalie

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Will do 😊 Yeah I'm driving a Saab, so it's not the easiest bag to fit!
  7. motowngoalie

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Here's my homemade calipers from the Sportmask template 😂 I'm going this route instead of the mold. I made sure the ends were exact, but cutting out the middle without mangling the cardboard was more than my patience could bear. Pulling the trigger tomorrow, pretty excited!
  8. motowngoalie

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    New Warrior wheeled bag. This thing is HUGE. Pads and all fit inside, pretty stoked with it for now 😀
  9. motowngoalie

    G4 Thread

    @Doobiesnax my unsolicited submission 😁
  10. motowngoalie

    Jock/sock replacement

    I've used Shock Doctor's combo for years, works well. https://www.shockdoctor.com/core-compression-hockey-pant
  11. motowngoalie


    Michigan represent 🖐️👍😀 I've only tried a few from Oddside, but pretty legit from what I remember. Old Nation is my fave MI brewery right now.
  12. motowngoalie


    I'm a pretty big beer geek. I've been trying desperately to get my hands on some Filthy Flow IPA from Mikkeller, but no luck. Talk about some kick ass label art!
  13. @Thatwentin!? nice work!! Can Warrior do add-ons like that? I've been wondering since I saw the red maple leaf on Shannon Szabados' G4's for the Olympics (it's near the bottom of the outer roll). @Kirk3190 any insight on that by chance....?
  14. motowngoalie

    First in the room?

    I'm always first as well. I like to do a full warmup before I get dressed and it's just kinda awkward doing it when other people are there. I like to run the stands, stretches, etc. like to do a bit of mental prep/focus beforehand too. I've found I play better when I have some time to focus on my own, without distractions from other people being in the room.
  15. motowngoalie

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    Hasek's IceCaps. I was the happiest kid goalie in Detroit the summer of '02. The best goalie in the world playing for my favorite team and winning the Cup.