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  1. Team Sweden Setup - Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback all. @mik I see what you're saying on the stripe, it does kind of throw it off I'll mess around with the customizer some more and maybe put some more ideas in here. Also, here's a great article on some of Hiller's mask designs:http://hockeybydesign.com/2014/07/hbd-masks-3-jonas-hiller/ , I love HBD.
  2. Team Sweden Setup - Suggestions

    also, I really love Hiller's mask from the Olympics, so clean. That's what I'd like to base my mask design off of.
  3. Team Sweden Setup - Suggestions

    Hi all, So I'm planning on getting my first custom setup early next year (hello tax return...) and I'd like to do a Sweden set-up. While not having any Scandinavian heritage myself, my wife's family is Swedish, Sweden is my favorite IIHF team, and the King is my favorite current goalie, so I figure I have enough of a tie-in to justify it I'm planning on going with Warrior R/GT's and custom paint on a new mask. Here's some ideas I mocked up, what do you guys think? Looking for advice/critiques/suggestions, etc. Pardon the kindergarten-level mask mockup too.......
  4. I'll take a stab: Roy, Dryden, Plante, Potvin, Vezina, Tretiak, Belfour, Sawchuk, and Bower?
  5. Stretching Goalie Skates

    So I got my skates back, and wow, it really works. My toes went from being jammed against the cap to having a nice amount of wiggle room (but not too much). I'd say this is a good solution for anyone in-between sizes or parents trying to get another season out of a pair of skates for a growing child. LMK if anyone wants to see photos, as you can definitely tell where the toe cap has moved out (I also have a pair of un-stretched Grafs for a good comparison..?) Also for reference, the shop used one of these for the job: http://www.shoesystemsplus.com/Supercam-Ultra-80L-Pro-Double-Hockey-Skate-Stretcher-with-last-and-bunion-set_p_85.html
  6. TGN Database - How do you wear your C/A + Pants?

    C/A: Warrior G2 - XL Pants: Reebok 11K - L How Do I Wear It? Pants loose with suspenders (under C/A), C/A untucked. Issues: None other than my C/A is too big and blocks my vision. Should've bought a large..
  7. Stretching Goalie Skates

    Thanks for the replies! I dropped them off at my local shop (Skateworks) and they said they can stretch them. Pick 'em up tomorrow, so I'll let you know what the results are.
  8. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Man, Howie's set is bitchin' as usual. I'd love him to do a throwback to Iceberg's sometime, loved that setup on him. Pretty disappointed that Petr ditched custom graphics, too. I want a Wings goalie in Brian's for once! I think Legace and Dom are the only 2 main Detroit goalies not to wear Vaughn in recent history.
  9. Stretching Goalie Skates

    Hey gang, does anyone have experience stretching skates? My big toes are taking a beating and it's really affecting my play. Total/Pure Hockey told me they couldn't do it because of the cowling (I'm wearing Graf), and I'm waiting for a response from another local shop. I've baked them and it helped a little bit, but not enough. I'm willing to attempt a DIY as well.
  10. Graf G4500 Skates - Sr. Size 11.5

    Graf G4500 skates, senior size 11.5. Used once a week for less than a year. Some discoloration as shown, mesh interior still in great shape. Plenty of steel left on the blades. $75 OBO, LMK if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  11. Padwrap/PadSkins

    FWIW, I had a G2 glove with skinz on it. Applied fine and cleaned right off. I've never put it on their pads or blocker though.
  12. #ModMonday Contest by Factory Mad

    Thanks @Doobiesnax, yours is epic also, love that carbon fiber look. @goalie, yes, they are pre-cut, but there is a bit of excess around each decal that needs to be trimmed.
  13. "Official" Graf Thread

    @Corbotron I have a pair of 11.5 G4500's going up for sale if you want a backup
  14. #ModMonday Contest by Factory Mad

    @Big2 Yes sir, from Custom Cages: https://www.custom-cages.com/ Cost me about $30 USD for the kit, including shipping. Plus, Dan from CC let me swap out the numbers area on the chin for an Olde English D at no additional cost Highly recommended I'd say! If you want to add anything to their stock kits or create something custom, they'll do it. You probably could clear coat it, but I don't think it'd be worth it.
  15. #ModMonday Contest by Factory Mad

    Thanks @SaveByRichter35 and @TheGoalNet! Took me about 4 hours to do the whole project. Cost me $40.