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  1. The perfect skate

    I appreciate the reply's, thank you. I was wearing the older 3000 model, from about 1991'ish. I had the cowlings changed out a couple times with those skates. The footbed had started to fail/rot and instead of finding someone to replace it I decided to trash them and look for something else, loved those skates. I guess that is what i'm looking for, a leather type skate, nothing composite. I liked how the skate, over time, conformed to your foot. My feet are fairly normal, no arch issues etc. I did have a couple of moleskin placements in those skates but nothing severe. I'm thinking my best route is going custom with Bauer, if they still offer those types of boots. Again I thanks for all of the suggestions, it was appreciated. On that note, does anyone have a non-spec catcher? Preferably a Vaughn 5500 in fairly decent condition? Thanks again.
  2. The perfect skate

    Been playing net since I was a wee lad, many many moons ago. I quit for a spell and have decided to get back into the game. My skates for the longest time were Bauer 3000'. I loved those skates, it was like putting on slippers, they fit perfectly, no issues at all. After realizing that the footbed was shot and the rivets were failing at holding the cowling I discarded them. Not realizing I could have had the footbeds refurbished... Anyways, went with a Bauer something something 65 maybe, the ankle area was higher, covering the ankle. Didn't care for the fit or feel of them. After reading so much about the VH skate I took a field trip to Winnipeg to be fitted for a pair of their skates. After spending a grand for the skates and skating in them for a season I found them to be, meh.. I kept getting lace bite as well as pain in my ankles, needing a shoe horn and voodoo priest to get in and out of them. After a couple conversations with VH and being sent new tongues it still did not fix my pain issues so I parted ways with them via eBay, at a considerable loss.... Look, I really could give two sheets about attack angle, no cowling, weighing less than a NASA Astronaut, etc.. I'm a beer league goalie who plays a couple of nights a week with a tournament every couple months. I want a comfortable skate, one I don't have to paper the ankle area and other areas with mole skin and padding to make it comfortable. I want a comfortable skate, nothing rock hard that I have to balance on either foot during a game to relieve pressure/pain. Any help peeps?
  3. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    sorry, yes they have been sold
  4. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

  5. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Placed them on eBay for 175.00 US (12.00 to ship). If you want to buy them let me know and i'll waive the shipping for them. Thanks
  6. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Sure, I appreciate that. Thanks
  7. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Nope, still available
  8. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    New price, 250.00 US shipped. Thanks
  9. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    I was in a size 10 Bauer 7000 prior to these. I would consider my foot normal width. These can be heated up again with no issues. The nice thing about these skates is when they are heated they become quite pliable, basically you can shape and mold the skate to every contour of your ankle and foot. After molding them to my feet they feel like slippers or part of my foot. I really wish I could continue to play!
  10. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Some pictures of the skates. I have also included a rough sketch of my foot with measurements. Would like 350.00 and shipping via FedEx is on me. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks! Forgot to add that the Bauer cowling is a size 10
  11. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Thanks, i've been skating for a little over 45 years (51 now) It's been a gradual decline over the past 2-3 years. I went from playing highly competitive to the 30-40-50 beer leagues. Had a lot of fun Sunday evenings but the guys i've played with for over 2 decades are fading away as well. The last tournament I played back in September I only knew about 5 guys, just not the same camaraderie. Plus I found by the third game my lower back was toast and by Monday it was difficult to stand straight. My 4-5 discs are, in my Dr's words, two pieces of leather. I still enjoy watching the games though. Just wanted to add that I will also be getting some pictures of the rest of my gear to sell. All white 36+2 Smith pads. the first flat pair he made, not the adjustable thigh rise ones. Never used Sportmask sm90 cage, vaughn 2500, I believe, chest in XXL. Brown "barrel" pants, size 60, liked the roominess of a bigger pant. Gloves are being sold to a friend. Will get the pics up when I return home tomorrow. All of the equipment is in excellent condition, no rips, tears or errors.
  12. VH Goal Skates(appx size 10W)

    Former lurker here. Unfortunatey due to ongoing lower back disc issues I have decided to hang up the gear. Wanted to gauge any interest in my VH skates. They have been worn twice, have two different sets of tongues, one thinner and the other set very thick. My previous Bauer 100's were a size 10W. The cowling for the VH is a 10 also. If needed I can trace my foot to show the measurements. All black with 35 embroidered on the rear loop. I will try to get pictures up either later tonight or tomorrow. Would like to get 250.00 US shipped