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  1. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    Alright @ThatCarGuy, your great idea is here! I think the red armor looks much better!
  2. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    That would make a wicked mask but not the Slade I refer too. Definitely not the band either! haha 😂🤣
  3. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    I bought it online. https://sportstemplates.net/product/hockey-goalie-mask-template/
  4. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    I think I like that a lot. I will play around this evening after work.
  5. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    I'm with ya. I'm gonna give it a try and see what happens. PS can be daunting but it is fun when you start learning how do some stuff.
  6. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    Personally, I am more of a fan of the red armor. But that armor was part of a larger picture so it made it easier to get it all together. I may still try to look for a red armor that is close to that drawing style and if my photoshopfu is good enough, swap the black with a red one. Below is what I ultimately used for my mask design.
  7. slade037

    Mask Design thoughts

    Unfortunately I won't be. Still designing the backplate. There might not be any cartoons or there may be some TMNT. May have a poll later.
  8. I purchased a new Coveted Ultimate Pro 905 (hope to get a review on this soon) about 4 months ago and seeing it plain white has painful. So it's time to put some work into it. My original Hackva was painted many years ago so I thought I would give wrapping a chance. I am working with SkinFx to have the work done. This is what I have come up with and I wanted to see what my fellow goalies thought. I'm a huge fan of the Marvel movies and comics so that's what it's really based on. Go easy on me. First time designing a mask and using photoshop!
  9. slade037

    Coveted Mask Thread

    I just picked on up a few weeks ago while I was in Toronto. Working on writing up a review/experience. Haven't had a chance to put it in a game yet. Working with SkinFX on getting it wrapped first. I can try to answer any other questions you might have.
  10. slade037

    Skate Cut Repair

    I currently use this on any cuts and tears on my 1S pads with a little glue if there is something to glue it together. It doesn't look as clean as just glue but it does get the job done and it never peels. Real quick and easy. I'll post some pictures of the pads when I get home from work.
  11. slade037

    How to Tape the Paddle

    Do you mean something like this?
  12. slade037

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    @TheGoalNetYessir. That's why I think it's time for a new lid. After a decade, I'd like something new. I love the baby blues and becoming a huge fan of the 1S.
  13. slade037

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    This is me playing in a Holiday Tournament with my new to me 1S gear.
  14. slade037

    Demo Program KTP Knee pad

    Thanks! I am in the US. I will send you a PM in the morning.
  15. slade037

    Demo Program KTP Knee pad

    Let us know your thoughts. I am on the verge on pulling the trigger on the ReiterSpec after my Vaughn hasn't been really cutting it on the last shot I took in that area recently.