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  1. This is confusing. What exactly is the motivation for someone to take this deal? Why don't they just buy what they want and have their own warranty and receipt and not one in your name? And if you say it's because you're giving them a discount then why not just sell the C/A yourself like suggested above?
  2. 1C5

    V1 Pro Stick

    How much was it if you don't mind telling?
  3. Anyone see the slapper Helly took from Kuch last night? Cut in 2 places on face. Had to leave the game for 3 minutes.
  4. Pro: piece of mind. It's actually improved my game. I used to not wear one and would get the odd hard shot to the neck (as every goalie does) and it got to the point I started flinching with every hard shot. Not ideal conditions to make a save. Got the dangler and am confident that it will protect my neck which led to more confidence and less flinching.
  5. Yes got the puck. Also rink has cameras so I asked them to see if I can get the video and how it came out. I'll post it if I get it.
  6. My adult men's team was up 2-0 with around 1:30 left in the third when they pulled the goalie. Soon after they dumped the puck in right at me, I stopped it at top of my crease and took a shot. Perfect shot. Could try 1000 times and it wouldn't be that perfect. Got it high and hard over the forwards heads to land around far blueline. Their D were far enough to the sides that they couldn't reach it. Puck went in dead centre. My first ever goal. And a shut out to boot! Stick used: Warrior CR1. Normal shooting grip, not the new Turco style all the kids use! Very cool to score. I can't imagine ever scoring again. The chances are few and far between. And then to have the perfect shot to actually score... I'm shocked. 😎
  7. 2 months of use on my CR1s now, a couple games a week. Still feel as solid as day 1.
  8. So I just traded in my Jeep for a really really really stupid fast Jeep. Never will be late for games now. Or always late since my 2nd home will be at the gas station. 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  9. I unfortunately haven't had much luck with 1S in terms of durability. They broke way too easily for my liking. Amazing performance though and I still have a couple left.
  10. Depending how soon you need one I would suggest waiting for the new Warrior sticks coming out in April if you can.
  11. True about the road salt but there's something special about playing hockey in the -20s and snow that feels like a white Christmas. Just wouldn't be the same. I play summer hockey and it never feels the same even though they are both indoors and both at the same rink.
  12. 1C5

    RVH under fire lately

    Yeah I know what you mean but I was more talking about the recent Kane ridiculous backhand and the Crosby snipe from the goal line.
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