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  1. I unfortunately haven't had much luck with 1S in terms of durability. They broke way too easily for my liking. Amazing performance though and I still have a couple left.
  2. 1C5

    2S Vs. Premier Pro 2 Vs. CR1?

    Depending how soon you need one I would suggest waiting for the new Warrior sticks coming out in April if you can.
  3. True about the road salt but there's something special about playing hockey in the -20s and snow that feels like a white Christmas. Just wouldn't be the same. I play summer hockey and it never feels the same even though they are both indoors and both at the same rink.
  4. 1C5

    RVH under fire lately

    Yeah I know what you mean but I was more talking about the recent Kane ridiculous backhand and the Crosby snipe from the goal line.
  5. I've got a Jeep Grand Cherokee and all my gear fits perfectly in the back. Whenever I am new car shopping, the car will have to easily fit my gear in!
  6. 1C5

    RVH under fire lately

    The good news for most of us in the levels we play at is there is a near 0 % chance shooters will be able to beat you over the shoulder like Kane or Crosby are doing. It still takes a damn good shot to be beaten like that and one 99% of players wouldn't be able to pull off.
  7. Sucks about the injury. Would have a dangler saved your collarbone on that shot? (Not saying you should have had one or am blaming you for not) But just looking to help others so this doesn't happen. I have a Brown C/A also and took off the attached neck guard and am rocking a Maltese and dangler combo.
  8. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    I'm hoping they will be a little more durable than the 2S Pros.
  9. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    What's the weight of the V1+ Pro compared to the 2S and 2S Pro?
  10. 1C5

    2S Pro Stick Durability

    Which of the pro level sticks come back the least during warranty period that you sell?
  11. 1C5

    Sher-Wood BPM150

    How does it compare playing wise to the 1S and CR1?
  12. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Sportcheck had a decent Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 20% off, no tax and a $50 gift card.
  13. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Well, After 6 games with the stick, it's really growing on me. So much so that I even got a 2nd one while the sale was still on. At the price I paid, the stick is incredible. Solid performance. I just had to get in my head that it feels nothing like a 1S or 2S Pro, but that's ok because it's not trying to. Totally different feel but a solid, high performing stick. I do see why many pros use it.
  14. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Game 2 with the CR1. It's already growing on me. A big problem I had in game 1 was the grip. Way too slippery after getting used to the nice Bauer grip. Some simple stick tape where blocker holds solved this problem. Felt much better. I'll certainly keep using for the near future and report back with more thoughts as I use it more.
  15. 1C5

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    I have a bone to pick with how they sell sticks. On his site they have the 2S Pro on sale for same price as the 1S. Then in the notes it says "NOTE: Some of the 2S Pro stocks do not come with the Ergo Spine" But nowhere does it say it's just a skinned old NXG or whatever even though it has to be I'd assume. Why not just be honest and list the stick what it actually is, not the meaningless skin? I got burned by this one time as I ordered a cheap repaired "1S" that turned out to be a 6000 skinned as a 1S. Nowhere on the site it said it was a 6000.