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  1. @rebatttocs shoot me a pm! We look after our own here on the goalnet
  2. Finally got time to do a quick paint job on my own lid.... Went with a Victorian Esoteric Ouija Board theme.... Black magic baby! IMG_1784.MOV
  3. I'm pretty sure Fusion made all of Otny's shells prior to the Sportmask take over.
  4. Doobiesnax

    G4 Thread

    They come with the senior. I received the same set with my pro customs.
  5. I thought you were going to say "Protechsport Masks should have been an option" ..
  6. In addition to the ones above..... "Low", "Reverse", "Same Side" to help out d with where to move the puck... "Shoot" ..... I am constantly yelling shoot from the other end lol.... figure the less players think the more likely they are to do what the shit i say lol "In Front" or "Can't See" when im screened by the other team... "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE" when im screened by my own team.
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