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  1. Doobiesnax

    If you're serious about swag

  2. Doobiesnax

    If you're serious about swag

    I thought you were going to say "Protechsport Masks should have been an option" ..
  3. Doobiesnax

    Communication with Your Team

    In addition to the ones above..... "Low", "Reverse", "Same Side" to help out d with where to move the puck... "Shoot" ..... I am constantly yelling shoot from the other end lol.... figure the less players think the more likely they are to do what the shit i say lol "In Front" or "Can't See" when im screened by the other team... "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE" when im screened by my own team.
  4. That is a crazy deal.
  5. Doobiesnax

    Mask Design Help

    Thanks boys!
  6. Doobiesnax

    Mask Design Help

  7. Doobiesnax

    If you're serious about swag

    He's not canadian
  8. Doobiesnax

    G4 Thread

    water bottle holder.
  9. Doobiesnax

    G4 Thread

    Kudos to Warrior on their on point swag game!!! Toque and hat are both Violent Gentlement ... nice work!
  10. Doobiesnax

    Clipping Chest Protector to pants

    This is my old Chesty but the new one has the same set up. Buckle in the front and back of both chesty and pants....
  11. Doobiesnax

    Straps and Connectors for Modding

    Local hockey shops, MEC stores, and fabric shops have all the basics. Jenpro is a bit harder and $$ to find though. Foam can also be tricky if your looking to purchase new rather than recycle.
  12. Doobiesnax

    Homemade neck guard

    Exccellent job man! Looks super comfy!