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  1. Chenner29


    Yes, but these are meant to be worn tight (think Plecanek turtleneck). Mask contact should be minimal
  2. To tack on to @BadAngle41‘s post about hip issues and blade height... Many of us after Midget/Junior typically settle into a sedentary lifestyle with school or work. Talk to any health professional and they will agree on one thing - sitting for long periods of time is awful for your joints, in particular your hip mobility. Combine that with increasing social/family/other obligations and you have a compounding issue with body maintenance for IMO one of the most demanding positions in sports. If anything, my stretching routine is sporadic when it should be daily, given the amount of flexibility I’ve lost due to small injuries, wear and tear, and general use. The guys coming up these days have access to much more specialized training than I did 20 years ago. I remember one of the first “training camps” I did for Junior, the first “goalie conditioning drill” was to do high speed lunges with my gear on goal line to goal line (if you played around the mid to late 90s you know what I’m talking about). You never see this kind of work anymore being done with goalies because it’s a sure fire way to blow out a hip, knee, or groin.
  3. Chenner29

    New Mods - Apply Now

    @SaveByRichter35 @BadAngle41 @TheGoalNet and yours truly. Thanks for the kind words!
  4. Chenner29

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Shutting this thread down for the time being
  5. Chenner29

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    I treat gear info from Instagram folks like tabloids. Superficial, and for entertainment only.
  6. Chenner29

    Switching stick curve

    I’ve been playing for twenty years and have tried plenty of different sticks. I consider myself (for beer league purposes) an above average puck handler and can tag the crossbar from the blue line. I have had former low level pros tell me passes coming from me were spicier than they were from goalies they played with. That being said, I have never tried a stick pattern that made me shoot or pass harder. That all comes from technique, core strength, and learning to flex the stick to generate power for you.
  7. I went from a Sportmask to a PC in 2007 and had another one done last year. I'm in Orange County if you want to do a drive-by comparison. We can meet at Goalie Monkey in Santa Ana on a weekend if you'd like. I have both his older Vapor model (when he was affiliated with Bauer) and the new 961-style shell. The biggest difference is going to be the weight. PCs are not a super light mask by any means, and I think most of it comes from the triangular center bar. I've taken shots to the dome from a variety of levels - low level pickup plugs to summer skates with guys making money to play the game. No ringing, no pain. The closest thing to an "injury" I've received wearing Dom's masks was when I tucked my chin weird on a rising shot and strained my neck.
  8. Chenner29

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    But you let in 7! You 7-Upped me
  9. Chenner29

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    Got an assist and a shutout last night Outscored 3 guys on my squad (not to mention the entire other team) in a 12-0 romp How do you not get a point in a 12-0 win?
  10. Chenner29

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Yes, there’s a distinction between Mike Vaughn being an investor/part of the ownership of Brian’s (which, to my understanding, is the case) versus Vaughn Hockey owning the Brian’s name. A lot of people get that mixed up.
  11. Chenner29

    True/VH amazing story (with a sad follow up)

    It's my jerb as a mod
  12. I'm told my C/A (along with pads/gloves) are going into production in the next week or two. I'll create a thread once I talk with Mike to go over options on the C/A.
  13. Chenner29

    True/VH amazing story (with a sad follow up)

    Your wish is my command, sire.
  14. Chenner29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    First of all, like glove breaks and stick patterns, there is no single “best profile.” It depends on what you want and how you play. Personally I am on a 27/30’ dual radius with aggressive forward pitch. I wanted a profile to put me on the balls of my feet and a shorter front radius for easy pivots and agility. I use a longer 30’ back radius for stability on my backside recoveries (or pushes while down). Some goalies like flat, some old models came with 120’. Most these days run between 30’ and 50’. There honestly is no real good way for you to evaluate the radius on your steel. You could have a 34’ on your left skate and a 26’ on your right. Who knows. My suggestion is to go on NoIcingSports.com, read everything and get a customer form to fill out. Bob makes it super easy and gives you a free re-do if you don’t like the first profile.
  15. Chenner29

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    I can echo many of these sentiments. Coming from a pair of V5s, I feel like I move better in the 1X. Many major retailers were actually sold out of the Senior Size 1X over this past summer, and for good reason. These are a well designed piece of gear.