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  1. Chenner29

    How Does Pad Wrap Work?

    It comes with a roll of tracing paper. Basically, trace out the shape you want to cover, use that as a template to cut the Padwrap. Stick it on and you’re done
  2. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    They will be making an old spec c/a. Since they are fully custom, I’m sure you can mix and match parts. Weight wise, I was told they are in the ballpark of the P1. My pads/glove/blocker were a flat price, even including mods. Not sure if that will change with the chest (it seems a but more labor intensive to make)
  3. Chenner29

    Bauer 2S Professor Strap Design

    OK good, nash and jenpro have a pretty good ability to hold a seam. I've worked with nylon straps (similar to the nylon used in pant belts) and seatbelt straps. Both of these tend to shear and fray at the edges unless you fold them over (but that would make it really hard to stitch into the binding) You don't want to stitch those in as they will inevitably come loose if you put enough strain on the fibers. IMO you can have a little bit of elastic to get some give (maybe 2-3 inches). If you go with a full elastic strap, it will eventually lose its properties and become useless. Or the weight of the pad will just pull it to the point where it's useless anyway.
  4. Chenner29

    New Steel

    I rotate between two pairs of Tydan. Have never tried Step. I'm getting a lot more ice time off a single set of Tydan steel than I did on a set of Bauer LS3G. I think I'm on skate #8 on my latest set since sharpening. With the Bauers, I had to go every three sessions or else I would have no edge.
  5. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    These are all made off the player's measurements. Anderson isn't a big dude, he was probably benefitting a lot from the old "one size fits all" sizing of the old spec chest pads.
  6. Chenner29

    Bauer 2S Professor Strap Design

    Awesome, I think you will like it. What material is being made to put against the binding? I think a jenpro pocket for a leather strap would be best, very little give with those. Make sure you get some allowance on the outside portion. If it's too close to the pad/leg, it will make strapping pads on kind of awkward
  7. Chenner29

    "But you said..."

    Married...with children. That show has aged terribly. Insider tip: I got a mask and paint cleared by my better half when i told her the the kids’ initials would be on the backplate ?
  8. Chenner29

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    At the time of my departure, there was no manufacturing or production house in place for the neck or knee pads.
  9. Chenner29

    Maltese Mask gel, Rare blue

    @ruckus007 @1GOLDENBEAR1
  10. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    Child seat straps Because we are all kids inside
  11. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    Rinne. These are coming out better and better as he cranks them out IMO
  12. Chenner29

    Maltese Gel Kit Group Buy

    Nope. Take your old sling out and trace it onto the gel and maybe some padwrap. Slap the gel and padwrap together and screw it in.
  13. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    Sure, it’s the old Easton composite player stick theory. Back in the late 90s and early 00s, Easton was by far the biggest name in the league for sticks and shafts. Competitors would claim Easton products break more often. Technically true, as the overwhelming majority of players in the league would use an Easton composite stick or shaft. In terms of pure volume, they are right but if you were to compare percentage of failure by brand, all manufacturers would be relatively similar. For your example, do we know if Fleury and Halak ordered their own units or did their EQMs order them?
  14. Chenner29

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    I was told team EQMs are ordering these for their guys. I have also heard from a few different sources that some other goalies (not the ones mentioned in this thread) can’t get used to the new NHL spec offering from CCM, and the guys who have traditionally worn Vaughn are getting bruised and beat up.
  15. Chenner29

    Kenesky R Series Set Review in 3 parts

    Don’t think so. With Wilcox on the team, I think they have something like 6 or 7 different break options now. I can send you my current one to try out when my new set is done