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  1. Outscored the other team! nice
  2. @aircanuck @jayluv54 I forgot to mention in the spec sheet section about sizing. What Mike will probably ask for is measurements on the face of your pad (bottom boot to boot break, boot break to bottom knee roll, total knee roll measurement, and top of knee roll to top of pad). With my set last year, we got the measurements dialed in but the pads still felt like they were sitting too tall. I realized it is because there is zero boot channel on these pads, so I went down an inch and a half in the thigh on these. Here is a pic for reference, you can kinda see how tall these fit.
  3. Not sure if they will take the same blade, but thought I'd offer some wisdom from my experience. Get a couple sizes of cowling to try. It's not a 1 for 1 fit. You might have to go up a size or even two on the cowling to fit. I tried squeezing the cowlings off my old Grafs onto my Trues and was not able to.
  4. Was just gonna say the same. I think that's right around retail shop employee cost now for offshore gear. LOL
  5. Finally took a shot off these (it's been years since I've taken a shot off a knee pad). I think it hit the top thigh section, not the black Curv piece. Felt it but no pain. No bruise and no tenderness today.
  6. July...apparently there was some mix-up when the deposit was sent. I talked to another gent who said he ordered in October/November and just got his set in January.
  7. It’s for the toe tie system. If you look on the left toe of the pad, there is a small hole there where the shock cord starts. It loops around the skate, through the D ring at the other side and then clips up near the boot break.
  8. Do not use hot water. Modern gloves use multiple layers of foam or plastic and are frequently glued together. Hot water can cause the glue to melt and cause these layers to separate. Lukewarm water, clothing detergeant, and some Oxi Clean in a bathtub should be sufficient. Give it plenty of time to dry.
  9. Spec Sheet, my comments/explanation in italics. Knee: Nash knee landing block, sits flush with knee wing (no gaps between knee wing, block, and landing gear) Nash for grip, flush to knee wing for stability Flat nylon knee cradle I wanted as little material between my knee and the front of the pad to help the pad seal up between the knees when I'm down Strap-through extended knee block with bump Best knee block configuration available, IMO. There's a reason why Warrior and Vaughn have it now too. Sewn in knee block, tight, no movement Responsive knee block for tighter drops Add 1/8" thickness to knee block, hard foam on sliding edge Red sewn in leather SLR strap. Receiving end 1" below bottom knee break on buckle side This ended up becoming a configurable leather SLR strap; you can see two pairs of slotted holes for it that are user adjustable. Shin: Nylon shin Doubled up velcro elastic strap from knee block to top of outside calf wrap Velcro elastic strap across back of calf Pad: Double internal break, medium stiffness above knee, soft below knee Thin triangular outer roll Thinner to eliminate weight, better post integration in RVH 30* tilt from knee break up Stock, these pads are pretty straight. I wanted a bit more of a pre-curve to go along with my pretty narrow butterfly Stiffer pad face Bigger rebounds Soft boot break Slight leg channel inset toward sliding edge My thinking is getting my legs closer to the ice when down will give me a bit better stability Round roll on sliding edge with thicker calf wedge Should help this pad slide even better Straps: Red leather strap from knee block to below knee break Elastic across back of calf Glove One piece front cuff Finger ridges internal Waxed yellow or white skate lace pocket Reinforced edge To eliminate finger curl (Vaughn 5500s were notorious for this) Reinforced T top Had this on my first glove through them; you get a lot more consistency and power when playing the puck Red leather wrist strap moved up 1.5" towards hand Felt this was too far down my arm on the first set. This opens up a lot more space in the glove for a C/A to fit Double tee, regulation depth Royal blue backhand nylon, sport gold binding Blocker Royal blue in all nylon areas, sport gold binding Reinforced blocker board (plastic?) On my current set, I found when taking a shot to the upper curved part of the blocker, the board would bend and cause weird bouncy rebounds. Additional elastic at index finger tip, tacked down to finger protection
  10. Thread for last year's set: here I placed an order last year for a(nother) full set of Kenesky gear. I found as I got more familiar with the equipment, there were some tweaks that I wanted to make, as well as some things I wanted to try out. The next post down is my spec sheet along with some of my thought process behind the mod requests. Pics are starting to float in from the shop, and I thought I'd share. Just like last year, I'll be updating this thread with: First Impressions, once it gets here 30 day review 60 day review 90 day review
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