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  1. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Stick Blade Curves

    Here you go.
  2. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Difference between SBP and HT?

    The SBP is the 2016 model whereas the HT is the 2018. Having used both, I will say that the HT was a huge advancement in terms of weight, shock absorption, durability and overall shape. It truly feels like a composite in your hand but a foam core when playing the puck (in terms of feel). Even if I didn't work for TRUE I'd very highly recommend it.
  3. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Does True Make Stock Skates?

    Thank you @ZeroGravitas. In regards to some of the comments above, we have not had an unusually high volume of durability issues from our pros or retail clients (unlike many companies both our pro and public skates are made by the same people at the same office). For my part, I've owned 3 pairs of VH/TRUE skates in the 3+ years I've been with the companies and all have held up amazingly. I've only changed them up to keep with current branding and options.
  4. Tim_TRUEHockey

    True 6.0 sbp

    Sorry I've been away and not monitoring this thread as much as I should. The new HT is a new gen stick and a DRAMATIC improvement over the previous gen. I highly recommend it.
  5. Tim_TRUEHockey

    White Toe Cap Option - coming soon

    White bottoms on the one piece goal skates is no longer an option. It was phased out pretty quickly after the product's release as the painted didn't hold up well and added weight.
  6. Tim_TRUEHockey

    TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    Yes we're very aware of goalies' varying preferences in terms of blade height, pitch, etc. One thing you could consider is going with a boot-only option with us and then putting on whichever holder/cowling you prefer. Saves you about $150 upfront.
  7. Tim_TRUEHockey

    White Toe Cap Option - coming soon

    Wanted to share with you all that, based upon feedback and requests from several NHLers, we'll be offering a white toe cap option in the near future. Probably not be for a few months, but it's something that started based on a convo one of our pro reps had with Carey Price regarding his (Price's) desire to have his skates as white as possible to give contrast when the puck is near his feet. We showed the design to Tuukka Rask and his goalie coach Bob Essensa who both liked it. In fact one prominent goalie coach commented that he felt goalies looked faster in white skates versus black (not sure I agree...but an interesting insight). Look for them to be in pros hands (on their feet rather) soon with the option being added later this year.
  8. Tim_TRUEHockey

    TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    To be clear - the 2 piece is taller than the 1 piece. So I'm not sure why goalies would want us to emulate the height of the one piece.
  9. Tim_TRUEHockey

    VH Goalie Skate - Cowlingless?

    Sorry I'm late to the party - in the future feel free to email me directly: Tim.McCarthy@TRUETemper.com. I try to respond to all messages within a business day.
  10. Tim_TRUEHockey

    TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    In the world of social media and media attention around goalies - you would hear about it.
  11. Tim_TRUEHockey

    TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    It depends upon the country they're in and the pricing set by the retailer.
  12. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Show Off Your True Gear

    It's just some extra tape for the ring finger to get extra contact. I saw Schneider to it years ago, tried it and it stuck.
  13. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Show Off Your True Gear

    Throwing my personal twig up here.
  14. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Hutton's Skates

    Looks like a neoprene sleeve of some kind - I confirmed with the pro rep that covers the Blues that it is isn't anything we made for him. - Tim
  15. Tim_TRUEHockey

    Blade/Holder Height

    Thank you! Sorry I've been away. As always, feel free to also email me with questions - Tim.McCarthy@TrueTemper.com