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  1. Moose75

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    One can only hope! Maybe he won't get noise complaints for his vibrating foam roller in another city.
  2. Moose75

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Jakub Kovar! Dumb question, but does anyone know why the hell the Flyers never gave this guy a shot after drafting him? I mean we know he likely would have been a bust then great for another team, but still. His numbers look good almost in every league/year? Did he just have no interest in going to the AHL?
  3. Moose75

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    I wonder who is more nervous: the guy shooting, the GM, or me watching this, all hoping he doesn't get hit in the head... He looks good though!
  4. Moose75

    Lundquist and NYR

    Possibly the same waste Adidas' labor factories in China dumped into the ocean to begin with! My money is on Pionk or Tony DeItaliano.
  5. Moose75

    Hockey movies

    Don't let this turn into the Twin Peaks thread, because I will turn this into a Twin Peaks thread, lol.
  6. Moose75

    Hockey movies

    I'm just gonna get this hateable offense out there: I do not enjoy a lot of the "classic" hockey movies. Mystery Alaska bored me, Goon annoys me, I don't really like the Mighty Ducks, and I've never seen Slap Shot. Miracle is the only one I can sit through.
  7. Moose75

    Hockey movies

    This one was great. And it's free! https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/video/detail/the-nagano-tapes-five-rings-films/
  8. Moose75

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    A live look-in with Saros in a Preds home jersey:
  9. Moose75

    Oneiric Genesis Base Layer Review

    "Oh-nye-rick", I'm pretty sure. Source: I watch/read things about Oneirology every now and then, so that's how I have heard it said. Unless it is one of those cases where the company says it differently.
  10. Moose75

    RVH under fire lately

    For some guys these happen every week (Allen comes to mind). And when it boils down to it, some of these soft RVH goals lead to missed points, which are big. At the same time, it's the same as any soft goal against: a backbreaker. It's in the spotlight because it's relatively newer still to most non-goalies, and with the shrinking of pants and chest protectors, as well as the shallowing of nets, the seals are being exposed more than they were just a few seasons ago. Also; there's some new mutant curves out there right now that allow guys to get that puck up extra accurately and quickly. They call it "max blade" or the maximum dimensions and length a blade can be. I have one myself and I see why it's a growing trend for shooters. That said, I think we as goalies can't use players' new found abilities as a crutch for bad goals or this current lull point in goaltending. We've solved them before, we'll solve them again. My question isn't so much the direct "RVH fails" as much as it is the overuse of RVH leading to more goals. Carter Hart the other night against Minnesota, for example. He kept hinging himself to his post in RVH, which was the catalyst to many of the sequences that lead to goals or Grade A scoring/rebound chances. I'm not saying it should be abandoned, I think it just needs to be addressed and adjusted, which it seems like it is. Some goalie coaches just gotta sell themselves, ya know? InGoal also had a great article on it too! https://ingoalmag.com/technique/excessive-and-improper-use-of-the-reverse-vh-technique/
  11. That sounds like a pretty good deal. What was your process like? Did you go back and forth with what you wanted?
  12. Moose75

    Underrated 90's Goalie Masks

    I'm googling to try and find an answer. Something about the 90's/early 00's mask aesthetic appeals to me. It's still detailed, but has a simplistic quality to it where it's not impossible to see what it is. This one could easily be repurposed as a Coyotes mask. Looks almost like they took their logo from it: A couple other of my favorites were Roman Turek's monster, and Beezer's Panther head. Also; Fiset had another one that was
  13. Moose75

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    I kind of like the pseudo-Euro look. Screams mid-nineties lol. Here's an interesting set up: