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  1. It's easier and cheaper to change goalie equipment to increase scoring that doing something like making the ice surface larger, or other "non-traditional" things that would actually render the seats empty. Also; There's a reason the stands are emptying. The current NHL level of play since Vegas was added has been a sloppy clusterf...err gongshow at a lightspeed pace. And having franchises in who-gives-a-crap cities for hockey doesn't help. You basically have to throw a small circus at the end of a game for Carolina fans to get involved. Also; none of the good goalies have really been affected by the rule changes because they are good and can evolve. There's just less good young guys who "have it", more nameless-faceless guys tethered to a narrow list of robotic responses. Then there's whatever Jake Allen does. To Stackem's point (somewhat): goalies that were good before SpeedSkin will still be good without it. Also to his conspiratorial points: NHL is a corporate business, not a game. The corporate goal is about money and making lots of it. These owners don't care about what gets in the way of cashflow; player safety, quality of play, goalies. They just want rube fans like us to eat it up and spend our money on it. Then there's the Jeremy Jacobs. The 481st richest dude in the world, owner of the Bruins, likely rigger influencer of Bruins related things. He was the main supporter behind Bettman's extension, and basically has that grubby worm in his bill-filled back pocket.
  2. I know this might be sacrilege, but I think this is your best looking set yet.
  3. I hear after this next lockout that they will be banned. To slow down extra talented goalies that have defied all their gear changes (like Gibson or Vasy) they will require a stucco-like texture on the inside of their sliding area. It'll be like Harrison Bergeron handicaps, but for goalies.
  4. The top notch grammar and spelling is what tipped me off that the players might not be writing these articles by themselves.
  5. I googled it. I get it; heat of the moment, the target of his ire was some kid or dude being a piece of shit, but in this day and age you're going to be reprimanded for less. Especially if you're a pro athlete. And specifically, this kind of talk probably went over well in 2016: "God you sound like a 13 year old girl" "Girls don't even whine as much as this guy does"
  6. What is this referring to? With that stinker against Ottawa, a career .8XX% save percentage, and what he just said to the press, I think he just beat himself into a pulp. I hope it's not. Loch Ness Monster is in Scotland, not Ireland. That's a remedial level cryptid fact.
  7. It's a visual interpretation of his facebook group.
  8. Looks like Irish Galaga. The brown is the vomit after someone imbibed one too many Guinness. Is that plural? Guinesses, Guinessi?
  9. Looks like Rögle. Also that was the Totems look.
  10. Wonder if this was his decision or if they exceeded their budget for new goalie gear seeing as they suited up like what 8 different goalies? Guys like Leonardo Genoni, Sergei Mozyakin, Nikita Gusev, etc... are definitely upper echelon players regardless of league.
  11. Plus you go from playing in a place closer to home with a good contract, to mere pittance and get to live in such wonderful places as...Stockton, Hartford, or Wilkes-Barre. And to your point, there seems to be a stigma against European guys for the older guard in GM or owner positions. Just look at the shady shit Vegas did with Shipachyov, or the smear campaign NBC did against Radulov. Totally worth the risk.
  12. This is one of my favorite things Bauer has done yet. I'm curious to see how Elvis will translate from the skill and finesse of European hockey to the net-crashing shitshow that is North American hockey. I don't know how accurate my source was, but I've heard NLA is actually the hardest of the popular European leagues (KHL, SHL, Liiga). Then again, that lockout is looming...
  13. Moose75


    That’s bleeding from the yellow on his stick though
  14. Moose75

    2X Pro

    Maybe we can get a Calgary Flames goalie in some 2X gear. This would be sweet with those jerseys.
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