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  1. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    While full - Usually I get decent drying in there with the doors opened frequently with the kids and all. My wife thought she would be able to park her car in the garage when we bought this house... ha ha
  2. Glove Comparison Database

    I could write a book about the T4000/T6000 Legacy models catching breaks. As a baseball guy, those were my favorites. I have used Brian's gloves in the past that are more flat thumb than the newer models. This is so hard to make a definitive guide as breaks are different on the same models through the years too. The CCM/Koho models are the best guide with the 580/590. The old Brian's had that 45 degree break:
  3. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    I like the plain white. Him wearing it reminds me of one of my favorites: Odd too see another goalie in #31 not named Grant Fuhr. He too even rocked a plain white lid at times:
  4. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Last night I put on cold, wet, squishy gear after last playing on Tuesday night. Thought about your guys drying systems.
  5. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Where's that stadium chair from? Looks like the MSG color.
  6. Cage Paint

    My kids play lacrosse. When you team order helmets, they can come with powder coated colors not available regularly. My son's one team uses a white helmet with an emerald green cage. It's factory (powder coat?), it's taking a beating and looks good still. There are videos online where people dye their lacrosse cages since you can't order just one with certain colors. Here's how they did it with alcohol ink:
  7. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Here's my crap as of today. I have two boys who play every sport out there and I'm a hoarder... so deal with it. Want a challenge? See how many things you can identify in my garage?
  8. How to Choose New Gear Advice

    The best way to get new gear? Ask your parents. (wish I was a kid still)
  9. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Bryz - his Flyers gear was in their practice rink pro shop for sale forever. I know he had a ton of stuff. Cool to see it. Those black based ones were in there. Still have a lot of Mason stuff. Bryz's kid is good goalie too. My son plays against him. First saw him in net and knew he had some contacts because he was rocking some pretty sick gear at Squirts. Sure enough I saw his dad standing there yelling some instructions to him in Russian.
  10. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Stumbled across this - Ray's yard sale: KHL pads with the others...
  11. New Gear: How Often?

    Self quote - My mom sent me this scan of a receipt. Got my SK2000 on November 22, 1991. Bam! Adjusted for inflation, that SK2000 would be about $95 new today.
  12. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Here's my old Jeep. No gear on it.
  13. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    I'd like to see a Flyers goalie just go all orange. Solid orange. MAF style back in the day. Ray Emery got close: But his best set:
  14. Composite Stick Thread

    Last night during warmups I used a Vaughn foam core and was sweating. Ugh, terrible.
  15. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    I'm so lazy - I have some other cars I use. Honestly my one old Jeep is basically my gear storage room. I usually drive that to games and not to work and all. I'll pull the gear out and let it dry in that. Without doors and windows, it works well as a drying room.