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  1. Yeah but the molds come with instructions in Spanish. The Chinese folks at the Bauer factory don't speak Spanish. I'm joking. You'd assume in a modern factory full of computer operated machinery; that Bauer could essentially reboot this stick. My guess is that whatever graphite composite material they used to layer the shaft with is no longer being made since it's outdated. It's like asking Apple to make you an IPhone 1
  2. It's like Nascar on ice. Race team starts winning a bunch of races and Nascar immediately works to figure out how and why and stop it. And they wonder why the stands are empty anymore.
  3. You see Griess stats? This is the N.H.L. we're talking about. They hate goalies. (I used quickslide name like 'rollerblades' - all this material that helps goalies slide)
  4. FYI here's how Easton made those sticks in the day.
  5. If I had one, I'd totally help him out. You'd think Bauer could remake the stick. Did they keep the old Easton factory in Mexico?
  6. Won't be long until quickslide is banned.
  7. Nice lid. I'm so glad I'm no longer addicted to Sk2000s.
  8. Yeah, sadly the Firestone tire mess. Nearly 300 people were killed. Terrible. Ford had such a head start on the SUV market that they made some sloppy Explorers that sold as fast as they could make them. Now, with all the car makers all caught up (and ahead); I think the Explorer is a way better vehicle than versions past. The Firestone Wilderness in specific size and plant were the issue. You had to look at the code that was stamped on them. I know the tires were on a ton of the 2 door versions. The added plus was that the roof was nowhere as strong in rollovers as it should have been. So when the tire went, and the SUV rolled, the roof just caved in and made it that much worse. The rusting sideboards were a common issue. I don't know if Ford ever addressed that in a recall or TSB. But they would hold so much salt and moisture against the body that the steps would rot right off. So many issues. I feel your hesitation on the big 3 too. I can attest after owning 2 four door Wranglers that they don't have any real issues. Why I bought another one after driving my first one nearly 175k miles. I plan on picking up the Wrangler pickup next in a year or two and giving my current four door Wrangler to my now 12 year old son.
  9. Love the term "exploder". Reminds me of these fun days: Exploding tires and defective roofs on the Explorer was a GREAT combo...
  10. TCG - What is that? I'm guessing a Buick Skylark? Don't be offended if I'm way off, I don't know the classics that well.
  11. CT is only 7 short hours from Philly. Can't wait to see the new twigs. Crap, my passport expired. Guess I'm crossing illegally. "I just want to visit Canadian Tire... I'll be right back"
  12. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Keith Kinkaid wearing his devils gear and Team USA lid with the Jackets until his new crap art mask is ready.
  13. Sher-Wood has been selling Rekker composite player sticks for years. They're usually the lightest stick out there for players. So it's just keeping that line. They shot the 5030 line in the foot when they went China made and they all stunk so bad. By the time they tried to recover, the market had left them in the dust. Shame the pads aren't a real line. Would be cool if they could make decent light as heck pads at a killer price.
  14. This is going for just $200k right now. It's a pretty rare ride. Crappy for putting gear into. But if I had this, I wouldn't my waste time playing hockey and go drive this around instead... Weeeeeee!
  15. MTH

    Mitchell Hockey

    The local play it again near me has a pair of Pete Smith Vic pads for sale. My kids were offended when I was happy to see those on the shelf. I'd get them and give them a game for the story. Like two years ago I had to borrow pads at the rink (long story). All I could find was a sweet pair of 36" Vaughn 5500 pads. Luckily playing in the style they were meant for was still in my brain and I managed a decent game in them. I always wanted a pair of them in the day. Not as fun as I hoped wearing them in 2016.
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