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  1. Peeing in Your Gear

    4 posts to be exact. Here's some of your info from the mod side of your account: Join Date: June 3, 2014 Last Visit: August 20, 2017 15:38 Last Activity: March 22, 2018 17:42 Last Post: August 20, 2017 15:38
  2. In need of gear, don’t know what brand to order

    I have the rep number from Cooper. It's on my rolodex here..
  3. Peeing in Your Gear

    Brooklyn - top of the food chain
  4. My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    There's not much you can do to them. Maybe paint white on top but the black will come through like hell. When the all white pads were the rage in the late 80s, Ron Hextall would have his pads re-painted all white every so often by the equipment manager. Looked terrible but he wanted that fresh white color. Those were leather pads though then.
  5. My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    What's wrong with spray painted pads?
  6. Bauer Gear

    I feel your pain. When I first wore Supremes after years in old CCMs. Same thing.
  7. Peeing in Your Gear

    Lie! There is a member there with the same handle. You from San Marcos, CA? -If not you, then someone else with the same name.
  8. Peeing in Your Gear

    Two users with coopaloop names? What? The other was Matt Cooper. From central PA. Joined in 05 and made a whopping 5 posts. Stole your name though Derek. Hey - you were there on March 20th. You got a ban for a day for jaywalking.
  9. Peeing in Your Gear

    Naz - you still using hillbilly shutout on your AOL chats? ha ha Christ - your last logon was August 30, 2016. Banned!
  10. Peeing in Your Gear

    Ok. Look for the email. IPv6Freely (f-n terrible handle to try typing too) - your loss. I'm MTH over there too. Cool place.
  11. I got my first penalty!

    In cursive.
  12. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    You may need some glasses, son!
  13. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Isn't there another commercial with Marty in it running? The McD one is pretty rad. Who's the dude on the horse?
  14. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    I don't. It's kid stuff. Like having to tap the goalie on the pads between periods. Corny when you have your own kids now. I will tap my stick for nice saves by other goalie.