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  1. MTH

    CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Goalie Stick

    Nor is it an "Extreme Flex".
  2. MTH

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    If I'm Ray - this is the image I want etched on my headstone. Marty Biron tried. A for effort. F for getting punched in the face A LOT. Ray fought Andrew Peters after too. Not some lightweight..
  3. MTH

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    With all due respect - his coffin better be as great looking as his gear. We all know that's how he'd want it. Staying on a boat overnight makes more sense as to why he was there. Just reading the story it seems so random. I first assumed a boating accident like Jose Fernandez or something worse like former Flyers Dimitri Tertyshny who was struck by the boat he was in. Tertyshny fell forward out of the boat after it hit a wave, the boat ran over him, and its propeller slashed his neck and his jugular vein. Which is also pretty nuts. Ray made playing goalie look pretty darn cool.
  4. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    Then I'd do an in depth investigation into the 1988 Team Canada Itech mask.
  5. MTH

    Clarification and an update or two

    Funny? Not for you. Us? Yes.
  6. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    If you can get a Q&A with Andy.. I could give you a list of equipment questions. Starting with: Why? No - why didn't you pose every year like this? Also, great hair!
  7. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    "I agree"
  8. MTH

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    Any more to the story? All I heard was he was playing Saturday at Rinaldo's game, then jumped in the water at 6 am and never resurfaced. Crazy.
  9. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    Another all time setup... It's a vintage - vintage setup.
  10. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    Was that block later called the Giguere Ramp?
  11. MTH

    CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Goalie Stick

    My stick broke last night. Shot from the goal line I deflected and it broke the heel. First game I played since the end of March. RIP wood stick. On to another.
  12. MTH

    Makeoverrr! CCM E-Flex III Stick Edition

    You can buy poly in a spray can. I recoat my stick shafts here and there.
  13. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    I also sketched this card a million times growing up. So perfect. Dura-Softs, pro Vic, Jofa lid... classic.
  14. MTH

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    My favorite nutty looking setup? Easy. Timmay! Best set that says 'I don't want to be here':
  15. MTH

    Where can I buy used gear?

    Ray Emery. Dude is a gear hoarder.