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  1. MTH

    Hockey movies

    Rich - that old guys movie is fantastic. I'm nearly 42 - I'm not as old as those guys... no way.
  2. MTH

    work outs

    I drive a manual transmission vehicle. My legs are JACKED!
  3. MTH

    1998 Goalie Equipment Conference

    This is only a 3 minute clip of their meeting over 20 years ago... so comments are long since useless now. But, I wonder if materials were discussed. I think guys back in the day of leather gear would have worn as big as possible gear then. Problem was the size to weight impact was so great. Once the foams and fake leathers came into commonplace, size didn't add as much weight as it once did. I always think they could look at a weight minimum for each sized piece of gear. Starting to become NASCAR though. F it - just issue NHL gear to all goalie.
  4. MTH

    Hockey movies

    What? How do you start a thread called "Hockey Movies" and the first post is movie about Korean girls hockey team?
  5. MTH

    work outs

    Go run up some stairs.
  6. MTH

    TGN Database - How do you wear your C/A + Pants?

    It's pretty easy. There's even a video with music...
  7. MTH

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Needs a bold mask now. Solid navy with gold cage and a few gold stripes. Bold. Not that artsy fartsy paint he has now. Something like this - with painter tape edges between stripes and without the 100 ghosted images and crap they now have to put in every mask. Tape, paint and few beers. Sack up!
  8. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Yeah I forget who actually made the gear. I assume it's along the line of Vic gear that was all made by McMartin.
  9. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Chevy on the Jets: His later Hespeller gear were works of art. Wow wow wee wow! Then he was traded to the Flyers for Dom Roussel and subsequently sent to the Flyers minors and played at Hershey (while wearing his Jets McMartin gear) Start of the next season, played in 2 games for the Bruins: Had a Detroit era mask made for the Bs, but I don't think it saw NHL game action: Tim last played as a pro in Las Vegas:
  10. MTH

    Underrated 90's Goalie Masks

    It was a great look. Never was the same for him after he left Detroit too. I mean, he tried:
  11. MTH

    Pacific Rink Goalie Bag

    I was all over the site after reading your review. Well done. Saw too that the testers can also buy a production bag for $100 when they come out. Don't pass on it, I'm sure someone will buy it off you if you don't want either one of the bags. I wish I got in with this. My friend was telling me he had opportunity with the Sparx sharpener in the day to get in early at 1/3 the cost for one. Kicking himself still for passing up.
  12. Already stopped in Toledo and saw the Gladiators out front. Well, until we were chased off the hill. I plan to trade in my JKU in the next two years for a Gladiator too. Should be a good hockey hauler for the family. Nice to air out my kids gear on the way home from the rink too. Hell, with the roof off - I can air out my kids too.
  13. MTH

    Pacific Rink Goalie Bag

    Does the one strap pad open (un snap) so you can get the other strap into the same pad? If so, that's a great idea. My kids struggle with carrying bags with strap pads.
  14. MTH

    Pacific Rink Goalie Bag

    Looks like a nice bag. How much? I'm cheap/poor (poor makes you cheap, right?)
  15. Like the mall and shopping? It's a new Jeep Cherokee we're talking about.