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  1. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Techno music, bad driving, kicking people at red lights... Oh yeah - don't forget the required track suit.
  2. Composite Stick Thread

    Seeing those Warrior $100 sticks are tempting. The pro shop had them for 109 at Bill Gray's in Rochester.
  3. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    I'm still mad a Russia for killing Apollo Creed. No way wearing any Russian crap.
  4. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Sunday night I hung my pants and c/a in the laundry room near the heater. Crispy as some Wise chips. Here now looking for better ideas for my stuff.
  5. Adidas Practice Jerseys Goalie Cut?

    Adidas has team gear that you can order if outfitting a team. It's always been way better than the retail stuff. Not to mention items that you'll never see for sale. I'd bet you can order the goal cut real jerseys through that. Just need to make up a team (of all goalies) and hit up some vendors to see what they can get.
  6. The Laces Thread

    Am I the only idiot that sharpies the laces length on my skates? I hate buying new laces and having to measure. So I just use the sharpie and tag the skate with the appropriate length. I also use a 3/8" hollow on the blade. So I sharpied that on the bottom as a reminder to the skate sharpener.
  7. The Laces Thread

    I'm all about the tips. I've opened packs of laces in the shop to see what tip are on them. Those ones with the funky formed tips are pure trash. Is there a brand that has metal tips? I unlace the top two holes every time, so I need tips that last. What do pros use?
  8. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

  9. My New Mask Search

    See National Football League - and every football league for plastic used on helmets that is tough enough for hockey.
  10. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    'Bobs mod' pants are now flooding vendors order forms...
  11. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Mason in these colors again is like deja vu all over again
  12. Stick Comparison Database

    The Montreal / Warrior sticks always are about an inch off. The 27" models are usually closer to a 26" in Sher Wood or Bauer. Been that way forever.
  13. Stick Comparison Database

    The Sher Wood P41 (was the Thibalt model - thus No. 41) is similar to the P31 Bauer. P31 was used by Bauer as it was the Curtis Joseph model curve who was a big Bauer goalie at the time. The P30 and P41 are rounder in the heel. Some would say this is a big curve stick. Sher-Wood P30 (Brodeur Model) varies. The all wood version 530s were more curved. The foam core versions were closer to what Marty used which was really flat and had a very sharp heel. They still sell this as just a P30. Flat curve stick. Sher-Wood now sells the 9950 "Hall of Fame" model that is a recreation of the legendary 9950 in the past. P41 still - called the Anderson model - with a toe curve. It's again a Canadian made stick just like the former 9950s before they bastardized them with the Chinese versions that were junk. They also now use a P33 - which is a middle of the bunch curve. Think it actually has a twist.
  14. What does it take to be a gear innovator

    Bauer - for their sticks. Not since the Curtis Curve has anyone really played with the gaolie stick design as much as Bauer (and Nike Bauer) have in the past years. Sure we've seen Eagle claws, and composite TPS sticks...
  15. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    When the old Philadelphia Spectrum closed; they had a yard sale thing. I wanted to grab the benches they had like those. I saw one guy wheel one out of the Spectrum using a few dollies. Nice work. One of these: