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  1. itis121

    Opening Bauer Double T

    550 or the smaller one? Cant recall off the top of my head.
  2. itis121

    Opening Bauer Double T

    I am just curious to know why Bauer's double T is almost tied shut (is it to accommodate to league rules). So I just opened up my 1X today following my one90 pattern. my one90 my 1X I found that I was about 5cm short each side. anyone know that kind of lace to use?
  3. Kenesky told me the c/a are tailored to each goalie on fit.
  4. itis121

    blocker cracking?

    It may be the seam allowance putting pressure on the blocker face.
  5. itis121

    Packing your bag

    Anybody here have a grit airbox bag?
  6. Just got powerfoot inserts, going to be testing them out tonight. I usually have a lot of wiggle room in the toe of my skates
  7. itis121

    2019 Brian’s Line - GNetik IV

    what are the benefits of a nash palm? Always wondering why its an option and is durable enough to be in an area that sees so much puck contact?
  8. I've been told that the back adjustment straps are sewn by the equipment manager to be tailored to the player then signed off by Kay. I've also had the opportunity to see the prototype at Kenesky's shop when I was in London for business and that they can/will do some altercations as requested to an ordered chesty like Anderson's . But the weight is a downside to the unit for me.
  9. itis121

    Unequal Tech Brand Padding

    I'm doing some research into foams for a custom fit for my masks/ combos. I called unequal today and said their Solo helmet padding is supposed to be used on the inside of the the foams (so the insert is in contact with your head). I also inquired whats the best Nuro tech liner to use for a mask/helmet, they suggested the solo over the gyro for hockey. Anybody have experience with both liners?
  10. itis121

    The Mask Thread

    Where did you get the poron? Mcmaster-Carr has regular poron in diffrent densities but not xrd. I found a xrd kit used for longboarding/ skateboarding.
  11. itis121

    The Mask Thread

    has any one put inserts of yellow poron xrd in their mask? wanna know if the foam will compress and loose its original shape under constant use quickly. If so i might see if maltese sheets are still available for purchase.
  12. itis121

    How Does Pad Wrap Work?

    Masking tape I would say is easier to use to trace the wanted pad patterns
  13. itis121

    Rent-A-Goalie Dos and Don'ts

    lol 40 hours of community service is a requirement to graduate high school.
  14. itis121

    Rent-A-Goalie Dos and Don'ts

    I got about 25 hours of community service every season subbing in for houseleauge in high school. All I needed to get payed back then, free ice time is the best ice time. Best part was I had fun completing my community service hours. Some of my teammates tell me about their past experiences renting a goalie is that some of them brag about their level of play. Most of the rentals don't perform to the stories they tell. My experience with a rental at shinny was the guys who rented the ice didn't have any of their regulars in town that weekend due to reading week (college week break) and I offered to play via a shinny group on Facebook. They didn't get another tendy to reply and had to resort to a rental. I dont meant to bash the other goalie but during the end of the we conversed in the dressing room and told me he plays B level hockey. By the looks of it he seemed to be a brick in net and lack of skill butterflying and skating didn't add up. May be the team he plays with but it's best to be humble about your skill set when subbing/rented by or for a team.