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  1. itis121

    Communication with Your Team

    I say "man on" in the way Wayne and Garth say "game on". I also tell the D "slot" if there isn't a man front or back door threat, (good for D mans awareness of play).
  2. WIP everything on the forehead is small so I got to make the eyes and vent graphic a bit larger and thicker. Miller is my favourite goalie, sad reality is that he might retire at the end of the season.
  3. Used to have a dodge ram quad cab. Everything fits in the cab. The current gen F150's have plenty of room in the cab (4 door), which is my dad's.
  4. itis121

    SLR style forearm pads

    No one side is sewn in and the other is on an elastic
  5. itis121

    SLR style forearm pads

    NP! This community helped me out with mods before too. BTW, I gave a geometric shape for it to be an additional piece (I measured the foam insert) , the actual guard is sewn into the arm. I'll add a picture of what I meant soon.
  6. itis121

    SLR style forearm pads

    Dims are in inches. its a rough estimate on the size due to the rounded edges and corners. I for got some dims, but I think you got the idea. Sorry.
  7. itis121

    Material Database

    Found this... https://gamebreaker.com/shop/d3o-4mm-solid-sheet
  8. itis121

    SLR style forearm pads

    Its soft foam with a flimsy plastic insert to keep its shape. I'll take measurements when I get home.
  9. itis121

    what Bauer skates to buy

    Go with what skate fits better, if its not a priority purchase maybe the current vapor line might go on sale when the 2X stuff comes out in spring.
  10. It was $5 cheaper than black or white, plus my gear has orange on it. If it will be used as hals I use skate lace as a shield. Have been doing that since I got my OG hals two years ago.
  11. I got 3/16 shock cord via Amazon from a place called paracord planet. Going to make some HAL straps for my brother. The cord seems stiffer than my hals and his monster suspenders, but we both have been using them for over a year.
  12. itis121

    Bauer logos on NME 8 mask -- removable?

    As @mckinneymagnum said gloss vinyl would work. I lucked out that the vinyl was as glossy as the mask so it blended in pretty well.
  13. itis121

    Homemade neck guard

    Looks awesome!