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  1. Absolutely you should consider it. They are fantastic.
  2. I'm still not sure thats enough time for me to come up with something i like. I've been trying for months. lol. I wish they had a customizer for Starke... it would be so much quicker to play with the template if i dont go with something custom
  3. Well, the Passau sale is eventually going to expire. I inquired about placing an order (and paying up front) without having a design finalized yet so I could get in before the sale ended, but they said no. So, I guess I'm sticking with what I have for the forseeable future. Maybe this summer I'll look at it again.
  4. I was actually thinking of starting up Illustrator and drawing it out. Shouldn't be hard.
  5. Thanks but that's a Brian's template. I have the other Passau templates, they just don't have a Starke. I mean, they do, but its so low a resolution that it makes the end result look crap. I'm good on photo editors. I've been using adjustment layer masks in photoshop.
  6. I actually wear a pair of corey crawford pro return pants
  7. (man i wish passau had a Starke template!)
  8. Using Starke as a base, with some graphics modified. Keep in mind we wear Blackhawks jerseys.
  9. I found that once I moved to VH I was able to lace my skates significantly looser. Likely due to the amount of wrap I was getting. I could pretty easily skate with no laces at all, I'd bet. Not having to crank on the laces to get the boot to wrap around your foot is a huge difference.
  10. Absolutely, especially the fact that the Passau 60 has such completely different internals. The little "inner glove" rather than any sort of traditional loops and such for the thumb and pinkie, etc. It felt weird as hell at first but now I struggle with normal gloves. I was a catcher for years as a kid/teen so that Passau glove feels super natural to me. But I can totally see why others would have a hard time without spending the time to get used to it. It's NOT a quick transition, IMO, but a worthwhile one (other than the fact that I'm basically locked into a mfgr at this point...lol) Completely agree. Now that most brands are using some kind of elastic strapping I could make almost any leg pad work. A blocker is a blocker. But man, gloves are a very personal thing. I try on every glove in the store and nothing feels right (that is, until the GNETik IV came out).
  11. For sure, and everyones perception of what they're feeling will be different too. The new GNETik IV is the first retail glove I've felt that is even close to the closure of the Passau 60. Not as close to "baseball glove" as the Passau, but as close as I've felt. But like I said, different people will describe how a break feels in different ways.
  12. This is still the best description of glove breaks I've seen, primarily because it actually shows the hand position in each of them. I have no idea how each of them compare to CCM glove break numbers though because I've never used a CCM glove. My Passau is definitely on the 60° end of the spectrum or even possibly a bit farther than shown, actually. My Brians S-Series (which used the original GNETik graphics though I have no idea how much, if any, part of the rest of the build design came from that line) was closer to somewhere between the 75° and the 90° where the thumb stays stationary and isn't really used for closing the glove.
  13. Are people switching away from leather straps because of weight? I always assumed it was because of the substantial performance benefit.
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