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  1. IPv6Freely

    Show Off Your Passau Gear

    Not yet! I’m now debating retro vs red/black/white.
  2. IPv6Freely

    Show Off Your Passau Gear

    I know about the real leather but definitely not for me. I bet they could print any shade they want but I’m not sure how efficient it would be to make every single piece from printed jenpro.
  3. IPv6Freely

    Back in the fold... Maybe?

    LOL!!!! i actually used to have that picture up in my locker in high school
  4. IPv6Freely

    Easton Mako as goal skates

    At one point I'd bought a pair of Makos to convert, but didn't like how the lack of tendon guard felt because of the big space around the achilles. I ended up saying screw it and ordered VH. I actually saw a photo a couple years ago of somebody who had made something with neoprene to fill in that space. That would have been better. I still wear Makos for player skates, though.
  5. IPv6Freely

    Passau C/A Opinions

    Awesome! Do you have it already? If so, what do you think?
  6. IPv6Freely

    Show Off Your Passau Gear

    Tim, do you guys have more than one shade of "retro" jenpro? From google searches I can't tell if you have multiple shades or whether it's just the lighting is different. Part of me wants a retro set but I prefer a slightly more brown (a bit less 'butterscotch') shade than what's shown here.
  7. IPv6Freely

    Passau C/A Opinions

    The only wear areas I've seen are on the cuffs a bit (just from friction pulling the straps tight) and the collar graphic is wearing off (I assume from my mask rubbing). Nothing even remotely bad enough to even consider buying a new one. I've had mine for... 4 years? I think. If you're at a low level I'd just go stock (unless you want custom colors). I didn't bother with the pro pack because I don't think I need it. If you're at a higher level you may want it though. I didn't get the maltese heart guard but next time I might. Not for protection so much as just deadening rebounds.
  8. IPv6Freely

    Passau Pants

    I can't wait. I'll be first in line once they're out!
  9. IPv6Freely

    New Option - Custom In-Material Printed Graphics

    I assume you can do some smaller graphics as opposed to doing the entire face of the pad? Have you considered offering something like padskinz/padwrap with custom printed graphics?
  10. IPv6Freely

    Back in the fold... Maybe?

    Hi all, Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about this site, my relationship with TGN and the other folks on here, and how things went pretty bad in a hurry last year. Obviously it wasn't good. I've been trying to reflect on where I'm at in life and what I need to do to make myself a better person. Yes, that sounds cheesy AF. But it's my reality at this point. So, what I'd like to do here and now is admit that I was wrong, that I was a dick, and ask for forgiveness and hope you guys would accept me as a member once again. @TheGoalNet or anyone else: If you'd like to PM me to discuss, please do. Thanks, all.
  11. IPv6Freely

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    So boring.
  12. IPv6Freely

    Socks and knee guards...

    Bauer 37.5 compression pants. The goalie specific ones don't have velcro so I buy the player ones and cut the jock out. Then Monster jock over top, Passau knee pads, and then new style pro stock RBK socks (without velcro tabs) attached the velcro on the compression pants.
  13. lol youre just being silly at this point If anything the goalies will likely get better. Less bulk with equal protection? Win! But again... that's a big IF and will require some technology to be used...
  14. IPv6Freely

    Custom cutout on my stick

    I've been doing very similar. I have to buy longer sticks though because I hold it further down the paddle with this setup. I feel like I have WAY better control though.
  15. It has absolutely nothing to do with Bettman. Also I'm 100% in favour of streamlined goalie gear as long as protection is not sacrificed.