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  1. Kayen

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    But you can be a trick or treat every night. Do it. Doooo it.
  2. Kayen

    The Mask Thread

    Here are some progress pictures from earlier in the week/last week. I don't have anymore updated pictures, but mask has been cleaned up a bit more, and passed off to @Doobiesnax who's going to put on some finishing touches. Also got my hands on a non-cert cateye for the mask as well.
  3. Kayen


    Bob Stauffer and Jack Michaels are somehow worse than Pierre for doing that...
  4. Kayen


    I don't know if you deal with any of the Oilers radio broadcast, but instead of calling the actual play they'll go off into constant tangents about some obscure family relation or whatever about some player who's dad played for so and so, and his cousin played there and his best friend owns a pizza shop somewhere... all the while missing out on what's actually happening on the play...
  5. Kayen


    This video is super relevant haha Also part 2:
  6. Kayen


    I like beer league. It's that extra motivation, especially when you know your D is going to crap all over you
  7. Kayen


    Debatable, we can carry out with whatever diction we want. Hockey isn't necessarily a serious environment, hence no need to carry ourselves out in such a stiff manner I suppose. SNIPE CELLY WHEEL BOYZ Edit: Especially beer league hockey, we're just there to have fun.
  8. Kayen


    This is normal rink talk/terms for me as well... and I am a guy nearing his 30's as well, and most of the guys i play with are above 30... so i'm genuinely confused why it's being looked down upon here.
  9. Kayen


    ITT: Condescending adults not pleased with new terms.
  10. Kayen


    I got a shutout the other day and when i was talking to a buddy the next day i said i got a shutty... I guess i'll get off someone's lawn.
  11. Kayen


  12. Kayen

    Kayen's Collection of Frankenchesties

    It's super mobile, I worked it to be protective, square, yet very movable.
  13. Kayen

    Kayen's Collection of Frankenchesties

    In the spirit of @TheGoalNet's chelfie.... Further mods made: - Added side extensions to not interfere with my new eflex 1.9 pants - ritual g2 pro shoulder floaters - ritual g2 pro harness with custom straps made by @Doobiesnax - added wrist guards on the arms
  14. Kayen

    Help needed

    Me too