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  1. Pretty much my exact set up right now. I came from using Bauer cowlingless skates w/ Tydan blades, and the attack angle is up there for sure.
  2. I posted in the (now defunct 🙄) mask thread regarding my mask refurbish, and now I finally have it back in my hands and wore it last night! Huge props to @Doobiesnax for letting me be his guinea pig on his first time airbrushing.
  3. @coopaloop1234 hit it right on the nail. I have a jiggyfly, so i store my pads upside down typically to get that super curved thighrise.
  4. https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Fix+My+Gear With their other stuff too!
  5. tech mesh boot, softer boot than the S190 for sure (full composite).
  6. Actually i've been cultivating a giant fro.... I'm trying to add to the trend of Movember and go full on FROvember.
  7. Kayen

    Cowl Positioning

    I think the main concern - which you've already thought of, is once heated up and bent - the cowling might not have the same structural integrity it did prior.
  8. +1 Matt is a great dude. I bought a poron kit for 960 from him. Veeeery comfortable.
  9. 630-332-5100 ask for Dennis. Just call him and ask for what you need. It would be resolved infinitely faster than this constant back and forth.
  10. You need a certified cage? Cateyes aren't certified. Boom.
  11. Kayen

    CCM Gear

    Agreed. I'm not going to notice that weight. QK5 is weight difference is pointless only plus I see is durability advantages over leather. I think less straps are popular for us lazy cucks who just want to have more time to chug beer before/after our ice times (we all know that's the most important part).
  12. https://goalieparts.com/2018-otny-x1-kevlar-jr-int-sr-hecc-csa/ This be what you're looking for then.
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