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  1. Prolaces Thread

    Oh Monster Hockey... what won't you slap some Hook and Loop on? I've never tried them, but good alternative solution.
  2. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    Thanks... I guess I could have also just looked it up on Passau's site. I like the idea, but pretty sure they won't integrate well into my frankensteined knee guards.
  3. Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts

    So do these act as additional cushioning on the knee landing of the Passau knee pad or additional protection behind the hard shell against the thigh?
  4. Prolaces Thread

    Solid Red... will these be finding their way onto the new Optiks??? Also, I think I need to come up with a logo for myself. It'll probably be lame, but it can't be any worse than the random inspirational phrases I've been using in a sad attempt to convince myself they have some powerful reminder message that allows me to clear my head and focus on the "task" at hand. I appreciate the reply. Maybe it's because they're based in Quebec... maybe I just like the construction & tension more... but I think I have a soft spot for Pro Laces over HALs. No knock on HALs on either front... just personal preference.
  5. Prolaces Thread

    @TheGoalNet I saw that post on IG... good thought. I had the same issue as @Big2's son with Pro Laces, and I also had significant wear on the shock cord itself, which could have been a result of the Vertexx Cowlings I thrown on my Graf boot at the time. I went and bought a couple sets of HALs but definitely more interested in trying the Pro Laces Armor. Anyone out there have a set already and can speak to comparing it w/ the original Pro Laces and HALs?
  6. Rec League warmup?

    First off... I kept reading "serial high school shooter." I'm not sure if that's just my ADD kicking in and I'm skimming poorly... or if it's a subconscious commentary on our world nowadays. Secondly... I get annoyed with the occasional shot to the head in warm ups. Who wouldn't? But at the same time, I wear a mask, it doesn't hurt, and more importantly it didn't go in. If it's the same guy over and over again, just asking him to not take cracks at you in warm ups shouldn't be a big deal. By the sound of him being a serial high shooter he's not intending to hit you in the dome, just doesn't know how to shoot. Something that probably should have been addressed long ago if he played organized hockey as a kid.
  7. Rec League warmup?

    Agreed on the pegs... ever since I was a kid I actually let the refs do it... gives you time to chat it up with them as well. Can't overstate the warm-up is for the goalie, not shooters enough. If they want to dial in their shot, have them do it off your blocker instead of the one time all night they'll go bar down over a shoulder. Kills me when I see a warm up where all the shots are clang and in... but as soon as the puck drops the same guys can't hit the net at all. Water bottle stays at the bench. My water doesn't get blown up, and I don't end up having to take a bottle from the forwards (never take from your defense.) Everyone wins. All my leagues we get 5 min on ice warm ups... so yes I'm like your grandparents hitting up dinner at 4PM... early... Unpack and lay everything out in very OCD manner Dressed in cup#1 (standard jock), socks , and 3/4 length compression pants Get loose... Soldier Kicks, Butt Kicks, High Knees etc. Stretch... I focus on lower body because as my Ortho recently put it "You have significant degeneration of you hips, knees, and ankles. I would say it's close to that of a man around 60-65, which considering you're 38 is not good. ...Oh that's right, you've played goalie for 30 years. So this is all just about as it should be." Hips, GROIN, hammies, and dem glutes along with any other muscle group that is making it's presence felt more than it should. Roll... I keep a stick roller in my bag. Work the IT band, thighs, groin, and calves Shoot the shit w/ the fellas for a while as I get dressed Final pieces go on as the Zam rolls off Skate... lap or two around our end forward and backward Quick stretch again... focus on hips and groin (on ice and use the bench boards) Take some shots... arc of clappers right to left... arc of clappers left to right... watching the puck to my pads (or into the net) If the stripes are taking their time I'll get a couple guys in front of me to do tips from around the arc as well. I just always love the tracking. Let the ref throw in the pegs as we chat... grab my water from the bench... good to go. Link below to an article from GGSU on the subject... the writer is fresh outta school... but you'll get the idea... https://www.ggsunited.com/blogs/news/the-proper-way-to-warm-up
  8. Aftermarket Steel

    Gracias! My wife appreciates the use of discount/coupon codes. I'm super weird about coupons, never will use them in a store, but all about it online. Maybe it's the anonymity, or maybe I'm just weird.
  9. Aftermarket Steel

    It'll be 3mm. I'm on the fence about getting some myself. I have a pair of S190s that i bought LS3G steels for in addition to the stock LS2G. Not happy with either steels. We'll see how good the next Bauer steels are I guess... but likely I'll go Tyden next go round. DLC is really the only way to even try and keep an edge w/ 3mm.
  10. 2018 Brian's Optik

    As I watched... questions & notes... Pillow is big... but color scheme might have something to do with that as has already been pointed out. Air Mesh between fingers... I don't know about anyone else and maybe i do something weird... but I've found that to be a wear point on the index finger in particular. @Brians_Joz am I just strange and a one off or do you give an option for another material? (It's ok if you just say strange.) Maybe I need an intermediate palm? Worth noting is that I really liked my SZ2 blocker... Koho one I'm using now is somewhat clunky, touch heavy and not nearly as responsive. Crazy open cuff... I guess it's still somewhat necessary to hopefully avoid a skate on the wrist or something (i dunno)... but otherwise could almost be removed. Velcro adjustment on the finger is nice... probably a set once and forget item... but makes the most sense to use those materials to adjust at all. Binding around the sidewall... as you said it's a wear spot which is easily replaceable. Without the binding you're losing that sacrificial piece and likely more dinero to fix (if you're so inclined to fix it in the first place.) Genetik weight is slightly skewed from stock given modifications you did... but still surprising the weight is on par with a 1s. DAMN... that blocker is gonna float right off your hand it's so light. Good thing you can ratchet down with the BOA. Thanks for brushing your teeth prior to making the video... came in handy when you put the blocker on at the end. Minty. Way to handle the breaking the BOA question... common sense just isn't as common as it should be. I mean that in reference to the reduced height of the out roll on the leg pads.
  11. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Danke @TheGoalNet... wasn't able to join the live IG as I was busy getting a sunburn on the back of my neck last night. Pick up skate... but it was a rough one. Glove or Legs next?? Is the reduction in side wall something I should have @Beccaraptor look at when she has time to also take a little off the top of my pads??? So anxious... ok... gonna watch now.
  12. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Beauty... I had a Sub Zero Pro 2 glove/blocker combination at the tail end of a failed Vaughn V3 7407 experiment. Never could get used to the break line on the glove, but I LOVED that blocker. I'm anxious to hear about how the BOA works out in there... it's a shame you'll have some scuffs on that face though.
  13. DIY: Paddle Shaving + Stick Height

    Warrior is a Swagger ST... durable stick... I love the Bumpersole on it... but it is heavy. Sherwood is a GS150... so yeah... it's a tree trunk.
  14. DIY: Paddle Shaving + Stick Height

    Thanks man... I was pretty happy with how they all turned out. It became very apparent how light the Passau sticks really are once the Sherwood and Warrior were shaved down to the same paddle and shaft heights. The spar varnish really was nice to have sitting around too (refinished my Big Green Egg table this summer.) Sealed everything up really well with just a couple light coats.
  15. Show Off Your Action Photos

    I'm doing something wrong. Most games I'm just happy to have 10 guys in the locker room with me... let alone a team photographer.