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  1. Bauer Gear

    I understand Bauer has some work ahead of them on how to do custom work for the masses. My point is really more about the stock graphic and how there should be more options for base besides white without having to be considered a custom job. I actually kind of like the stock graphic... but maybe with a black base or something.
  2. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    Nope. I celebrating keep for the unexpected... and I expect to make every save. I don't even like to windmill. Let the save look as easy as possible... especially when it wasn't. Of course I don't make every save... but in my mind I'd like to think that over the years in either practice or a game I have made the save before so no reason I shouldn't do it again now.
  3. New Forum Theme

    So as you're apparently no longer welcome as an admin... did you actively revert it back to the previous theme then?
  4. Bauer Gear

    From what little I know... I agree on the ridiculous cost. And given how the C.O.R.TECH Skin seems to retain puck marks (images below taken from @1C5 after an estimated 100 skates) I'd just want to see other base colors before spending any of my cheddar. I don't recall ever seeing actual rebound comparison testing... but given the lack of base colors and the overwhelming concern on durability... I'd probably opt for FLY Optiks or Premier IIs at this point.
  5. Bauer Gear

    I wish there was a shop around me that had a set I could demo. Never been a Bauer guy. In fact I'm just now in my first pair of Bauer skates. But there is something about these I'd love to try. Also wish they came in something other than a white base. Pretty sure everyone who has commented on 1S and 1X has said that already... but now I can be included in that group. The whole digital printing thing isn't a thing until it's available for consumers like us in my opinion.
  6. TGN Spec

    Execellent. For as much flak as you've caught on IG for the graphic and material choice (albeit some can't tell the difference between matte jenpro and cordora) you've taken a crotch rocket and made a cafe racer out of it. Everything you need and nothing you don't.
  7. TGN Spec

    Any chance you'll have scales at the ready to compare to your red Optiks?
  8. Masked Marvels In The Olympics

    Shame they had to cover up so much of that artwork though.
  9. Switching Teams - Beer League

    I had a guy pop into my locker room after a game and ask if I could stay and sub for their team immediately after... I actually couldn't had to head home... but then he came back 2 min later and offered me $50 to borrow my gear. Caught me off guard. Wasn't sure which was more insulting... that I come across as the type of guy who would loan out my gear... or that they think I would do it for a mere $50 (USD.) I'm not saying I'm better than a pimp... but you offer a Pontiac price for my Cadillac... we got some problems.
  10. Show off your sweaters

    Finally received our team jerseys before this weekend's tourney... they're decent. I do like the fit on the body of mine... not crazy baggy. The arms however will need some tailoring to taper them at the ends. Length is fine. Only quasi complaint is that the white shoulders made a game against a team wearing all white jerseys a little more interesting than anticipated.
  11. Your height and your paddle size !

    5'10"... 27.5". Passau. I tried to go down to a 27" but it just felt like I was reaching down when crouched.
  12. Switching Teams - Beer League

    Geez Coop... how did it go down... "It was nice playing with some of you, but i'm leaving." Sticky note saying "Going out for a pack of cigs." but you never came back (nor do you smoke.) Explained the new team has guys who are much younger, more fit, have more energy, and they make you feel like the man you want to be. Please tell me it was one of these and not @Ghostender's way to do right.
  13. Aftermarket Steel

    Just switched to a 7/16" as well... love it!! I've had 10 skates on a single sharpening and still have great bite.
  14. Hitting a Wall on Wall

    Ended up playing the weekend with the cage... and just ordered a new one from Finland along with hardware, a new harness, chin cup, and fit foam to make the shipping worthwhile. Changed things up a bit though... went with double bar cat eye instead of the standard single... didn't go back to white cage either... more to come when it arrives...
  15. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    I’ll just skate a figure 8 from dot to dot after a goal. If it’s for I might say good work or nice finish... if it’s against i’ll Just clear my head. Pretty sure it doesn’t get anyone worked up. If it does, so be it. More of a reset for me regardless of which net the puck is being pulled out of. I will say that what does get to me is a guy at the other end who chirps the refs or my guys on every call. I’ll chat it up with refs and the opposition. Can’t remember the last time a ref changed a call when a complaint is made, especially in beer league. It’s not like refs are doing it for the money. They’re out there just like us. If there is an opposing player who makes it his job to try to annoy and frustrate me, I welcome it. My role is to stop pucks. If he wants to get a closer view of me doing it, have at it. Nothing like popping up from the ice with a grin on my face and a puck in my glove.