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  1. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Good deal. Thanks for the note back. Maybe I'll just see if OTNY could do the refurb. Will cost... but is what it is.
  2. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Thanks for the advice@IPv6Freely... I probably would have just gotten annoyed when putting it all back together. I'll pick up some longer screws in advance.
  3. The Definitive Shooting & Playing the Puck Thread

    @Murray I'm tagging this topic... I struggle for the same reasons you do. Wasn't emphasized when I was in my formative goalie years... and to what @IPv6Freely mentioned... I play w/ a 90 degree 580 break that just isn't meant for Turco style handling.
  4. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    While we're talking refurbishment though... I know I can probably google this... but anyone have any insight on the Wire Wrap being used by Bauer? If I'm going to refurb an oldie I could probably get some tubing and mimic this. Would certainly help protect the paint job etc.
  5. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    No fit issues... just OCD. If you can help me with that pretty much my whole family and anyone I work with will forever be in your debt. All joking aside, I just would prefer to pad the mask in the OEM padding style but with Maltese. I understand it's not only needlessly adding weight, and likely overkill, but just saying i'm not alone in that thought process. Ideally I'd carefully remove the Rubatex padding from the mask and use it as a template on Maltese sheets. To play devil's advocate... why does Jonas not just use a kit? Why is Otny not just using a kit? (Sidenote: Please do NOT ask why I didn't just get an Otny instead of my polycarbonate Wall W6H... it was a few years ago...)
  6. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    @Chenner29... do I need to get a petition going for this to happen? I'll do it. Getting stone walled by anyone who uses Maltese in their products when requesting to buy sheets.
  7. Hills' 2017-18 Winter Season

    As I watched this latest video I can't help but compare it to my own team. 5 on 5 everyone watches the puck... your guys are like bumble bees around the puck and leave guys open. Oddly enough though... when on the PK... they position well. Go figure. Good movement... especially off the post when in RVH and the puck finds its way into the open guy in the slot.
  8. Change steel or buy skates?

    Whatever you decide... IMO it's definitely worth waiting for the DLC. I can't say enough enough about how well the combination of better steel and DLC has reduced the number of sharpenings I've had to get on 3mm.
  9. Change steel or buy skates?

    Fair warning on going from 4mm to 3mm steel... in my experience... when i made the move it took about 5 sharpenings for me to find the "right" hollow for me. It is deeper (was 3/8 on 4mm to now a 1/2 on 3mm) and as a result, the edges are far easier to blemish when you touch a post. To @bunnyman666's point, the stock Bauer steel is soft, and I have since moved to a Tydan steel w/ DLC which has held up MUCH better. I really do like how light my S190s are... but like everything else... it comes at a price of durability, in this case, the steel. Keep us posted on what you decide.
  10. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    I echo @cwarnar comment on Passau. Sticks are light (for foam core) and VERY durable. I'm waffleing between another batch of Passaus or a couple CR1s. If/when I break a Passau I'll pull the trigger on one or the other.
  11. Skate, Leg pads, Sticks questions

    I went w/ S190s myself. The only differences between S190 and the 1S were the insole insert, tongue material, and 2G steel. I went and bought the 3G steel... but have subsequently swapped out to Tydan. Much happier with it.
  12. Composite Stick Thread

    Good deal. Thanks for the additional info. Now if only I could get $100 off each one as well... on their site they're still list price and once I get shipping involved I might as well just get some from the states.
  13. Composite Stick Thread

    Actually what you've said already is probably what I was looking for. I'm in the same boat as you in terms of new to the composite world (did have a Bauer when the first came out forever ago, broke it, and hated the vibration) and your first impressions would likely be the same as mine. Did you find you liked the grip area or did you grip tape on foam cores before?
  14. Composite Stick Thread

    What's the verdict? Waffling between CR1 and 1S... price point isn't helping 1S... and custom 3 Pack of CR1 from Goaliemonkey helps as well.
  15. Composite Stick Thread

    BAH... this damn thread keeps popping up. Dare I convert to composite? Instead of a new batch of Passau foam core perhaps I should dip my toe into the composite pool? $200 on a single stick seems crazy... but if I'm going to do this... i should get a real composite and not hybrid... what would you guys suggest? Also I'll need help with paddle height conversion... using a 27.5" now. I'm not too hung up on aesthetics, but something that isn't neon colored would be nice. CR1? Bauer?