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  1. BadAngle41

    Jofa 390/387/481

    Did you remove this from the cold dead head of Arturs Irbe? Not up my alley to purchase, but great combo.
  2. BadAngle41

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Thanks.. itching to pull the trigger on a couple even though I won't be able to use them for a couple months.
  3. BadAngle41

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Now available in some new stock colors per GoalieMonkey.com... Black/Carbon White/Navy/Smoke White/Red/Smoke White/Smoke
  4. BadAngle41

    Inspirations on gear

    When it was a competive environment they were things like “Win or Learn” or “Make it Happen”. Now it’s more about reminders to keep perspective, like “Have Fun” on my blocker and the kids’s initials on my glove. Theyre just written in gold sharpie so sometimes instead of rewriting the same ones I’ll change them up. Whatever helps put me in a clear and relaxed state of mind. Since I can remember I’ve always skated dot to dot after a goal for or against. Just lets me reset. Placebo effect or not, if you believe it, it works.
  5. BadAngle41

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    It’s in the backlog... just need to do some research on how we can integrate something like that to the forum platform. Adds a dimension to the site where we can both discuss these things in topic threads, and be a comparison resource with data from the crowd. More to come.
  6. BadAngle41

    Pad Question

    @A10airknight I'd send them to @BadAngle41 for some on ice testing just to make sure they're ok for you to use. 😉 Handsome set!
  7. BadAngle41

    C/A Design Help

    Once I find myself back in a locker room in a few months... I'll take the same pic with my gear. I'll post it saying "Who wore it better?"... but we both know it's you.
  8. BadAngle41

    Changing Your Style

    I'm with @FIFTY-SIX. I've pretty well torn up both knees and hips over the past 30ish years of playing goal. Granted some issues like hips are the result of being genetically prone to certain conditions, but it's no secret that goaltending isn't friendly on the joints and in my case has significantly accelerated the degeneration of most of mine from the waist down. I think it's pretty safe to say that 98% (or more) of us who say we play "the butterfly" are really playing hybrid with a strong tendency to go into the butterfly position. In spite of goal pad technology which has made sliding much more efficient, I do like the strong trend in teaching younger goaltenders to stay on their feet. There is nothing wrong with making as save while standing. To @goalie's point you'll find the need to narrow your stance, shuffle, and stay back in the paint more. Not going into a butterfly-esque position will be an enormously difficult habit to break if you've been doing it for years, but by focusing on staying square and keeping active feet by doing micro shuffles you may find there isn't as much of a need to go down in the first place.
  9. I don't clean often. Like @coopaloop1234 I don't mind the visual reminder that occasionally I make a save. When I do clean though I've used a magic eraser... but given it's really just a super fine abrasive... I use it in conjunction with a bucket of water and dish soap or even saddles soap. The soap helps break up the marks and reduce the amount of hard scrubbing which can prematurely damage the surface of jenpro.
  10. Thanks for the kid words on the Passau C/A. I love the CCM AB Pro... such a great piece of equipment. What are the secs on your Premier 1?
  11. BadAngle41

    C/A Design Help

    Agreed. The normal Passau face type on it would have changed the whole unit... so happy they chose to keep the font I mocked up. The precendent has been set!
  12. BadAngle41

    C/A Design Help

    Probably do so tonight... I'll weight my Premier as well... but it has been slightly modified.
  13. Ha... I posted this to @coopaloop1234 a while back when he had similar feedback... and while yes the new unit will age... it's meant to look vintage. Not to mention, I did have a Vaughn unit a while back that was predominantly white and it didn't get crazy discolored. From that aspect it's about how much you sweat, where it goes, and how (or if) you clean you stuff. Below is when I picked up my Premier next to the outgoing EPIC unit I had used for a number of years. Some discoloration yes, but whatever.
  14. BadAngle41

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    No love for the matching blocker?
  15. BadAngle41

    Brian's Optik Blocker vs. Bauer S170 Blocker Comparison

    @Adam Cooper while the Elitist does bring up a good point on #2 above... great comparison video. Good to see the size of the face, curve angle, and cuff comparison. Thanks for posting!