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  1. BadAngle41

    Math's video thread

    You just made my week!! I tried to watch your best game ever video at the office, but the firewall blocks you-tube videos I think. Looking forward to watching it and last night’s game!!
  2. BadAngle41

    Back in the fold... Maybe?

    OR... @IPv6Freely this could be less weird if you don’t announce turning over a new leaf and maybe you just do it. Post. Converse. Whatever. Door is clearly open. I fell like this is where you are at now...
  3. BadAngle41

    Zoombang Padded Shirts

    Whitmore has had his eye on this sort of stuff... taken from an InGoalMag article... Several NHL goaltenders already wear Bauer undershirts lined strategically with Poron to try and reduce impact over the clavicle and ribs. In fact, padded undershirts have already been brought up at the NHL Competition Committee meetings, not just in terms of adding a layer of protection, but as something that needs to be monitored so goalies aren’t using them to look bigger by having their new, small chest protectors sit further up or away from their body. “This is a big one, and some people think we are going to have to worry about it in the future,” Whitmore said. “Most are reasonable but padded shirts may eventually have to be approved models that we have looked at and said ‘it doesn’t change you that much.’”
  4. G4 kept the webbing and click straps for Pro only I believe... but the attachments to add them are on the SR model if you wanted to buy a kit and add them. Their rationale was that guys who had the Pro level wanted the extra security of the webbing that that neoprene alone wouldn't give them.
  5. BadAngle41

    Show Off Your Passau Gear

    I only found this off of their IG page (not sure why they couldn't have found this guy a pair of pants)... and really I think it's because most everything they do is custom to the client. @GoalieTimmy33 could certainly provide more insight.
  6. BadAngle41

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    I 💯 agree with you on mobility over bulk. That's one of the reasons I no longer wear my CCM Premier C/A... just couldn't move in it. That said when it comes to leg pads... I wear what compared to your latest sets would be considered mature to say the least in a 3 year old set of Retroflexes. Granted, not the lightest gear on the market when they were new let alone now, but they're only 5.2 lbs (5lbs 3.4oz) so they're by no means leather and stuffed with deer hair either. I've played for years and am accustomed to a certain feel of the pad on my leg... and having demo'd Bauer 1X and Bauer 2S sets recently... the lack of weight felt off to me. Stay with me now... I know I'm getting long winded but a friend just picked up a set of G4 Senior (arrived yesterday) and while he hasn't had a chance to get them on the ice he always raves about how light they are... even compared to his previous G3 Senior set. He's played hockey for years but started goaltending <2 years ago... and he's quite good if I do say so myself. But when he looks at gear it's through a narrow lens as he has worn Warrior and only Warrior (on a regular basis.) How they fit, play, and even just strap on your leg is very different from CCM and other brands. Prior to making the G4 purchase he demo'd a set of EF3s and thought they were just ok... and sorta heavy.. much like yourself. My contention to him about his emphasis on weight... and to you now as well given you've similar experience is this... strapping. Warriors are a light pad (in part due to being 1/2" less then the NHL legal limit) and their strapping promotes rotates through (amongst other things) being kept relatively loose. Wear a somewhat heavier pad in the same manner... and it feels much heavier. But if you wear the heavier pad tighter to the leg and have that weight more in contact with your legs it doesn't feel nearly as heavy as before. I'd point to back packs as a practical example... When worn loose in Figure 1 the load feels heavy is it is pulling down on the shoulders. Wearing it properly on the shoulders in Figure 2 (and for those who backpack/hike the use of waist and chest straps) the load is better distributed to sit on the shoulders and against the back. And lastly we have what I would refer to as the Warrior in Figure 3... perhaps a lighter load but intentionally sags to one side (inward.) Figure 1 (Loose) Figure 2 (Properly) Figure 3 (Warrior) Of course this all comes down to personal preference and I would argue that most of us are creatures of habit who prefer the devil we know to the one we don't when it comes to new gear vs. similar to what we've worn before... but just curious to see how my theory is received.
  7. BadAngle41

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Saw these on SidelineSwap, as some of you may have already. Interesting use of materials with Nash on the outter roll. Not sure if it was used for the color or just for the vintage feel, but I think it gives them some good character (not $2000 worth, but they're worth what someone will pay.) https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie-leg-pads/604584-vaughn-johnson-heritage-night-goalie-pads
  8. BadAngle41

    Too much padding in goalie mask?

    @southpawtendy48 while we're all certainly on here to give our two cents on anything and everything gear/goalie related... if you have made requests to the manufacturer (or their rep) and they have asked you to provide information to help service your purchase... my advice is to jump on that prior to asking any of us. They know their product and how it's intended to fit/work for their customers. Had you sent them pictures a few weeks ago perhaps they could have ironed out the padding issue or found that maybe it just wasn't the right one for you and get something in your hands that is. This sort of thing happens when you make a purchase based on what you want instead of perhaps what you need... and I'll give you the lack of opportunity to try on prior to purchase may be a factor here too. I now I'm certainly guilty of that on several occasions. Please follow up with @GoalieParts and follow up on this thread or another to tell us about the fitment process and how satisfied you are once everything is said and done.
  9. BadAngle41

    Math's video thread

    Good skate! You were hung out on a couple... but I did notice a few things (and I'm sorry I've been wired to give feedback on areas of improvement only as doing the right thing is expected and should not be praised... HA)... Stay on your feet. Your shuffles and t-pushes seem to get you where you need to be when you use them... but you default to a butterfly slide for cross crease movement which seems to make changing of directions or any other adjustments more difficult for you. Forces you to stretch and reach when you could otherwise have your position and just drop. Set your feet. On couple of the goals, prior to going into your butterfly your feet weren't set, so consequently when you go down momentum is carrying you beyond your intended position. Active glove. You do a good job on your blocker side of keeping it out in front of you, but often times on either scrambles or general movements your glove hand stays back and drops down... almost locking to your leg pad.
  10. I made the progression to cowlingless through a Graf of all things... replaced the Cobra cowling with a Bauer Vertex... then jumped to cowlingless. Trav4Oilers should stop thinking about the skates as some sort of faith... there is nothing to believe in. Facts are as follows.. they're lighter and more responsive. Now if you don't like how that feels fine... but it's not a matter of belief. As for taking shots off of them.... I can see where some guys would say that yes they feel it more than a traditional cowling. Of course you would. There is no longer a couple mm of plastic shroud and a couple more mm of space between that shroud and your boot. I would point out however that cowlingless skates are designed to be used in conjunction with a modern style of goaltending in which your boot is far less exposed than in times gone by. Rare occasional scrambles will happen where you do have an increased opportunity for a puck off the boot... but if you're tracking and moving decently well... your boot should be pretty well covered. Personally I think i've taken maybe 2 shots off the toe in the two years or so i've owned cowlingless. Neither of which were painful. Lastly... how very Robin Lehner of you to get 1 or 2 sharpenings a season. I'm not 100% sure but I think you're in a skate w/ 4mm steel now. Switch to Bauer cowlingless and you'l be in a 3mm... so finding that right hollow will take some time... and the steel is pretty darn soft... so post dings will have a much greater impact for you than before. In other words... you will likely need to get sharpenings more often.
  11. BadAngle41

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Guys & Girls... couple things... No need for name calling. We may not all be adults, but we all know better. No response speaks louder than one that gets personal. Social media is a place where all too often someone's opinion can be valued more than fact. Take what you see and read with a grain of salt and find out the facts for yourself if you're interested in doing so. We are all entitled to an educated opinion, so lets just make sure that's what we're providing. These spaces are meant to bring people with common interests together, not be another place to oppress.
  12. Agreed on that... I had a VERY small sample size of skates in which I have demo'd both 1X and 2S... and I would agree that 2S slide much better than the 1X did for me. In fact, I was hard pressed to notice the 1X being much different than my Retroflexes now. I know some of you may be rolling your eyes to that, and I will admit I didn't like the 1X from the start. Just couldn't get them to feel right, which could also be the reason they didn't slide much better for me. But I will say when I slid with the 2S is was pretty remarkable. Even guys after the skates mentioned how I seemed to just be moving much more smoothly. Didn't have to load up my push leg nearly as much.
  13. Total height on the Tydan is a hair under 23mm (18mm showing when installed into the Vertexx Edge holder,) and that's after 2 sharpenings. They're certainly much taller than the LS3G I had, but I would defer to you or @Adam Cooper for measurements on the LS5G. As for my hip issues... they are a combination of genetics and 30+ years between the pipes. The additional height hasn't changed my stance, so the only time I'm really taking advantage of the lower attack angle is when i'm butterfly pushing. That said, I would like to stress the 30+ years... I've had plenty of time to be coached and be comfortable with what I am capable of... how I need to use that to my advantage... and how to make up for the shortcomings. More importantly... how to know when to make a change as my body changes. Not to go to off subject here... but I also think this is where the importance of technique utilized by the goaltender to maximize their strengths while minimizing their opportunity for injury comes into play. A LOT of what we all discuss on this forum is gear because to varying degrees it's all attainable for us. We can get the lightest pads, or those that slide the best, or close the 5 hole fastest... but we spend less time talking technique because it's hard to do and most of us don't get ice time outside of beer league games to work on such things. For those of you who subscribe to The Athletic, Cat Silverman did a nice piece on Laurent Brossoit and how he worked on what HE NEEDED to be a better NHL goalie... https://theathletic.com/611267/2018/10/25/behind-the-save-how-laurent-brossoit-found-his-way-back-to-nhl-form/ I certainly understand the question with regard to my hip issues though. You look at the stress being applies to hips (especially at such a young age) now, and guys who may have genetic predispositions like me will likely have their issues accelerated. While potentially taken out of context, the image below of Tyler Parsons hurts to look at... (cant tell if he's using LS5G or DLC Tydan/Step)
  14. Had a nice delivery Tuesday evening just before heading to the rink. Ever since I've been back from hip surgery I felt like I was playing off the balls of my feet... pitched forward and not in a more neutral stance like I prefer. After trying to make adjustments I just came to terms with the fact it's likely my steels... and sure enough it was. The DLC Tydans have been fantastic but the local sharpening skills left them with much more steel removed from the front half than the back half of them. So I ordered a new set from goalieparts.com... and went with the gold TIN coating. Skated with them last night and it felt right again. I was slightly concerned about the coating and how well it would do in preventing nicks and burs when kicking posts... but they performed impeccably. Going to have the DLCs brough back to neutral and throw them in the spare steel pouch. Big thanks to Dennis Kasprowicz for great customer service and having them drop shipped to me. Worth noting if anyone does order a set, the notes field is mandatory when ordering, but i didn't have any special requests so I just threw my number in there as a place holder... but turns out they etched it on there more me... all the better. (previously posted in the Tydan vs Step thread)