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  1. Whenever I get interviewed I give it a couple sprays of Binaca... splash of old spice and let ‘er rip. Might not like what I have or say... but at least a my odor management is on point.
  2. @TheGoalNet I've never worn a flat bar... is the visibility about the same as a more traditional double bar? Also do you have any initial impressions on the Sportmask chin cup? It was mentioned in another thread as pretty comfy and a great option to add on to any mask (for those who prefer cups to slings anyway.)
  4. FOR SALE 3 Pack of BadAngle41 Spec custom Passau foam core sticks. 1 has been used <10 times. 2 others are unused. (Picture below was taken prior to 1 being used.) Super light and durable. Detailed specs below. Asking $200 USD + Buyer Pays Shipping from Indianapolis, IN USA Passau Custom Foam Core w/ Heavy 21 Shaft WEIGHT: 851g (weighed prior to taping) COLOR SHAFT : BLACK COLOR PADDLE : BLACK COLOR LOGOINLINE: NO PAINT COLOR LOGOOUTLINE: ANTIQUE GOLD PITTSBURGH SHAFT: HEAVY21 FLEX: REGULAR SIDE: REGULAR CURVE: C6 SIZE SHAFT : 28" (Actual 28.25") SIZE PADDLE : 27,5" (Actual 27.25")
  5. I thought American Millennials were the one who get offended over nothing.
  6. I don't blame you... luckily I just unzip. You could ask either... not sure of their willingness to do it... or the charge. I can say I picked up a piece up off of Amazon for ~$10 shipped. 12"x24" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074N9YZD6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1 I just used a Dremel to cut it to shape and polish the edges... then a heat gun to form it to shape. I'll post pictures this weekend for anyone who is interested in giving it a try as well.
  7. Yes... Lexan 9034 is far better at the same .125" thickness... KYDEX V is more firm than OEM material... but doesn't even come close to the performance of Lexan. To top it off... Lexan is even slightly lighter... KYDEX V @ .125" Thick .5909 lbs Lexan 9034 @.125" Thick .5250 lbs.
  8. First off... the statement regarding current save/blocking technique is accurate. Skate saves a la Bill Ranford are not only no longer seen regularly... they rare rarely seen at all. Secondly... One thing you will also notice is that a pad sat down much lower on a skate than they do now. So when you combine changing technique and exposed skate... there is a larger opportunity for a puck to hit the outside of a boot. As for the advantages of cowlingless... to name a few... weight reduction increased energy transfer better attack angle Lastly... the topic is Vasi specific. A guy who not only makes Gumby saves where a hit against the outside of the boot is more than possible... but who is also coming off having a broken foot. If this was every goaltender in the NHL who wears cowlingless skates... then maybe something should be further evaluated.
  9. 2 skates down with the added 1/8" of Lexan 9034 and I can say that it does indeed improve the pop off my blocker when compared to the stock materials. I have another skate coming up on Sunday which will be against consistently stronger shooters than the previous 2 skates... so I'm hoping to get some decent shots at my blocker to see how it holds up to heavier shots. I'd really want to hit up a Stick 'N Puck or something where I can swap out materials and just get shooters to rifle away at it, but games are about all I have on the horizon right now. Because it's really only games, at this point I'm hesitant to throw in the 2nd piece of Lexan at all as I did notice the weight when test fitting both sheets in my blocker. More to come...
  10. I don't see much about this product available at retail. But judging by IG they're sending out sheets of the laminated material for Equipment Managers to custom cut to whatever they're applying to. Guessing it's applied via adhesive as well given I don't see any stitching.
  11. So... I actually went the opposite route. Just picked up a few NXGs. Love the performance of the 2S Pro but not the price and finding them for less in my size has proven to be problematic.
  12. Lots of gaps are pretty large... but the butterfly slide vs. lateral release is pretty clear.
  13. @ThatCarGuy... valid thought. And I would pose to some that this does somewhat apply to Beer League... When you're used to playing at a good pace and see good passers and shooters you correctly select a butterfly slide. Similar situation happens in a lower league (where the odd strange and curious happen constantly) and your reaction could be to do the same because the pass was decent. But in this case the shooter isn't as skilled... can't handle the puck well... and instead of one timing... he corrals it and holds on (because he inexplicably has time and space) and you end up over sliding. Of course Lateral Release is a better option in the lower league... but you will also get the random one timer... so you have to play honest. My point is these situations exist. It existed before sliding surfaces became more advanced... and will continue you as they get even better. At the end of the day the answer is technique. Using your edges... good depth... active hands... battling etc. We can't rely on a pad to be built to do everything for us.
  14. @Max27 I had a cracked OEM cuff on my Koho 589 (CCM EF1) which I sent off to Factory Mad for it and a few other repairs over the summer. Dennis threw in a new cuff and new bindings. By November the cuff cracked again. It's not unusable by any means... but I am using the 2nd glove at this point and the cracked one would only be for back to back games in a tourney. My point is I think this supports that it's a 1 piece thing. The fact that both the OEM CCM and Factory Mad cuffs both broke speaks to that. I don't recall ever having the issue on 2 piece cuffs as they could flex independently in the event of a hard enough impact. The picture below was the OEM cracked cuff when Dennis took it out. I don't think the crack I have currently is as bad... but what is also misleading is that when everything is bound together so tightly it's hard to tell. I can certainly feel the new crack... but again... it's one of the reasons I usually order 2 gloves w/ a custom set. It's a luxury to be able to do so... and I can understand the frustration for guys who have a tighter budget and have this happen.
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