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    WTB - Koho Thigh Boards to fit Koho 580 Pads

    Yup for sure. the ones on the right.
  2. Dharmaboy

    Glove break in technique

    With all my catchers, I poured a ton of hot water into and around my glove like the Keeps method. I did find that my hot tap water and few in game uses made the glove stink a bit and I barely sweat in the hands so don't forget to Ozone clean your gloves after every season to kill any and all bacteria. My local shop does it for $35 a hockey bag, so I was able to fit 2 sets of gloves, pants, knee braces and my chesty which was a great deal.
  3. Dharmaboy

    WTB - Koho Thigh Boards to fit Koho 580 Pads

    True just trying to make this Retro Set Complete and stock
  4. Dharmaboy

    WTB - Koho Thigh Boards to fit Koho 580 Pads

    Thanks man
  5. Hey guys real simple, looking for 580 Thigh boards to throw on my setup. PM me if you have any. Thanks PFSA
  6. Dharmaboy

    Show off your sweaters

  7. Dharmaboy

    Bauer Gear

    Played with my X700s last night. The boot was stiff as hell even after baking and with my CCM footbed I took out of my One80s, It felt odd to wear new skates. I stepped on the ice and was not ready for the experience. It felt like I was skating with Swords strapped to my feet. Got the guy to do 1/2 cut on these blades and I think it's too much specially for these 3mm blades. Will need some wax laces for this break in process to get the skates to mold better over time to my feet as well as thicker socks. Thinnies were not good for this break in period. When the puck was coming in the zone and my D men wanted me to play the puck I was basically like this Will need some break in time for sure.
  8. Dharmaboy

    Show off your sweaters

  9. Dharmaboy

    Brian's Gear

    I noticed that it was really tough for me to catch anything with the GNetik1 as compared to the 2. Strapping on the 2nd model is much better love the feel of inside glove. It has taken me almost a year to get used to catching with this GNetik 2(only play 1 - 2 times a week in winter) but it's miles better than the 1.
  10. Dharmaboy

    Bauer Gear

    Ah Thanks. Damn.
  11. Dharmaboy

    Bauer Gear

    Hey guys, Presently wear Bauer One80 goal skates with Step steel in them. I got them around 2011. I just picked up some x700 cowlingless skates. I was wondering if I can put my step steel from the One80 into this X700?
  12. Dharmaboy

    WTB - Velcro Knee Locks

    Hey guys i have an old set of Koho knee pads that need some new Velcro knee locks. If anyone has any please let me know. thanks