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  1. Dharmaboy

    My Old Team has no tendy

    So after a horrific season last year due to ringers and over skilled players on the opposing teams in my small 6 team Intramural Over 35 league, I found out my team has still failed to secure a goalie. I told them beginning of last season that that was my last season due to the fact that the guys we play against take it too seriously and I am losing enjoyment in playing net. I had more fun getting lit up by Midget AA and AAA players this summer and I didn't get mad once. The kids were all nice and respectful. After almost losing my knee in the final game of the season when a douchebag who had already scored 4 goals and needed to score on me during a break away and getting tripped at full speed and crashing into my leg in the final game, I said enough is enough. Worst part is he sniped the penalty shot on me, when I was struggling to stand after the hit. That was it. I am done with this league I told my team mates. I was emailed a few weeks ago to confirm me missing this season due to the state of the league, and then today I see a posting by a team mate on campus looking for a tender. I think the season starts in less than 2 weeks and they have no one. I feel a bit bad but I had to leave or else I would end up hating playing goal. I dunno what to do.
  2. Dharmaboy

    Final year intramural mens over 35 is a gongshow

    Thanks bro. if anyone is wondering on the front of the paddle I have a bit of white tape with the writing "Ankle Tax"
  3. Dharmaboy

    Final year intramural mens over 35 is a gongshow

    This one is the latest.
  4. Hey guys wondering if anyone on here would have a set of glove to match this set. Thanks
  5. Being angry that I sold them 5 years ago. I was able to track down the fella that had my old hard to find 580s and got them back to my home. Now I am actively looking for some gloves that will match these. Red Kohos are the ones I just got back into possession. the other set is my current set and my original pair of Koho pads I ever bought. The 580 gloves are a recent find.
  6. Dharmaboy

    How do you tape your blade?

    I put a strip along the bottom that touches the ice and then I candy cane it.
  7. Yup for sure. the ones on the right.
  8. Dharmaboy

    Glove break in technique

    With all my catchers, I poured a ton of hot water into and around my glove like the Keeps method. I did find that my hot tap water and few in game uses made the glove stink a bit and I barely sweat in the hands so don't forget to Ozone clean your gloves after every season to kill any and all bacteria. My local shop does it for $35 a hockey bag, so I was able to fit 2 sets of gloves, pants, knee braces and my chesty which was a great deal.
  9. True just trying to make this Retro Set Complete and stock
  10. Hey guys real simple, looking for 580 Thigh boards to throw on my setup. PM me if you have any. Thanks PFSA
  11. Dharmaboy

    Show off your sweaters