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  1. Pauly35or00

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    As SK2000j with no dangler/flapper could be one of the dumbest things I've seen a goalie wear in the modern game. That's insane.
  2. Pauly35or00

    The Goalie Guru Grip Review

    Your picture isn't necessary now. Thank you. I think I really like this idea!
  3. Pauly35or00

    The Goalie Guru Grip Review

    I would like to see a picture with you holding the stick with your hand. I don't get it. Thanks.
  4. Pauly35or00

    R GT/2

    I always found it odd that there is no profile lock on the RGT or a strap to pull in the thigh rise. I totally understand there are knee breaks that help facilitate a nice thigh curve but it just seems odd it's not a feature.
  5. Pauly35or00

    Aircanuck gets a mask.

    😎 That is gorgeous.
  6. Pauly35or00

    Why do people make fun of my skates?

    Since I bought my new to me 900X skates last year (I really should get them baked, but they feel fine) I've had at least 20 different players ask me if I forgot my skates when I'm putting them on or playing. I kind of understand though, most of these guys are 50+ and seeing a cowlingless goalie skate is mindblowing to them.
  7. Pauly35or00

    Suggestion Box

    For what it's worth this is one of the very few sites I've whitelisted.
  8. Pauly35or00

    RVH under fire lately

    Absolutely! I don't really have anything to contribute because I'm learning but I was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up last night.👍
  9. Pauly35or00

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Wait a second......that first picture isn't photoshopped? It honestly looks like you glued a mask on top of someone's picture.🤫🤣
  10. Pauly35or00

    Suggestion Box

    Maybe that's not what this community wants and that's cool too. Maybe we should just start a thread we can curate with training videos. I think that would be very helpful to more than just myself. Thanks for the discussion.
  11. Pauly35or00

    Warrior GT2

    Great idea. I removed the bootstrap on my G4 Sr.s the day I got them and liked that feeling however last week I put them back on because the pad was going too far forward on my skate and I was losing what amounts to a puck width of coverage in my five-hole. Bootstrap back on was an instant fix and I felt more connected to the pad as a whole.
  12. Pauly35or00

    Suggestion Box

    I don't really disagree with your thinking but the training area is completely buried. Hell, it's under Manufacturer forums that don't get any play at all. Honestly, all it would take is to move training up to the top and it would get more traction. At this point, I would take a curated Youtube list if that's what it comes down to. Like I said though, there is absolutely no place on the entire hockey internet to talk position and if there is I sure as hell can't find it. My takeaway from a lack of training discussion is that everyone is either really good and has a private goalie coach or as the years went on and the GSBB died people were relentlessly beaten down for asking questions until they stopped altogether. The Goalie Doctor on the GSBB was one of the most active forums.
  13. Pauly35or00

    Suggestion Box

    I would like to see playing the position to be a much larger part of the site. As it stands now any positional or technical stuff on the site is basically buried at the bottom of the forum list. I realize gear will pretty much always be the main draw because, well, it's the coolest stuff in hockey but for guys like me actively searching out training tools and discussion on training I don't think we as a whole on this site are very accommodating to those trying to better their game. I don't mean accommodating as being welcoming, there are so many cool users absolutely willing to help, I mean using the site as a resource for ALL things goaltending not just gear. There really is nowhere else to find this type of material and to discuss it without getting crapped on for not being NHL calibre. GGSU is a joke when it comes to training (and everything else.) This being said, I love the work you're doing and its' my go to website all day long. I was also wondering if the site tools you're using allow you to create a mobile app? I don't want anyone to spend any more money than they already are I was just curious. The mobile site isn't very good IMO.
  14. Pauly35or00

    Rare Setups

    I should have remembered that. RIP that legend! For the life of me, I couldn't find a good pic of Blackburn's.
  15. Pauly35or00

    Rare Setups

    Better look at the blocker/glove. Dan had a nerve injury where he could no longer catch high shots. The idea with this hybrid glove was to block high shots and switch his hand over to catch low shots.