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  1. I honestly think this is a one pony race. You want GT2's but can't dial in the graphics. I would suggest asking for submissions on the GT2's. Go with what you know!
  2. That's odd. I've seen vinyl last full OHL seasons. I guess you should find out what they used as an adhesive and redo those areas. Your mask should be fine.
  3. Pauly35or00

    2X Pro

    I'm very interested in seeing some photos of the 2X Sr. gear I wonder when we'll get some information on the non-pro lines?
  4. It's brand new man. Just sell the chestpad for $500 and be done with it. Hell, I bet if you posted it on here for sale, with tags still on for $500cdn it would have been gone in a week.
  5. That would explain it. I had no idea Pro-laces were a CCM option. Thanks.
  6. I'm glad you got your money back and an apology but pretend that store credit doesn't exist. Just an awfully run company from top to bottom. I'm at almost 2 years for my HAL straps, I don't think they are coming.🤣 Obviously, they will have no record of that transaction anymore. I just don't understand how a company that has chosen to operate in a very niche, very tight community thought they could get away with all of thier crap. I'm very interested in the new 2X line but i'll be getting normal strappings and installing Pro-laces because screw Monster. I wonder if Bauer approached Pro-laces with this strapping idea? I find it odd that Bauer R&D which is based in Quebec didn't approach a local company making the exact same product. Maybe they did, who knows.
  7. Pauly35or00

    2X Pro

    That 1X price is an anomaly. It's more expensive than regular Canadian pricing and it's extremely odd that the 2S isn't the more expensive pad, it's newer. Bauer's durability issues were well documented in the Od1n line and they have all been addressed from what I've read. I don't own any Bauer gear except for skates so I have no first-hand experience for this. I'm gonna be honest all your posts on this thread just come across as you not liking Bauer and nothing else. It's pretty damn clear why they aren't offering more custom options as has been stated numerous times now. The price is the price, I don't like it because I have always been interested in the Supreme and Vapor lines but they are out of my price range, however, if I'm paying $1800 for Ef4's or $2100 for VE8's (a hilarious price) what's really the difference between those and $1900 Bauers? Brian's and Vaughn is the most expensive gear in Canada for you they are $50 cheaper than a Bauer 2S pad when we are talking about a $50 difference when we are above $1000 on a purchase we are talking semantics. Also good luck with your custom options on the first run of a new Vaughn line. Almost no large manufacturers in the goalie industry offer true custom except for Brians, or they do but the upcharge isn't worth it like you said. If someone wants bespoke gear at a decent price we all know that you either go small or go to Brians, last I checked Brians custom options were not free either. If you want cutting edge you are going with Bauer or Warrior if you want traditional you're buying CCM or Vaughn. I just re-read this before I hit post and I realize it reads like a personal attack on your opinion, that isn't my intent at all. Yes, I'm directly referring to your posts and comments but there is no ill will here.
  8. It was like the second page probably. I posted my comment before I realized we were 6 pages deep. 🤣
  9. I don't know if Vic is a Canadian Tire brand or not now but I work in Cantire distribution and I can assure everyone that Vic sticks and gear are absolutely still a brand. I can't have my phone inside work or id take some pictures. Player gear, not goalie gear. Goal sticks though. Everything looks low end.
  10. I've always used one. We had to have one when I was a kid and honestly in my decrepit age now it just makes sense to have another piece of protection around my throat. I currently don't have one on my mask right now because my last one broke. A huge con for me is that I find the ones produced in the last few years are brittle crap. (I'm looking at you Bauer) That's three since my season started. For a piece of plastic, they aren't cheap either.
  11. I don't think the misaligned graphic is a perspective issue. It honestly looks like they completely missed the mark when sewing the pads. There's much more blue on top of one thigh compared to the other. I hope I'm wrong. It's driving me insane that such a sharp set could be ruined like that.
  12. No. I'm in Toronto. It was just pretty much the only goalie centric store around growing up so my Dad and I started going there for gear and I continued as an adult.
  13. This bums me out so much. I loved going into that store and just shooting the shit with staff. I'm curious if this is a direct result of the big boys finally getting their poop together and offering a decent quality Sr. line at a good price point.
  14. I really like this. I know it probably wasn't expensive and hopefully, you have more foam. I can see the straps pulling through the foam very quickly. Might wanna cover the foam in something a little sturdier like duct tape. Maybe only around the edges just to save a little weight.
  15. As SK2000j with no dangler/flapper could be one of the dumbest things I've seen a goalie wear in the modern game. That's insane.
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