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  1. You are absolutely right! They should of thrown me in
  2. Looking at this pic, I feel like I should circling out the differences between both, lolll That looks sooooo painful!!!
  3. My take on all this: Although it's a team sport, the role of the goalie is somewhat independent from what's going on in front. Don't forget that there's no one sitting behind you if you screw up or simply get beat, the risk and recovery factors are different between forwards and goalies. In saying that, there are many other issues at stake, many have been pointed out already above, such as stacking a team for instance. Like you point out Erik, you could drop Pekka in nets and despite his level of expertise, he would still get scored on. We all know how shit our game becomes when we play down a level or more, timing is off and the reads are different. Lets not forget that the other teams throughout the season get to know your weaknesses, so they get to play on that, but at the same time you get to learn their go to moves and can anticipate and make the save eventually, cutting down on their scoring chances. Bring in a new goalie, he/she has no clue what to expect and it pretty much is like gambling on a win, throw them dice and hope to avoid snake eyes. Another key factor is the mental state of the goalie and the forwards. How is your confidence in goal? Do you get to the rink and say "ah fuck man, we're playing these guys again?!". The new goalie is even more at risk despite his confidence and ego. Are the forwards confident in their game? Do they view this as a "bring it on" challenge? Or are they looking like their getting ready for the electric chair? One thing that irates me to the core is when I sub in and after the initial "hey Rich, thanks for coming out, really appreciate the last minute call up" is the second comment in the room, "so, you gonna win this one for us?" with a grin and a seemingly gleam of desperation and hope, followed by "hope you like eating rubber" and the list goes on. THIS is a clear indication of the low moral and lack of confidence the team has going in that game. They basically have already accepted defeat. If this happens on a team that I'm a regular goalie for, I will automatically fire back with a mini speech to say they're no different from any team, we got this, go out there and show them what good smart hard hockey is about, we got this!!! Those are my personal experiences over the years.
  4. RichMan

    Mckenney Gear

    Been rockin their pants for decades, top notch!
  5. RichMan

    Mckenney Gear

    It's pretty mobile. Not too heavy, breathes well. As for protection, you can feel the puck. I've had a few stingers in the arms but nothing to keep me out, then again I'm not afraid of bruises. It's fine for beer league, not sure I'd face the pros with it though. I have faced some ex midget and junior players and survived. It's clearly on the lighter side of c/a units.
  6. RichMan


    Found this... For someone who has a sweet tooth like myself. Wish I could find these https://www.runnersworld.com/nutrition-weight-loss/g25909344/best-dessert-beers/
  7. I had that same impression when I looked at it and tried in on in the store, without ice time. The issue I see with D3O is that it hardens upon impact, so that energy from the puck isn't dampened but rather transferred to the next layer, our limbs. I'm sure it has its good applications somewhere, but not for a chest pad.
  8. I'm in Bauer 700X. I usually wear those thin nylon like socks. My toes get freezing by the end of the game, whether I've got a quiet night or going through an all on assault. I upgrade to a little thicker socks, same results. Got even thicker socks with heat material properties, same damn results. Is it the skates? Is it cause the toe box is more exposed (no cowling)? What socks do you use? What's your experience?
  9. RichMan

    G4 Thread

    Have they arrived?
  10. Just got my GT blocker today. Holy OMGMAFBBQ beast compared to my Smith 1000, and as light to (insert blown mind gif)!!! Can't wait to test it on the ice. It floors me how their SR gear is so beefy, especially compared to what I used as a teen. Feels like pro gear. All that is left to get are the matching pads. The palm glove is preset at the middle. I can kinda paddle down but it's not perfect. Will putting it at High make a huge difference/improvement? I wasn't getting much a seal with my Smith 1000 either for that matter.
  11. In essence, that is true, but other than the high discomfort of a RVH due to the forced angle in the opposite direction, the initial trigger to my knee and hip pain stemmed from my ankles or rather skates. Seeing that my lower leg won't rotate comfortably in the b-fly when my foot is flat on its side, I need to have the toes pointing more downwards instead of outwards to alleviate the strain on my knee joints, which then transfer to my hips. I to was convinced of the opposite until I figured it out and actually tried it last night. My knees are still slightly higher off the ice than my lower leg so I simply took some of the pressure off and allowed my natural yet limited movement of the lower joints.
  12. Yesterday was my fifth or sixth skate with the 1X KPs and they feel much better. I wore them on their own at first under hockey socks with some tape as I've done with all my knee pads in the past. They were too stiff so moved down forcefully. Tried them with their garter belt system and I hated to sock attachment. Tried on their own again since they were broken in, which was ok but not perfect still. Now, I wear their garter but removed the sock attachments, velcro the KP secure strap loosely cause I have long thighs, and then put on my original garter belt for my socks and all is good now. Important factors is that they take time to break in and you need plenty of space in the knee cradle. If anything, Bauer should consider a more comfortable foam at the knee to land on, and maybe lengthen the body a bit, at the flex part to allow a more natural bend, especially on tall goalies like myself.
  13. Tried my pads tonight and it was a success! Plenty of knee room for my knee pads, and I'm sure the wedges helped as i felt less strain on my ankles. They could use maybe a 1/4" more thickness, something I can try doing at a later date. And @Pauly35or00, the foam didn't budge under my 190lbs, so I'm happy with that
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