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  1. RichMan

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    I sure throws off your timing for a while, then you adapt.
  2. RichMan

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury, Holty...
  3. RichMan

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    Yes, guys/gals that wear their knee elastic down at the calf wrap would benefit more, hence why I simply removed my knee lock elastic to test. It's not permanent as it's velcroed at both ends.
  4. RichMan

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    Waiting for my next chance to play before Christmas, otherwise it will be in the first week of January. If I were to wear something like the X900, I'd just rather go straight to some John Brown knee pads which I've used in the past and was fine with. They would better suit using knee locks.
  5. RichMan

    Back in the fold... Maybe?

    @IPv6Freely...so what you're saying is that you're a grumpy old man. OMG!!! I just turned 50! Is this the faith that awaits me in the years to come?? 😱 Lolll Welcome back and bitch...uh...write about something already
  6. I need to learn how to do that! Does it help with the closure much? Just like the Factory MAD gloves?
  7. RichMan

    2X Pro

    Any more specs, info on these?
  8. RichMan

    Zoombang Padded Shirts

    There should be a foam block where the yellow logo is. A lot of guys get nailed there on unexpected high shots or deflections.
  9. Lol What I did like about the H5 Erik is its light mobile minimalist design. What I didn't like was the lack of rib protection and belly thickness. I'm sure there are a few unused pro returns stashed away in a forgotten teams overstock closet. Wish I could get in touch with all the NHL/AHL trainers and ask then to check for me
  10. RichMan

    Coveted Mask Thread

    I saw the 905 and 906 locally at the shop. Weight wasn't that bad, nice Kevlar finish inside. Can't remember which it was but one had my nose up at the cage where the other one had sufficient space and a snugger fit at the cheeks. I did find the foam kinda thin though on both. Can anyone comment on the impact feel from shots?
  11. Just won this on Ebay. It's the TGC spec...hope I like it. Big upgrade from my pro-spec H5 from some years ago. Should also be a little better than my Mckenney 870. Starting to feel some sore shots in the arms.
  12. RichMan

    Habs (Price) 2018-2019

    Watched the game yesterday. I know Niemi made the show, and I know he was left hanging by his teammates, but, am I the only one that can't stand his awkwardness in goal? He's not even smooth like lundy and him I just can't stand. He's (niemi) not even entertaining like Hasek was, and Hasek was as awkward as they come!!
  13. RichMan

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Looks like Price tapes his ankles. I guess Biron is not the only one to do so. *sorry for the pic size