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  1. TGC-Rance

    Bauer Gear

    From what I saw this Blue vapor set was something Bauer was toying around with while they were developing them. However the custom printing and graphic from what I have been told will be late 2018.
  2. TGC-Rance

    G4 Thread

    HMMMM Very Familiar. Also looks like the set I wore last night...
  3. TGC-Rance

    2018 Brian's Optik

    A little too well..... Guess that means you`re gonna have to order! LOL
  4. TGC-Rance

    Reebok Premier 1 C/A Feedback

    I think doing it on a built to order option would be best. I remember when people would over pay for a one95 or a pro return model and then when the NXG came out it was relatively flat for what was there. We saw similar things with exclusive P1's we had when it was no longer available. However if it is pro return people will shell out whatever it takes to get it. Funny thing about pro return is usually pads and gloves are cheaper than retail and the chests are more. We actually did a beefed up version of the current CCM Premier which is insane and is a true NHL quality build. With regards to the specs the P1 is what it is in my opinion. I wouldn't toy too much or else you get too far away from what the chest is supposed to be. A belly beef up would be a good option and somehow more flexible arms but without giving up too much protection. I am a big fan of the current premier. Considering how big and how much protection is in it I still find it quite mobile.
  5. TGC-Rance

    The perfect skate

    I don`t but my OLD OLD goalie coach had them about 13 years ago. I asked my Bauer Rep who has been with the company for a very long time. Cannot remember what the name was but does remember seeing the skate many moons ago.
  6. TGC-Rance

    G4 Thread

    @Datsyuk92 It is a bit of a double edge sword. They have so many options which can make things busy but also gives the user full creative control. I tend to like things symmetrical and balanced. I opted to go to more of a Navy with yellow accents with the bit of white. My team is Nashville yellow jerseys with navy script in a diagonal block print like the rangers so I thought it would run well together. I also grew up watching the Barrie Colts in the OHL and these pads give me a lot of vibes from their jerseys. @cwarnar HAHA! Gonna gave to fire up a review. Just no game footage..... That could be ugly.
  7. TGC-Rance

    Official Retail Partner of TheGoalNet.com

    Nothing in stock in terms of the matching gloves. If you wanted to match them identically we could look into ordering but you would have to go pro and then would be charged to do the custom graphic change. If you send me a pic to my email (rance@thegoaliecrease.com) I could look into it! For the mage cage's we order as needed so let me know and we can look into getting one!
  8. TGC-Rance

    New C&A - Poll

    From what I have seen for 2018 the Bauer 2S and the Brian's OPT1K are the 2 that are sparking me up.
  9. TGC-Rance

    G4 Thread

    Alright well just to give a slight tease.......
  10. TGC-Rance

    The perfect skate

    We have been very stale with custom Bauers since the VH/True skates have been rolling through. I have a tough foot to fit and my VH's are remarkable (I actually purchased prior to the store carrying them) If the Bauer's fit your feet with stock fits they are an excellent skate. The CCM is looking like it is going to be a very good. Skate. I tossed on a 9D when I was at CCM and this skate was extremely comfy for a stock boot given their new layup. I typically run a 8.5 EE In Bauers so I can only imaging what this boot will feel like when I try the correct fit.
  11. TGC-Rance

    The perfect skate

    Remarkable these are still kickin!
  12. TGC-Rance

    Official Retail Partner of TheGoalNet.com

    Unfortunately nothing set for this type of stuff. We always try and give our best price first so we don't have to get into matching and comparing plus we always try to sell on service and selection as most already know.
  13. TGC-Rance

    Neat Stuff at The Crease!

    Hey Guys! So I must apologize for being so late to the party. Goal Net has done an awesome job getting a nice forum going where we can focus on the gear! I know most of us are absolute junkies and drool over gear. I am gonna try and share as many cool things, custom orders etc as we get them. We do try to keep our posts up to date on Instagram and Facebook as well. Unfortunately though since there is only 3 of us who work here on a full time basis and usually only have 2-3 of us in the store at any given time and we all wear many hats and do various things. That being said I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to certain things, this being one of them but I will try! Should anyone ever need to get in touch with me, TGC Rance on Facebook and my email is rance@thegoaliecrease.com -Rance
  14. TGC-Rance

    Welcome to Rance!

    Alright, I'm popping my thread cherry. Gonna make a post here!