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  1. Endurance Training

    I like (but not while I'm actually doing it) prowler sprints.
  2. Do you wear your wedding ring on the ice?

    I have my wedding ring which usually stays home, but also a silicone ring to wear in place of it. No problems with wearing that on the ice/in the gym.
  3. FS: Smith SP5000 33+1

    Sold locally(ish) to @zork!
  4. FS: Simmons 997 32+2 & Simmons Pro Series Gloves

    Gloves sold. Pads still available.
  5. NHL 17-18 Season Chat

    @Moose75 Hutchinson is out, concussed.
  6. NHL 17-18 Season Chat

  7. VH / RVH question

    http://ingoalmag.com/technique/reverse-vh-common-issues-proper-execution/ There are some other articles pertaining to it as well on the In Goal Mag website.
  8. Warrior Gear

    yep. I just threw some tape on over the strap to fix the problem, easier than doing a warranty return.
  9. Ulcerative Colitis and goaltending

    Oh the horrors of law enforcement looking professional....
  10. Ulcerative Colitis and goaltending

    Duty belt weight distribution issues causing the back problems?
  11. FS: Simmons 997 32+2 & Simmons Pro Series Gloves

    $150 for the pads, $75 for the gloves, any takers?
  12. NHL 17-18 Season Chat

    Who hasn't seen Vasy's save last night? I think it's the most impressive glove save I've ever seen..... https://streamable.com/ovgit
  13. Warrior Gear

    I've been on the ice twice with my G3s and I found that the straps on my knee pads aren't the same length, resulting in the right kneepad lower portion sliding down my shin. The one that stays in place is great, I'm just going to have to shorten some straps on the other.
  14. Issues with Game/Body Mechanics

    It's too bad Lerg will have never gotten a shot at the highest level. Amazing college career, if he'd have been a half foot taller I bet he'd be a household name.
  15. FS: Simmons 997 32+2 & Simmons Pro Series Gloves

    Bump. $200 for pads, $100 for gloves.