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  1. insertnamehere

    Endurance Training

    Hypertrophy can be important though, as a bigger muscle = more potential for strength. And what are you talking about, drop set squats are a party!
  2. insertnamehere

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    I like his game too, especially being a Jets fan. He's making up for the years of watching the inconsistencies and panicky play of Pavelec. If I was 6'4" like him instead of the 5'7" I am, I'd probably try to play a style similar to Hellebuyck.
  3. insertnamehere

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Yeah, it's been all over the Jets subreddit and news this season about how Hellebuyck sought out a new agent who introduced him to a new coach (Adam Francilia) last offseason and really worked on biomechanics and stuff. I've watched around 60 Jets games this year and I only recall thinking there was one game where he looked really out of sorts and the loss was on him. His consistency this year has been unreal and he looks incredibly calm in the net, reminding me of Price in a good year. https://www.nhl.com/news/jets-goalie-connor-hellebuyck-focused-training-on-body-mechanics/c-292085644
  4. insertnamehere

    Let's Talk Skates

    Yeah, I bought the skates used and the picture looked like there was a little more steel left, but i'll need to replace it sooner rather than later. I'll likely be getting Tydan blades. Edit: You twisted my arm and I ordered some.
  5. insertnamehere

    Let's Talk Skates

    I had my first skate with my S190s last night. When first stepping on the ice, they felt so weird. It didn't quite feel like a player skate, but it also didn't quite feel like a goalie skate, kind of in between. I've been playing with Overdrive Blades for about the last 12 years, so I wasn't sure how I'd adjust to these. It took about 15-20 minutes for me to get the hang of it again and my edge work steadily got better throughout the session and I'm sure it'll take a few more sessions to get that back to 100%. What really struck me was how light the skates felt, my legs were noticeably fresher after an hour and fifteen on the ice as opposed to when I had used my traditional goalie skates.
  6. insertnamehere

    Endurance Training

    Ha, I know the feeling. Same thing with higher rep deadlifts!
  7. insertnamehere

    The Mask Thread

    Got a new Sportmask the other week. Threw some vinyl on it.
  8. insertnamehere

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Sub Zero pro glove, few years old but used for ball hockey so this thing is barely used. $60!!!!! Covered up the black hastily with pad skinz.
  9. insertnamehere

    Let's Talk Skates

    Well, I caved and bought a pair of S190s to try. $225 for a good condition used pair, couldn't pass it up.
  10. insertnamehere

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Picked up some Bauer Supreme S190 skates. Gonna give the cowlingless thing a go.
  11. insertnamehere

    My homemade ball hockey pads

    That's awesome. Nice work.
  12. insertnamehere

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Good to hear. I just went off of my head measurement and a couple reviews, it'll be miles ahead of the 940X I was using (purchased locally in a pinch, selection isn't great where I live). Those look sick.
  13. insertnamehere

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    Brag about your latest gear purchase! I just bought a Sportmask X8, should be a big improvement over my last mask.
  14. insertnamehere

    Bauer Gear

    Does anyone know if the Vapor X900 skate is comparable to the 1X in the same fashion that the S190 is comparable to the 1S?
  15. insertnamehere

    Endurance Training

    Take about 50% of your max squat and do some sets of 20. Good times. 😂