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  1. insertnamehere

    Padded Shirt Reviews

    I should know in a week or so, I just decided to order one already. My Farrell one is probably around 10 years old and really needs replacing.
  2. insertnamehere

    Goal Stick Butt End/Knob Thread

    For $9, I figured I'd try it out. The Buttendz is great, but if it's not that much different I'm happy with the cheaper option.
  3. insertnamehere

    Padded Shirt Reviews

    Does anyone have any experience with the Vaughn VE8 padded shirt?
  4. insertnamehere

    Goal Stick Butt End/Knob Thread

    Buttendz Sentry for me. Probably going to switch to a Tacki-Mac Command Goalie grip next. Way cheaper.
  5. insertnamehere

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Quoting a few days old comment, I know, but that's the jersey one of my beer league team uses albeit with a different logo due to the team name. They were using it prior to the Jets releasing that as their thirds though.
  6. Added some team colour to my pads with Duck tape. I had done a sock graphic with pad wrap not long ago, but it didn't adhere well so I changed things up.
  7. I can't justify the cost of custom ordered pro gear anymore, so I ordered some pad wrap stripes to put a little team colour on my gear.
  8. insertnamehere

    ebay Gear Sightings

    I had a set of 9980s back in high school, I loved those. Those are my size too, but I don't think those would cut it nowadays for me. Ha, actually they're the pads in my profile picture.
  9. insertnamehere

    International Gear

    Likely, but if someone were willing to pay that I still don't see why they wouldn't sell it to someone outside of Finland.
  10. insertnamehere

    International Gear

    That's too bad. I wonder why they don't?
  11. insertnamehere

    International Gear

    That Kova stuff has me intrigued. For anyone who's interested, I sent an email to them to get an idea of pricing.
  12. insertnamehere

    *shameless plug!* I just got a mess of Overdrive Blades!!!

    Used Overdrive blades for probably a dozen years, they're great! I'd still be using them if I hadn't gone cowlingless.
  13. insertnamehere

    Team Sweden Setup - Suggestions

    I'd vote for 4.
  14. insertnamehere

    Endurance Training

    Hypertrophy can be important though, as a bigger muscle = more potential for strength. And what are you talking about, drop set squats are a party!
  15. insertnamehere

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    I like his game too, especially being a Jets fan. He's making up for the years of watching the inconsistencies and panicky play of Pavelec. If I was 6'4" like him instead of the 5'7" I am, I'd probably try to play a style similar to Hellebuyck.