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  1. For sale/Trade Factory Mad set of gear - SOLD

    Gear has been sold. This can me removed or deleted
  2. For sale/Trade Factory Mad set of gear - SOLD

    Update the 1st post with a price and some new pictures and info.
  3. For sale/Trade Factory Mad set of gear - SOLD

    Yeah I know I thought about offering them to you but knew you had the new set coming. Also wanted to add there is a new Factory Mad jersey included.
  4. GEAR IS SOLD!! Selling/Trading the Factory Mad set of gear I picked up this summer. I used it a couple of times but just can't get it dialed into my liking with the pads. It is one amazing set of gear, one of my favorite sets I have ever had but I have to move it. Pad are 35+2/36+1( not to sure on on Dennis's measurements), glove has regular palm,blocker is stock. Colors are black,red and navy blue. I will get some more shots up after the weekend as I am just going by what I have on my phone right now. Would love to trade for ether 35+ or 36+ from Brian's ( sub 3 or Gnetik 3), CCM( eflex 2 or 3) or Bauer( 1s) or any pro returned stuff from them. Price wise I'm looking for around $850 USD plus shipping but I am willing to listen to reasonable offers.The person I bought them from paid $2700usd for the set new. Any questions please let me know and I will try and help you. Also included is a new Factory Mad jersey, Factory Mad t shirt and I have some other items I am going to include.
  5. Maltese GPS Combo

    Will do. I was waiting for hockey season to start and work to slow down. I got this a month ago and haven't even had the time to sit down and do this for you. I know you had asked me for one.
  6. Maltese GPS Combo

    Yeap they are based out of Hamilton,Ontario. If you can't find one, you can order off the site: https://www.aegisimpact.com/product/interceptor-goalie/ I got mine the next day after I ordered it, I think free shipping is still on too. It's says Pre Order still but they told me they are ready to ship as I questioned it when I was ready to order. After being through 4 or 5 different brands I'm very happy with this one. Just have wait 2 weeks for hockey start up.
  7. Defunct Gear Brands

  8. Defunct Gear Brands

  9. Defunct Gear Brands

    Lefevre, his orignal gear that Patrick Roy use to wear.
  10. Maltese GPS Combo

    In Canada Yes they do. The same reason they check helmets too. Hockey Canada is very strict with safety rules in minor hockey.
  11. Maltese GPS Combo

    Just got one of these: https://www.aegisimpact.com/technology/interceptor-g/ Made with D30, and Canadian Hockey approved and alot cheaper then the Maltease
  12. Anyone from/ near Salem Mass. ????

    I was wondering if we have any members on here near or know someone close to Salem Mass. ? If so can you pm me please I need some help with something from there. Thanks
  13. Passau C/A Opinions

    Don't expect it for two years at the earliest. Once insurance takes over and claims at the damage equipment it's put out for bid for a company that specialized in selling the damage product and usually they have to clean it all before it can even be sold removing all the contamination from it. It can be a long slow process when the value of the contents pushes the seven or eight figures. Had a sports store in North Bay burn down and it was three or four years after the fire that what was saved was sold. When it was sold, it was a company in Toronto that bought most of it and sold it 5 hours away in small town outside the city city of Toronto now where near the location of the original store.
  14. Defunct Gear Brands

    Koho goalie, the real stuff not the Reebok/CCM stuff labelled Koho
  15. Defunct Gear Brands

    Cooper goalie equipment