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  1. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

  2. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    OTNY makes most of them, that was how I found them. If you go to OTNY site and try to order any cage not certified they direct you to goaliecage.com website to buy them.
  3. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    He also looks after this site to, http://www.goaliecages.com Dealt with him about a cage and it arrived and noticed Robs name on it and a Michigan address.
  4. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Luongo has been wearing Vaughn pants with Reebok\CCM logos since he entered the league.
  5. Graf Thread

    Most are custom models. Here is one pair listed on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Return-Graf-G7500-PEKKA-RINNE-sz-10-5N-Ice-Hockey-Skates-NHL-FREE-SHIPPING/372162211776?has
  6. Composite Stick Thread

    Get which one you like the best, they are both pretty close interms of everything. I think the only really difference is the 1s is lighter weight then nxg. I currently have pro stock nxgs but just picked up an S Pro which is pro stock only stick and ranks between the s190 and 1s. To me they are pretty dam close to the same.
  7. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Thanks Craig, I will let you know. I am only a couple of hours away from you in Bracebridge,On
  8. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Yeah they have been pushing it with the new masks. I seriously like to try one out.
  9. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Depending on how things go I might be looking at get this mask re padded. It a Bauer Pro department Lundqvist mask I just got. I am still unsure if I will keep it as I like my Protech masks alot but I want to try a Bauer out. It's a really nice mask.
  10. Composite Stick Thread

    Check around, it was the same for me when I started this thread. I never wanted and still don't like the idea of paying $175+ for a stick whether it's foam core or composite. The price hike now on foam core sticks I decided this summer to look around on Kijiji. I was going to get one or two try but I found three lightly used pro stock Bauer total one nxg sticks from the same seller and picked them up for $300 CND shipped to my door. So less then $100 a stick, I just picked up a brand new Bauer S Pro for $150 this weekend. So I have 4 top of the line composite sticks that cost me the price of one brand new one in-store. It's worth it even just to get one to try it.
  11. Canadian Retailer

    I will back you on that. They are putting out some great custom sets. Jay, Rance and Kevin are doing really good.
  12. Composite Stick Thread

    Here you go. The person I got it from told me that this model is based between the 1s and 190s. It combines the best of both with more custom options then the 1s would offer but with alot more durability and cost that teams want. You can see the outer layer on the paddle is something I haven't seen on the 1s or 190s. I will try to get some better pictures up after.
  13. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Who is out there now that is doing mask repadding /refurbishment ? I know we lost a couple of places in the last few years who backed away or decided on no longer to offer it as it was taking over there main business. I am going to be looking for someone to work on my new to me Lundqvist Pro department mask I just picked up today used. Is there anyone based in Canada anymore ? Google didn't really help much, just give me most of the ones who no longer offer it. Thanks
  14. Composite Stick Thread

    So after starting this thread and having my worries about composite sticks, I'm amazed 😊. Don't think I could switch back unless I was desperate. Shooting is still taking a bit to get use to but I have taking some good shots with close to or little feeling from the shot. I picked up a used Lundqvist Bauer Pro department mask today and the seller had a brand new in bag S Pro so I got it too, did help it was orange too..lol.
  15. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Like these, found them on ebay a few months back. The logos were done by someone else though. Would have loved to pick them up