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  1. Bauer Gear

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bauer-2S-Pro-Stock-Goalie-Glove-Set-Dallas-Stars-Right-17742/173219058473?hash=item2854a91329:g:DGoAAOSwgflaqu17 Came across these one ebay. For a south paw goalie it's a pretty good deal and great design.
  2. Monster Hockey Thread

    That is my worry too. The durability of there products have been crap. The ideas are there but the quality of the materials used has been junk. I really like the whole idea and would love to get one but 3 or 6 months down the road, even year the stuff fails your out $100+. I honestly would like to see some else who does quality work and uses quality materials take this same idea and build it. I don't know if Factory mad does jocks but Dennis could build something like this and it would last a longtime.
  3. Monster Hockey Thread

    They would if they could find someone they didn't piss off with the wait times and delays, and all there other bull shit. He is too busy making sure all his buddies on GGSU are looked after 1st before the real paying customers.
  4. Bauer Gear

    Don't like the spine on the back one bit. How many times are shots from behind the net or passes across the front your trying to block, going to take a weird bounce of that and go where you don't want it to go.
  5. Custom Stickers for Goalie Mask

    https://www.mariodesign.ca This guys is out of Barrie,Ontario. Does work for the Colts.
  6. Monster Hockey Thread

    I am interested too but am I going to get it when it's supposed arrive or 4 months down the road ? The kevlar cup is interesting for sure, it adds another $40 to the price listed. I thought it was already included in the listed price. May just source out the kevlar cup on its own and add it to what I have already. My other issue to, is how is the durability going to be ? Is it going to hold up or break down fairly quick like most of the other stuff ?
  7. Most Ahead of its Time

    Brian Heaton, most.of his equipment was way ahead of the time.
  8. Optik Set

    He is in the States so that price works out to around $2900 CND....lol Seriously though if I had the coin, or if you would take payment plains (lol) I would jump at these. Bloody sweet set
  9. Brian's Gear

    1st edition Gnetik glove with Sub 2 graphics
  10. Pro return Bauer SPro goalie stick

    Sold. This can be locked now. Thanks
  11. Pro return Bauer SPro goalie stick

    Bought this and never used it. Very rare pro issued only Bauer Spro goalie stick. 26" paddle, orange and white. The SPro is a model between the Bauer 1s and s190 goalie stick. It basically combines the features of both sticks, the weight of the 1s but with the durability of the s190. This model is only available to pros,semi pros and Jr,/ university goalies. From the pictures of the new Bauer 2s(non pro) model it will be based on this same stick. Asking $230 cnd/ $180 usd or best offer. Buyer pays shipping
  12. Bauer Gear

    Neather am I. Now everything above xl is custom order/custom upcharge. Absolute BS. I was looking at buying pair to try after using Brown 2300 pants the last 5 years.
  13. 2018 Olympic Gear

    I believe the main owner of Brians is also the owner of the company where most of the foam for pads comes from. I cannot remember off the top of head the name but when ownership changed out the bankruptcy he was the main investor in Brian's. That is why they have alot of new foam core technologies too.
  14. Cooper / Bauer / Nike History

    I remember when Colin Forrester( Forrester Goalie gear) was hired by Nike/Bauer. He was doing repairs and making gear out of home after his company closed up and then Nike/Bauer hired him as there goalie department head. He came up with the Vapor and the One95 goalie line, after that everything somewhat shift to JRZ and I don't know how mauch long after Colin left . Colin was great guy, he lived in the same town I did.
  15. Aegis Neck Gaurd

    I have one and have been using it all season. One the best fitting, my comfortable neck guards I have used and I have used many( Itech, Bauer, Vaughn, Brian's,Crouch,and Maltese). I wear mainly for the cut resistants, but also the padding. My Brown comes up high enough I really don't have to worry too much about clavicle protection, it's just my neck area I wanted it for. The thing is in 25 years for playing hockey( Minor,Jr A&B, SR. A and mens) I can count on both hands how many times I have been hit in the neck so those that are asking about the padding how the hell are you getting hit in the neck so much ? I don't even wear a dangler, never have. The price in Canadian funds was $75 which is a great price, for the life of me I can not understand spending $200+ CND on a Maltese, that is just crazy especially after having one before and it lasting only one season before the seems came apart, also found the heat build up within the gel terrible it didn't have any air flow. I like the feeling of having shirt style collar on with the protection it offers, it's there when I need it. This passed summer I checked out Brown's, Brian's , Vaughn, Bauer, and Crouch ( Firefighter Invented so I wanted to support the company). I was going to settle on the Bauer shirt style one and buy some padding from Shocktec and add it the shirt but I seen this and figured I would give it shot.