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  1. Snowman30

    Bauer Gear

    So I picked up a miss matched set of 2s gloves labelled 1s a couple of weeks back. I then came across a set of Spencer Martin pro return 2s gloves for a really good price, so sold the other set and bought the Martin set. I also came across a set of Bauer vapor 1x pads on kijiji that weren't used that much. For some reason it was hard to find used large Vapor pads, medium and xl were easy to find. Been in Brian's for a long long time so the change should be interesting. The 2s glove is really great, closes very well.
  2. After being in Brian's for the 18 years I made the switch to Bauer for this season. Pads are stock Vapors that were only used for about 2 months. Gloves are Spencer Martin pro returns 2s. I don't know how long they were used for but judging by the use not very long. Glove closes really nice.
  3. Snowman30

    Re-foaming Knee Blocks?

    You sure you couldn't get a set shipped from Canada ? I order a lot of stuff from the dart stores over in the UK to Canada and shipping is pretty cheap from the UK to me here. Normally it takes 4 to 7 days and I have it. Alot quicker then ordering from the US. Also if you wanted to order a set I can help you get them over there
  4. Snowman30

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    I also use the NXG sticks and am looking at CR1 stick. They seem to be very close in weight. I thought are owner of the board did a weight comparison of them a while back ? There seems to be a few CR1's on Kijiji in Canada along with CR2's that people want to move. The ones listing 1s sticks are putting them up but don't want to move too much on the price. I used one NXG stick the whole season last year and still have another to use but the CR1 is getting a lot of good reviews. The only one who didn't seem too impressed with it was some finnish guy on YouTube who said the stuff that suppose to stop the vibrations doesn't, and there was couple of other things he didn't like. I still want to try one especially if I can pick one up for under $150 cnd.
  5. Brian's weave hard to clean...lol. Tell him soap and water won't work..lol. I have a set of Subzero 2 in white weave and I clean them no problem with Mr.Clean magic erasers and water. Only a handful of Marks won't come off but ether then that they look new the start of ever season.
  6. Snowman30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Lol...I never put it up as it was just stok. The glove am trying to figure.out what it is ?
  7. Snowman30

    Monster Hockey Thread

    What didn't say is it's 6 month wait for for your $30 item, and then the excuses start..lol
  8. Snowman30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    on the topic of custom Bauer gloves, came across this one on Sideline.
  9. Snowman30

    Unequal Tech Brand Padding

    No it not about the gluing it in. Everything listed for helmets on there site is drop in only for helmets nothing listed is permanently mounted. I have emailed them and they don't suggest mounting it. Where I asked about the stuff Halak,and Hiller had it was custom made not offered to public. I wanted to do what Hiller did with unequal, then Maltese over the top. I may just go Maltese or even Shocktec Air2gel.
  10. Snowman30

    Unequal Tech Brand Padding

    I would like to get some of this to put in my mask. The problem is they don't sell it geared towards being layered behind other padding. Everything is just a drop in, remove once done. I don't see anything that can be glued in permanently. I bought a pair of insoles but through eBay only cost me $20 shipped. Trimmed them a little to fit custom Bauer skates. Seriously thinking of picking up another pair and try find the d30 insoles to try them both out in my firefighter Boots.
  11. Snowman30

    Pro return Bauer 2s gloves labelled 1s

    Gloves are sold. Thanks
  12. Snowman30

    Pro return Bauer 2s gloves labelled 1s

    I possibly could if I got the right offer for it. Where abouts are you located?
  13. Selling a set of Bauer pro return 2s goalie gloves labelled Bauer 1s. Both come from the OHL. The blocker was maybe used for about 20mins as it was a demo for goalies to try on and see if they wanted 2s gear. Blocker is pretty much new condition. The glove was used by a goalie in the OHL for about a month. I have cleaned most of the puck marks off it. Has some red on it from posts but there is no damage to anything inside and out. Asking $375 usd plus shipping. If your in Canada contact me as I can give you a better price on the shipping. US will have to pay full shipping cost. Not looking for any trades at this time. 2s retail glove sets for around d $960 usd So your saving a lot.
  14. Snowman30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Are we sure this isn't a new model for Brian's? The sides of the pads,strapping and even the back of the glove looks different.
  15. Snowman30

    Monster Hockey Thread

    Very well said and true.