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  1. being an anaheim ducks fan this hits close to home. our fanbase is awful, and so is our team, but jeez, we've been contenders for years and this is the fanbases reaction to it i guess...
  2. only criticism i would have from that last one is maybe you got caught too deep in your crease a few times, but otherwise you made some really insane saves, and don't let pick-ups get to you, it's happened to me a lot. i don't have the best temper and i've gotten on myself a lot for goals that don't even matter. keep up the good work
  3. Maybe try what I did, mostly black with white or vice versa, or maybe red to fit your team. I used padskinz to put powder blue accents for my teams jerseys next season, so many get padskinz for team colors.
  4. Thanks. A great Christmas gift from my dad. My team is going with powder blue next season, (essentially university of Maine and Tarheels colors) only downside is my current cage color fits with the previous jerseys but not our next ones.
  5. Agree with the comments above. One other thing is you should practice skating as much as you can, and find someone who can help you with the basic fundamentals of skating first before you go to a goalie coach.
  6. Got to wear this jersey for the first time in a recent pick up. Not a bad look
  7. This is referring to the thing he said on Facebook publicly when someone made a comment about a disabled kid, which is obviously not cool to make fun of someone like that but he could’ve said it differently
  8. My first glove had an offset tee. it’s only optional on a 590 break though. It helps for it to close easier, it also helps for the puck to stay in the middle of the pocket if you’re making a high catch.
  9. You could say that his design was beat to a f*cking pulp. Too far?
  10. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn PVE 2

    SLR 2 can look good with the right colorways, PVE2 on the other hand, man the graphic is underwhelming. I think I’ll stick with my current PVE, one of the stock graphics I love
  11. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn PVE 2

    i actually like the 2nd one a lot. incorporating some red into the graphic would look cool too
  12. honestly, i envy you a lot. my team won the league championship (jv) and we were far and away the best team, the team we played in the finals had no business being there to be honest, but i played not so good in the final game as i let in 3 goals on 6 shots, all from one guy too. it's hard playing on a really good team and staying warmed up in games. most games i got hardly any action, so it really sucks that i can't prove my true worth to my team, because i know i'm better than what's been shown in games. in situations like yours it's not uncommon for the goalie to be lights out and their team the opposite. of course i hate losing but i'd rather feel like i had a bigger part in helping my team win or giving them a chance to, not to be cocky at all or anything, i just felt left out in some of the games we even won.
  13. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn PVE 2

    you should add a little bit of white as well, that would look sick too. but there's nothing wrong with black and red
  14. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Looks like it’ll be a one piece glove.
  15. southpawtendy48

    CCM EF4

    True true
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