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    Toronto, Ontario
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    London, Ontario

Current Equipment

  • Leg Pads
    Brian's Opt1k FLX Pro
  • Review:
    Fantastic Pads, exceptional sliding, great seal to the ice and just really well built.
  • Glove
    Brian's Opt1k
  • Review:
    Best glove ever! This thing eats pucks for lunch. Great pocket. Only negative would be it's a little heavier than some other high end gloves.
  • Blocker
    Brian's Opt1k
  • Review:
    Solid Blocker.
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Warrior Senior Ritual GT
  • Review:
    Great size, mobile and light. The negative is that I've taken lots of stingers in the arms.
  • Pants
    Vaughn 1000 Velocity 6 Pro Goalie Pants
  • Review:
    They are great. No issues
  • Mask
    X8 Sportmask
  • Review:
    This is a tank, it takes puck shots with not issues and it also looks great.
  • Stick
    Reebok Premier and Bauer LS5G
  • Review:
    Love the weight of the Reebok Premier but the paddle has been known to cause some odd deflections
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer Vapor
  • Skate - Cowling
    Vertexx Edge
  • Skates - Blades
    LS5G Vertexx Carbon
  • Review:
    Amazing! These things last between 10-12 skates before sharpening. They are also much more durable from getting damage from the posts.
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior Ritual X Senior
  • Review:
    I wear them under my socks and with tape they stay in place great. Only negative would be protection on really hard shots. Next time I would upgrade to the Pro version.
  • Jock
    Bauer Supreme
  • Review:
    Solid double jock where I've taken direct hits with out being in pain.

Wish List

  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon or CCM Extreme Shield II
  • Stick
    Bauer or CCM are my favorite brands for sticks
  • Knee Pads
    Bauer Vapor 1X
  • Jock
    Warrior Pro

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  1. Here is my video review of these Bauer Vapor X Knee Guards. In my opinion, I still think the Warrior Ritual X Knee Guards are better and way more comfortable. I will miss the protection of the Bauer’s but comfort on landing is more important to me.
  2. @raucebyalien @TheGoalNet @RichMan @Chenner29 So I just finished shooting a video review of these knee guards. I hope to get it fully edited and posted this weekend. It’s looking like I’m going to give up on these things just like @raucebyalien
  3. @TheGoalNet and @RichMan. Hi guys. I shelved my Bauer Vapors for the last 5 games and went back to my Warriors. Maybe this Friday I'll put them on again and take your advice at trying to break them in. I just think the comfort can't compare and I've probably had a really hard shot hit my knee just 3-4 times over the last 1.5 years. Considering that ratio I might be more willing to stick with the Warriors which offer less protection. But I will give these Bauer some more games so I can do a more accurate video review in the coming weeks. A friend let me borrow his Bauer Supreme Sr. Knee Guards for a game and I hated them. Too bulky, and the comfort was not good at all. Steer clear of those ones.
  4. I'm with you @TheGoalNet. For my last 3 games I went back to my Warrior Knee Guards. They are more comfortable than the Bauer 1X for landing. I'm still keeping my Bauer's and will go back to them but they still need a work in period.
  5. Fun shinny game the other night where we got two GoPro cameras set up. We got video of a guy scoring and he ended up breaking his collar bone and ribs. First have was tight with both teams at 2-2. We then had the two team flip and then the goals started flying.
  6. Thanks so much @Nohtaram ! Since I started I have not tucked. I wear this over my suspenders. Maybe next week I’ll give it a shot. That makes for a good topic of discussion. What percentage of goalies tuck their chesty? What are the main benefits?
  7. @Max27 Absolutely love it! I find it so quick to move and it is exceptional at deflecting pucks into the corners. It is just so easy using one arm to pass pucks out of my crease. Curtis cut this stick short so still getting used to the height 25” (I typically use 26” or 27”) and shortened shaft. The advantage of the shorter stick has helped me stay lower providing better balance and being quicker to butterfly.
  8. Solid game last week with the Cerebral Czars. Held on to 1st place in our division.
  9. Here is my first impressions video of the CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Chest Protector. I continue to be really pleased with this purchase. Just like @TheGoalNet still playing around and experimenting with placement of the shoulder floaters and neck protector.
  10. @TheGoalNet I took the opportunity to weigh my CCM Extreme Flex Shield II - Large and it came in at 6.4lbs. My Warrior R/GT Senior Large comes in at a light 6.2lbs. I weighed them both multiple times to make sure. Considering the added protection of the CCM and D3O foam that’s really good. I’ll be posting a video soon of my first impressions.
  11. Thanks so much for the positive feedback @aircanuck Good for you that you get to play that often. With family and work I’m only able to do twice a week. I never thought of cleaning my stick. Great idea as I try to clean my pads once a year. Great to hear it’s so durable. That makes spending $200 worth it. I’m in Toronto. I’m hoping to do a fun collaboration video in the coming weeks with another goalie YouTuber. Can’t say more than that but it’s going to be fun and it’s focused on gear. As for the 2S, thanks for the offer. I’ll be very interested to see how that cutout section holds up. If I run out of video ideas I may have to take you up on that offer.
  12. I picked this stick up the other week at Scotiabank Arena's shop where they sell used gear by the Leafs. They sell everything from skates, helmets, sticks, gloves, pads, etc. It's not often I see a stick like this in such great shape and for only $200 CAD. A stick for Andersen is about triple that cost and to be honest, I probably would not use one of his sticks for my hockey. This was one of two sticks left by Curtis. The other one was all taped up and I preferred this one so I could see if there was any damage. Anyway, I've never had a high end stick like this before. My most expensive goalie stick probably only cost me about $120 CAD so this is a nice upgrade from my current Bauer S27. The 1S is just so incredibly light. It almost feels like I'm using a player stick it's that light. It is going to be really hard going back to a low end stick again.
  13. Quick update on the Bauer Vapor X Knee Guards I've been wearing the last couple weeks. Similar to @RichMan @TheGoalNet I found these knee guards left my knees really sore after my first two games. What I realized was that I was not wearing them properly and getting rid of the garter belt and going with tape really helped with stability and landing in the right spot. In the beginning, I had my knees more aligned to the Curve protection which caused them to land more on the seam versus the proper landing spot. That's now corrected and the last couple games I've had no pain, no stability issues and no knee fatigue. Now these are still not as comfortable for landing versus the Senior Warriors or Brian's Pro knee guards that I've used but for now I'm very happy with these and sticking with them. Still not direct hits so I can't share how they hold up to shots yet.
  14. Check out my latest video where I've added text on suggestions for save analysis. In this Friday Night Shinny Game I highlighted a number of goals and what I could have done differently. Let me know what you think. What would you have done differently? Do you agree with my suggestions?
  15. Yes, I will try to weigh my CCM Extreme Flex Shield II chesty this weekend. I have a "Large." To follow-up on the earlier thread. Couple first impressions since I've now played in this thing 3 times. 1.) I've taken a couple direct bombs (very hard slap shots) to the chest and shoulder with no pain or issues. Did not feel a thing. Still testing out the arm protection. 2.) Movement in this chesty is excellent. Moving arms up above my head is not as good as my prior Senior Warrior chest. The shoulder plates get in the way so sometimes harder to put on my mask and jersey. Not a big deal as in game situations I never put my arms that high. 3.) The neck. Several of you have asked questions about this. I would say that I've had to make lots of adjustments to the neck as it rides a little high. Right now what has been working is that I can push the neck guard down to provide better movement of my mask. I already wear both a neckguard under my chesty and a dangler so I've got lots of protection. The other option I'm going to play around with is adjusting the shoulder velcro to lower the neck guard to a level similar to other chest protectors. @TheGoalNet can you share how you have the neck area positioned when you wear this? Overall, still incredibly happy with this chesty. Because I have better movement in the arms I also find I can handle the puck better.
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