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  1. havok

    Homemade neck guard

    Hey everyone So the awesome dude @ross shipped the red neckguard to me. And i can't get used to it. No matter how i adjust it, there's always pressure on my adam's apple. So i am going to pay it forward and give it to someone else. If you live in Canada i can ship it for like 10. If you're in the Montreal area, come amd get it! In The US of A i dont know but i can check it out. Contact me if you want it
  2. a ....honda.....civic...The ANTI-Goalie gear car.
  3. BUMP Hey if you like Nillson's PADS 😉
  4. Oh man..You know Ill bug you about them Ball Hockey Pads LOL
  5. havok

    Homemade neck guard

    I was looking to buy one. Wish i was good at this stuff. AWESOME work
  6. After 2 baths and some vinegar and disinfectant she smells much better and is clean So the C/A and CCM pro pants 100 shipped. Happy Holidays
  7. Very stereotypical right?! LOL I didn't smell and Labatt or Molson though
  8. Medium Chest protector OK, so my buddy bought a lot of goalie equipment thinking he was doing em a favor. Included in this lot was this chest protector. So I refunded him his money since he was being a nice guy despite not knowing anything about goalie gear. A few things were cool, but this Chesty has seen better days! It's structurally sound, so I believe protection would not be an issue. However it does have a few rips in the fabric, and the collar, see the pics below. Another issue is that it smells a bit of hockey, cigarette and coconut sunscreen, so I would have to give it a bath before selling. Anyone out there can use it and be well protected, use it for parts etc. I am asking 50$ shipped within Canada(from Quebec). If it is bought with the pants I have on sale, I will sell both for 125$ shipped.
  9. I know these pads are very familiar to all of you. I bought them "by mistake" on eBay. I am sure that person is a member on this forum because he was cool to deal with! I just want my money back, I've never used them. They are 34+1.5 I am asking 600 CDN shipped from Quebec, with UPS tracking etc. They are in their box and ready to ship next day (except next week for the holidays, there will eb a delay)
  10. Sorry about that Yes Small Senior
  11. Hello all I bought this used chesty for a good price It is damaged though. It has superficial rips in the fabric. Nothing that affects its abilities My question is this repairable at all? If so is it worth it? See pics below
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