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  1. havok

    So... I released a comic book.

    You'll need a separate account for Indy Planet. Thats how i had to do it.
  2. havok

    So... I released a comic book.

    CONGRATS CHAKAL! I know the feeling AND the hard work you put in it, I too made my own comic! I'll be downloading this for sure! mine is here! http://www.indyplanet.us/worlds-end-vol-1/
  3. havok


    Price drop 60$ shipped
  4. havok


    tonight, sure!
  5. Trapper is well used but no rips or anything Closes like a charm with a game ready palm Ships from Montreal 75 CDN shipped within Canada Buyer pays shipping to USA
  6. responded, thanks
  7. P4 chest in great shape. No smell or anything. No tears I tried and it wasn't for me. SR Medium Pro 75 shipped within Canada (Shipping from Montreal). Would trade for equipment of equal value. Will ship to US but buyer pays shipping costs.
  8. havok

    Warrior G4 Pads Break-In

    I know the above answer may seem obvious, but he is right I have R/ GT and I am a CCM / Reebok dude, Ive been in mine since July, and I am only now getting the hang of them. I play minimum once a week. I am a Ball Hockey goalie if that matters, but I imagine the fit is the same issue.
  9. havok

    Warrior Ritual GT SR Strapping Kits

    Thanks man!
  10. Can we buy replacement straps and buckles for the leg pads? I loomed online and can only find G3 kits Im going to be strapping behind the knee bow and missing one clip for the knee cradle and the buckle and the heel strap is missing too Any help would be appreciated
  11. 34+1 Senior Warrior Ritual GT goalie pads, in great shape. Sliders are attached for DEK / Ball Hockey I am only selling them because I cannot get used to them. 34+1 Would consider trades for pads with same value, preferably with sliders so I don't have to get any installed 800$ CDN if shipping within Canada, USD if going to the US. Shipping from Quebec