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  1. Let me know how you like it. I had a sling for the past 5 years in my Stacey but went back to a cup with new Pro 3 Sportmask. I prefer the freedom of a sling but must say my mask feels more solid and secure being back in a cup. Time will tell, I may grab an EcoProFoam sling just to try in the Sportmask
  2. cwarnar

    Prolaces Thread

    Did you use a waxed lace? If not it will get wet and stretch
  3. cwarnar

    Mask Design Help

    Final product... Turned out amazing... I highly recommend dropping @Doobiesnax a line if you need paint
  4. cwarnar

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Crow back on the ice...
  5. cwarnar

    Hockey movies

    Goon is solid... pretty underrated... the second one wasn't nearly as good... Does this also count??? Bahahaha
  6. cwarnar

    Warrior GT2

    I was the same way... Until I spent a few hours playing with the color zones... Many people have been able to duplicate a simple graphic on the G4 stock graphic as well:
  7. cwarnar

    Warrior GT2

    Confirmed... No Airslide... Pay up @coopaloop1234 https://www.instagram.com/p/BsyE2RwBG8-/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=12ak8ag616v14
  8. cwarnar

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    CCM is definitely the king of the goalie market... which use to be Vaughn. The common thread.. Pete Smith. I would bet that the majority of Warrior users were previous Smith clients (myself included) or fell in love with the Velocity line at Vaughn when Pete was there. Amazing how many guys love the platform but won't take the leap of faith because their favorite pro may be using it or the modernization's may be to far outside their comfort zone.
  9. cwarnar

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    WHL goalies can ONLY USE CCM, Vaughn or Bauer. True Skates were just green lit this past season.
  10. cwarnar

    Brians bungee toe tie

    Crows Sports maybe? Do they have to be Brians?
  11. cwarnar

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    Not having NHL or NCAA orders aside... There's something to be said for the stupid 16-20 week wait times for Vaughn. Warrior is massive in the Europe pro ranks. I think their production process and simplified build model makes for fast turnaround. If Carey Price started tonight in GT2s naturally I would be expect 4-6 weeks to be more like 10-12... But 4 months for gear... Come on now
  12. cwarnar

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    Warrior doesn't do mods or changes such as a bespoke company like Passau. They have 2 perfected platforms which allows for easier mass production. These are mine:
  13. cwarnar

    Warrior G4 35+2.5 Set