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  1. cwarnar

    New Mask

    The wall W-4 is a polycarbonate, or ABS plastic, mask. Well I'm sure some guys don't mind that there are many other options listed above that seemed to have a better track record. There's also a huge issue around quality control with wall USA vs wall in Finland. The biggest thing is to find something that fits properly and is comfortable. If you have the money to go custom Chad Warwick with Defender or @Joe Messina and Masked Marvels maybe another option
  2. cwarnar

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    Was he paranoid?
  3. cwarnar

    The Mask Thread

    A few years back you could get sample packs direct from them. I got 2 small sheets of 3 different densities
  4. cwarnar

    The Mask Thread

    I did... Had no issues.. Uber comfy too. Removed it for a Maltese kit (wish I never did tho)
  5. cwarnar

    Reason behind NHLers switching to a Kenesky C&A?

    Tampa goalies are the latest to hop on the train. Word of mouth must be spreading
  6. cwarnar

    Goal Stick Butt End/Knob Thread

    I tried that one and it was my least favorite. For both feel as well as installation
  7. cwarnar

    Goal Stick Butt End/Knob Thread

    Buttendz Flux on both my 1S sticks. Had a Ripussian Grip but prefer the Flux
  8. cwarnar

    Vaughn Gear

    We all are... there's just a pile of much easier, secure and pain reducing products out there. Bungee toe ties are all the rage. Lots of us on the Board love Pro Laces. Kenesky also makes a great product
  9. cwarnar

    Vaughn Gear

    Please tell us you're not using Toe Hook???
  10. cwarnar

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    I found McKennas, much like Andersons, too cartoony, because the Reactor graphic is very complex and busy. Plus the gloves simply don't match!
  11. cwarnar

    Vaughn Gear

    Very nice pick up... I saw it on GGSU but it's just too big for me. I wish Vaughn would make their retail units in the Pro Beef up specs. I watched Zach when he was with the Warriors when they came to Regina... He was always solid.
  12. cwarnar

    New Steel

    I ended up going the same route. Ordered Step but they were sold out. Rather than deal with potential fit issues with Tydan I got LSG5
  13. cwarnar

    Bauer Supreme vs Warrior R/GT senior fit.

    5'9. But I have a longer torso. I have a 29" inseam. My FTK is 19.5 and I wear 33+1.5 pads.
  14. cwarnar

    Bauer Supreme vs Warrior R/GT senior fit.

    Warrior sizing is very simple... Foot to Knee measurement... runs very true to most sizing. I have always worn a 33"+ pad in Smith, Passau and now Warrior