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  1. cwarnar

    Changing pads

    Passau should be your first choice. Full custom and can meet all your options. Craftsmanship is second to none and you will have zero concerns over durability. Hit up @GoalieTimmy33... Best Rep in the biz
  2. THIS!!! You can use color on logos or accents but the only decent retro set with color I've seen is @chakal's old G3's and Gt's... but I would say that I don't love them
  3. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    Ya... the benefit of shit work is days off
  4. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    Another EF4 design... I could do this crap all day
  5. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    Love the weave accents!
  6. This couldn't be more true. It depends on what your looking for. I like my pads (Warrior GT Pros) to ride up and seal my 5 hole. I have Pro Laces and no boot strap. I initally was using the elastic boot thru my Lundy Loop but found it was too snug. Same with the ARS toe straps. Zero issues around rotation or pad reset and a ton of relief on my joints.
  7. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    Nope... Too much red. My sets have primarily been black and white, with red as an accent color. This is my current set:
  8. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    @Puckstopper I can't leave that "fish hook" section white .. all I see is Maui's hook from Moana I don't mind this tho...
  9. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    The only reason has to do with gloves. I LOVE the GT glove. I've tried the Passau 60 degree and just couldn't get adjusted to it. I don't mind the CCM 590 either. And I'm not above using GT2 Gloves with other pads. That's if the new break change still feels right. I mentioned previous I was a Passau user before switching to Warrior and have nothing but good things to say about their pads.
  10. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    The Hockey Shop "review" of the GT2 pads is up as well https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/warrior-gt2-pro-leg-pad-review
  11. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    The only stock GT2 color combo I like so far... Or a small variation
  12. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    Vaughn won't allow you to use other graphics on their current model pad. And the PVE is essentially that exact pad... Its based on the XF with SLR Strapping. But as of now Vaughn isn't on my list.
  13. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    I looked at that as well... But being picky AF the whole hockey stick graphic thing that Vaughn is using on their 3 current lines (replaced the tribal junk tho!) just isn't my cup of tea. I would love a PVE pad with a different graphic and it would likely suit my style. I think the SLR is gonna be too stiff
  14. cwarnar

    My own March Padness

    Vapors are a no... I still have durability concerns along with the textured face... Just can't do it. I may consider a VE8 pad with either the Pulse or Iceberg. I was speaking with a retailer that said its possible.
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