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  1. 2018 Brian's Optik

    This is by far my fave graphic on the Optik line... clean and simple
  2. Endurance Training

    Hahaha... Ive also read the Blue Raspberry and Lemon Lime are good. I got a 1/2 deal on a 90 serving grape, but am hoping to try the others soon. I definitely don't feel as tired or fatigued towards the end of my skates anymore... Plus the muscle soreness the next day isnt as bad
  3. Endurance Training

    Lol.. not there yet... I tried Biosteel but hated the taste. I have the grape BCAA and it's super tasty
  4. Endurance Training

    I use this stuff... it’s great - https://www.supplementsource.ca/Scivation_Xtend_p/scivation xtend 1000g.htm
  5. CCM Pro Return 13A Pants

    Where from?
  6. I’ve had this happen a few times with my RGT pros the last few ice times I’ve had. For me, it’s totally been lazy hands. Lazy with my stick not getting it out front to try and deflect rebound vs. playing them off my pads.
  7. CCM Gear

    @TheGoalNet very interesting about the weight... I’ve always wanted to try a set of Koho/RBK/Premier pads. In the past the weight along with the open leg channel turned me off. With their new strapping systems and weight reduction I’d love to demo a set. The whole boot angle thing as well might be an issue. I know I’d likely wear a 32 in these tho
  8. Bauer Gear

    No. I couldn't make the sizing work. If they were going to be a long term set I would have snapped them up. @TGC-Rance mentioned about moving the knee block if it was a keeper set
  9. Knob Pics (Not What You’re Thinking...)

    Got my TackiMac Command grip in the mail today. Seems beefier then the Russian Grip I got last week. This one also uses a double sided adhesive tape that is activated by water for the install. It's also definitely the silicone version of a tape job. This will go on my 2nd 1S I acquired used last week
  10. Bauer Gear

    I ended up passing. Had a good chat with @TGC-Rance and the sizing wouldn't work. Thanks for the heads up all
  11. Bauer Gear

    That's the major upside to this... It would be a straight trade. So I'm not out anything. Durability would be a concern but JRZ made I'm guessing they'll stand up better than retail models.
  12. Bauer Gear

    Looking for some quick 1S feed back... I have a chance to swap my RGT pro set (all white) for a JRZ made 1S set. 2 things worry me... Stiffness and sizing. I wear a 33+1.5 and the 1S set is medium (34+1). The set is a WHL pro return and are supposed to have a "softer core." Any pros or cons of the 1S gear would be appreciated
  13. Endurance Training

    @jayluv54 I've swapped BCAA'S for Gatorade... Eliminate the sugar while helping with muscle endurance
  14. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    And new Optiks for Lehner... Still with the 2S gloves... This year's Tim Thomas Award Winner