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  1. cwarnar

    The Laces Thread

    So far so good. I noticed less foot pain at the start of my skate. I'm hoping to make the move to a new skate soon. Waiting for the AS1 Super Tack
  2. cwarnar

    ProLaces/Monster HAL Strap

    I love my Warrior ARS toe straps. I was big HAL user (Former Monster Rep) and much prefer the ARS toes with my GT Pro pads. If I was to move back to a conventional toe bridge, I was opt for Pro Laces
  3. cwarnar

    Brian's Gear

  4. cwarnar

    Custom Passau Sticks

    @IPv6Freely any updates? That is some kind of garbage and I expect better from Passau...
  5. cwarnar

    GT Design Help

    Different take
  6. cwarnar

    Toe/Boot Straps

    It allows your pads to sit higher on your leg. Other benefits are ease of rotation and less stress on your ankles. Really good write by In Goal Mag on this - http://ingoalmag.com/news/carey-prices-unique-ccm-extreme-flex-2-set-up/
  7. cwarnar

    Warrior Gear

    Completely adjustable. They have a velcro tab similar to the G2 model. You can make them sit tall or wide and narrow for a more streamlined look.
  8. cwarnar

    Gel Padding Inside Mask

    Inside of my soon to be retired Stacey. I don't mind the gapping or sparse padding design of the Maltese kit. I've had zero issues with it since the install 2+ years ago
  9. cwarnar

    Warrior CR3 - 26", Mrazek Curve

  10. cwarnar

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Best paint I’ve seen in years... http://ingoalmag.com/masks/remarkable-canadiens-toque-mask-mcniven/
  11. cwarnar

    Ritual G4 Set and Chest

    Classic vs G4 thing... Just like the GT and GT Classic:
  12. cwarnar

    Mckenney Gear

    I think Trevor ghosts for Simmons
  13. cwarnar

    What's your latest gear purchase?

    I've been busy... Custom GT Pro Set Sportmask Pro 3 GT Pro Chestie
  14. cwarnar

    Packing your bag

    I don't use mine... Took it out if they don't have one, you're more than welcome to mine
  15. cwarnar

    Packing your bag

    Yes... Its a small blue bag that attaches via velcro