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  1. Never tried the Vaughn’s. Did you have to do a Price/Graf cutout mod? Thought they looked like they had a good amount of material on the instep last I checked
  2. It’s definitely getting better but maybe has plateaued not sure. Bought in fall last year. Maybe I’ve used 20-25 times plus or minus. last I checked I think it’s like $150ish plus shipping. I don’t think I’d want the floating T though. Just fixing the internals would be fine and a skate lace pocket. I don’t think he offers that though. I think you have to get floating T but not sure why that is
  3. dstew29


    Matching speed and timing your push will usually get you in position at least imo. That said, I just had this happen other night. Good timing, good push but guy was planning 5 hole entire time. Got me...
  4. Nice, two weeks will fly by. I Guess I can always add the lace bite pad later if needed. did you end up going with the CCM AS1 cowling?
  5. Been having a really hard time breaking in my Varly pro return EF3 glove. Says game ready palm but closure is so difficult. I think there’s just extra material in palm and specifically the crease, maybe D30?. Not sure what to do at this point. I’m debating sending to Dennis at FM or just selling and trying something else. Also noticed that thumb stall is really large. Is this same for most gloves these days? Or do some models have a tighter stall for thumb like the finger stalls in most gloves
  6. dstew29

    McKenney XPG1

    Can you do 2 piece cuff on this glove.
  7. You get your boots yet @daffy ? I ended up putting getting scanned and putting deposit down for True 1 piece. 4 week wait quoted but rep said it should be quicker due to end of season and lower volumes. Did you get any add-ones? And which liner did you go with? I just went with standard clarino.
  8. Congrats! Can you maybe shed some light on True sizing? Sneaker size vs Graf vs True? I ask because I tried on an 8 True and they were too small but I just heard True doesn’t make half sizes?
  9. Quick rant. Stopped by a big box LHS yesterday to get scanned for True 1 piece. Huge True display, w display skates for all models, goalie included. Was told by associate and manager that they don’t have the capability to scan there. So I naturally asked, so what happens every other time someone comes in wanted to buy True skates? No answer. Unreal. I’d be livid if I were tied to True brand.
  10. Correct, def not a Promasque. The side profile is more linear from cheek to chin as well.
  11. Check the ear vents. Rounded right triangle like an orange slice. Any ideas who makes this?
  12. @SaveByRichter35 I remember seeing these posted by Graf a month or so ago. I think this is what you mean?
  13. @TheGoalNet Cool story and write up. It's painful to not be able to see a single image in your original post though! I'm using a Chrome browser so maybe thats the issue? Anyone else have trouble seeing those pictures? Oddly enough I can see the price and boyle cage pics you just posted...
  14. @BadAngle41 & @TheGoalNet did you guys end up ordering the single or double elastic?
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