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  1. dstew29

    At a loss with new skates...

    @Boosh63 What new skates are you in now? Stock cowlingless Bauers? Ive had some similar symptoms to what you’re describing. I’m in taller steel runners too which is brand new to me. I’m coming from traditional, cowling skates like you so I’m used to the shorter steel that was fixed into the cowling. I wonder if this is partly due to losing some energy / stability with the replaceable runners. Read somewhere about a hack for this. Drape clear tape over top of runner near front and back of runner. The ends should come down near sharp edge on each side. Secure runners in the holder and lock in. Then take razor and cut tape along edges of the holder. Peal off excess. (I know...a graphic would have been much easier) alternatively, like @DL42 said, I have a set of profiled blades coming this week. Will throw a review up after a few skates.
  2. dstew29

    Help me choose bauer 1X, 1S, or Premier Pro 2017 C/A

    I can only speak to the Passau Gen2, but I couldn’t be happier. Lightweight and mobile without giving up size or protection. Very adjustable as well. Kenesky might be similar all around but slimmer profile. Base level pricing won’t be much different than the Bauer and CCM units if buying new.
  3. dstew29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    Quick update. Ended up arriving at a profile to test after speaking w/ Bob at No Icing. I needed a backup set of steel anyways so I’m getting the new profile on SS Step runners for Graf. I haven’t been too impressed with the stock Graf runners I’ve been using and def feel like they’re causing some issues for me. Will report back once I get a chance to play in the new Steps next week.
  4. dstew29

    Suggestions on Kenesky/Passau/JRZ

    saw a post the other day about this Russian label - Miklin Custom. Maybe some of the Euro/Asia based guys on here know more about them. Not dissimilar from some other custom shops mentioned, they clearly take large amounts of "inspiration" from other labels. no clue on price or availability in the states/canada but an interesting option perhaps. Especially since I had no clue they existed a few days ago. some good pics and video on their setups on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miklin_custom/?hl=en
  5. dstew29

    Obligatory Black Friday Coupon Thread

    It's time for everyone's favorite holiday again, Black Friday! Post any good gear related sales here...because we all really need that second or third backup pair of high end [insert any piece of equipment here]. www.goaliemonkey.com Sale: 25% off Ends: Friday, 11/23 Code: BF25
  6. Awesome design / color combo! Enjoy!! (If these happen to be 33+1 I’ll just jump in the queue now.)
  7. dstew29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    Thanks, I'll most likely end up sending to Bob at No Icing since no one in my area really has the capabilities like a No Icing. Per my last post though, I think it would be hugely beneficial to get a real world test of a few different profiles that are widely used. Just to hit the high notes / benefits of each and get a good context for what changes you might expect. Maybe that's just me talking but I'd guess most recreational goalies don't get profiled blades because they know little to nothing about it.
  8. dstew29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    @TheGoalNet Just throwing this out there as an idea, but what about partnering with a Step or Tydan and say No Icing Sports to send you a handful of runnners that you get profiled and test out? I think something like that would be hugely beneficial to the steel companies and No Icing while at the same time demystifying the process of selecting a profile to try first. Rather than coming to a conclusion on which blade is best for the "subject", I think there could be huge benefits from objective feedback relating to each profile that they demo'd (i.e "the SAM profile felt best all around because it helped me ...", or "the dual radius was best for backside pushes and butterfly pushes", etc.). Questionnaires are a good start but real world feedback would be very interesting to see in this case.
  9. dstew29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    Thanks, and yes I get what you're saying but that's why I tried to highlight "in theory". Most people in stock blades have absolutely no reference point to even begin to figure out what they don't like about their current blades, let alone decide on what they might like about other profiles. To your point, the best option would be to try all those different profile options to see what suits your game best. This really isn't feasible for most beer leaguers but it is what it is. If most stock blades are poorly profiled and/or mismatched profiles, it's shocking that after market steel companies wouldn't market their blades with the "profiling is better than stock" angle. And really educate the market on its benefits, etc. Would seem to me to be the better sell than just "buy my steel, your edge will last longer".
  10. dstew29

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    Couldn’t find a specific thread on goalie steel profiling so here it is I guess. First, let me say I’ve never had my blades profiled, but the more I read up on it the more intrigued I get. I’ll get right into it. The big questions I have are: 1. What are the two are three best (in theory at least) profiles for goalie steel? I’ve seen a few references to profiles called SAM, WIN, Zuperior V, Detroit 2, Single Radius (25-30 ft), etc. 2. Having never tried anything but stock steel, how would one decide on which profile is best? 3. What’s the typical stock goalie steel profile for the big brands? 4. What’s the best method to check my current steel profile/radius? I’ve read that No Icing Sports in NH has a mail order profiling program which is cool and potentially solves the “who” and “how”, but doesn’t solve the what or why questions which come first.
  11. dstew29

    Tydan vs Step steel

    the metallica profile?
  12. dstew29

    Tydan vs Step steel

    @dualshowman I bet you're right on that. Probably got Graf or someone else to replicate the same runner he was used to. From the pic it definitely looks to be shorter profile than the new stock blades. Has anyone out there bought STEP or Tydan runners for a Graf cowling?
  13. dstew29

    Tydan vs Step steel

    I'm liking my Graf dm1080s for the most part but I'm not loving the stock Graf runners. First, they're taller than most current runners (I think?) and I'm not sure if they're wider too (4mm vs 3mm). As always, I like to see what the pros are doing and it looks like Price doesn't use their stock steel runner (see below image). To me it looks like he uses a shorter steel runner. Anyone have a better insight on this? And if I go to a shorter after market runner, any suggestions on Step or Tydan for Graf cowlings? Thanks, IDKS about blades if you couldn't tell... Stock steel on Graf DM1080s: Carey Price VH w/ Graf Cowling Setup:
  14. New gen 2 just arrived tonight! Can’t wait to try it out. Went logoless with @BadAngle41 spec script, Maltese heart guard and beef up
  15. Nice! Logo-less looks really...CLEAN Me too! Supposed to get mine within a week so that would be +/- 9 weeks end to end with some mods.