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  1. dstew29

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Looked cool from far in the vid but even better up close! Great execution on the paint. The new era stuff is waaay too busy. Plus the 90s era chin banner is a must if I get my next one painted! I love that shell but my head doesn't fit in the xpm. There's a Coveted 906 model that takes some heavy inspiration from 960 that I've been eyeing which would fit me. Same one Subban wears (one of his masks anyways):
  2. Yup. Too good to be true!! Looks like they’re one of the Tacks models, not AS1. As you were everyone...
  3. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/CCM-Super-Tacks-AS1-goalie-skates_32690097 Anyone in Victoria area that could help me buy these? I’m in CT / US.
  4. dstew29

    work outs

    Does 3 x 15 min mean 3 sets, 5 mins continuous reps with 45 second rest between sets? So 15 mins of lunge walks and box jumps each?
  5. dstew29

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    its not a real windmill unless you partially dislocate your shoulder the new setup looks awesome on-ice, nicely done!! Nice mask too. Which brand/model is that?
  6. dstew29

    Fullright's 2018-2019

    Way to hang in there. Saw plenty of quality stops as well. My only feedback would be to challenge more on the 1 on 1. A lot of those shots occurred while you were almost back on your goal line. That’s just way too much net to cover 1v1. Make them shoot or deke well before then. Keep it up! Good stuff
  7. dstew29

    My next custom skates

    Thought this was interesting commentary to post here. This was a snap chat post from a women’s D1 college goalie. Granted this is just one customers POV but I like it for a few reasons: 1. She’s plays at a high level and has a higher demand of gear. 2. She didnt have to buy them herself i.e. there’s no emotion or buyers remorse for a large investment. 3. This is just a informational snap chap post. She has no agenda. There’s no promotion of other brands just personal insight into her gear. This keeps me leaning toward a CCM or Bauer custom skate for my next pair. I love the idea of the 1 piece True but the True product/execution just doesn’t seem to be as good as I originally assumed...
  8. wow, no brainer then. good on ya Brians! I thought they were trying to pull the old "here are some bland chips, now do you want guac for a reasonable upcharge?" ...of course we all want guac
  9. Beauties, well done and great color scheme. Btw, is the "extra break in time" an additional charge? lol
  10. It's a floating T. I think it just has to do with Brian's patent on the "Anchor T" branding. It's like a standard T but with rigid material to better keep the pocket open i.e. deeper pocket, less pop-outs, etc.
  11. dstew29

    Tydan vs Step steel

    My experience as well. I was able to find my size (9) at Midwest Skate a few weeks ago when I purchased. I went with regular SS though they also carried Black Step. They seemed to carry most sizes when I last looked. I believe Step is no longer producing them so try to snap up whatever you can now.
  12. Hopefully the poll I just created is easy enough to follow. Since we have "weight" databases for stick and CAs I was thinking we could aggregate some user data on skates since this seems to be a popular topic lately. Most notably trying to look at the "latest and greatest" skate offerings in the market right now. In addition to seeing numbers on who's using what right now, the main goal is to get a good cross section of users in each of the different models but with the same size so we can eventually try to get weights for each and see like kind comparisons across best in class skates for all the brands/models out right now. Maybe we eventually take it a step further at some point and try to look at attack angels or leave it up to the group if there are other comparisons that might be interesting. User names are confidential right now per the setup. Anyways, happy polling. UPDATE: It looks like size "8" is pretty popular and a good candidate to try and get a skate weight for each model. If you own one of the above models in size 8, PM me and we'll see if we can get someone for each model.
  13. dstew29

    Player Skates

    In theory it makes some sense. I think where it probably falls short is: - blade/holder length - even with a flat/flatter radius you're probably losing power/stability with the shorter holder/blade. - protection - just look how players respond to blocking a shot with their skate. much less protection from pucks in a player skate. - pitch of the boot - most goalie skates promote a forward pitch/lean. not sure you can replicate this easily with most player setups. Maybe they're more similar than I think but this could be another difference.
  14. dstew29

    Passau chest protector size

    See, all you had to do was ask your wife lol I have a Passau Gen 2 CA as well and went L body / M arms. Smart move to wait and buy something closer to your stock sizes from the website or used.