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  1. jeff da goalie

    Kenesky Chest hitting the Show

    How did you get access? They said they will have these available once their website is up and running.
  2. jeff da goalie

    Goalie Cups

    Mine lasted two years.
  3. jeff da goalie

    Goalie Cups

    until the bladder starts leaking. No joke.
  4. jeff da goalie

    Bands associated with hockey

  5. jeff da goalie

    Bands associated with hockey

  6. jeff da goalie

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    Kwitcherbitchin' about league fees. Out here, all goalies play (unless the team is desperate, and the good teams never are) and fees are about $600/winter season. I used to be on two teams. Now on one and filling in on a second, but not paying for that one!
  7. jeff da goalie

    Oneiric Base Layer, Padded Shirts

    I have the Oneiric. Love it. Great base layer with the added protection of Kevlar along cut areas and some modest padding elsewhere. Feels great. 2) The place where the Vaughn chesty is going to be weak is the arms and the various padded shirts don't really provide a lot of arm protection. You're better off beefing up the arms a little and staying cooler. All of those padded shirts are hot as hell.
  8. because they don't close well.
  9. jeff da goalie

    How Important is Gear Hygiene to You?

    Ah, yeah. I remember that stuff. I used it for a while. The stuff I use is great for keeping stink out but doesn't do much for keeping the gloves soft.
  10. jeff da goalie

    How Important is Gear Hygiene to You?

    What do you use?
  11. jeff da goalie

    Glove break in technique

    better than hot boxing the glove . . .
  12. jeff da goalie

    TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    I have Tydan on my Bauers and Step on my Reeboks. They're roughly equivalent in terms of ability to keep an edge. I haven't seen any difference between them.
  13. jeff da goalie

    Please Help a Beginner Goalie Find a Mask

    If you're not in a rush, Protechsport. Can't beat the price or the protection.
  14. jeff da goalie

    Fighting Dehydration

    The Pedia means it's for kids. Plus it tastes like ass.
  15. jeff da goalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    When Jeff Laum first got started, he was selling reasonably priced DIY stuff. Nothing crazy, but shock cord laces, boot straps. probably a side business or whatever. He sold them on eBay and you paid and it was shipped. then came the website. That was fine. But he did two things that sunk his business. He started introducing more labor intensive products that I don't think he was really able to scale up to. That affected both quality and shipping time since he was doing those on an as needed basis. The knee stacks come to mind. And for some reason he hired a dozen or so reps to flood the Facebook pages, particularly GGSU. Passau, an established business, gets by with @Tim_TRUEHockey who is unfailingly polite and responsive. They hired people who insulted, blamed the user, and weren't responsive about orders. Not a smart way to grow a business.