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  1. I love Maria, but I'll disagree with this. I'm nearly 48. I can go to bed healthy and wake up injured. Or I'll do something stupid (whether in hockey or otherwise) and hurt myself in a minor way. it usually goes away in a day. Is it an injury? Yes. is it so minor as to require nothing but rest? Most likely. that to me is a tweak.
  2. Exactly. I run it in my basement for three hours and usually start it right before I go to sleep. Limited exposure won't harm you unless you have breathing problems like asthma (which I do) but you don't want to be there for long. Ideal is a closet, but I use it to good effect in my basement and it works on things in the immediate area.
  3. Nah, as much as I'm annoyed because I did set the reserve and I suspect it got bounced when I changed something else (stupid eBay), I'm not inclined to cancel it. It'll sell (right now it's at $98, still a huge bargain!) but there's interest. I'd rather sell to someone on this board, so bid! You'll get a great C/A at a great price.
  4. And I don't mind that they copied it. That's for the other manufacturer to deal with. it was the incessant carping about how the other manufacturers sucked and "we're better because we're made in Canada" crap that bothered me.
  5. Just saw that as well. talk about clones. I thought their gear was fine, but I hated their constant carping about off-shore gear. "Buy ours, it's made in Canada" all the while ripping off other companies' designs (not just graphics, but actual pad designs).
  6. 1) nice Dodgeball reference. 2) Yeah, I have no idea what happened. And eBay is such a pain to contact, I figured it would likely get up to the reserve or at least close to it. I'd rather sell it at a little bit of a loss than get a negative review. Thanks for your support!
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283376407711 I'm selling a used Passau Gen2 Size L chest protector. Bought it from a guy who used it 10 times. Some minor wear and discoloration. No smell at all, freshly sanitized. I just got a sweet John Brown chesty that I'm using instead. Very mobile, very protective (the Passau). So here's the deal. I thought I set a reserve price, but I must have screwed up. So right now the auction is at $50 and it will sell because apparently, I didn't set the reserve. That's a freaking steal. Heck, may as well bid even if you don't need it.
  8. Yeah, I had a 0-0 tie this season. It was kind of surreal. First and only one I've ever had.
  9. I have a PAW version like this and an ECO Pro Foam. Coming off a Maltese. And you're right, the Maltese crowd won't like something like this because I'm having a hell of a time adjusting to the PAW one. Which is why I got the EPF.
  10. damn this site. Another thing I had to buy.
  11. You are joking, I'm assuming, but when I tore a hamstring, one of the exercises was to pull myself on a wheeled office chair with one leg at a time. who knew office chairs were great physical therapy tools.
  12. I've had both a Maltese and now have the EcoProFoam. Things I hated about the Maltese -- that stupid cape. Things I like about the EPF -- no stupid cape. The EPF feels slightly lighter. Haven't had it long enough to put it into use with a puck to the throat but in fairness, I've only ever taken 2-3 with my Maltese. It feels hefty enough to protect me. Why did i go with the EPF and not the Roughneck? Mainly because Dennis had one in stock and I didn't want to wait. Also, the Roughneck has the cape. (See notes above.) Otherwise, the maltese and EPF feel very similar. There, comparison done.
  13. Decided to sell this after all. Want the money for a Passau again. (I do this periodically, I flirt with Brown, and then go back to my one true love.) It's on eBay, current bid is $175, so what a bargain! https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Brown-Russian-Spec-hockey-Goalie-Chest-And-Arms-JB2200-Size-L/283348841437
  14. jeff da goalie

    Pad Settling

    If you're now landing on the lower end of the knee stacks, that would imply that the pad is growing, no? If they were settling, wouldn't you be landing higher in the knee stack? Given that most pads are made with solid sheets of foam these days, I don't think even cheaper pads settle as much. that was more of an issue when they were stuffed with shredded foam or deer hair.
  15. Funny seeing all the love for the mullet. That was one feature I hated about the Maltese.
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