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  1. jeff da goalie

    ProLaces/Monster HAL Strap

    Before I got my Warriors, I used ProLaces. Can't say enough good things about them. And can't say enough bad things about Monster, so I won't. Go with the ProLaces. They're not cheap but they'll last.
  2. jeff da goalie

    Trouble with my C/A. Help me pick a new one!!!

    Two words: Emergency Backup.
  3. jeff da goalie

    Bruises Through Pants

    I got a set of the pro return CCMs. The "hipster new tight pants" to use your language. I actually prefer them to my Brown overpadded built like a tank pants. They are crazy mobile but incredibly well padded. I think they went high tech with the padding because if goalies got injured with the new spec pants, there would be a backlash over any new spec equipment. I also have short arms, although I'm not sure the relevance there.
  4. jeff da goalie

    Brian's Optik C/A

    Does anyone know when the Optik C/A is going to be released? Thanks.
  5. jeff da goalie

    Endurance Training

    You build up to it. I tore my MCL Dec. 2016. That was the second time I had torn an MCL (one in each leg). Once I was cleared for leg work, I started squatting again. Worked up to 225 and it was really rough. But by going slowly, I got up to a high of 450 over about a eight months or so. I rarely go above 315 these days (I'm turning 47 and I don't recover as quickly as I used to). But my knees have never been healthier and my hockey has never been hockeyer. Or something.
  6. jeff da goalie

    Endurance Training

    what complexes do you do?
  7. jeff da goalie

    Endurance Training

    The only time I've ever hallucinated was around rep 18. I'm pretty sure I had a religious experience. And if that is what hell is like, I'm going to give up sinning!
  8. jeff da goalie

    Gel Padding Inside Mask

    No, but the black padding that Michel uses does start to fall apart after a while.
  9. jeff da goalie

    Swivel vision

    So I used them at a practice of sorts. they definitely force you to move your head and it made me realize how dependent on my peripheral vision I am. The main effect was on rebounds, but even behind the net I really had to move my head to follow. I'll try using them in a warmup because your vision after you take them off is like "I can see! I can see!"
  10. jeff da goalie

    New age of keeping skates tight

    I have the clips on my Reebok 11k skates, but not on my new Bauers. I'm thinking of adding them on. I like them loose down low and tight above. I tried the loop approach a little lower but I couldn't make it work.
  11. jeff da goalie

    Questions about refurbishing an SK2000

    I think Kenesky does chin slings. Not sure that paint would bind to the plastic, but what do I know? Are you on facebook? There's a dude there who refurbishes SK's for fun.
  12. jeff da goalie

    Swivel vision

    Just bought mine. I'll get them on the ice on Monday.
  13. jeff da goalie

    Bauer to true

    As with everything, there is a cost/benefit analysis. As long as I can get 85% comfortable in a retail skate, I'm not paying $1000 for custom. My Bauer Vapor X900 (the step below the pro) is half of what True costs. That's my calculation based on playing 1-2 times a week. You might make a different choice, but I don't want to pay close to $1000.
  14. jeff da goalie

    On the post

    Very good points. I agree completely.
  15. jeff da goalie

    On the post

    There are two schools of thought: Playing at your level will let you develop at the right pace or 2) playing against better guys will make you better. I think that a combination of both is ideal. Perhaps play at the correct level and sub at the higher level, or, play at the higher level and supplement with lessons and a ton of stick n puck or whatever they call it by you so you can practice.