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  1. agreed. i just ordered a set of the XL straps to put on my G3s and I'll keep the webbing for the added security.
  2. jeff da goalie

    Coming Back From Retirement

    This. At a minimum do her butterfly challenge. Even if you don't butterfly much, it's a great hip flexibility and mobilization program. She's the best. She's on facebook as well (if you do the facebook. Check out goalie training lab. Ton of free content, including the aforementioned butterfly challenge.
  3. jeff da goalie

    Passau Sliding Polish

    I've got both. They're basically the same thing.
  4. jeff da goalie

    New to me John Brown Russian Spec -- heart guard?

    I think that's probably true.
  5. jeff da goalie

    New to me John Brown Russian Spec -- heart guard?

    So I took this on the ice last night. I agree, the heart guard wouldn't reduce the weight much, but man is this one heavy chesty. I have no doubt i won't feel anything and I can touch my nose but the arms are so built up that they don't allow a whole lot of flexion. that said, once I started playing I barely notice that. It didn't handcuff me in any way. i suspect the rate limiting aspect is the weight and I'm unlikely to wear it in Spring or Summer.
  6. jeff da goalie

    New to me John Brown Russian Spec -- heart guard?

    I do this periodically. I buy a Brown and want to love the Brown and then sell the Brown. I loved my Passau Pro Pack and only sold it because it was too big. My guess is I'll go back to one of those in time.
  7. jeff da goalie

    New to me John Brown Russian Spec -- heart guard?

    one piece. I'm likely to leave it because I'm not sure I'm keeping it. The arms are way heavy armored, probably more than I need and I prefer mobility.
  8. jeff da goalie

    New Option - Custom In-Material Printed Graphics

    so sublimation in jenpro?
  9. jeff da goalie

    Seattle NHL colors

    I think the Seattle Amazons would be great corporate branding and would thoroughly confuse everyone.
  10. I saw a discussion on FB over whether they'd offer old spec floaters and one of the Kenesky guys said no. Contrast that with Passau saying that they'd make a more streamlined chesty at a customer's request. (God knows why, I play beer league, i want every advantage I can get!) Again, I wish them much success, but I'm waiting to see what happens. For example, I was an early jumper on the Passau bandwagon until I got my Gen 1 chesty. Hated, hated, hated it. (Loved their gloves.) But when they retooled it, the Gen 2 became my favorite. So, pics and press are nice, but I'm just waiting for some real world experience.
  11. So, I bought a used John Brown Russian Spec. I'll wear it a few times before I make any decisions, but i'm thinking of cutting off the heart guard to reduce weight. I play relatively low level beer league, so the Russian Spec is already way more than I need, but the thing is pretty heavy and there's not a lot of padding on the heart guard so I worry about big rebounds (again, i will play with it first). Has anyone else done that? What do you think?
  12. I'm not sure it's safe to say that. Other than the one guy who scored the Anderson unit on this board, no beer leaguer has one. All of the units so far have been custom made with non-adjustable strapping. One of the things I love about Passau is the adjustability. We haven't seen a Kenesky with those features. we've seen what looks like beautiful, NHL compliant custom made chesties that look like a P1, but we haven't seen them in the wild yet. Yes, Kenesky is getting a ton of noise on pages like this and GGSU, but so was the Brian's Optik chesty until people started getting them and all of a sudden there were a ton up for sale. I mean no disrespect to Kenesky. I think it will be great if there is another option as much as I love Passau, I think competition is always good. But this is otherwise like all the rage when Tesla first came out and everyone was telling us how great it was even though nobody had actually driven one.
  13. jeff da goalie


    I had a guy ship me something from Toronto last Tuesday, arrived in Washington DC today.
  14. jeff da goalie

    Shameless Favor

  15. jeff da goalie

    Show Off Your Passau Gear

    is the use of the ecofoam the big announcement you teased on Facebook?