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  1. jeff da goalie

    Fighting Dehydration

    I use Biosteel, the one without sugar, or Liquid IV.
  2. jeff da goalie

    Companies to Avoid

    I'll third or fourth Monster. Durability and delays. And asshole sales reps.
  3. jeff da goalie

    Brian's Optik C/A

    I didn't find that. I found my Passau good out of the box and there were very minor tweaks to make. No sewing needed. But I'm low maintenance. Once I find something that is comfortable, I don't go beyond to see if something is "optimal". i never mod my gear or order custom stuff (other than my Passau glove that I wanted bigger than NHL spec because, hey, it's beer league)
  4. jeff da goalie

    Brian's Optik C/A

    Exactly! My only complaint I ever had with my Vaughn chesty was the arms.
  5. jeff da goalie

    Where can I buy used gear?

    if you can get through the puerile stuff on GGSU on facebook, you can often find good stuff there.
  6. jeff da goalie

    Changing Your Style

    Has anyone gone from butterfly to more of a standup/hybrid style? I'm coming off my third knee injury in 4 years and am considering whether it might be time to ease off the butterfly. If you've done it, how did you go about doing it? I'd assume a change in pads would be beneficial, but how does one go about relearning the position? Thanks.
  7. jeff da goalie

    Attack of the Clones

    I'll be honest, particularly after reading the Protechsport mask thread with everyone oohing and aahing over the various mask models -- they all look the same to me. The modern goalie mask is essentially a single mask with ever so slight variations. I'm staring at two masks I have hanging on my wall that I've retired -- a Protechsport (Lalime? Fichaud? Hell if I know) and a Bauer mask. I can't tell the difference. How much variation can you have with that basic model? Deeper ridges? Bigger bubble chin? I don't think that that is something unique. Other than that God-awful Onezee that keeps popping up on GGSU, there's been relatively little innovation in the goalie mask since the advent of the modern mask. Paint jobs are a different story, but I doubt most painters bother to copyright their work. I doubt I'd do an explicit copy of one but that's the same reason I don't get jerseys with other people's names on them -- I'm not trying to be them. Nobody would look at me in a Lundqvist jersey and say "dude, why aren't you on the ice???" But I don't object if a beer leaguer really wants the exact same mask as his/her idol.
  8. jeff da goalie

    Attack of the Clones

    I'm a bit more ambivalent. I think that there are two levels. 1) the copyright level. By all means, copyrights should be enforced. All in favor of that. 2) the morality of it. This requires a little more nuance. I fully agree that it's sleazy for companies to copy other companies' designs or logos, so kudos to companies like Passau. Where I'm more on the fence is if I, as a rec league goalie, want to use a goalie's mask that I like and get it painted. I think that if I wanted to do so, it's more of an homage than a ripoff. And if I had to pay a licensing fee, I'd make just enough changes to avoid that. But that's just my two cents.
  9. jeff da goalie

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    Who besides Bobrovsky in the NHL? Any AHL or ECHL? (Not challenging, genuinely curious because I don't see many guys in the show wearing Brown.)
  10. jeff da goalie

    Knee Brace Issues

    I hear ya. It would be easier if you switched up your style and played stand up. No need for rotation. I got nuthin' otherwise.
  11. jeff da goalie

    Knee Brace Issues

    I hear you. I was speaking more to BonesDT. I don't think a brace does squat for protecting your MCL, nor does it provide much more support than a good tight neoprene sleeve. But I'm also just a guy who gets injured, not a doctor, so I would always recommend listening to a doc and not some random dude on the interwebz any way. It's interesting what you said about squatting. After my 2016 MCL injury, i got back into lifting and got up to a 445 lb 1RM squat. My knees became bulletproof. But I then backslid and had trouble making time to get to the gym because I was playing too often and BAM, there goes my MCL again. So I've been using the last few weeks to purposefully get to the gym and have slowly been building back my squatting again, although I'm focusing more on 10 rep sets rather than going for broke on the 1 rep lift. I'm going to make sure that for every time I'm on the ice, I spend two days in the gym lifting.
  12. jeff da goalie

    Knee Brace Issues

    I've torn my MCL twice (grade 2 tears, one nearly a grade 3, one not as bad) and am recovering from a Grade 1. I asked my orthopod about wearing one of those during a game and he said the studies don't support wearing them for injury prevention (as opposed to stabilization post injury). There was a NYT article about it as well because all the major athletic programs require offensive linemen to wear the braces and they may actually do more harm than good. But I'm not a doctor, so you should listen to yours, but I don't wear one on the ice. Obvs not directed at the OP, I don't know anything about ACL/PCL injuries.
  13. jeff da goalie

    Injuries of the trade

  14. jeff da goalie

    Injuries of the trade

    I'm getting better. I squatted 125 for 10 reps with no pain. I'm on the elliptical, including high intensity intervals with no pain. Some of the butterfly movements that I'm doing off ice (and very slowly) are still iffy. I got subs through next week (which will be 4 weeks) and hope to get on the ice on the 25th.
  15. jeff da goalie

    New paw neck guard problem

    Maltese is also a small fortune.