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  1. stackem30

    work outs

    Don't ask about his right arm...
  2. stackem30

    How to tie your skates tighter

    I had a specialist at a running store show me this a few years, but for some reason I'm not a big fan. Skate keys always seem to work well, those could be another options (I don't use those either).
  3. stackem30

    Explain the Chin Sling... #ChinSlingNation

    Add me to the list of people who couldn't imagine going back to a chin cup after using a sling for the last 8 years or so. Had a sling on my Hackva, and have one now on my Protechsport. My face sits better in my masks, and I'm definitely more comfortable -- it's hard to describe, but chin cups always created some sort of mild tension in my jaw/neck, like I had to tense myself for it to work properly. I probably just never took the time to adjust my chin cup properly (or buy a decent one), but a sling felt like a sigh of relief. And granted I was much younger when I last wore a chin cup, but they didn't help with breakouts. I found them hard to clean efficiently, whereas chin slings are a breeze to wipe down (and they don't retain much sweat to begin with). Nothing against chin cups, I could just never get them to work for me. The only mark against them is the safety factor, but so far that's more "in theory" for me -- I've been run into plenty, and I've never felt like my mask was going anywhere.
  4. stackem30

    work outs

    1. You don't know what I'm looking for. 2. I don't recall saying I use 'random bits in pieces on YouTube' -- in fact, you have no clue what my approach is. 3. I bet they also teach yoga, stretching, weight-lifting, etc. But I don't really care what they use, I know what works for me. It's fine if you love P90X and want to get a beach body, but I don't really see why you're arguing with people who prefer other workouts. Why do you care?
  5. stackem30

    work outs

    Sooooo how long have you been working for P90X? 😜 There are lots of ways I could respond to what you've posted in this thread, but the most concise (and truest) way to put it is this: strength, mobility, flexibility, and general fitness can be achieved in a million different ways, and to think that there is one, superior way to do this is absolute nonsense. You are getting played hard if someone has convinced you that the only/best way to get stronger, faster, leaner, or any other adjective is to buy into some packaged-and-branded system (especially one with "Beach Body" in the name... sheesh).
  6. stackem30

    Attack of the Clones

    He sounds like a dick. If I'm reading this right, he's being completely sarcastic about this being a ripped-off set. Sure, they look like Vaughn stripes (particularly the placement of the stripe on the blocker, a la Martin Jones). But no, I don't think I (or many of the people in this thread) would go as far as to say someone's "ripping off Vaughn" by creating pads/gloves with a singular, classic stripe. That's a very general look. But he's just using this particular post in an attempt to depict the accusation that he rips off designs as ridiculous, and without merit (it's not). He's blatantly ripped off far more specific graphics that are in no way universal. Basically, I think he matched that comment with this particular picture to undermine the claims that he's ripping people off. I doubt he'd be so bold as to pair that sarcastic comment with a picture of some gear that clearly is a ripoff of someone else's work... Edit: I just scrolled through his Instagram page (I don't have one) and when someone mentioned that one of his recent sets looked just like P2s, his response was "Thank you Captain Obvious." What a guy...
  7. stackem30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Ugh, I'm jealous of the vibrating foam roller... that must be nice. This 'Theracane' is my latest gear addition (recommended to me by the doctor who oversaw my recovery from a separated shoulder). Really great for working out tight spots in the shoulders/back, I've been using it after every skate, and I'm fairly addicted. It is rather... intimating looking. My wife asks me to put it away when we have guests.
  8. stackem30

    Photography Thread (Equipment + Techniques)

    Love a good post your pics thread. The equipment used in these photos is very old. My old Koho pads, old Koho gloves, old Rbk skates, old Olie and Hackva masks. The technique isn't great, either... some loose half butterflies and kick saves.
  9. stackem30

    Pad issue

    It's possible that there's a problem with the pad, but I wouldn't be able to diagnose anything without seeing the inside of them. I wore my Koho 580s for 15 years (and beat the everliving hell out of them) and I never felt a shot the way you're describing. I wore those (and my current Keneskys) pretty tight, because I do like to 'feel' the shots. But the shot doesn't reverberate through my leg like you're describing. My mind goes more to your legs, and issues like shin splints and hairline fractures. Is it possible that you have a minor injury that would make your legs more sensitive to impact? That's all I can really suggest.
  10. stackem30

    Pad issue

    I don't understand — your calf is in the back of your leg.
  11. stackem30

    work outs

    Amen to all of that — it's the best. Stability is a huge part of the strength component I get from yoga. If that sounds vague to anyone, do you know when you go skiing/snowboarding/surfing, and your legs are sore in all those funny little muscles you didn't even know you have? It's all those balancing and stabilizing muscles. You get the same thing from an intense Vinyasa flow session (and agreed, hot yoga Vinyasa flow is my favorite). Nothing wrong with squats and weights, but that's just one type of leg strength. I feel like the 'stability' strength is more relevant to goaltending — it combines strength, balance, and movement, all while maintaining a specific form.
  12. stackem30

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Thanks fellas — I just wrote to Michel to ask about a replacement. I really like the white cat-eye (kind of classic), but I'm wondering if I might not look into a chrome cat-eye instead (assuming he does a single-bar version). I wouldn't have to worry about paint chipping, and since my gear setup is all black/white/silver, it would be kind of cool to have that full color scheme on my mask...
  13. stackem30

    Hockey movies

    Wow, great slogan on that Cutting Edge poster haha... I remember a babysitter trying to get me to watch it when I was a kid. Not to my surprise, Canada's got several decent-looking hockey movies that I've never heard of.
  14. stackem30

    Hockey movies

    I would be shocked if they bankrolled the film. Making a movie — even one like this — is incredibly expensive, and I doubt Bauer would ever expect to get enough ROI from product placement a sequel-movie that is predominantly made for a demographic where there's not a huge amount of interest in hockey (not slighting Korea's interest/ability in the sport, I think it's awesome this movie even exists). More likely, Bauer supplied the film with free gear to get the exposure (works for both sides — the producers get the 'props' they need for the movie, and Bauer gets some nice product placement). Or possibly more likely, Bauer may have paid for this exposure via a (relatively) small bidding war — maybe CCM and Warrior were willing to pay X amount of dollars, and Bauer was willing to pay a bit more than X dollars. But this would ultimately be a minuscule amount compared to what it takes to bankroll a film. Lady Gaga's record label might be able to pay a zillion dollars to fund a pointless remake like "A Star Is Born", because they know she's going to sell a zillion records and make a zillion dollars from the exposure a major studio film will garner in the United States. Less inclined to think Bauer could/would do that for a movie like this.
  15. stackem30

    Hockey movies