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  1. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    Oh yeah, acting like you couldn't be less surprised that you robbed an opponent blind is 10x more devastating than any goofy celebration. I had no idea Holtby skates to the bench every time his teammates score a goal... but then again, he did this stupid celebration at the other team's bench in the AHL. I thought he deserved to get his clock cleaned for that.
  2. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    I think it's too circumstantial to say whether goalies celebrating is warranted, obnoxious, fun, etc. Personally, I'm not a big fan of it. I am very social and team-oriented, but I like to keep quiet, do my job, and let the players celebrate their own goals. I will tell a teammate they scored a nice goal between periods, if anything. If we win the game, I can bump helmets and high-five my teammates, and that's good enough for me. If we lose, then I'm probably glad I wasn't raising my stick in the air or clapping it on the ice the whole game. To me, there are some cool extra things you get to do as a goalie, and things you miss out on. We get to play the whole game, we get some great gear, we get to personalize our masks, we get a lot of attention and excitement, and we get to play a very individual position where we can really show our own style and flair. To me, celebrating goals is just one of the things that doesn't really come with the position. But that's just my personal opinion... hockey is one of the few avenues of life where I find myself feeling very conservative. Not to change subjects, but has anyone ever celebrated a save? Or had a teammate celebrate a save? Personally, I would *never* celebrate a save. I had one teammate in high school raise both his arms up and go "Yeah!!" when I made a really nice glove save off a rebound. I was tickled, but it was so embarrassing, and we all busted his balls about it for a good long time.
  3. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    Are you Ricky Gervais, by any chance?
  4. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Funny, Marty finished out his NHL career in St. Louis with a CCM mask. But he's back in a Protechsport for this one. I guess NHL goalies in Protechsports all had to switch to the CCM version... I think I knew that, once. Looks like he went for the hidden harness option for the backplate. He never went with that when he had his old Protechsports, though I don't know if Michel offered it then. Who knows, I doubt he had much (if any) involvement in acquiring the mask for this shoot.
  5. Your height and your paddle size !

    I'm 6'2", and I use a Sherwood stick that is 27" (though it's listed as 25"). Chenner, I'm a bit skeptical of some of the pro measurements you listed. I have a game-used Brodeur stick, which you listed as a true 26" (unless you meant 26" was the manufacturer's size, which, as we can all see, tend not to be reliable), and the paddle is considerably longer than my Sherwood, which is a true 27" (both by Pure Goalie's measurements and my own). Not a criticism, just curious as to how you determined that measurement. Amazing how something as simple as paddle length has been bungled so badly by the manufacturers... get the ISO in there, quick!
  6. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Surprisingly, I really like the scribbled-pen effect on Anderson's mask. It's a pretty simple mask with a small detail that is actually cool up close (unlike rows of ghosted NHL crests, etc.)
  7. Different peg options

    A whole thread about different pegging options? And here I thought this was a family forum.
  8. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Wow! Thank you so much for looking into this... really, very appreciated. PM me for anything: photos, $, etc. Like I said, that's probably the piece of gear I've wanted to find the most (silly as that may be for an old stick). Edit: Congrats to your cousin on his first child/superb stick selection in the mid-90's!
  9. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    That save on Elias was the best goddamn save of those 2000 playoffs (and there are about 5 Brodeur saves that I wish I could say were better). Boucher also got a puck lodged in his cage that series... his mask kept things eventful.
  10. Brian Heaton History Thread

    Still, it's got the same look... beautiful! Let me know if you ever want to part with it
  11. Brian Heaton History Thread

    At 6'2", I'd say definitely a Senior... though I love that stick so much, I'm sure I could crouch reallllly low and make it work
  12. Brian Heaton History Thread

    Cool thread - I love Brian Heaton and so much of his gear. I never had much Heaton gear as a younger guy (aside from the sticks, which is all I used). Heaton gear - particularly Brodeur models - was so prevalent in the pro-shops in North Jersey in the late 90's and early 2000's, and tons of kids were head-to-toe in Helite IV / Helite 6 / Helite 10 gear. Since I was already a Brodeur fanatic, I was a little too sheepish to wear Heaton gear. I sure regret that now... I've basically fetishized that loopy script logo! I was able to snag a BHG Eyewall blocker in white/black/silver (my colors) off of eBay in 2010, and I'm very thankful that I was able to get some of his gear before he passed. I love the blocker, and plan on re-palming it until it's dust. The one Heaton thing that I looked for in vain my whole life has been a nice Helite III stick like the one Brodeur has here. I just think it's the best looking stick I've come across. Sadly, they were out of the stores by the time I started playing (I used to order a similar looking intermediate Helite 5 stick). Anyone have one buried in their garage? Let me know...
  13. "It's not how many knee rolls you have... it's how you use them. Unless, of course, you have no knee rolls. In that case, you can take your flat-ass pads and get out of here! Knee rolls forever! Oh dang, a solar eclipse, we should probably ritualistically decapitate someone." - Ancient Incan Proverb Kenesky does seem to be trying to revive that split top knee roll that we've all been discussing... they've showcased it in several pads, and I was asked if I wanted the 4 knee rolls when I commissioned my pads (I went with ye olde three rolls).
  14. NHL Pro Chest Protector Database

    I'm likely to be in the minority, but I'm kinda excited for the smaller C/A units. I think there's a lot of bulk that can be trimmed off without losing protection. I'm in the market for a new C/A, but I'm holding off for when the new NHL regulation ones are available. Any idea when that might be... Spring 2019? Earlier?
  15. Do you wear your wedding ring on the ice?

    Eh, not really Coop. I think it was a pretty fair rebuttal. In all honesty, I didn't really feel comfortable making fun of anyone for being divorced (obviously I have no idea if that's the case for anyone here), so I mostly felled compelled to add an 'actual' response in addition to my snarky retort, funny as I may have found it ;-) But seriously, this board has threads the go on for pages covering the order in which we pack our bags, how we hang our gear after we play, whether logos are placed rightside-up or upside-down on gloves... I think it's all part of what makes this place fun, not to mention a great resource. I don't really like the idea of people policing threads and making judgements on whether they're worthwhile or not.