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  1. As long as you love what you're getting, you're good to go. Happy to advise/give input, and I definitely stand by what I wrote earlier — but make sure you're making your decision based on what you like. I'm just a dude on the internet (as far as you know).
  2. I think you'd be better off going with either full-vintage or just colors, rather than trying to split the difference. I'm one of the people who can't stand all-white pads, and the vintage look has never been my thing... but I can't blame people a non-professional goalie for going that route. They work with everything. Well, vintage shouldn't work with everything, but based on the history of goalie gear and the decades of photos and video we've all been exposed to, our mind and eyes are sort of conditioned to perceive them as neutral. I think all-black would look great with the red/white/black jerseys, but not with the red/white/blue ones — so short answer, no, I don't think it will work.
  3. Aside from the fact that I don't like the look of vintage pads with colors (I agree with Coop, I've barely seen any sets that pull it off, if any)... I just don't see the sense in having both vintage and red in the pads for your situation. You're only featuring *one* color of the teams you'd be playing for (a secondary color, to boot), with no blue, no black, no white — and then you're throwing in this mustard-tan color that neither team has. I don't think anyone would look at the pads you've mocked up and think they go well with either team. It's just not going to look good, imo. Vintage is only a versatile/neutral scheme if you go full-vintage. Then at least your set would work with whatever team you play for. Versatility is a valuable thing when you're young and are constantly playing for different leagues, different teams, growing out of some gear but not other gear, etc. If you really feel the need to match the teams you posted pictures of, why not just go with a white pad with red accents, or a red pad with white accents? That way, you are covering 2 of the 3 colors for both teams. Or hell, go full-red. I think if you're not going to go full-vintage, it would be a mistake to have it at all — especially between two teams with different colors. Do whatever make you happy, of course, but I think there are some pretty sensible, logistical reason why the pads won't look good with either team.
  4. Is there a certain draw to having your sticks made in Mexico? I'm not being skeptical, I just have never heard anything about manufacturing or quality that would make a made-in-Mexico stick particularly desirable. Is it just that they're manufactured in North America, and not in China or one of the usual suspects for lesser-quality manufacturing?
  5. Oh yeah, totally the same thing... Except for the fact that the last ten years of the NHL have been more or less dominated by the same handful of franchises that keep winning Cups. Oh, you meant goalies are the ones who were winning races and are now being stopped by the NHL? And you think 'seats are empty' because chest pads are being streamlined and SpeedSkin might be taken away? You think the people who buys tickets even know that, let alone care? NHL attendance is down because the NHL is secretly working to hamstring the goalies? What? Seriously, the whole "Goalies are being punished! Why is everyone out to get us?" thing is so tired at this point. Some people here love to complain and feel victimized — but seriously, it borders on paranoid narcissism after a point. If anyone really wants to feel screwed over by the conspiring powers that be, you can open a newspaper and read about real-life adult problems, like jobs, the economy, education, healthcare, the voting system, housing, the criminal justice system, etc. But SpeedSkin? Get over it, people.
  6. I'm going to agree with the first clause of the first sentence haha — comparing banning SpeedSkin to banning composite sticks is apples and oranges (as you alluded to, by saying it's something bigger). Composite sticks have have fundamentally changed the speed and control of the game, and have taken puckhandling, passing, shooting, scoring, and accuracy to a whole other level. They've also been around for what, 20 years now? SpeedSkin is a fairly gimmicky feature that maybe (maybe) allows goalies to slide a little bit faster. It hasn't been around long at all, and it hasn't had an iota of the impact that composite sticks have had. I don't think they're really comparable.
  7. Mine was helpful to Mr. Car Guy, clearly. What's with the winky-face, are you under the impression that you got me or something?
  8. I'd wager 90% of my posts on this board were made while I'm at my desk in the office. I'm also a copywriter whose boss encourages them to browse the internet in order "spark ideas" and "observe trends in language", so I have a bit of a loose leash. I do believe I've started using the word "clean" more in my writing, recently...
  9. "How should I drive this nail into a piece of wood?" "Well, you can hurl your face down onto the head of the nail in an attempt to drive it into the wood with your forehead, but you probably shouldn't." Can you see how unhelpful that is? Like, it's so unhelpful that it wasn't even worth letting your fingers hit the keys on your keyboard to write it out. And you're saying he probably shouldn't? Uh, he should definitely not do that... no questions asked, 100%, "Final answer, Regis!" Never a bad idea to stop and ask yourself whether your post is helpful / interesting / insightful / goddamn awful advice before you press "Submit Reply".
  10. I think it's great to get input from people on here, but personally, I'd really recommend going to a store and trying them out yourself if that's available to you (I don't know where you're located). I know it seems odd, but I think sticks are one of the more personal pieces of gear out there, akin to a glove or chest pad. Super helpful to hear from people about how a stick's durability has held up, but I'd really want to hold them, first — especially if you're looking to invest in a high-end stick.
  11. Bingo, Naz! Something about Hasek didn't sound right to me. And it was definitely not TT, who worked directly with SportMask and had no shortage of helmets and cages to perform bizarre, disturbing experiments on.
  12. I forget who it was, but I remember an NHL goalie who wore a helmet-cage combination making it known that they were having trouble finding that helmet, and asking people if they'd sell him their own helmets, or let him know if they knew where to find one. I really want to say it was Hasek...
  13. Because the vast majority of goalies are suffering from paranoia resulting from a persecution complex 🙃 All jokes aside, I'm genuinely curious — why would people care so much if something like SpeedSkin is banned in the NHL? It's not a protective feature, so nobody's safety is at risk It's something that didn't exist until recently, and goalies certainly never 'needed' it If it's banned across the league, no goalie is losing a competitive advantage — level playing field It's not something that will fundamentally change the position/gear, like making pads 8" wide or making goalies use players' sticks. I'm sure SpeedSkin is a nice feature and may help a bit, but at the end of the day... it's a minor bells-and-whistles feature that a company created/named/marketed to get your money, and then every other company rushed to make their own version so they could sell their pads. These companies want goalies to think that these materials will make a big difference in how they play, and that they're essential to being a successful goalie. It looks like these companies have done such a good job marketing this little feature and convincing goalies that it's a game-changer that people actually think it's partially responsible for an NHL goalie having a great week, or are worrying about whether the league will take it away from everyone... banned or not, it's not a big deal.
  14. One of the nicest jerseys out there IMO, nice.
  15. Correct -- he also works a full-time job, last time I checked. All things considered, it's amazing he can produce the amount of high-quality, custom masks that he does. And on top of it all, he's a lovely person to deal with. Guys like Michel are a dying breed in every industry.
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