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  1. Well hello!!! Something very very similar happend to me last year, first week or two in January. But this time the dumbo came right into me....it was pickup. And he drove with the puck right into the crease and lost his balance. I was in the butterfly and boom, right ontop of me!!! The worst fuckn pain I have ever felt. I didn't go see a doctor and let it heal. I was on the ice week 5 and maybe a little too soon by week 6 a little better but you will feel a bit of pain when not playing. After a year I'm good on the ice. But I would stay off for 6 to 8 weeks and hit the bike. Keep us up to date.
  2. Nice and dandy on the specs of the skate but I want to hear real reviews after a few months of the release.
  3. 🤣😂 that's right....but I don't know if that's enough. You just never know right? Seems like all the good reviews come out after 5-6 months but when you're desprate...you're desprate. Bauer been in the game of cowingless for soooo long vs ccm.
  4. Sounds great, now I'm in a pickle. CCMs or X2? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔
  5. I'd bake them again at home, did that with my skates. Might help.
  6. This is crazy, how much do they go for? With so many issues they should stop taking ppls money. Sounds like there sticks! Sad.
  7. My feet are messed up too, I have to go a half size bigger than what I should be due to that. Right now in a 11k 6.5 EE and when tried on the Bauer line the 6.5 Vapors 1x fit. I'm due for new skates, the 2x will be my choice. I'm used to the sizing, going custom might be alittle too much $$$$.
  8. I think that yes goalies do matter, now you have to respect everyone but in beer leagues the goalies all differ, you got the 25 years olds and can go up to 50 years of age, and they all have different skill levels, quickness, can read the play better, years of experience etc.. But in the higher leagues a timely save vs the other goalie means you going home with a win by a goal. I have been in tight games and blowouts as well, but a better goalie does make a difference. I have seen some goalies steal games as well which I played vs.
  9. @Znowleopard nice to see you back, good work
  10. Pro hockey life does a really really bad job in marketing, and keeping track of inventory from store to store and online, they also make no damn sense!!! For example, they have a crap load of skates in store which I saw BUT you can't buy it online if you wanted because they don't have your size. For example also, if you wanted a product and they don't have it online.....but you know one of the stores 100 KM away has it but not the one 15 KM away they won't ship it for you and will charge you shipping!Which ties to my first point. It's really messed up. I argued with them on multiple occasions....I try to stay away from that sore. Plus I think there are other stores that will get you the better deal like Dukes. Like you also said, if they mark stuff down in store do it online as well.
  11. Well, it is reality sooooo, Talbot might be ready for the AHL
  12. They should be more worried about stopping the puck!
  13. BROOO, I think you think too much. Do you get nervous or only like talking about this? Is this therapy for you? Does it help? You made a post about your tryouts too I remember. It's just a game at the end of the day, just do what you do best, pay no attention to anything else but the puck STOP IT, done deal!
  14. Well, unlike some of you guys playing hockey for a long time I haven't. I came from Israel, a hot country where I played soccer and basketball. I came to Toronto at the age of 11 and I fell in love with hockey the first time I saw it. Obviously I saw the Leaf and Felix the Cat Potvin caught my attention, I sorta wanted to be like him if that makes sense. I made some friends, played street hockey growing up, bought street gear to play in net, took it with me to school too and guys started noticing me. It was crazy to play ice hockey though, my parents thought I'm crazy haha and well maybe so did I. I continued playing road hockey, played football and baseball too on some teams but not ice hockey. Fast forward 15 years later maybe, I was walking and saw some ice. Got myself a pair of skates and started skating, I was better than I was when I was 16 skating, heck I couldn't stop. I started to take 10 skating lessons with full equipment, playing in lower level hockey as a player (Mind you I'm like 27-28 now)...couldn't do much but some assists BUT it was time to maybe be what I wanted to be....a GOALIE!!! My dream. During xman vacation we rented some ice, and I borrowed my team goalie equipment. It felt like crap due to the sizing and I still felt sorta weird.....BUT I said screw this I'm getting goalie equipment. I slowly started playing, lots of pickup, and got into leagues.....now playing about 8 years in net, and I play on one of the highest levels. I learned everything from videos, suggestions, and zero coaching. I love it, I'm 37 now and started late but I play all year now due to missing so much time when I was young because I didn't I the chance and being scared that I won't be able to play again.
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