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  1. mr_shifty1982

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    It was all cushion I don't know how it would hurt anyone's knees.
  2. mr_shifty1982

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    I hear ya, I need comfort. The original Bauer Supreme knee guards, good cushion!
  3. mr_shifty1982

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    How many times do you guys get hit in the knees? I will be lucky to get hit once a year...I just want something comfortable for my knees to land on, nothing bulky. I tried the ccms and they felt very comfortable at the store, ppl complaining about the screws but how on earth would you land on them? I can't find these here sadly to give it a try. Too bad they don't make the old bauer supremes anymore.
  4. mr_shifty1982

    Bauer 1x chest protector reviews ???

    My advice, stay away and I'm a big Bauer supporter.
  5. mr_shifty1982

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    A little childish to block someone based on person opinions.....to run a business or an insagram page you should take critiques from others following your page, and take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps he didn't have obvious reviews, I find that many of these goalie pages reviews are not on ice reviews, just reviews from the companies site they copied and pasted. Take it as is...it is what it is.
  6. mr_shifty1982

    CCM Pro Authentic Premier II stick

    Been using the P2 Crawford pro stock since August, twice a week with no issues.
  7. mr_shifty1982

    Switching from tight fit to loose fit

    I wouldn't call loose fit as sloppy because you can strap it as you feel fit but the less tighter it is I feel, the more you will get out of your pad performance wise. The faster they will hit the ice. It's all preference of course but try to play around with the strapping of demo a set of new pads. My P1s were very loose...I got used to it, my P2 are not as loose but still loose due to the way I strap it and performance wise, been great.
  8. I hear ya, the model was builta little longer to protect your wrist. After a while I had no issues with it. I was looking at the 2s, it was soooo light... made me wonder. I ended up with the Premiers for a little more coverage.
  9. I've had the nxg and that thing is built better than the 1s or 2s plus more protective I'd say. Loved the unit, 4 years and not a sting!
  10. mr_shifty1982

    Speedskin wear

    Speedskin just noticed this on my P2s under the landing... would this be covered by some sort of warranty? Not a big deal but still.
  11. mr_shifty1982

    CCM Premier 2: Need help finalizing order

    Within time there will always be wear and tear lets get real, you just hope that the damage isn't big...after 5 months my P2s are holding up great. Good talking to you, enjoy the set when you get it.
  12. mr_shifty1982

    CCM Jet Speed FT2 Skates - No Cowling

    Any nhl goalies currently wearing this?
  13. Wow, that's fd right up! I'd go crazy
  14. mr_shifty1982

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    Haha... don't scare me! I think it's all about focus really and preparation. You slso hope that your team doesn't give up on you because you play well, thinking you will stop everything.
  15. mr_shifty1982

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    I'm not the type asking for attention, even if I make a big save and my team goes wild I keep calm but I'm off to an amazing start playing in the highest division which in my eyes would be like a B/C and really only one team that's challenging us. I have a good mix of guys, ranging from 24 to 55...a few really reall good players but I'm also stopping the puck. I'm not sure if it' due to my CCM P2 pads this season but I'm lights out, feeling more mobile as well with them on. We are 6-0-0-1 plus 18 in goals differential and my GAA is 1.28, yes and 3 shutouts! That's 30$ worth of food at the bar! haha We'll see how long I go with such a good start, but it's been fun in my 8 years playing goalie on ice.