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  1. Tight pants. Definitely tight pants.
  2. Lucky Pucker

    R GT/2

    1. It is also heresy 😉 2. I'd love to be a bro for you on this, but I'm raising two kids, in a house way bigger than we'd need if ti was just my wife and I. And they are both playing hockey. And they eat, like, every damned day, the little freeloaders. So while "12 years ago me" is right there with you on the saving for a wedding thing, present-day me is like "Awww! Isn't that just precious...?" Not sure what you'll decide, but both sets look sweet; no bad choice there!
  3. Lucky Pucker

    R GT/2

    Wait a minute here... holder of the coveted DINK status is on two teams, with two different colour schemes (yes, that's with a "u" as I am addressing my fellow Canadian) and a brand/model he likes, with beautiful mocks ups for both schemes, is asking what to do...?!?! You buy BOTH sets. I mean, like WTF dude - are you new or something? Have you not been paying attention this whole time? Make it RAIN MONEY in that THS! LOL!
  4. Dude - just wanted to give you props for wanting to give it a try in the first place! I think that's awesome!
  5. Lucky Pucker

    Vaughn PVE 2

    But SBR - it’s diagonal lines... AND it’s hockey sticks! At the SAME time! Like... wow!
  6. Not sure that Price will be enough to get the Habs into the playoffs (as always, the biggest problem with Price is that he doesn't score enough goals), but picking up his 315th win in a Habs jersey was a nice little moment. Interesting article here that examines whether or not he could attain the 500 win mark before retiring. One of the stats they consider is team scoring, and surprise! - he ain't getting the help that others in these "greatest goalies" discussions have gotten/are getting. https://www.nhl.com/news/behind-the-numbers-carey-price-500-wins/c-305754902
  7. That last pic - is that dude wearing a Labatt 50 jersey?
  8. Wow! A beauty set up that all matches, AND matches with your team's uniform! You're the envy of many a beer-leaguer! Very nice pics. How did you fare in the tournament...? I noticed the black post guards are still in place in these pics; do they always leave those on for you? I'd love it if they did that for me, but the skate sharpeners' lobby is way too powerful here... lol!
  9. Never had one myself; were those offered as standard features, or only available with the Eddie Bauer upgrade?
  10. Ahem! Sorry, but a significant number of us are Province side, eh! LOL!
  11. Maybe this is a garden variety PEBCAK, but I'm not seeing anyone in the "WHO'S ONLINE" field at the bottom of the screen anymore (maybe from early this week?). Doesn't affect functionality, but sometimes nice to see who is logged in.
  12. Remember when you could proudly walk in on a bright, sunny Saturday morning, inhale deeply and have your nostrils filled with the scents of rubber, myriad automotive fluids, air fresheners, and chocolates being sold by a kids team, proceed to the cash, proudly slam down a HUGE wad of bills, ignore the cashier's dismayed sigh (cus this is your special day, not hers!), and 2 minutes later walk out with what felt like a free... spark plug for your lawnmower. LOL!
  13. Lucky Pucker

    New Team, Old Gear

    I never really followed him, but my impression with his "the Price was right for the Devils" post back in November gave me the distinct impression that he was yet another petulant upstart with a data plan, and not much more. Charges of "old grumpism" leveled at me shall be gracefully received and carefully considered while I watch my VHS cassettes of classic Adams Division showdowns.
  14. Between work, ice times, school pick-ups, and responding to general "daddy! I want..." requests, it's taken me about a week to read this article - BUT as a fan of both iconic goalies, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting, man!
  15. Oh, I’ve let in that many - and even got asked back! Lol! I can’t get over your D on that 2-on-1 around 3:15. He was right there, had his stick in the path, and did NOT even try to help. I think it took more effort to miss than to lay his stick on the ice and intercept it! Yeesh!
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