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  1. Lucky Pucker

    How to tie your skates tighter

    I also adopted this - and other tips - when a similar thread was posted last spring, and have used them ever since. Good stuff in here:
  2. Lucky Pucker

    My First Time...

    First shut out today! ...for my son. Kid’s been playing for 3 weeks, and already gets a clean sheet - lol! That’s him in the picture Well, he’s underneath the pile of team mates anyway.
  3. Lucky Pucker

    My First Time...

    ...and it didn't hurt! Or maybe yours did...(?) Been thinking about doing this thread for a while. Not sure if it will take off, but I was thinking we could put a bunch of "firsts" in here: First shutout first smashed stick first penalty first goalie fight first goal first shot to the nuts First time a non-goalie noticed your new gear First pick up after pick up Those are just suggestions though - be creative. Last night I got called to sub in a buddy's +35 league for the second time. I got 3 firsts in that one: my first shootout (it was 2-2 after regulation, and they don't have ties in this league) my first league win! first time I cashed in my "player of the game" voucher for a free beer
  4. Lucky Pucker

    Hockey movies

    That's it, @RichMan - I'm giving these guys your address - and they are not amused by the snub:
  5. Lucky Pucker

    Brians bungee toe tie

    Aw, my bad dudes - assumed it was the same Brian's item as originally mentioned. Clearly it is not! (Goes back to knot his regular skate lace toe ties in silence...)
  6. Lucky Pucker

    Brians bungee toe tie

    I'm in Ottawa, and I saw these - in stock - at Pro Hockey Life on Hunt Club. They were ~$25 CDN. https://www.prohockeylife.com/products/brians-smart-strap-toe-tie I had them in my hand, in fact, and the guy working there politely talked me out of buying them! Apparently they don't stay fastened as well as some of the alternatives, and/or the stitching is not as good...? Can't quite remember, but I walked out of the store without them. A lot of people here on TGN swear by the Pro Laces, which as @ZeroGravitas says are not available retail. I still have skate laces, but when I do make the jump, it will be to Pro Laces. They are Canadian, so maybe your friend can order them for you, and then forward them along...?
  7. Lucky Pucker

    Show off your sweaters

    Incredible - and envy-inducing! Could I trouble you to post a picture of the figurines you have up on the white shelves? Those look amazing too, but are a bit hard to see in this pic. Granted, this thread is supposed to be about sweaters... eh, so what - post them anyway!
  8. Lucky Pucker

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Reminds me of this travesty from... (does math. Does math again, not believing the result) ...almost 15 years ago...? Faaawwwk. But yeah, selfish reaction to a situation, then as a bonus he takes out Souray who was trying to get back and cover for him. Kovalev in a single series - hell, single game sometimes - could at once be the most exciting AND infuriating player to watch!
  9. Lucky Pucker

    New Team, Old Gear

    Well, shit @MTH - You knew this post was gonna get a guaranteed "like" from me!
  10. Lucky Pucker

    Underrated 90's Goalie Masks

    I felt personally wounded by that trade, and decided to "hate" Essensa afterward, because you can feel, think, and do stupid baseless shit when you're still a kid. LOL! But he really did get a raw deal. Interesting write up here on the whole trade. Dude is a firefighter now. Respect. https://www.mitchalbom.com/anger-seeps-through-cheveldaes-mask/
  11. Lucky Pucker

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    How(ard) in the world...? Best part of this is the non-goalie announcers' attempts to describe what has happened, and what parts are implicated: "he should just skate out" "It's stuck in the strap" "That lace that affixes the front of the goal skate to the toe of the goal pad..."
  12. Lucky Pucker

    Underrated 90's Goalie Masks

    As I said a while back in this thread (a good one to revive!), I was a big Tim Cheveldae fan when he was in Detroit. His mask - a Harrison (what else?) - I think fits the bill of this thread. He had two versions as I recall from drawing him repeatedly, but I'm having trouble finding good pics of the first version. Here's the first - other 3 are of the 2nd/newer one.
  13. Lucky Pucker

    If you're serious about swag

    Am I the only one who thought of Goodfellas upon reading this?
  14. Lucky Pucker

    Underrated 90's Goalie Masks

    Get outta my head, man! LOL!
  15. Lucky Pucker

    Help for 8yo

    Hey @kamy04 - I'm going through a similar dilemma with my 7-yr old. Watching him play in a tournament this weekend was the most stressful thing I've ever watched. They don't tell you that part, do they? About how hard it is to watch your kid play goalie... lol! Like you, the club gear on loan also has 24" pads. I happened to be at a local PIAS yesterday, and looked at the pads with my kid a bit. For one thing, of the junior sizes available, it all was 28", so no dice there. It sucks, because the jump from Youth to Junior can add a few hundred dollars for brand new. That being said, if yours has the right size, I saw them priced at about $110-$200 CAD - and that included a really nice set of Warriors! For the sizing, maybe 26", if it doesn't impede his natural movements? You really have to strap them on - preferably with skates - to see if they fit. The ATK is a helpful guideline, but only that - a guideline. The really tricky part, as far as I can tell, is fitting a pad to a kid that TBH, is probably making reactionary, instinct-based saves as much - or more- than anything anyone is trying to teach them at this age. The older, pre-butterfly pads that are more than 10 years old are wanting... and yet, a smaller version of a modern butterfly pad is overkill for a Novice, and might even impede them. One thing you didn't ask about, but that I feel is unnecessary is getting a 7-8 year old a goalie mask. They are much heavier, and designed to withstand shots that they are not getting at this level, plain and simple. Even if some phenom kid is roofing it, they're not putting any bend into their stick when doing so, ergo the velocity is simply not there. With the standard helmet/cage combo, your kid's able to move his head properly, it's lighter, and visibility is way better - especially important when the majority of play will be at his feet/on the ground. I watched a bunch of tiny goalies at the tourney this weekend with goalie masks, and the kids can't even move their frickin head to the side, or look down! Just seemed ridiculous to me - BUT, I may be wrong, and/or overlooking something, so other members: please feel free to correct me on this.