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    Brown 2400CA Russian Spec
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    Warrior G3 senior or PAW
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  1. MangoRhinehart


    I have eco foam in my W10 mask, I used low profile velcro so I can swap it into another mask. I didn't have to trim it at all. It is very comfy overall. I was running into an issue with the backplate causing me headaches, but it was either a combo of being too tight or the backplate being shaped a little weird. I swapped with a different backplate that had rubatex and I was fine.
  2. MangoRhinehart

    The Mask Thread

    @Kayen That is looking real good
  3. MangoRhinehart

    Knee Pads Thread

    @Adam Cooper Look at PAW kneepads. I tried the warrior seniors but went back to PAW. They just seem to stay in place better for me.
  4. MangoRhinehart

    Slider Plate Install

    Hello, Scott Battram posted a how to on the goalie equipment modification group on face book. It has a few videos of the install as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/539527886258391/search/?query=slide%20plates
  5. MangoRhinehart

    Fixing old helmet or buying a new one? Need some suggestions

    Wall masks out of Finland may save you a bit on shipping. The W4 and W6 or W7 are under 600eur. As @Max27 said, fit is the most important.
  6. MangoRhinehart

    Fixing old helmet or buying a new one? Need some suggestions

    Can you attach a picture of the top of the helmet? Quick look through of the photos says this is an itech profile 1200, not worth the money to repair it.
  7. MangoRhinehart

    Pants recommendations

    sideline swap has a bunch of pro return pants. As do various facebook groups. I picked up a pair for 80usd + shipping from facebook.
  8. MangoRhinehart

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    I am currently in my third season of a "draft league" and second with the same team. So they like me enough to keep me around. Last season we went to the championship, but lost. This season through 4 games, we are in 2nd place in our division and I am currently ranked 2nd in GAA. I have been subbing around just to get more ice time.
  9. MangoRhinehart

    Chest Proctector Buying Decisions

    Contact @GoalieTimmy33 from Passau. They can make you what you are looking for.
  10. MangoRhinehart

    Pants recommendations

    Mckenney makes some great pants. I am retiring mine after 10 years for a pair of proreturns.
  11. MangoRhinehart

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    Just to address any concerns about the hotness of a Brown chest protector: Last night I subbed at a local rink that has ice outside. It was 73" degrees last night and 100% humidity at puck drop. I was fine in the Brown.
  12. MangoRhinehart

    Youth Mask Rec?

    @GoalieDadSS Your best bet is find something that fits well. As far as protection level, figure you will probably have this mask for a few years hopefully, so squirts now, but more powerful shots coming soon. Some brands to look at: Masked Marvel Otny Sportmask Wall
  13. MangoRhinehart

    Itech 9600 Refurb

    Thanks! It was a bit of a learning experience using the gel coat filler and first time I have had need to bust out a dremel to remove screws. I am pretty happy with the end result. I always wanted a top end Itech mask back in the day.
  14. MangoRhinehart

    Itech 9600 Refurb

    It does sit well, it was a little bit off when I was taking photos at first.
  15. MangoRhinehart

    Itech 9600 Refurb

    Aside from adding padding, and needing to drill a post hole slightly. This is completed. Total project cost: Shell - 70 Cage - 90 from goalieparts.com (I went on a Wall, and the Wall gave me this Bauer Cat Eye) Harness -15 from goalieparts.com Screws - 18 from goalieparts.com Gel coat filler - 15 Spray paint - 25 Clearcoat inside - 5 2k Spraymax clearcoat - 20 Velcro - 5 for padding Total: $263