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  1. MangoRhinehart

    Fixing a goalie mask...

    The inside is likely a carbon fiber sheet with a resin blend. You could attempt to shore it up from the inside. Youll want to use epoxy resin for that part.
  2. MangoRhinehart

    Affordable Foam Goalie Stick review

    Hey all, I picked up an affordable foam core goalie stick off facebook for science. Here are some facts about them: $55 a piece Made in Canada by Talmolder Foam core stick Allegedly the same as a CCM eflex 3.9 in construction 27" paddle (they have other sizes) Choice of color I ordered them on Sunday and received them on Friday. Previous sticks used: Christian Diamond purchased from a local university. Sherwood 530 thibault curve. Simmons 6k Ricardo curve. Review: I played my first game with them last night. I am a below average puck handler in general, but I felt I was able to play the puck much better and get more oomph on a pass than with my old wooden sticks. I still make poor decisions but at least I had more snap on passes. Received several shots to the paddle and no durability issues to report. I will contine to update this.
  3. MangoRhinehart

    Fixing a goalie mask...

    Those could just be cracks in the gel coat. tap around with a coin. itll sound differently if it structural. If you want to do the repair, sand down until you hit the actual shell then fill with 2 part epoxy.
  4. MangoRhinehart

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Made my mold today. Only ripped out about 10 hairs from my beard. Took about a half hour total.
  5. MangoRhinehart

    Fixing a goalie mask...

    Sand down to the material. Get epoxy resin and fill in the cracks as much as possible. Then I would lay up a few layers of mat on the inside with epoxy resin. layer each mat with resin in alternating directions. Then again, its definitely time to get a new mask...
  6. MangoRhinehart

    New to me John Brown Russian Spec -- heart guard?

    I haven't noticed any huge rebounds off the heart guard. I think the weight savings would be minimal from removing the heart guard as well. That being said, there are a lot of nice bricks of plastic covered foam underneath the heart guard to keep you protected.
  7. MangoRhinehart


    I have this in my Wal W10h but havent really gotten hit in the head enough. Until last night when I took two wrist shots to the face, as well as my own defenseman two handed chopping me in the head in the middle of a scrum. A little ringing from the chop, but otherwise I am fine.
  8. MangoRhinehart

    Help me make a decision!! Custom Set or Senior?

    For what its worth you can get the G3 pro classic set from goaliemonkey for about 1100 right now.
  9. MangoRhinehart

    Maltese Collar Refurb

    Just tried it out tonight. Its not the best cooling towel in the world but seemed keep things a little bit cooler.
  10. MangoRhinehart

    Maltese Collar Refurb

    For the gel model I have left it in the freezer for a week before.
  11. MangoRhinehart

    Maltese Collar Refurb

    I actually wore this in a back to back ball hockey game in 98 degree weather. I put it in the freezer before the game and it kept me cool. I also dunked it in ice between periods.
  12. MangoRhinehart

    Maltese Collar Refurb

  13. MangoRhinehart

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    I just sent in my order for a full kevlar. Really excited to see what Michel comes up with to fit my head.
  14. MangoRhinehart

    Maltese Collar Refurb

    After almost 12 years with the same maltese collar, it was time to refurb. the outer shell had stretched out and velcro was shot. I bought a fabric cooling towel and my wife sewed up the neck collar and reattached to the clavicle and sternum protection.
  15. MangoRhinehart

    2 Wall Mask Companies

    Just chiming in on replacement parts. A Bauer 961 double bar cateye will fit on a W10H