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  1. Here are my bitches. Zoe, 6 years old, gunmetal, 80lbs and Elly, 1 year, black and 60lbs. Both are giant schnoodles. My in-laws have their siblings as well. Jack at 9 years, 130lbs and Louise (Wheezy) at 55lbs
  2. It also depends on the materials used. A polyester resin has a much shorter life span than an epoxy resin. The expiry dates are for certifications of HECC, which are dubious in worth with regard to goalie masks.
  3. I used to have a Dodge Magnum, but it had to go. Now I have a Subaru Outback
  4. Take a hot shower while wearing it. Itll break in real fast that way.
  5. It was built in Februrary 2008 by Glenn Miller. First and only custom set for me. Pads:35+3 stiff boot, double break. Minor wear on bindings. some wear on toe bridge but otherwise in great shape. I modded these with a thinner thigh rise, moved the calf wedge and adjusted the knee stacks attachment slightly for better rotation. At one point I removed the outer flap of the knee cradle, but since reinstalled it. Comes with a set of PAW adjustable kneeblocks. ATK of 18.5" Glove: Amazing catcher, very protective. Only had a few stingers in this. Recently had an oxyclean bath. Slight wear at the bottom of the palm Blocker: no holes in the palm, added a leather strip on the thumb to prevent wear. Recent oxyclean bath Everything was in storage from 2/2014 - 3/2018 due to what I thought was a full retirement. Looking for 500 Usd + shipping
  6. Before I ship my mold out. I have a question. How is the stock foam in a Protech compared to EcoPro or maltese Edit: read through the thread. I think im goung with stock foam.
  7. Contact cement works best for mask padding needs.
  8. Wox, my original maltese collar is still going strong at 12 years old. I put a cooling towel shell on it recently due to the velcro wearing out.
  9. The inside is likely a carbon fiber sheet with a resin blend. You could attempt to shore it up from the inside. Youll want to use epoxy resin for that part.
  10. Hey all, I picked up an affordable foam core goalie stick off facebook for science. Here are some facts about them: $55 a piece Made in Canada by Talmolder Foam core stick Allegedly the same as a CCM eflex 3.9 in construction 27" paddle (they have other sizes) Choice of color I ordered them on Sunday and received them on Friday. Previous sticks used: Christian Diamond purchased from a local university. Sherwood 530 thibault curve. Simmons 6k Ricardo curve. Review: I played my first game with them last night. I am a below average puck handler in general, but I felt I was able to play the puck much better and get more oomph on a pass than with my old wooden sticks. I still make poor decisions but at least I had more snap on passes. Received several shots to the paddle and no durability issues to report. I will contine to update this.
  11. Those could just be cracks in the gel coat. tap around with a coin. itll sound differently if it structural. If you want to do the repair, sand down until you hit the actual shell then fill with 2 part epoxy.
  12. Made my mold today. Only ripped out about 10 hairs from my beard. Took about a half hour total.
  13. Sand down to the material. Get epoxy resin and fill in the cracks as much as possible. Then I would lay up a few layers of mat on the inside with epoxy resin. layer each mat with resin in alternating directions. Then again, its definitely time to get a new mask...
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