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  1. I hear ya, but as it is now, I'm in the Bauer x900s (no cowling), and those are some REALLY light skates (2-piece of course). the only issue I have with them though is that my right ankle is pitched forward a bit so it's at the point where it has pushed back the memory foam in the lining from all the back and forth movement and now it's literally resting against the skate sidewall - "ouch" to say the least lol. I went and tried every single skate they had in the store and it's clear if I buy another pair it would just be a repeat of the x900s... so getting a custom boot made is my best option, but damn - feels like i'm holding a brick in my hand (compared to the Bauers). That said - comfort (no pain) over a bit of weight... shouldn't even be a question. I'll go take another look at them. wonder if anyone at True can tell me there's any way we can shave some weight on the one piece or no?
  2. As soon as True makes a MUCH lighter goalie skate, I'll be buying. I have a problem with off-the-shelf goalie skates in that my right ankle doesn't sit on the foam, it sits right near the eyelets and ends up pushing the foam back into the boot after a couple of months - which leads to the medial malleolus pushing against the sidewall... pretty much like playing with a rock stuck between your ankle and the skate boot. So having a custom pair made is definitely in my future, but these skates are heavy - (coming from the bauer x900).
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