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  1. Ghostender

    Bruises Through Pants

    My style of playing ensures I don't get hit very much anywhere dammit
  2. Ghostender

    Fullright's 2017-2018

    In those first three goals, I think the only thing you could do is go to the "Rent-A-Defenseman" shop and pick up a couple... 3:42 – that goal was just idiotic. Multiple passes on a 3:0 and the only person on your team that skated back with any kind of conviction didn’t know what to do 4:16: 2:0 which could have easily turned into another 3:0 4:26: I bet you were thinking the same thing I was as I watched – that he couldn’t make the x-crease cut as your D was rushing him from the centre, but nope – he made it. It may sound weird, but in these types of games I find it I play the puck carrier as if there is no D (especially when there is) it seems to help as I play the puck carrier for all the things he could do, not what options he has based on the D actually being effective. Again, difficult to explain... In general it appeared your team had transition issues, mainly transitioning back into your zone.
  3. Ghostender

    Trouble with my C/A. Help me pick a new one!!!

    I will add that these two sentences are completely opposing ideas. Kind of like saying Sebatian Vettel rolls up to the track 5 minutes before flag time, hops in the Ferrari at the start line hits the throttle and bing, bang boom checkered flag...
  4. Yeah, sorry about that - now back to your regularly scheduled program...
  5. Ghostender

    My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    I think your analysis is valid. I have the same thing where my knee lands low in the knee block (can actually fall out on occasion) and I get that pad roll from time to time. Also my pads being older have a pretty soft knee block and spongy landing surface (V2s): looking at yours, this may be the case as well (albeit to a lesser extent). I suspect this isn't as much of an issue on newer pads with a fairly stiff knee block and the fact the knee block is very firmly integrated into the body of the pad
  6. Says who? I mean who died and made you Admin
  7. I think that requires you to give up your "Elitist" status - sounds like a step down to me.
  8. "Nipple" would have been a harder pw to crack, because no one likes ... well, I'm sure you can fill in the missing bits
  9. Ghostender

    My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    Yeah, don't beat yourself up over that. You are correct in that the 1/8" thick is pretty tough and time consuming to cut with utility knife. I have an electric scroll saw (and radial arm saw) that would I use on that type of stuff. If you know anyone with a scroll, table or radial arm saw (possibly even a chop saw would work if the parts are too long) I would ask for a "beer swap" favour!
  10. Ghostender

    Imperative’s 2017-2018 season

    That’s where you are sooo wrong. I think you probably pissed them off the most – in your own special way. Just look at the look on #61’s face in the replay at about 1:29 – makes me happy just to see that Wow, dirty and dangerous at 4:16 Congrats on the win!
  11. Ghostender

    My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    That's not a drill bit: what he has shown is a Robertson screwdriver bit designer to be used in a drill or cordless screwdriver. It also appears he has used the hex end. You can probably just get a section of say 1/4" round bad and round the tip to make nice hemispherical dimples.
  12. Ghostender

    Help me pick my new gear

    Good to know - thanks for the info!
  13. Ghostender

    Help me pick my new gear

    To add to this thread, I'm pretty disappointed that CCM and some others don't see fit to start their senior line at 32. While I don't play high level, I want my next set to last (it will pretty well assuredly be the last set I buy). If the quality difference between the CCM Int and Senior is exemplified by the difference in the strapping, I wouldn't touch CCM Int with a 10 foot pole while wearing surgical gloves. And BTW, really, how much money does it save the manufactured putting crap strapping on a set of pads?!?!?
  14. Ghostender

    Help me pick my new gear

    While I thin this is great advice, what are the opportunities to have this happen in the UK - i.e. what is the market, new or used like? @coopaloop1234 - can you get EFlex IIs in a 32? Every time I look I see them starting at 33 (at least for senior). I am about the same height as the OP and am in the market for a new (to me) pair of leg pads, set, but can't seem to find good stuff in 32"...
  15. Ghostender

    My Own Ball Hockey Pads!

    @Ross - do you live in Victoria, or are you ordering from IP on-line? they have a great selection, but not necessarily the cheapest. If you are ordering on-line perhaps havok could as well (of course there's shipping etc).