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  1. That swishing sound you just heard is the sound of me leaving this thread and forum without the door hitting me on the fanny... Ghostender
  2. @coopaloop1234 - might want to look up the definition of the term pejorative - could be useful in the future...
  3. Using stuff to cut metal alone won't cut it (figuratively speaking and possibly pun intended). It will actually cut it, but will wear pretty quickly. Something with a carbide tip would help - but probably pretty difficult to find that in a scroll saw or jigsaw blade
  4. Yeah - I'm with Bunnyman - I'd be a bit concerned with how the exposed edge turned out after the cut - not too sure about the integrity. While you may be able to seal it off neatly, I suspect any shot, or even dropping it on the cut edge could cause some pretty bad chipping or worse yet, "chunking"*. Also - not sure if you are looking at CF or fiberglass here, but I know my shop guys try to stay away from working with either: glass particulates can be nasty and can wear out tools quickly. CF would be the same for particulates and I am assuming also same for tool wear. * "Chunk" = chip on steroids
  5. Onward and upward Doug! Start climbing!!!
  6. The old Pearkes (gold) - there's usually a spot on the left on the same side of the room as the entrance - it's either between two pillars or between a pillar and the wall. I have only played twice at the Q-Centre - they do have big change rooms though. Then there's Ian Stewart - where if two guys sit across from each you have to alternate who has their kit bag opened or closed. As the old joke goes, it's so small you barely have enough room to change your mind in there.
  7. I was going to say I suppose that's better than watching him get undressed, but by inductive reasoning.. well ... eww. Anyway... While I don’t actively try to be there first, I like to get there with plenty of time for two reasons: · I hate to be rushed when I am getting dressed (helps with my game mindset) and · I really want to get a strategic spot I don’t know about others, but most rinks I play in have what I would consider some more goalie specific spots typically closer to the ends – allows me to spread my stuff out a bit better. In one rink play there is a funny section of bench that sits between a couple of support pillars so it is about 5 feet wide – if that doesn’t scream “goalies sit here” I don’t know what does. What I really hate is when a forward takes one of those spots. C’mon man, your gear is half the size of mine and you aren’t trying to get from point A-B in leg pads when you get up. All the groups I play with use two change rooms: the other day a fellow came into ours, saw it was chock full , but instead of heading to the other more sparsely populated one, walks up beside me, shoves my stuff over and sits down – luckily he left his water bottle unguarded and I hadn’t had my pre-game draining so to speak. I am assuming the burning I felt while I filled his bottle was just pre-game anticipation. With regards to the dynamic when others enter the room, by my nature I never really want to talk too much before a game. I listen to conversations but for the most part I am using imagery of the upcoming humiliation to assist in preventing myself from pulling a Nancy Kerrigan and bursting into tears while screaming out “Why??? Why???”
  8. Yeah, I think you are right there....
  9. OK - I think you guys misunderstood - the idea of this thread was actually for me to talk about myself - don't really care about anyone else. (OK JK - love to hear about where people are coming from and how/why they took up the position!)
  10. In the past six months I have witnessed three specific examples of fragility of heath, with and without the "benefit" of age. I try to think of that on a regular basis, but especially when I step on the ice. Wishing you the best possible outcome in the coming days. Please stay in touch with me one way or the other, A
  11. Thank God there's only first-world problems on this site...
  12. Ghostender

    Bruises Through Pants

    My style of playing ensures I don't get hit very much anywhere dammit
  13. In those first three goals, I think the only thing you could do is go to the "Rent-A-Defenseman" shop and pick up a couple... 3:42 – that goal was just idiotic. Multiple passes on a 3:0 and the only person on your team that skated back with any kind of conviction didn’t know what to do 4:16: 2:0 which could have easily turned into another 3:0 4:26: I bet you were thinking the same thing I was as I watched – that he couldn’t make the x-crease cut as your D was rushing him from the centre, but nope – he made it. It may sound weird, but in these types of games I find it I play the puck carrier as if there is no D (especially when there is) it seems to help as I play the puck carrier for all the things he could do, not what options he has based on the D actually being effective. Again, difficult to explain... In general it appeared your team had transition issues, mainly transitioning back into your zone.
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