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  1. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    Just found it, was ruckus007.
  2. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    I can't remember if it was this site or ggsu, but someone said they sold their g4s because they felt the air slide reduced their glide due to a narrow bfly. Was the first I had heard of that.
  3. Ryan W

    CCM Premier 2 Vs Warrior Ritual G4

    I honestly think the graphic has a lot to do with some people not taking warrior pads seriously. That and some people associate not being in the nhl as not being good enough.
  4. Ryan W

    CCM Premier 2 Vs Warrior Ritual G4

    Although my comparison isn’t exactly the same (g4 senior vs ccm E3.9 pads)I agree with a lot of your comments. I agree the premiere aesthetics for my tastes are much nicer. The weight difference in my sets especially with the 3.9 likely being much heavier than even the premier 2s is very noticeable. Unlike you, I like to think weight in a glove matters for speed and likely is why I’m going to try the g4 glove over a ccm despite hating the look of the warrior. With the pads I could never get the strapping of the 3.9 to be comfortable. I expect getting new toe ties may have helped as putting enough knots in the tie to reduce strain on my ankle and knee made the pads too sloppy despite liking a loose fit. Also agree that the thicker thigh rises seemed to bother me whereas I barely ever notice interference despite a bigger pad with the g4s. As you stated, just my opinion, and not the same comparison but I liked the warrior pad better performance wise even if I don’t like the look.
  5. Ryan W

    Warrior Glove Liner & G3/G4 Strap Kits

    Was just wondering if someone could show me what the carrying straps look like? Just bought the g4 Sr and don't think I have it. Thanks.
  6. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    Ya. Had bought a new pair of Eflex 3.9s, and just can’t get used to them. Coming from custom Pete smiths and everything I’ve read, can’t wait to get the g4s.
  7. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    I’m likely doing the exact same thing. First murdered out set, but unlike you I may get the gloves. They look strange to me and don’t feel quite right, but every review and everyone I know that’s tried it loves it. I might regret it but I’m going to assume it performs better than it initially looks and feels.
  8. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    I was planning to get some g4 seniors. I dont need them until September and was going to wait for a price drop. However I can get them now new for 799 cad, is this a ridiculous price I should jump on even though they are not in my ideal colors. Or do you guys assume I can get them in the 800-875 range anyways if I wait till September? Having a hard time deciding and the sale ends tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  9. Ryan W

    Glove break in technique

    Looking at a set of G4s. So are u referring to only the break in time, or do you find the glove itself worse off (if so, why?)?
  10. I'm selling a pair of 34 inch (I believe standard is +1.5") ccm eflex 3.9. I used them for one season of men's league, on ice once every 2 weeks (about 10 games). The reason I'm selling them is that after those 10 games I still don't feel comfortable in them coming from a custom set of Pete Smith pads. As you can see in the pics they are in perfect condition outside of some puck marks. $700 cad/ OBO and I live in Niagara