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  1. Finally gave up on the glove and picked up a slightly used CCM 590 break. The glove itself is fine and has good protection as I never felt a shot through it but the break on it just was never comfortable to me. Also picked up a CCM premier blocker on the cheap from goaliemonkey to go with it so if anyone need some slightly used Vaughn gloves they are currently for sale. Pads on the other hand have been great and seem to get better every time I use them.
  2. Mine had some pretty obvious wear spots starting when I used them with one100 cowlings but as soon as I switched to a cowlingless skate I haven’t noticed any additional wear.
  3. I've used mine now for close to five years and it seems to be holding up well. I recently replaced the foams with ECOpro and that made it even more comfortable than it was previously. It's definitely a solid mask at the price point and I don't seem to have suffered any adverse effects from shots to the head as I have taken a few over the years. If you like the Itech 960 type mold masks it's worth a look.
  4. Yeah it was one of the easier things I’ve done. We tried using a regular sewing machine but it didn’t want to go through the elastic but the speedy was like a five min job.
  5. This is the only time I think they’ve ever been close enough to both fit in the same picture
  6. wox33

    2X Pro

    The glove looks to be what I would expect to be the correct retail version since that is a new style backhand cuff and it has the correct front lacing pattern. I do wonder if the 2X blockers we've seen pros use have just been reskinned 1X without binding and they really will go 1-piece sidewall for both lines which would be weird but I wouldn't put it past them.
  7. I've tried random pieces of gear from Warrior ever since the initial Ritual line and none of it has really worked for me other than like pants/cup/knee protection. I've wanted to love the pads and gloves but I can just never get them dialed in. The quality on everything Warrior I've ever owned has been top notch though and I'd never say anything bad about them. They're just not for me and that's fine. I will also second that they make some really good sticks.
  8. There's really not a whole lot of options with Warrior custom other than colors. You can have them not install some straps but that's about it. Their stuff is kind of designed to be customizable after the fact so that mixed with them not having a bunch of pro customers to bump regular joes down the list would probably explain why the wait times are quick with them.
  9. wox33

    2X Pro

    Looks like it's there from the top of the knee stack up to the jenpro binding at the top. Then from the bottom of the calf wing to the jenpro toe binding. So there is less than before but there is still some.
  10. wox33

    2X Pro

    Someone in one of the Facebook gear selling pages has a full set of what look to be the retail version of the 2X. Has some really good pics of the back of the pads. Looks very similar to the 1X strapping with the ability to remove the knee wing now.
  11. I just took one of the velcro ends off and threaded it directly through the holes in the toe bridge and then used the speedy stitcher to close it back up. Looks so much cleaner and less moving parts.
  12. I also have some decent arches so that would make sense as to why I probably find them so comfortable.
  13. I’ve used mine for four skates now and they have been worth every penny so far. Very comfy along with proper arch support for each foot since they mold properly if you have some variance between them.
  14. Figured as much and I also wouldn't want to break up a set when selling since selling a blocker on its own is not enjoyable. I'll keep it in mind and message you on here if I decided to go that way as there are a couple CCM gloves on there that I am also looking at that would work.
  15. Well now that I know whose they are I can't send a lowball offer lol. My guess is your wanting to keep the set together?
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