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    Vaughn PVE Carbon 34+2
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    Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon
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    Bauer Reactor 9000 25"
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    Bauer Vapor 1x
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    Bauer Supreme 18
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  1. wox33

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    After a year of use landing in the same spot every time they got rock hard in the spot where the knee hits. They were fine when I first got them but they seemed to stiffen up long before they had any other wear going on.
  2. wox33

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    I had the original Supremes and those things hurt my knees ten times more than my Vapors ever have. I also went straight across with my 1x pads and now go to the calf with my Vaughn’s and haven’t had issues with the size. I do think that wearing socks over them does make a huge difference though.
  3. wox33

    EcoProFoam Neck Guard Initial Impressions

    would a used Maltese one be worth it to buy and just redo all the fabric with something else? Staubers had a used pro return one that was kinda nasty but I’m sure the foams were fine I if I remember it was like $25
  4. I switched to a sling about five years ago and I don’t think I could ever go back to a cup. But my mask is tight to the point that I need to undo one of the straps to take it off and on so I have no fear of it coming off during play. Chin cups drive me crazy and always caused my chin to break out as well.
  5. wox33

    Which Online Selling Sites Do You Prefer?

    That was kind of my thought as well. $5 a transaction turns out to be a pretty substantial amount of money in a hurry. Like I said idk if it's just happening to me or if it's to everyone but I'd be interested the next time someone buys from there if it happens to them.
  6. wox33

    Which Online Selling Sites Do You Prefer?

    Just an update as they did refund the $5 but it has happened the past three times I've bought. I called them out on it and they swear up and down they aren't doing it on purpose and it's a bug they are trying to fix so I just have to take them at their word. I just know that it's starting to be the main site to find used goalie equipment so just wanted everyone to be aware since it still seems a bit sketchy to me.
  7. wox33

    TGN Spec X GNetik IV

    For me I don't love them being on 2 different materials as it kind of breaks up the lines of the graphic. I don't really have any better ideas and until someone said something I didn't even notice as I was too busy drooling over how beautiful the set looks as a whole.
  8. wox33

    Bauer 1x chest protector reviews ???

    I’ve got an XL that’s been used once so it’s probably not going to be as cheap as you’d like but we may be able to work something out if you really want a 1X
  9. wox33

    Vaughn SLR 2

    If I would've gone with SLR instead of the PVEs I for sure would've gone with 33. That's coming from 34 in Reebok/CCM and medium in Bauer.
  10. wox33

    Bauer 1x chest protector reviews ???

    The one I have was a pro return unit so that may have made it so stiff to me. I know I compared it to a retail one and the shoulder floaters were a good bit thicker. It also didn’t help it was a size too big. I can say I didn’t feel anything for the skate that I did use it for though.
  11. wox33

    Bauer 1x chest protector reviews ???

    They are very protective but as stated above STIFF. I have one that I used once and it just was too much for me coming from a Vaughn. The 37.5 liner did do a good job at temp regulation though. I wish more equipment used it.
  12. wox33


    Here are the before and after pics of the install
  13. wox33

    Which Online Selling Sites Do You Prefer?

    I just purchased a pair of skates off of Sideline Swap and for the third purchase in a row they tried to charge an extra $5 on shipping after the offer had been made. They refunded me the money the previous two times and I assume they will do the same this time around. While I was making the swap this time I made sure to take screen shots so I have proof but I just wanted to make everyone on this site aware to check their shipping costs to make sure they aren't just handing over an extra $5 every time they buy something on Sideline Swap.
  14. Yeah fresh out of the box they had far more rigidity than I expected. I've only had them on the ice once at this point and so far I like them. There is still a bit of adjustment that I need to do but I think I will enjoy them long term. They are way taller at 34+2 than my medium 1X and I'm thinking I could've gotten away with 33s, otherwise the thighrise is thicker than the Vapors so that's the other thing I need to get used to. I am switching the bootstrap to go through the heel instead of behind the skate to see if that pulls things down a bit. Gloves felt very natural out there and I could stick handle with less effort than in the Vapors but it was popout city with the glove but I would say I just still need to adjust to the different angle.
  15. wox33


    Just finished up installing the foam in my mask. It was a bit more work than I had anticipated but it wasn’t too bad. I had to cut up the back plate piece which would’ve been easier had there just been more strips. I feel like the temp adheasive is too strong and made working with it more difficult than it needed to be. I did forget that contact cement likes to be applied to both sides and set a bit before adheasion so I’ll see if I need to redo it tomorrow.