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  1. Max27

    Help me choose bauer 1X, 1S, or Premier Pro 2017 C/A

    what you should do is go to a bauer own the moment if u can and try the vapor and supreme chest protectors or try them all on in a local store and see which one feels the best
  2. Max27

    Difference Between Optik and GNetik IV

    brians said you cannot get outer breaks on optiks because the outer roll is so thin having an outer break wouldnt do anything
  3. Max27

    Difference Between Optik and GNetik IV

    i heard from joz that the hyperflex 5 was essentially just like the 4 so no need for it update- ignore this just saw joz replied lol
  4. Just noticed an interesting story he put up about himself on instagram and thought i would share it for whoever. made me think of the story Lehner shared 2 months or so ago
  5. Max27

    Stick Weight & Balance Thread

    hate that slr logo on the back
  6. Max27

    Boot angles

    90 is gonna cover more ice while 80, since its tapered, will allow u to employ a wider base but theres more i think
  7. Max27

    1st game of ice hockey tm- super nervous

    thanks! i try to have fun when im playing like not stressing much i have such a habit of smashing my stick tho lol i lost one 12-2 after facing like 6 breakaways and even a 3 on 0 and a kid came in on a breakaway and did a one hand tuck like the link i have right here never buying composites 300 dollars for a few months of use tillthey break
  8. Max27

    Ideas for My Gear

    Saw Vincenzo Arnone posted abt it on Insta! Looks really good!
  9. Max27

    Boot Straps

    i play ball hockey as a goalie along w ice and found i tripped on the boot strap in ball hockey lol
  10. Max27

    1X Pro Knee Pad

    @Hills has a review of them and said he really enjoyed them
  11. Max27

    Anti Niemi Knee Pads?

    whats up with his chesty
  12. Max27

    CCM Leather Toe Straps

    np lol
  13. Max27

    Habs (Price) 2018-2019

    just needed to feel comfortable somewhere and that somewhere is montreal