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  1. Max27

    If you're serious about swag

    something like this but TGN logo instead of ellesse
  2. Max27

    Intermediate palm on a senior glove

    You can get warrior gloves and buy a spare intermediate palm on the glove (only comes in 600 break) and the blocker palm in intermediate to see if it works, they velcro into the guts of the glove and are interchangeable. That would be your best bet if you cant try it on in person.
  3. its like a dial for the wrist strap, its been used in running shoes and things of that nature. its sick
  4. Max27

    Suggestion Box

    I get that on my Chromebook, I use Google though
  5. if its an issue of the way its sitting, try and loosen the backplates connection to the shoulder it will let the c&a ride lower on your body. I had an issue with my G4 sitting too high and I loosened it how i described it and it fit much better. It will expose your neck a little more but thats the trade off. You can always just wear a bib to cover that area, or since you have the optik just make the neck bib piece it comes with just fit higher while the unit sits lower.
  6. Max27

    Stick sizing advice

    Im about 6'3 and I use a 25 or 26 inch, just go to a store and try a couple different sizes, its all about your preference
  7. Max27

    Attack of the Clones

    I dont think its that bad but idk why anyone would go out of their way to ask for it on a custom order
  8. Max27

    Attack of the Clones

    He will pair his sarcasm comment of them not ripping off graphics with a set like these- But not with these, literally a clone of the old V3 graphic
  9. Max27

    Pad issue

    Yeah i tend to wear my pads tighter also, i broke them in a lot to make them really soft, and the front does have a lot of give on it to deaden the shots, which could be the culprit. They have softened up a lot since getting them. The thing that confuses me is I played 2 games td, 1 ice 1 deck, and i had no issues in the ice game like this, which makes me think it was just a weird way the shot reacted off of the pad, the shots were not really hard at all. My leg sits tight at the calf but it sits lower at the knee and i wear them a little looser now to let them hang in towards the 5 hole, so my pad isnt really directly behind the calf. I wear a top calf strap like a professor strap so the pads arent floppy, but like i said my pad really isnt directly behind the calf which confuses me more towards why i felt the shot
  10. Max27

    Pad issue

    i worded that bad, I meant that i felt the shot and the feeling went to the back of my leg, Terrible comparison but it felt like a vibration almost It was so weird, Ive been using these pads regularly since December 2017 and I havent ever had any issues like this with them, or really issues with them overall
  11. Max27

    Pad issue

    This sounds really weird I know, but in a game I had today, wasnt even an ice hockey game, it was a deck hockey game, and in warmups, i felt shots hit my legs. What I mean is that a shot would hit the pad and it felt like something had hit my actual calf. I never had this issue before. Does this mean the pads are breaking down? Should I invest in new pads? For whatever it is worth, the pads im using right now are CCM Eflex 2 760 leg pads
  12. Max27

    2X Pro

  13. Max27

    Difference between Ritual G2 Pro and G2 Pro SE?

    yeah like @BadAngle41 its just the color
  14. Max27

    Need recommendation on used pads

    ah nice