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  1. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    lastest Game. We were on the road with our “c” squad, haha. Many of our regulars couldn’t make the game. I didn’t play that great, I didn’t feel very sharp and gave up a few that went right through me. It was fortunate that their goalie really struggled, I am not sure if he was drunk or high but there were shots that he didn’t even move on or reacted after the puck went in, Vikings didn’t deserve to win but we did. Next game is Sunday against arguably our best opposition so I could be seeing a ton of shots.
  2. Imperative

    Math's video thread

    I don’t have any pointers for 3 on 3 but I can tell you 3 on 3 is not the place a goalie goes to improve their confidence, haha. I wouldn’t take goals against or your performance in a 3 on 3 to heart, I have been torched in the last couple shinny’s.
  3. Imperative

    Dropout's 18/19 season

    Your teammates really struggled to protect the slot all game. You had a great sequence of saves around 1:50 where the same guy was all alone in the slot and you stopped him both times. That was a really strange play and lack of the ref blowing down the play offside as soon as the guy touched the puck. It was really bizarre that everyone of their guys left the zone on the delayed offside other than that guy.
  4. Imperative

    Fullright's 2018-2019

    @Fullright you looked pretty sharp and maybe a bit refreshed! I am guessing the shoulder is feeling a lot better. Many great saves in a drop in where there was zero defence going on.
  5. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    other end of the last shinny, not me in this net
  6. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    another in the net camera angle as I am still having a tough time making the off brand suction cup staying on the glass. Team dark in this shinny was awful, haha. At one point I had 3 breakaways in 20 seconds.
  7. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    It is true. I kind of set it up that way by default the suction cup wasn’t working so I threw it inside the net.
  8. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    tried running two cameras for shinny again and I had the knock off suction cup mount at my end, as you can see it doesn’t work well, haha. So I threw the camera inside my net for the rest of the shinny. I got sniped high glove a lot.
  9. Imperative

    Goalie Czar - On Ice Game Video

    Always tough to lose but if your team only scores one you have to be perfect to win. You had some big saves in there. I am always hesitant to give other goalies advice especially if they don’t have ice time outside of games to work on things. Mainly because I know for myself when I am playing my best I am just reading and reacting to the game in front of me instead of thinking about what I am supposed to be doing. That said two things I have noticed in your game which are a small adjustments but I think would help your game, one is stay square to the puck, a couple of times you were more parallel to the goal line than square to the puck as the shot was coming in. Two, recover to your feet quickly when the puck isn’t in danger of a quick rebound. Just keep working on your skating as well, that goes for all of us goalies, we are only as good as we can skate.
  10. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    well last shinny I tried running two cameras to capture both ends of the rink. The suction cup mount at my end was a knock off and would’nt stay attached to the glass so I only captured the other end which wasn’t me in net but I thought you fellow tenders may enjoy it regardless.
  11. Imperative

    Dropout's 18/19 season

    Many big Saves in there! Sometime when the ref isn’t in position the guys celebrate like it is a goal and ref calls it a goal. Glad you guys were able to score late for the win, it would’ve been pretty sour to have had a tied game on a play where the puck never went in.
  12. Imperative

    Math's video thread

    Good work Math! It is always nice to come in a sub for a team and pick up the win. It seemed like your teammates really appreciated you effort and big saves.
  13. Imperative

    used Fusion 962 pro mask -SOLD

    Is it white mask with white cat eye? I messaged you about the mask.
  14. Imperative

    Imperative’s 2018-2019 Season

    I should maybe clarify a little bit. The Stingers are made up of former AJHL(Alberta jr A) players. We don’t have anyone who played at that level so my teammates attitude is “well they are better players than us and we hung in there with them so losing in the last minute not a big deal” which really sucks because they didn’t skate circles around us my guys just refused to play defence, they didn’t bother to lift a stick . I can handle when a team is better skilled than us and we put up a good effort and they were just better, I handle that gross lack of effort that was on full display in that game.