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  1. Well my go pro died with about 5 minutes left in the first 35 minute period so i missed most of the game. That said this was probably my worst game of the season, I was off my angles(first goal I was at least 1' or more off my angle). Kind of rattled all game but managed to make a literal final second save to preserve the win 9-8.
  2. Great save at 4:05! It sure looked like the defensive play really broke down in front of you as the game went on. One thing I noticed was you tend to flatten out as the puck goes to a sharp angle shot(I do the same) I think flattening out (instead of being square) was the cause of the 2nd goal. I noticed it because I had the same Senario in a recent game when the same shooter was trying to beat me from a sharp angle mainly because I was flattening out when he would drop into a sharp angle position. Hope that helps.
  3. Too many saves to count ok this one Joe! I didn’t count but it seemed like you made at least 15-20 saves before they were finally able to score on a one timer and then you immediately Rob them with the paddle down! I thought you looked confident, really trusted your positioning and angles and it paid off!
  4. I haven’t noticed any bubbles. I will take a closer look and let you know.
  5. It was intentional but not to stop the slide, I thought the puck had beat my first leg and I wrapped around the 2nd leg hoping it would hit me. Turned out he missed so it worked out, haha.
  6. GoPro suction cup mount. I also have a knock off that I got in a big multi mount pack but it doesn’t work at all gotta go with the GoPro suction cup
  7. @cwarnar the smaller rink makes for a much faster game, their top line was trying to stay away from my D man #82 and then they were throwing the deep stretch passes.
  8. i am 4-5 games behind editing but here is a game from the 5th. Back in the 2/3 sized rink, always makes for a faster game and mistakes in the offensive zone come back much quicker than in a nhl sized rink. This was a back and forth game, we were up then fell behind and then scored a couple late to win.
  9. It sure does Joe, I turned 35 this season and I have been much more sore after games than I have in the past, even with doing stretching, foam rolling and other things to recover.
  10. No it won’t keep me out, it was a little sore for a day or 2 after that game but it feels fine now, I have played twice and another game tonight since this game and it felt fine. My game this past Tuesday I felt and looked much better than this game.
  11. Thanks man. I haven’t made a decision on knee protection I am not sure if I will pick anything up before the end of my season, I only have 3 or so games left. I was definitely off this game, watching it myself I don’t look like I am struggling to move but I was in discomfort all game. Luckily the boys game me some “run support” to pull out the win.
  12. I don’t know how you hang in there for 90 minutes and get shelled the whole time, that wasn’t a shinny that was a 90 minute breakaway and odd man rush challenge. I thought you played great, so many big saves, just robbing guys! Shinny like that is not a good measuring stick for your game/ability. You faced more grade A quality scoring chances in that skate than I have faced in all my games combined this season.
  13. Good work man! I thought you played a real controlled game, holding onto puck eliminating 2nd opportunities, your glove was going. I thought you track really well, great save sequence around 5:10. It looked like your D kind broke down around the 4:00 mark when you faced multiple breakaways. Overall good work.
  14. latest game, it was a struggle for me. I took a puck off of my knee and few weeks ago and hadn’t bothered me at all until earlier in the day of this game and then it was painful to go down and get back up and it showed in my game. It was also a difficult game to get comfortable in for me, the boys would just hem them in for long stretches and the only time I seemed to get a shot would be a breakaway or an odd man rush. I wasn’t very busy and I wasn’t very good but the boys managed to outscore my bad goaltending.
  15. I don’t shinny’s to be super helpful for my game, it is much slower than a game, guys have all kinds of time and space to make a move, or a pass. I also was not feeling this shinny at all, it was supposed to be a game but the opposition cancelled last minute. I do like mixing it up with this view to film from, I usually mount it at the hash marks and on narrow view on the GoPro.
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