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  1. Currently, yes it is. But it shouldn't be. I'm not familiar with True's construction process but it seems that it wouldn't add much if any cost or time to the process to just make sure it's right. I'm sure we've all heard it, "A job worth doing is worth doing right", or "Measure twice, cut once", both work for my purpose
  2. old but slow

    First "real" game tonight - any advice?

    Just an FYI, don't think of it as a try out! you have a game tonight, nothing more. My mantra playing with new teams or leagues is as follows, as the puck enters the zone I speak to myself " oh ****,oh****,oh****,oh****" until I make the save or pressure is releeved then a loud **** if it goes in or a quiet phew as it goes the other way. It's a great way to judge the confidence level as the "oh****'s " get less and less as the game goes. seriously, go have fun and let us know how it goes.
  3. old but slow

    Coming Back From Retirement

    I'm about 8 years back after a 30+year layoff, equipment changes took a lot of adjustment for sure, however, being out for so long I didn't have a fall back style that needed adjustment with the new pads. it was kind of like starting from scratch. Lot's of good info around here. But the job doesn't change , stop the puck.
  4. old but slow

    Goalie Czar - On Ice Game Video

    looks like you played well, wouldn't call it a bad decision to play the puck there. probably would have gone behind the net with it or more up the ice. looks like you just lost your net on the recovery, crap happens. nice game though.
  5. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    Please stop buying into the marketing hype. Every curve is designed to meet the needs of goaltenders. Some players will find the Price works, others will find it doesn't work so well. Same thing can be said for all curves/ stick. You don't pass well with the Quick, I happen to pass very well with it, others prefer the heel wedge/Price pattern. You basically have to try all the patterns and see what works for you. But if you are struggling to make basic short passes, there isn't a stick in the world that's going to help you. Once you understand how to and can execute the basics you'll know if a mid curve, heel wedge, toe curve or twist pattern is what you need.
  6. old but slow

    Switching from tight fit to loose fit

    If they let you, I would wear your gear at public skate, or at least pants down. I would also spend time working on movements while down, hell you can work on a lot in 5 hours. If only I had that kind of time to work on movement, I could make my games easier for myself
  7. old but slow

    To Profile or Not To Profile...

    So how is this working out for you?
  8. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    I'm sorry, was trying to incorporate a little humor as I feel I've been a bit of an ass in previous posts. The price stick might help as it's a shorter shaft length, it should help controlling your stick a little. The biggest differences for me were changing to overhand and playing with my hand position on the stick. I play the puck much more effectively with my hands closer together. I also found that the higher end sticks felt a lot snappier for longer, I guess this could benefit your "leverage" issues. There is no substitute for practicing and learning what works for you, 12-24 passes in warmups/practice would be enough to quickly notice a difference especially if you pay attention to what you do when you are successful. If you have down time during practice, shoot at the boards, play around with hand position and puck position on the blade as well as in your stance. Ask other goalies to show you what works for them and try it. Again I apologize if I came across as an ass, good luck with whatever you decide.
  9. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    The best reason to replace your stick is because you want to, period. Based on the above, a new curve will not change much if anything other than the curve of your stick. On an unrelated note, what are you doing behind your net while the other team is shooting? And how badger the shooters that they are hitting your stick while your behind the net?
  10. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    Ok @Max27, help us help you. What aspect of passing is causing you issues? Basic pass from behind net to corner? Forehand or backhand? Cross zone pass under pressure? Quick up pass from below dots to blue line or out of zone? Clearing pass high off glass to neutral zone? Wrap around from behind net? Lots of different types of passes to make. In post #3 you say you had a few passes go horrible, horrible how? Were they all the same type of pass; distance, direction, intention? Was the puck moving towards or did you control it first with time and space to make the intended pass? What was the intended pass? Do you use an overhand or underhand grip for passing? Do you use the whole blade from heel to toe or only part of it and which part? You mention that the Holtby curve is better for passing and the Price is better for shooting. Honestly, what goalie needs a curve to shoot with? Marketing poppycock!! Every stick curve is designed to do it all if you know what you're doing.
  11. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    I'm all for getting equipment to fit your playing style. I'm also for figuring out what your needs and wants are before getting said gear. From what i've read, the OP is looking for a curve to help improve passing and puck handling in general, sorry there is not a cure all curve for this. OP mentions Price and Holtby curves, OP is neither Price nor Holtby and seeing as we don't know what the struggles are, we cannot make appropriate recommendations. If the OP's issue is in fact hand position, stick flex, or technique of some sort, a new curve will do very little to aid his game. Add to this the knowledge that the OP has been playing hockey for less than 3 years, net less than 2 and I will stand by my statements, becoming better with what you have will make it easier to know what you want and better still once you get it. IF YOU CAN DODGE A WRENCH, YOU CAN DODGE A BALL!!!
  12. old but slow

    CCM Pro Authentic Premier II stick

    Correct, Pro Stock = no warranty, Pro Authentic = warranty
  13. old but slow

    Switching stick curve

    so is it the gloves fault when you don't make the save? or the pads fault you can't butterfly well or maybe the blockers fault you dropped your stick. sorry, I'm old and learned to play before any sticks had curve, I stand by my comment, learn to handle and pass the puck with what you have and you will be better.
  14. old but slow

    CCM Pro Authentic Premier II stick

    In my experience, no they are not the same. Pro Authentic is a retail version of a pro stock stick, complete with 90 day warranty. pro stock is pro stock, no warranty. I might be wrong but I believe construction and materials may be different between the 2
  15. old but slow

    Vaughn Split Outer Roll + PVE Graphic

    Actually prefer the Black /white/red minus the little tag of red on the boot by the break, at least it doesn't look like they tried to carry the graphic to the outer roll and failed. Honestly, to me, the red/black/silver and the navy/white/light blue look like shoddy workmanship, like someone didn't take the time to line up the jenpro before they started sewing. I guess that's why ice cream comes in so many flavors, everyone's got their own taste.