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  1. daffy

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    Im slightly irritated by posts i read about "hey you see the guy with all those straps or toe laces or a boot strap, whats that??" It seems to be common thinking that because it is newer it has to be better and a guy is crazy not to wear the latest newest in technology. If he isnt he's looked at as if he's playing in forward gear. It makes no sense to me. If a guy wants 10 leather straps on his pads then so be it. Just because it isnt 2 velcro straps holding his pad doesnt make him or his pads any worse. I didnt grow up with deerhair stuffed pads or Lange skates but more around the Kolzig, Belfour, Roy era. To me if a guy is at the other end of the rink in a pair of Kenesky original lether pads and Lange skates who is killing it with awesome kick saves then good on him. Yes i play with a toe cap still and strap through the boot (like Holtby) and yes i use skates that have a cowling. The thing is it works. Holtby is pretty decent.....last i checked Hellebuyck isnt that bad and he has a ton of leather straps. If it works then it works. And if newer doesnt work then nothing wrong with sticking with what you know. Just sayin.......
  2. daffy

    Easton Mako as goal skates

    Well that depends. For me i had a terrible time finding skates that fit and full custom wasnt an option due to price. With how well the Mako hear molds to my foot, it was a good fit. I had a new pair of Bauer Reactors and did not work at all. Also there are a few of us that dont want to go without a cowling. Each to your own i guess.
  3. daffy

    Easton Mako as goal skates

    @TheGoalNet Hence the poor man VH label since they are Scott's work. I was thinking next cowling might be a CCM cowling. Lots of Vaughn steel to go through first though. I even found a pair of black pro custom Step steel for these. They will go on next. To top these skates off, i use Graf Sidas footbeds. Totally unique. I go in to pick up my skates when sharpened and they all know what pair im talking about right away. Next skate will be custom. If Graf ever comes out with a fulk custom program, i will consider.
  4. daffy

    Easton Mako as goal skates

    @MTH as requested. Yes im in Vaughn cowlings. I like the lowest and longest blade possible. 29' profile on them with forward pitch. I have at least another 5 pairs of steel to go through. Made sure to stock up. I call the Makos a poor mans VH/True. If these didnt work out, i would have had to go full custom for my narrow feet. Luckily with Stable 26 socks and the way these molded around my foot, it all worked out.
  5. daffy

    Easton Mako as goal skates

    @RichMan not sure how i end up same size but thats what works. Im now in Makos that are a size 7.5.
  6. daffy

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Sorry no pic but if i saw correctly, Schnieder back in Vaughn pads.
  7. daffy

    Boddam gear

    finally got out on the ice with the new chest protector. I was injured for 5 weeks. Anyway, very mobile out of the box. Protection from shots i received was great! A little stiff in the belly when in my crouch but with time that should break in nicely. Found rebounds were alittle issue with new foams but once again. I think it will change as it breaks in. Fit is good. Switched the large in pics above for a medium with loop attached to back plate. When trying it at home, it felt like the back needed to be pulled down more. Dont notice it when on the ice though. Same for the arms. Much tighter than the old unit but didnt notice it 5 mins into the skate. All in all, very happy with it after first skate.
  8. daffy

    Self Confidence During Games

    I break the period down to 5mins at a time. I play mini games. I want to win the first 5mins then again for the next 5. By shortening the period into 5min segments, its like small wins each time you win a 5min segment. It has helped me since i started doing that.
  9. daffy

    NoNameHockey Foam Core goalie sticks

    I was once told warrior, passau and vaughn all came from same factory.
  10. daffy

    Pre Game Warm Up Vision

    Reaction ball is great. I use it before every game. http://www.passauhockey.com/fr/boutique-en-ligne/balle-de-reaction-101 It also helped with my recovery from concussion.
  11. daffy

    Stance issues

    Thanks guys for confirming the boot strap issue. Ill start there and see how it feels. Trying to be back on ice for Dec.8th so have some time yet.
  12. daffy

    Stance issues

    Hey guys, Ive posted many times over the years on GSBB about this but now a bit of a change. Quick background. Weak ankles have always lead me to using 2 boot strap and deep boot. Helped my ankles on colapse inward and supported. I was able to get low enough in the skates without playing on my ankles. So this summer i started playing in Easton Makos. Stiff boot which has been great for the ankles. Now the issues seem to be that i cant get low enough, its like my skates are too straight up and not leaning inward enough. I can get that right feel but only if i widen the stance. If i widen the stance, i cant really moved side to side. My boot isnt super tight but would it be as easy as just loosening the boot straps right off? Im thinking thats all it is but input is always appreciated. Cant try anything new as i pulled an adductor longus and out 6 weeks (3rd injury in 4 months). Would like to make an adjustment when i can get back on ice.
  13. daffy

    Boddam gear

    Couple of pics.
  14. daffy

    Boddam gear

    You would have to give Jason a call on the pro spec and he can expand on that. As with all the Boddam gear i've had, i can not complain with the quality. The unit looks well made. @GoalieTimmy33 yes it does, yes it does..... I will note that i did not see the new unit before the order. I had spoken to Jason and went over what I was looking for and he said he would send out his new unit. It is what it is i guess. On another note. The forearm padding tends to interfere with my catcher. My old Vaughn is rounded more so it fits in the glove easier. I notice vaughn does this on their new units too. This unit has more squared forearm protection. Trying to decide on whether that will break in alittle with use or whether i should ship back. All in all, im happy with the c/a but just a touch concerned with the comfort of the glove.
  15. daffy

    Boddam gear

    Ok here is the run down on the new Boddam chest protector. The key here is options. Beef up kit already included so not extra upcharge. The unit is stock pro spec but if you want wider shoulder floaters then you can make that change. Whatever adjustment you'd like you can do. Custom colors and name embroidery at no extra cost either. You can switch arm length. My arms are medium with a large belly. The unit comes with two loops on inside of belly and one on outside. Unit is very mobile. So basically any change you want for one price. I believe retail will be $499cdn.