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  1. Thanks for the info on the cowlings. I would then think the profile cowling has same blade as profile g and as1. I still have some time to decide. Appreciate the responses.
  2. Quick update. Got my feet scanned yesterday and dropped the money on new True custom. 4 week wait in told. Went two piece as im still a cowling guy. Like to be lower to the ice. Thry wont drill holes in boots and will send boots along with holders separately. Leaning towards ccm as1 or profile cowling. Does anyone know if the profile and the profile G cowlings take same blade? They look similar. Read bad things about the profile g cowling breaking from shots. I assume its because they put a black insert in the toe and its not all one piece.
  3. daffy

    Mckenney Gear

    I use their pants. Got them on sale from United Cycle i think a few seasons back. Velocity clone. Great pant, protective. No issues with them.
  4. @Chenner29 thanks for the info!
  5. Ok so let me ask this to True owners. Was there an adjustment to stance due to the stiffer skate? I had to widen mine with the Mako which didnt work for me but True says the boot is too high (on the Mako). If thats the case then im good buying True. If True skate is stiff and causing a wider stance then id be better off in the Graf 7500 as Graf is suggesting. I really dont want to buy skates again for a really long time.
  6. Yeah so according to True stiff isnt the issue, its the height of the boot on the Mako. Still alittle weary about overall stiffness of the boot. It True is as stiff as mako, its a stiff skate!
  7. So for those of you following along. Here is where i'm at. Graf tells me the local shop can do a trace of my foot for me. Which makes me feel alittle better considering im ordering custom to get their narrow width. At least they will have my foot to work with. Alittle concerned with the ankle. Had to punch out a spot on the 750s and feel like i probably would on these as well. True tells me the VH/True is as stiff as my old Makos but they believe the height of the player boot around the ankle was causing my issue. So although just as stiff, the lower cut goalie boot would allow me to get into my stance. I think that makes sense to me. So if i go True, id still like a cowling. Say what you want, im stubborn and hate change. I saw a pair of VH on sidelineswap in my size, cowling and all. I know that it isnt my foot that skate is made too but has cowling and i could try before spending the extra money on full custom. Side note: i did have a pair of VH back when they just got started. Sent them back. Dumbest thing i ever did. Was so used to poor fitting skate. Anyway, at that time Scott took the sample skate that fit my foot and said he made minor adjustments to it to fit for me. I was surprised cause i have narrow feet and all other stock skates are too wide. Just thinking if its worth going used to try them again and then go full custom if they work or say screw it and just get the scan done and go with it.
  8. I understand the 4500 to be quite similar to the 750.
  9. It is what it is. Graf is suggesting a 7500. Stiffer than the old graf 750 but not stiff like all the skates out there. Kind of s gamble without taking them for a spin but i think that will be the case no matter what i buy.
  10. Hey @dstew29 thats good to know. So to clarify, 1080 stiff but not like other current skates on the market. Graf is saying go for the 7500. Wonder how much less stiff it is than 1080. Thanks
  11. Nope, as my physio guy says i have a very unstable ankle.
  12. Hmm, i get people telling me they will be stiff like my Makos and others not so much. Maybe stiff is different to each person? I dunno....i might end up more confused on what i want to do.... I should note that the Graf people say their 1080 isnt as stiff at the True skate.
  13. Ok so ive been given the green light by the wife to move forward with skate purchase. I have to go custom due to my narrow foot. Im pretty much decided on new Grafs but thought i would seek more info from everyone. Background: used my old Graf 750s, narrow width in the old style bauer cowling. Was great but attack angle not great. The narrow fit was almost perfect for my foot. First time ever i didnt have to rench on the laces to tighten skate. Still used stable sock to (padding behind ankle) to snug up the heel but best fit by far. Then i put the 750s on an RBK cowling. Lower, cut down cowling meant less support meant me playing on my ankles. Went to Easton Makos. Used them 5 months and still cant adjust to wider stance. Way too stiff for me. Im done with those. Im guessing VH will be similar stiffness. So Graf will let me custom order a pair of 7500s in narrow width. Their custom order is strictly so i can get the narrow width. They felt the 7500 would be happy medium between old 750 and the Makos. Its not a true custom skate in the sense that they arent scanning my foot or tracing it or anything. So although im still leaning towards Graf, opinions on other custom programs? I think VH is out due to stiffness of boot (if its like my mako). Im also not sold on cowlingless yet either. Will still have cowling. Would that mean i should look at CCM? If so, what would be a good model to look at that is stiff but not too stiff? Have not had great experience with Bauer but then again stock skates have always been too wide. If Graf had a total custom program i think they would have my money already. Since they dont open to exploring other options. Looking at Graf since it was the closest thing i ever had to a great fitting skate.
  14. Hey Saves, I have had 7000 boots. Think i still have a pair around somewhere. Just not enough stiffness and D width too wide. Thanks though. I put my Graf 750s back on my cowlings. We will see what happens this week. Im really leaning towards new grafs. Hopefully last skate ill ever buy.
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