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  1. No problem, it was a spontaneous thought for an easy solution. I actually use this type of wrist band as my sweat band in my mask, which I love. It offers great spatial coverage on my forehead and offers heavy duty sweat retention.
  2. @ThatCarGuy Nice work. Are you going to pad that at all? One easy, ready-made padding option is long tennis wrist bands. You could easily sew one onto that strap once you slide it on.
  3. Wow, what a night for you. That's awesome. Congratulations and hats off for you. I hope you kept the puck
  4. Fair enough. But, resting would be addressing it. Keep in mind she deals mostly with young people who play 5 times a week.
  5. Get in the way how? Visually or physically?
  6. Quick drops is center of gravity way lower towards the ice than most. His basic stance is very aggressive and wide. Makes him look/play smaller, I think. Not to mention his greater than average speed, flexibility, and soft gear.
  7. Does that mean they take measurements of your head in various ways and install a custom padding set with varied thickness to fit it flush on your head? So the padding is not flat like it is stock??
  8. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Nice. I too went down a size. My V6 pads were 36 and my VE8 pads are a 35 and they're identical. I immediately installed bungee chords for the toe ties on mine and ditched the boot strap, which is very poorly designed on the VE8s and also pointless, in general, with bungee toe ties. I also had tabs and thigh guards with mine but I ditched them after a few skates because they just felt too clunky and in my effort to modernize my pads completely I went without them. Thankfully my Warrior Ritual Pro knee guards do fine without the thigh guards. I rigged an old bag shoulder strap with some carabiners and run that through the professor strap, which is how I carry mine
  9. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Nice, looks good. What size were your V3 pads and what size are the VE8s? I never had V3s...I went from 1 to 4 to 6 and now 8. These 8s are gonna be like 2x4s on your legs compared to the 3s, but eventually you'll learn to love them with the benefits of a stiffer, more responsive pad. Congrats on them. I too have had many great custom experiences working with Vaughn. Dennis Doll is pretty great.
  10. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Wow, V3 --> VE8. Your whole life is changing, haha. You'll have a significant adjustment period, for sure. But you'll be sliding around like lightning, playing taller, getting more active rebounds, and feel substantially lighter. All positives. Do you have pics of your customizer? Gloves too??
  11. Truth. Maria Mountain is great about insisting there is no such thing as a "tweak." Tweaks are injuries that should be addressed.
  12. Man, this sucks so much. I'm sorry Moose, tough to read what happened to you. Being a goalie and human knees just don't play well for long, it seems. Best wishes for you at the doctor tomorrow. Try to stay positive in your thoughts.
  13. Very interesting. It's funny how my assessment of size is a function of style. Quick, to me, plays like he's 5'7.
  14. BOTH! (the technique). You get a pass if it's legit ghosty stuff. Just don't do a ghosted NHL logo like some Swedish guy we all know. P.S. did you coat the cage too?
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