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  1. seagoal

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    I wonder if we get to a point of too light. Is there a point where lighter is pointless or even detrimental?
  2. seagoal

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    This conversation in this thread is refreshing and super constructive. Me like.
  3. seagoal

    Martin Jones stick

    Nice! That sounds awesome. The orange fingers on his CCM blocker make me so happy, it's ridiculous. How did you feel about his switch from Vaughn?
  4. seagoal

    Martin Jones stick

    Elaborate on this project?
  5. seagoal

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    Nice post. For me, anyone concerned that I'm a fanboy for the latest and greatest should rest assured and be reminded that I wear VAUGHN and regularly advocate for them on here. No company gets criticized for being stuck in the stone age more than they do on this website (somewhat justifiably) and I'm totally okay with that. I may have magnetic elastic straps and not an ounce of leather on my pads, but they're sewn to a heap of stuff with the word VAUGHN on it
  6. seagoal

    Newer is better? Mini rant

    Great post and your irritation is acknowledged. As someone guilty of what you're irritated by, I'd say your characterization of it as "newer is better" is in no way what I, personally, meant or said or implied. Trends are trends and patterns are patterns and let's face it, the days of a half dozen leather straps and toe caps and skate lace toe ties are behind us. That doesn't mean those features don't work or that anyone who uses them isn't valid or legit, it just means they are contrary to trends. We can point out trends and the subsequent contrary examples of counter-trend/"old school" set-ups. I acknowledge current trends. I have succumb to some of them with recent purchases (minus my new custom V6 glove). I also think goalies with leather straps and toe ties stand out as contrary to trends. They are the new "old school" in terms of modern gear trends. To buy new gear like Holtby's now, you almost certainly have to go custom, more and more with each new generation of gear. My top favorite goalies in the NHL are Quick, Rask, Rinne, Fleury, and Jones. Many cows have paid the price for this crews' pad straps.......it's all good. Anyway, I see your irritation and just wanted to give the explanation on my thoughts about the issue because I have definitely been guilty of pointing out leather straps and skate lace ties lately. Cheers.
  7. seagoal

    Martin Jones stick

    I absolutely love his gear, even his CCM gear, and am a huge fan of his. His use of orange accents is spot on perfect.
  8. seagoal

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Ah. But also about glove perimeters and pad squishyness or something. Threads merge over time. Thanks, mate.
  9. seagoal

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Ha. I forgot what this thread is about. I just open it because, well, I'll be entertaining. Is the debate over the perfection of G4? It is definitely perfect for some folks, not for other folks. There's zero contradiction there, as well.
  10. seagoal

    First "real" game tonight - any advice?

    Haha, this is great. I've told myself before on certain guys: There's no making saves on this guy. The puck is either going to hit me or not. Next time he gets the puck, close your eyes and hope for the best.
  11. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

  12. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Interesting. I'd like to see the same size side by side in SLR 1 and 2.
  13. seagoal

    Vaughn SLR 2

    There could be some geometry changes to the boot that would make the new ones larger, as is the case with VE8 Velocity pads. I'm ideally a half size between a 35 and 36, at least historically with Velocity pads that settle. I had my sales rep and Vaughn tell me I could be in a 34 with current models. Seems like they've calibrated sizes on current model stuff to be bigger than in previous generations. My 36 V6 pads match perfectly to my 35 VE8 pads.
  14. seagoal

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Same with Vaughn. That's a common misconception, that custom in and of itself is more expensive.
  15. seagoal

    Back in the fold... Maybe?

    Me too. I admire the sentiment, nonetheless.