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  1. VOGoalie

    Jofa 390/387/481 **SOLD**

    OMG, I totally rocked this combo back in High School. I guess it was before masks were readily available... or color photos for that matter...
  2. VOGoalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    Do you mean a 12 month support program? My last purchase from Monster was in April 2016. My order was delivered March 2017. I'm all for supporting small businesses, but 11 months for a set of knee blocks? To Monster's credit, I did receive my order as well as a nice phone call from Jeff and a few extras, but that's no way to run a business. Everyone encounters personal problems, but if it's impacting your business, at least stop taking new orders! In the time it took to make my knee blocks, I went through the entire process of buying and selling a home (and them my order was almost shipped to my old address). IMHO, if you're selling something for under $80 and you can't make it in the time it takes someone else to make another human being, you probably should close your online store.
  3. VOGoalie

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Everyone, Wayne the VO Goalie here. Happy to join the community! I was a member back on the GSBB so it's nice to see lots of familiar names and faces (or avatars)! History: after High School back in the 90's, I went straight into Beer Leagues and have been there ever since. I have evolved as a goalie from that hybrid thing to butterfly, but now that my reflexes are slow, I just mostly drop and block... I'm big on gear and have used lots of stuff over the last 20+ years. I am generally a big supporter of the smaller manufacturers even if some have growing pains but have own some piece of gear from most of the larger guys too. Some of you may know that I recently re-launched my YouTube channel which is dedicated to providing fun goalie content. I started it this summer as an outlet for me to talk about goalie gear and so far, I think the response has been positive. If anyone ever has suggestions, I'm always all ears! I work from home, so aside from my family, I'm starved of social interaction (aside from the one or two nights a week I play goal) so one of the reasons I started my channel is just to engage with other passionate goalies! Anyway, glad to be a part of this community and hope to contribute in my own small way!