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  1. Math.

    Math's video thread

    Thanks! Just got back from a game and tried to pay specific attention to the pointers you gave (especially the standing on my feet one) and it did pay of. I don't know if I succeeded but one thing for sure, the last game I posted was my best game ever. I can tell you right away that todays game IS NOW the best game ever. Even without having seen the footage yet.
  2. Math.

    First "real" game tonight - any advice?

    Team play is very different. You (usually) have some kind of defense that wil (or will not) backcheck with a little more heart than your pick-up Ds. When you're in a team play set-up, foncus on the shot, always try to be square to the puck and focus on the actual treat of a shot comming at any moment, you can always blame a backdoor play on bad defensive coverage, but it's hardder on the selfesteem to let a soft one in because you cheated too much.
  3. Math.

    Math's video thread

    BEST. GAME. EVER. That's it! Number wise, position wise, save selection wise, you name it, it was my best game ever. Enjoy.
  4. Math.

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    I hear ya. I tried the knee elastic to the leg channel and didn't like it, at least not the one time I tried it. Still figuring out the strapping for the straps themselves so maybe once I get that down, I'll give the knee elastic to the leg channel another go, we'll see. I'll probably give the bungee chord a go before that though.
  5. Math.

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Question, what do you used to use and what are you now using? I'm kind of in the same jam as you are, been wearing Bauers forever and just got to start wearing some Koho (Lefevre) and the feel is mighty different. I also want to go to bungee, just gotta get around to it. I'll most likely start them on my Bauers as I know what to expect from them as far as behaviour goes.
  6. Math.

    Math's video thread

    So I got called-up to sub again, but this time it ended in a lost. 6-5 if I remember correctly (or might have been 6-4). Anyway, I think I still played decently good. I feel that my cross-crease movements are comming back to where they were when I stopped a couple years ago and looking at the videos emphasise that feeling, I look a lot more fluid and in better control than I used to a few weeks back. Enjoy and has always, don't be affraid to criticize or point out flaws. Thanks.
  7. Hahaha, well, it's brand new according to my standards! I endured mine a solid 2 years before retiring it earlier this year, let's just say I squeeze all the life out of it. Might have to consider the BPM120. Still looking for a new composite and haven't made up my mind yet. Still wondering if I go full retard and get the 2S Pro, which, to be completely honnest, I wouldn't deserve or probably even use to it's full potential, or try and find a more reasonably priced stick that would suits me just fine. Still debating.
  8. Well, this set showed up on marketplace a couple weeks ago and the deal was too good to pass up. First time ever in Lefevre pads and even though I'm not a fan of all white gear, I must say they are nicer in person than I originaly tought. Got to wore them once so far and got absolutely lit up, let's just say I picked the wrong crowd to try on new gear I was not familiar with. Will keep on playing with the settings and strapping options but, although my first time out wasn't good and I didn't really enjoyed how they felt, I think I can make it work as I probably hav identified what the problems were. Think I just need more ice time to figure things out. Lemme know what you think!
  9. Man, that 860 is brand new, what are you talking about?! That Sher-wood looks sexy though. It's amazing what black and weave can do. Enjoy it and let me know how the stick felt.
  10. Math.

    CCM Pro Authentic Premier II stick

    Most likely because business there is given to distributors and the distributor decides how they want to manage the waranty. Waranties in North America is managed by CCM themselves (I would assume anyway), hence the possible discrepencies in policies. I know it's how it was back when I was in the music retail industry, would be logic that it works the same for hockey gear.
  11. Math.

    CCM Pro Authentic Premier II stick

    That was also my undestanding.
  12. Math.


    Is it just me, or is tendycam a great mounting option but it's got nothing to po with protection?
  13. Math.

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Agreed. When it comes to gear design I'm of the less is more approach. Maybe I was a little harsh on my ugly scale TBH because I like the flow of the design, I just don't like how it's been executed. Way too much going on in the printed pattern to my likings. Keeping the same lines but streamlining the graphic themselves could do good on that one I think. And place that Bauer logo somewhere else, it just doesn't belong there. I get that gear needs logo, I even think it looks funny without one, just incorporate it to the design of the whole thing instead of just slapping it willy nilly in the middle of everything else. My general rule of thumbs for gear grapic is: if it doesn't look good on a 480p steam, you have too much going on!